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LB on Chara/Emelin fight

Mar 4, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to discuss the Bruins loss to the Canadiens and Zdeno Chara's reaction to Emelin's hit cross check on Tyler Seguin.

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Like him return. Right -- of Sports Radio tell me yeah. It's you know I mean resumed. It's. Crooked stick close to him. When you don't just reacted just. This 110 best players and we'll watch us watching. Washington. And he crushed it. Ivan Drago last night after the Bruins game. And you know Charlie model -- 937 W we BI LB -- -- -- and dare I don't know what you're fired up Chad what do weekend though for hockey here on Saturday inside it was -- -- -- -- have bet that LB. Feels the charge should of waited. And for a better time later and gained. To answer that Paula -- and. Brian I never question -- Anybody armed on a team that decided your snapped a few snapping you're snapping your snapped -- -- -- -- everything -- -- does have these guns only through the trigger and says so it was on. There and I'll tell you out I'll take down all day long there's there's there's students to get to -- left him aside and in the in this series on this year not enough no -- -- I can play ESP assume Reynolds they want. Junior club immune guys. You don't want this -- that part of this is you don't see any part of my argument that I love -- I love the fact that Chara responded to make this makes this team right so enjoy it's why did the Bruins ran to prod the most passionate. Many fans right now because they associate with this team never each other's back and the respect the hell out of them yes -- -- shark -- waited. Where he's not gonna take the ten minute instigate -- and get the same result that at some point later in the period at the beginning of the third period. And get the same message across Montreal Amylin you'd think a shot at its stellar Sagan. You're getting some amazing. Now that actually -- I got to hear you well are up. You can you -- -- yet yeah you gotta gotta send a message then you know you guys ask me you guys ask me which of these games was important and I said -- I said the Tampa Bay game. Is -- ambulance -- when I didn't care about the tomb dude dude did you points last night they'll get those two points back to you three games in hand on Montreal. Hi you know sued Chara sent a message and I thought it was great it's gonna bode well for further. The two games coming up at the end of the month in the beginning of -- brought into play in the same week Wednesday in asunder some you know march beginning of April. And that's -- you know billion Nouriel one and one image building. And this is a huge rivalry Montreal bunch of little water bugs once you know did they keep their feet going. This that I -- -- -- what time they always like -- -- Greece last couple years specifically between them the fans call on 911. I've been Montreal between -- Bob -- around just the way they play. Have always been like this like -- prepare for Montreal do you just know they're gonna try to get you a penalty trouble and I try to do want to. Airline all day long they used to call the ghosts of the ghosts again Jay in here in Montreal continued on you don't you're always seem like your on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hitler tablets for the different dimension playoffs regular season ranked he would play Montreal seven game playoff series -- point African hero right because you wanna just crush somebody. -- you gotta stay disciplined because she lose you go home after they had the Stanley Cup we saw an apple event -- to hatred right -- there was still little. Let's of things go now but we couldn't wait for the regular season game why because it wasn't losing almost -- that -- -- and -- -- yeah. Let's points so -- Saudi Arabia play in Montreal you both going to be in the post season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Analysts alleged Iran gave its electorate does it at the rest of the Russian had -- had colon that'll get a little lemon yeah yeah. Believe enough for another and -- is on fire. I'm telling your that he doesn't take a run -- was sitting in the -- win that game you know five to. No doubt when you look out shot there were there -- -- much you know. You know the drug drug you know send around a little bit do you know we do -- cuts -- around Orlando I don't. Deadly tainted. The Bruins. You know towards the end CME guys are human guys up under zoned into the front of the net and I truly do dollar damage might. You know that that changed that game those guys those guys were rock and -- amend that or. The timing of it too. You know this thing goes even during the timeout there was a -- bitch and write the referees for the week Ference. They did let a gulf I think parents dropped a cross check yells play got a couple and yet I've got a bad one in the and melt the ice I thought and then. I thought there was another one kind of the -- scrum in front of -- yeah so that the timing of it after. -- you -- pretty stupid things that got away from these bitching and refereed in the next scene no ambulance. Crush our human races down nicely IR arguably there was a column that you are he was going for the broken rev par you know high opinion you know. Nestled -- with a stick and he missed that cause some pain I have no idea it. I dropped the ground even make it more obvious in a fetal position the officials were -- yeah last night we did but I'm just saying it may be because a you do it because you felt like. You let the Ference cross -- go thirty seconds ago and it was a few other things maybe just today and I just let that. Oh yeah and -- I'm not monogamy not enough in the Boston Bruins had opportunities when that game violations in the third member -- you know stood tall primarily stuff -- when shots man. You know I -- decade idea that Gilbert credit guarantee is you know Tyler resigned Thailand a couple of point blank opportunities. To get it done and not just didn't finish real. Think and appreciate the hit on city and actually give them loans and credit. Can you remember when it was it was Weaver who just -- -- -- into the boards and Lucic came and jumped on any data beat opposition. And he didn't get up right he didn't fight -- so I memo as a credit you up -- other monsters that you know