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Overtime with Grande & Max Podcast - Avery, Wilcox & Williams

Mar 4, 2013|

Grande & Max cover all things Celtics and we relive three great postgame interviews with: Chris Wilcox, Avery Bradley and Terrence Williams.

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Time was -- Tony Romo and. All of the bad for the latest edition of credit. Over time it's been a while obviously haven't been back there comfortable thanks to political arm for over two weeks so the -- -- on the road plan last week you talked about a road trip which they agreed to would be great -- with three to get at least two wins. And as we turn back the clock to last week. We've made it to the end of the year with a playoff seeding is determined that we know what the Celtics go in the playoffs we've they'd be talking a lot. About last Monday night's game in Salt Lake City as the team that catapulted the Celtics in that stretch run. Well they they felt played really well you think about state in that basketball game at -- related. Me on the at that -- effect back to back who wanted to Salt Lake City. But that you made shots and -- obvious that day -- -- -- that come through with in the old in the week. And I think you really say at West Coast structure. As you said you looked at it realistically you with they -- maybe to hit the read the reason to at the best is that -- of these victories to. Two with three that you walked back with you -- will take it but he didn't expect to we have on the weight gain. What would been the last one about the cup home. Salt Lake where they play extremely well there was a -- they'll always be remembered for Paul Pierce's heroics in overtime Kevin Garnett hitting shots but there were a couple of on the song elements in the game personally group ramping up to a crazy hot start double figure scorer. In the first quarter of that game his defense which you. And there was what may have been a timeout of the year they can -- Doc Rivers in the fourth quarter the game was to completely slip away at those games often do hostile environment fifth game at seven night. But Doc Rivers called a timeout got things back under control immediately following that game last Monday night. It Salt Lake City we topped a group rallied about Paul Pierce's performance about the -- resilient to the team. And about that critical. Critical Doc Rivers dot. Sometimes it's your job to describe it and still defies description of the Celtics paid overtime in the final night of the trip to beat the jazz won ten. The 107 erode over time report by Paul Pierce but he found the energy were Avery Bradley county -- after playing Damian Miller all night last night. They're coming out like -- house of fire tonight. I still have no idea how has this team. Continued to surprise everybody that bought. You were gonna go away. I mean that's what kind of team we are we're growing team come out every night and give all. You know it's a tough -- of course it back to -- but you know that's what kind of team notified every single guy. Come up by the everything you gave up about Paul Pierce. -- those last three or four shots and they've knocked down I -- decisively with the cap that won't want. They just so as a kind of player he is -- he loves to be put in that position and you know he makes -- obsessed Paul Pierce. In this David -- sort of -- was -- -- that we said as a fourth quarter was going on that this doctor was -- out. So we didn't talk about for a long time given the parameters of the FC CN language what did talk -- -- during that early fourth quarter timeout what was his best. He taught us that we needed separate we were playing team defense. We're playing the right way. And -- in the game we picked it up when we started. Playing Celtic basket going you know we're great defense -- team -- -- it showed it tonight. My favorites they -- like the fact that you miss shots but you continue to take them. I think it was that three you look like he should have been the port one that brought together about that the point oh you got it we shot. Yeah I did but it's fine you know you got to continue keep playing in enough for me on the defensive -- that's the sort of try to bring every single night and my team needs that energy and I'm gonna do whatever -- again. There was a moment two weeks ago and I were talking about earlier in Charlotte went -- -- that we know on his way to hall of fame is just an overnight for twelve years on that trip there. But he gave up the last shot if you had a great look at it and Doc Rivers was so excited that he did that it's even though it didn't fall for you -- that night. He knew that that play event that Paul Pierce trust USC game. Definitely we also see each other and that's why the team we are that's why you see everybody make in the next financing everybody knocking down open side. It gets to sleep on a flight definitely. What part of your three point up what probably -- Everything -- I thank you. And off that -- bravery Bradley of the Celtics in Salt Lake City. Finally the schedule got completely -- the Celtics have played five games. In five cities all in different time -- there were no two times own games consecutive on a trip they went from that in seven days. To just one day. In seven days it was a Friday ninety bureau against the Golden State Warriors in which the Golden State Warriors are going to be with the hottest shooter on a planet. But he got here and it is seeds of robbing you think about this way it was advertised in -- rally chemical and hit it he added. Well while -- curry did knock down any shots that he stark beauty shots knock them down. And -- what Avery Bradley picked up at this file. All of a sudden. Step curry went -- from the audience so it's just really a strange game we think about. Match up that effort that matchup stomped out they don't -- now. -- -- went six of 22 inactive last Friday night at the the garden with the Celtics with that one team returning home. And it was a game that spotlighted while there were a lot of new faces integrated on the Celtics roster. It was some old faces who were sort of been