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Ian Rapoport, NFL Network, on if Patriots will use franchise tag

Mar 4, 2013|

RapSheet joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Wes Welker, Aqib Talib, and Sebastian Vollmer and gives his opinion on who the Patriots will franchise if anyone.

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Also wolf has three Super Bowl -- vision no one who also has five Super Bowl -- is no one. And who else has huge that hole as his -- wife I mean listen when guys talk in the locker room we talk -- -- -- no worker anywhere else. He talked about too big to talk us through the -- with Tom Brady in the fact he's basically been in one every. Two and a quarter years he's played this great league and you talked about his wife and -- did you talk about how can you talk about all the other crazy stuff. But it's not about well what Tom Brady do this for you -- believe you screwed the quarterback Steve does not matter appearing via. Heath Evans of us last week it's Malulani three point seven WE DI a busy day. To be a busy day in the NFL between -- -- 4 o'clock franchise tag is -- -- march -- we open the window for legal tampering with free agency march 12 at all kicks off. -- Rappaport NFL network nfl.com has been all over this stuff throughout the of course the offseason. And we -- we get paid -- but I'm curious when you say out loud Joseph Flacco highest paid player. NFL history surprised by the final numbers coming out his contract over the weekend. I don't think the -- a little bit you know approach product so maybe coming around the EP eighteen or nineteen million dollar range but yelling. We are talking how many million different amateur the difference I guess. -- it's innocent people they think particularly. He's not a lead in he doesn't care to these guys great quarterback and all that. Well a -- wise man once told me how you are worried put some more pay and you know having me here he gave -- playoff to win the Super Bowl any contract here after you are ready. Put off contract talks really until this season would finish. We have the ravens had no choice and -- Flacco deserved honor for I mean I can't I can't think of a quarterback more deserving of this kind of guilty and -- bet on himself. And he wanted and in the end they can get the Super Bowl and it seems to be a way to interpret both sides. You're -- morneau you are to this Brady deal because a lot of people say nice knowing he screwed the market union members probably aren't happy went up here went from. What a great thing we love always great winner to connect criticizing what he did maybe -- other players in the union where did you formal thought. Well IE I would be shocked if any other quarterback look at that deal and shed. I don't think you can effect and any other quarterback this circumstance he -- differ. The first -- all. Well we know right now is that the next two years guaranteed and Brady get three million dollar check to do that. I would be I would say at this point I'll be a little surprised. If Brady deal didn't get redone again. You know in now we're as the 2015. It might happen might play for eight million dollars a year where the averages but. I'll -- will surprise -- deal didn't get redone again that said you know Tom Brady is not. Normal first ball as you know we've on the entry really -- crazy money in the NF signing away his wife makes more than he does and he just. -- not. I think it's it's impossible to compare Tom Brady now who obviously you know it -- field stands a ticket that I doubt it. I got a little stand untouched for the rest of his career but it does. He's still in such a different place in the guy like black or Ryan -- staffers deliver. He ready made money surgical -- string -- I just it's obviously -- below market deal this is what it and that being in. -- -- repaired anything else. You had it last week you and Albert rear both kind of commenting at the same time that Wes Welker and the patriots. You working on a five year forty million dollar deal or about a week later from that the franchise tag -- today the expect elation is no franchise tag for Welker. Is it still bad deal didn't get in places they long term extension of the sky and the patriots a foregone conclusion. Are leaning to -- our conclusion with the patriots until they're actually getting to come. I still think you're still there are some optimism pro walker deal. You know the same optimism are -- go -- those numbers you know that was sort of -- -- -- marketing and try to figure out you know where he could -- in. You know if he gets it he gets that kind of deal to get to five year deal are loaded. You're eight maniac if you -- done extremely well. In a year older obviously -- last year. But his value to the patriots this Shillue great and it's a much greater than. It would be for other teams I think this is something that. It would make sense for both sides then. You know. Yes we had to bet on that ticket garnered that did not get done. -- days I would guess it gets done. And you know blood discussion -- can you move on from Wes Welker can you cut Brandon -- to move on present. When you know the system he -- why does she was coming -- struggle before is -- kind of risky at this point Tom's career bringing in two new wide receivers to work with. Well. I mean. It's always risky -- -- was -- to -- one -- -- safe picks and you know guidance system restriction in the system and that in turn out too well. -- it would do would find -- milk and Glenn is as bad as. It looks I mean really I think he was fine he just wasn't quite. We you'd hoped I didn't think they're gonna bring in. At least one more receiver I think they're gonna make a run it you know a big name big play east. Big receiver -- to a Bogota on the market that's a possibility Mike -- I think that's a possibility. Yeah I think the patriots should try to bring in 11. More outside threat. And then I think they'll probably draft and as well so he held that the problem with -- this offenses that. You can never really tell until someone gets -- can succeed. -- -- can they -- no brainer that didn't work -- it seemed like a no brainer it worked OK but not quite like he thought. Whereas a guy like Deion Branch who obviously is limited physically. Worked perfectly. So it's. You know that's the problem