what a let's grow it. Let's go yeah I'm 6000000690. -- like -- right now but I don't care at least he threw down well sort of -- that's George Karl no doubt about throwing down whenever pretty high engaging ironic but -- the penalty box for seventy minutes that we did it was Smart yeah I -- most want to start the ball do you jump on your body doesn't respond you -- jumped on me -- what suing -- my body but I still respect him more. I did you know look I again I I JR's Tony guys yeah I know the Boston Bruins lost Larry and I are Sox are some mistakes of their can be fair except maybe do very get a little tired -- -- schedule just picked up -- -- -- -- even crazier. You know earlier we have three this week in Washington to a home this strong north Philly and then there -- six -- eight the get hit twice. I marry me David got -- walk. A couple of times today not a lot. I don't walk -- an -- -- like every other day between now -- and I did well clearly it's crazy in the washing couple -- times here on homer away that's so. You can't you know again Dodge Charger we got to do like I said that he thought he -- two points last night you know three games in hand. I'm not a word of the Montreal Canadians when it comes down to the end you know. Big picture that in a playoff series you've got to be aware of that stuff by the Montreal wants to play that way you can't but it wasn't just -- were calorie you guys talked about -- play in the Quaid. I'd like the Bruins took liberties and got annoyed drop back game and I just sit at the basics on the big picture. That's -- Montreal wants to do they have a hundred power play opportunities this year that they -- at their strength and if they meet the playoffs one great for us to be great hockey suit you gotta be wary. A that would you know -- -- -- maybe don't play into their hand I would memorial and surprise anybody last night on the Boston Bruins they know what they don't they know what would teams -- -- apply. And you know that line now the -- -- with saturated in now. -- has -- far would you why am airlines on fire and Darren air wherever they did their plane really did Gallagher went through it was a little little water but getting it done as well. But did they know what's going on the -- -- employee. Boston brought you last night and then their boss Roger stars who -- defenseman and not not pissing around in their own zone on back back and forth back and forth and then up to the Winger when Washington's. On its game when -- all the boys back dared get it done they get that pockets one passing you're going the other way or they turn it up and go the other way this. -- -- -- thought of that with the defense -- in the a couple of goals now -- Rask these hawks that they can't get out right in front of the net which are a couple times last notes on the other day two and a breakaway that that took a stop to. And in Gabriella the -- pass back the boy chuck great -- -- early in the in the middle of chaos that was the Matt Cassel. Now there's a lot global LB -- -- don't -- we and then I mean I'm nervous. Sitting on the part blows up on hand and in the -- you know if it ends up in going back against her against yourself. -- you know look to Boston Bruins there's nothing that they can be fixed last night. I you know I I love good to tempers are a million on certain yet going to and then the base but they do in winter off I'm not mistaken earlier Trenton mr. beauty. First month so I'm Musab parent people and PK -- Manning's surprise and anybody and I'd I'd I'd really like what you're talking about. Much about. Are going to have -- haven't there's no -- masters go back and look at that's normal looking guys that are. Better -- bidder document like -- Jason and does it into frustrating to know the NBA does because they don't. Called I don't know the panel -- -- the plays their if Clark talked about after the game if not gonna call on the ice to the game is too fast you don't wanna. Part of team because it was it's so fast and guys are skating is so hard but you can't tell and I think you can tell. On the video replay and go back the next day it just review. Any questionable guys you make a little note on that play go back a watch any if you accumulate X amount of dies or embellishment the -- -- non. You get suspended why can't you do that night. They had a great and an I guy I don't late. Allowing the cop out of all the games faster all we don't know. Yeah I'll tell you that you need you make the call but you know made the call we go back we check -- -- for -- -- UEB white and why shouldn't TJ Sudan be a guy that gets like he's. -- You know bad as it ever he had written in the highly TI's legal round nobody called it -- let the hook right so why isn't why. Shouldn't he even -- we should how to make sure that you just like they're real I'm real they got you your Lyndon byers is on the ice and every referee. In the building is well aware the Lyndon byers is on the ice right now and and and and -- -- might hit the fan. So he you're out there PGA cement comes out. You make important call I got. Why not I don't know you're -- if you're getting paid that's what I did the worst part for you put in America -- -- they don't call from the right you're ordered a million dollars. Yes if I want you did you get a -- year old. It should win but this just stand there everybody there's lots of guys and every year -- -- that are you know I'd like I said the legendary Claude LeMieux. But you can't takeaways you know he hit his playoff. It is Stanley Cup jabs of who has led the way placement classes you know you each -- yeah PA of -- points and five goals in the regular season being -- past and -- playoffs come around he was he was sniper goals left and right but every year has a guy. These guys should be watched just like everybody you don't play tough guys can watch it you know it did get charged on the ice don't -- dresses you know what I got to watch I don't watch Charles doubles do -- he's bigger and everybody I don't want to get somebody out. I may want a big deal would describe. There was you know watching Brad Marchand stick. You guys have to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All your calls when the buyers don't go anywhere. Black and gold with money and -- the Bruins -- come. Sports great. Three point seven WEEI FEM AW TI dot com.

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