overlooked throughout the course of the season there were integral in -- Friday and it went right to Kevin Garnett went to a ten. And Jason Terry went through eleven Jordan Crawford went to a 60 posted them great shooting night but whatever his number has been poll pits that we this year. Chris Wilcox has delivered before -- got -- And after Rondo got hurt at Friday night here at the garden following the Celtic win over Golden State we were joined by. A Celtics back up center with number one Baltimore Ravens fan Chris -- That would go over California California team's goal for four in Boston 9046. Is the final. Nobody wins in their first game back after the western trip. -- -- nice run for Chris Wilcox here because in addition to come back from surgery. In addition to playing as well secretly running the floor finishing on the -- we haven't even talked about super ball. A replica of this have been good incident nice month and. Half for you you're fifth the fifth. Take me home me one -- -- beautiful over the noon with great we've moved. Strategy the way you guys gave if they had to -- concentrated -- the -- watches temporary because believe that the players have to have Europe -- I look at that the -- especially US they can that we weren't three point shooting thick of it this -- -- -- -- -- like step very knock down shot after shot against the knicks. Coming here your concentration at the vehicle you know. Definitely you know we never know with a random you know you'd great -- -- don't -- -- -- once we got to a we have what we have to be effective those there are so recruitment of those -- critical blow it. No to him about the game music. When. Really -- seen to it Rondo went down and you're getting. So what's your stuff with Rondo wanted to break Q word perfect symmetry and I -- way of those shots that it's easier for Chris Wilcox in the second half without Rondo it yet. No matter who is on the floor. You're still get your stable. -- you do over. Right right. You know with have quote you know the he's you know do you won't be so. If you go. Oh vote will -- -- policies though I think about. You played with several teams in this -- And now account. Just fell back you'll go play with the day it seemed like you hit it all with her -- No. Oh. Went on -- How much were you relieved when the trade deadline came away knowing what you found to hold here who won the through with this group. I mean you know who who. You. The game if it is that it -- You know -- For. -- -- make you right now -- while the rate that. I'll put my YouTube Flacco. They give the break. Up here am I -- Pure debate you it would be -- of -- it will vote. We'll -- written great. You wouldn't be. Let me share with you mr. Wilcox that tonight Joseph Flacco has agreed to a six year 120. Billion dollar deal in. Stay with Baltimore it definitely talk about cigarettes and problem isn't this -- year -- this. And he wanted to -- Chris good -- you group. I don't know Chris Wilcox is going to be highest paid player in NBA history the way now Flacco is made highest paid player. In NFL history with that the only guy over the weekend to secure 120 million dollar deal but it was always fun to breakdown in the Chris Wilcox my memory. -- I always have is. Of Chris Wilcox a huge ravens fans and it has meant that the -- start pulling in Baltimore the Celtics last year at the plate in Washington. On Sunday afternoon that they happen to be the AFC championship game. And we were traveling back from Washington to Boston. And flying he can't get any updates on the game -- -- flying the plane landed and we all like to break it Chris Wilcox that. Evans who dropped the pass in the end zone Baltimore's chance to be doing it. In a game and they do the kind of this field goal and obviously was devastated and so he had redemption as a fans. As well as a player. Well yeah I mean I think in that way it if it does work out and it's it's funny how you know it becomes. He's the basketball player becomes the week. Sometimes -- fans talk about felt the -- we we did. And think they keep feels like about the -- you know we should Joseph Flacco and it really showed -- place. Basketball players. What they give away from the game like other people you know essentially. Chris Wilcox he's becoming one of the veteran members of the -- the team now with so much roster turnover -- a locker room that looked different. -- -- -- -- got back from the West Coast addicted before they left. As Jordan Crawford is now here the Celtics signing both Java Randolph and D. J. White that -- contract last weekend. As they prepare for their first game action Celtics -- bodies. But maybe the most intriguing addition. And I say maybe I mean definitely most intriguing addition is the former lottery pick out of Louisville. It couldn't really deal of Avery Johnson and that's when he first came into Italy -- -- with the China at the plate and came back and we were stolen. Haven't forgotten just how steel. The young man is and he was. -- didn't play a lot. But you -- -- I sought out in 88 sewn up the market what it -- -- it stopped service that would thing you know and now stopped movies that. Heat coach here we have that you should be a starting point guard -- And that's how praise from a guy who won the championship who could possibly the -- in the Olympic coach who -- and viewed as one of those great. If you can patent it thinking right now so the thing that to a younger players. I think it was really does but the but the position that they look I know what to do a need to do it over the sober I worked -- listed learn. And -- played beautifully I have to go back job sometimes both gave interviews have yet to them and sometimes you know they don't know the I'm just as happened in the game we try really hard is what really well. Couple weeks ago out of Phoenix we have Eric Williams gone after a second game as the -- And he joined us after the game the table at Phoenix and very quickly opened up when I started asking about what he had been through playing in China and now promising career it's as a guy. Featured Sports Illustrated labor Louisville over the -- and all the