they can receiver in my mind keep bringing in guys and and you know hoping it works but he just can't tell until you actually get. -- rapport and NFL network joining us defense -- the football's Lou's been hammering at lot of patriot fans he would have been hammering at. Since a loss to Baltimore so what do you think if they don't use the tag on Welker between now -- 4 o'clock is Aqib -- make candidate at this point. Use -- -- the patriot -- -- at all between now and for. I think you've been here I think truly be the candidate. I think because we're got a long term deal and as well. Followed through on anything -- in that situation. You guys not hard it's been for the patriots. Find a solid corner please value was clear you know you're out in the title game in -- the pass defense could outweigh them. You know I mean I think -- eighteen. Realized two things warned that if he's very good player and on the field for them you know McEnroe work we have -- it like here. Is behavioral issues. On the field. In the facility. Had been sort of overstated -- I know he struck in a -- people they like Kelly worked. Thought the patriots people they like -- who worked when he was here when -- in the building and all that. I'm you know I would think the patriots can believe I think patriots believe that. You know they're gonna get too good to leave on the guy who really works figured they suffer couple months. Honestly I'm -- single and can deal is this possible and so different aesthetic and you know -- your printer that failure was used to be used -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A couple of years ago workstation -- place holder for a long term deal. Can you believe in what we hear appear New England that you know slow these free agents cap casualties those mid level players. The prices are going to be down in the big guys -- have -- demise of the jungle snow in San Fran what eight million dollars a year but. Do you think that's for the patriots go to -- just maybe don't -- anybody in just look at the market -- get a lot of mid level talent here -- cheap price. -- they always do you know on the no no one extra lives in the mid level veterans try to make one more -- that it group in the featured in the you know from need Mike Anderson east of the world. You know -- and such -- single inning ending tourist Andre Carter I mean. You know Alge -- mean on and on and on and in this sort of been the patriots we -- You know directly screening if you don't surprise me at all. -- another -- similar. John Abraham is another one I mean I mean you should see how much money Abraham more external. I think you might want to be a little more expensive intriguing. You know -- -- know about that particular mold perfectly and the issue -- ample opportunities to -- that sort of middle -- If you could squeeze a little bit because there's a couple of big name guys in the not a lot of money go. Anyone more than I'm Bob -- that's the government always been like in bed reading deployment of safety in and he's in the mix who according to -- -- I egg safety -- Part here's a huge need but I saw Paul Kruger during this drawn. Impact upon a passing plays where he just seems to find a way to get to the quarterback -- fit in that middle class Ian is he -- patriot target or is he gonna get paid. Like one of the hiring an offensive lineman and he's -- free -- The enemy and yet -- welcome everyone overpaid sure Castro got a comedian and he was fantastic in the class I mean no doubt about it one of the better players on the field. I'm almost universal time player for the ravens even when Jerry Johnson left the Korean stepped in and become a full time player. And I mean he's he's a good situational pass surgery. Is tough guy he's a gamer I mean you you -- know -- -- getting. Abortion not getting into full time player and -- -- ravens seem totally fine -- really afraid she they're gonna -- in the Courtney -- anyway. Sound more and it. You -- as was explained to me so who knows this business and I do. When a guy free they usually a reason not sometimes it's because. You McCain campaign and -- all the ravens could pay. Paul -- they wanna do but they're not. So that's a little bit of a rich lack -- salary -- situation like -- Mike -- and still -- you -- okay that's why this country that. What team could pay him and they obviously she can go a different direction. That I think everyone should sure wander a little bit. In six California as a fifteen draft picks in this draft down the -- or fifteen guys really trade move on to next year the year after but it. Bio IC duo Revis in San Fran let us see them haven't -- to be able to pull this off that happened. -- Gupta takes to pull off. I'm not sure that he fits what they wanna be philosophically and he would sort of be. A bigger star than even they have been they are -- they got a lot of money. Promised to a lot of big name guys here on the marble and Patrick Willis. -- commitment to get stayed current cap -- he paid -- need to get paid and that is. Money lies I I don't see it I mean maybe you know it's Revis was okay being a one year rental then I could see him -- couple. You're on the ground contrary guy and and William Walker after year but -- -- -- to beat I'm with the forty earners would would really love that idea. -- I would I would think that's a little farfetched scenario. Idea Rappaport NFL network nfl.com rap sheet on Twitter if you don't file -- you do under and a silly NFL season Ian thanks you're time is always a talking on the road. One of the best he Rappaport on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. We speeds at the ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible get your phone calls on the patriots all season 4 o'clock today. Will use that franchise tag should they use that -- On Welker on to leave on Sebastian Vollmer 61777979370. AT&T text line. Is 379837. Any mention of that. In a couple years -- -- be shocked -- Brady doesn't go back to the table renegotiate his deal. If you read Bob Kraft today it's more -- sure Peter King. Tablet Bob thinks the deal is this is gonna stay intact we'll talk about that with your calls next. Money and move wanted to talk -- you hey nobody care doctor may dial 61777. 7937. Doctrine it would just be telling her Loney.

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