sudden. You know it is mid twenties he's pulling it trying to you have to be facing your basketball mortality data point and all the sudden you back in the NBA with a second chance to make a first depression. And they don't listen to our conversation has happened -- in Phoenix with terrorists would. It was the biggest win of the year for the Celtics their first road win against the Western Conference team. A third period who did this rod the blue army nurse Williams sat down at this and we're all these crazy things -- -- when he steps down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Looking around not -- right here but you know what like that night yeah you would interview anyway you like. What was your -- in the last few days when you first realize that you were going to be a -- them. I think it sounds cliche about fifth -- but it you know pharmacy you know you've grown up. But Jordan's about the lakers look so. I've always wanted to be here. You know to be honest -- didn't drive. So to be open to put him is very you know means a lot. They see everything that's been said about me -- -- Off the court issues. It's everything you know to go to get a chance here today. -- -- you -- were done. I can't I can't. An element in. But there will we have greatly impressed by watching you and it'll be about the -- full well. Does that change your perspective about -- back in the league. Yeah. You don't want movie begins -- if doc told me. We keep them out of side of Wall Street got a team and our capital wall opposite their -- -- -- -- day -- you know playing in China in -- much respect to the CPA. They gave the creatively you know. The world. If you put into perspective to be other boats. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even if you're doing playing basketball in -- you have to -- the -- I don't like back you know I like it might need warnings and every day every day from me. That was born to me what that was like it's around them because you have a young man African American being the trauma and it has to be -- Different perspective with everything. Everything. The worst -- in the world. You never understand. The different cultures into you put it back into that atmosphere. You know you've caught down to try to order comprised. Defeat anyhow if you say. You know if I could say wait a moment ago if somebody you know hope for thirty minutes of me you -- to eat mcdonalds if they. He's been on the rule seven -- -- -- bus rides in the snow is its. You have to be muted I don't wanna be the you have a great pitcher right now that they'll be right now I don't want late if you have a lady you -- out there for three months to a paid him. I got food aid and again if they. -- -- Surprise you -- I'm here a couple of games that people know no one that you Austin's role. That's where -- -- -- the place. You're in your wall and would. Like it was the most common it. Why I'm here about your skills and when you. Yeah I think. The biggest thing is. And I'm grateful for is not my first year you know I think it was my first year competitive position and not be able. -- -- -- So while they were to quad play in my game -- have -- great Peterson case you forward Jason and with document that and I'm told to play aggressive. Pathogens such as well like to do if these guys but -- -- -- in it to you played against D. J. White over there yeah -- action against Brian Lott talked about it he has the Celtics we expect this week it has been -- -- you know both currently there there's lives growth service where event. Are you -- prosperity -- if -- get -- replaced back in my hotel fees to be open right now and Michael wonderland there right up next thing you know that -- The human side of the NBA you could hear the voice Derrick Williams gratitude and he has to have a second chance. At the end of Boston Celtics uniform after spending this year Janet wondering what is basketball future. What holes we always try to catch up with viewing gradient -- over time this week our question of the week it. You know feel free to send the ash tag GM votes secretly -- overtime to be able -- you will. Trying to include your questions on the spot gas as you move forth to the end of the year but. Our body doctor Jeff asked me to question everybody's asking right now as the playoffs are start to line and it's fair to say that everybody. Max takes the Celtics have a chance to beat any team in the Eastern Conference with the exception of Miami or talk a lot more about the pacers we get to Indianapolis this week. But the question he asked what's on reminded everybody else and the Celtics stop LeBron James and Miami. Hash -- you need. Without -- -- today he has been incredible shoot the basketball -- -- the real but which you have to do is take away all the progress eastward. And ordered me to hear that that rebound the basketball effective opportunity. They have them tremendous players put. Here patrolled the wrong crowd control other people go over the Celtics would be. Needs to be to avoid not just Miami beat Indiana in the first round -- left and you take your chances you don't know what happens but the sector around the reason obviously it seems. That's mr. -- seems like it's such a long shot now or never. Last year. But Derrick Rose to be healthy in the playoffs crazy things can happen between now and we're still weeks away from the start of the playoffs all the -- can happen between now and then Turkish for the -- -- that. Find their rotation -- it's either going to have going to the playoffs and try to move but it is. This podcast rules now the Celtics still in the -- for home court advantage. In the first round so virtually anything is possible over the final six weeks of the season so was it is possible on the graded Max overtime podcast and thank you much himself. Who thought -- next until -- on the road for the next five games of the Philadelphia Indiana trip next week Oklahoma City Charles and home games. For the rest of the month of march is always. We appreciate you taking the time they too much himself well thought it next on -- -- -- -- orca.

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