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Should Sox fans be concerned about David Ortiz

Mar 4, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss David Ortiz's Achilles injury and speculate if he will be ready to go for opening day.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI appear McGwire. Our favorites from a NBC sports and NHL on NBC will try to stop the or 1 o'clock get back in two. Some Bruins issues Red Sox four weeks from today -- -- right now Albion Red Sox pregame show. Like it is set for Red Sox yankees game one of 162. On that first week of April lot loot 93 point seven WE yeah I'm a sort of Red Sox stuff happened over the weekend none more important -- -- for the Red Sox what John too -- Set up for -- for a second. -- Ortiz injured his Achilles on July 16. Rounding the bases on -- Gonzales home run. A -- thereafter my addition he was scheduled to come back between seven and ten days. He played once after that injury region this same fault while going two for for August 24. Until last week rights to Nazi yet but it was sprint for six months. He tried yesterday on the bases but decided against it because of the so we'll try again this morning. Opening day's sports and today. It sucks guaranteed David Ortiz two years 26 million dollars. In the offseason. We talked about things are concerned about yes about Wes Welker deal. It is laid down the list. As opposed to the concern I have about David Ortiz making it through hundred games. -- -- 62 games based on what is got to be at least some level setback not running yesterday now potentially not. Ready for opening. Yet they got what 12324. Games left point 530 at bats is -- and about ten of them over. A 141515. Game. It can happen I'm concerned there's no question about it because he hasn't been able to run and you would have hoped that he be able to run the bases and not feel soreness the next day. We at the stop talking about opening day like it actually means something. Right leg if -- not there for opening day your season has lost. And we had this thing last year with call Crawford is gonna be ready the wrist and opening day and kept talking about opening day and he's -- throwing and in Britain when they don't know and everything else sixteen always get Tommy John surgery. You know I. Don't wanna see if he's out there and opinion sore -- up their run and on it next thing you know it's a knee injury. Right I could care less whether David Ortiz ready for opening day is opening day when he look around this lineup is to help is going to be. -- they don't have David for the first week ten games month. If you still gonna have Napoli and middle Brooks and Ellsbury and Pedroia. And I don't even know wells and the other guys drew its -- the everybody else Victor Reno did help is that going to be. It's more important be there in a final date and is opening day. Why is everything that is security opening day is gonna be ready opening day why don't care he's a -- opening day. It's I don't think it's as much. In my opinion it's not about the idea of being available for opening day if said he heard the Achilles the middle of last July. And it's 89 months ago what -- August then came back August 24. One game they won game and I was able right. That was -- six months since then. -- just over six months I think people want to play lecturing fought the NC a lot compliant in it was a bad decision because in a re re re entry was help decide how can we admit -- -- seven the ten day timetable was a little bit ridiculous. A little bit ridiculous like week ago. Jacoby Ellsbury was seven attended. -- a few years back at 2010 I'll -- was seven to ten days as well so now. When you look back now and you've you tweak your Achilles the -- Rebecca separate them based on his little. As -- joking I didn't have surgery. It's a concern the reason why it's a concern is because how important he is the -- team but -- -- For go back the opening day part of it. I think it's it's a sign of a bigger issue that may -- it's never healed and if if if in the next couple days you know apparently he did some running today. Exactly how much but some base running today with the trainers and everyone else but if it doesn't matter Lou what's the next step for Achilles injury. What's gonna -- order of surgery net interest have surgery on a pitcher so war it's been since July got to clinch. If the things not better after nine months and nine months will be April 16 middle the first month of the year. Nine months for an Achilles injury while you arrest Achilles there -- -- -- -- I go on August point four that's the last time he played last year. -- because you don't resting it trying to get Bakken field playing a baseball Zambrano August 24 he was not -- now August -- he wasn't not a but he also been arrested for that month. In between six weeks in between. T the thing is with -- and -- an -- gone too far ahead -- weakened to talking about Ryan Howard to quite talk David well at the column is. It would take time. Taking time with this make sure it's on a percent. And I know it's a great team that you baby a baseball player -- -- bunch of cities I've heard that but a case of David Ortiz. If he comes back because it was so infatuated with opening day. Or comes back sooner than he should and he does care to career Ender. It's over. It's going to be another calendar year and -- wonder whether it be ready for 2014. And the deal is up and his career over. You know do you want David come back and second -- -- opening day and then you know first week of may it's an issue and get just 68 games out of them. Sporadically because he needs take some time and rest he can't play this daycare play that day honestly I. You know this thing's got to be healthy 100%. Healthy and if it takes still no kid in June 1 fine. Give me four months throughout the worry about it. I guess I'm playing devil's advocate here because I think there's a -- that you now they'll take that long and Hussein but isn't their chance it's never healthy. And the next step is going to be surgeries lost the guest is in that now because it out recovered yet and it took -- six month between sprinting -- -- the July deeper second. -- -- -- Six months between being able -- Particularly -- Not Achilles again I don't think you'd have to have surgery unless he comes back and tries and -- To support we need surgery. You know I don't think this is some -- is -- what you do boats have surgery going there and if it's it's if it's just slight hair and just sort of healing of its own. You know but to me you bring him back be impacted he has the first month of the season if it takes that long Selby. Is that in heaven help the airline. Again the final day of the season's more important an opening day opening day means nothing. There's no sense of bringing him back only to have it bother him another couple which is not a 100% because why because we wanna in their opening day who cares. 1 on their July -- -- in August I want their September. You know if there in this thing. I care what April. That's for him one player it's -- -- just look at the other way you're right about that he can do whatever they take these majors on a percent help there is close to. On a percent I just think now given the way this thing has gone. I think it's more likely that he misses is the significant a lot of time this year. And -- just. It's worse than we even thought laws that it's taken this long one -- Terrell Suggs had surgery correct. And please we're gonna dream beckoned for iron to twelve months boys and this thing and we everybody said what the hell's going on here. They were -- could -- of five and half months. Just hit it wishing him credit for not coming back twosome. Richard pry Ortiz were not a -- is slow -- 6177797. That our skulls. They are teased all right away with -- -- when he when it that it when he went the Dominican you know for the personal reasons exit perfect -- come -- -- percent healthy goal for a little quick little fix -- fix the it's actually taken normal is that again if if it becomes back to Sunni players at the careers over in his -- line is done. The year. But this is why we we battle about what to do with Ortiz contract you -- -- years 12 years one. This is why I was fairly adamant that the two years -- backed by him in the and he -- appear healthy I don't think it's gonna be in April Mikey said he may or June case they help -- -- Europe that. Up body size things. Up bodies eyes can. An Achilles hold the -- that over the course of let's say the four month year. Revis is April now baby June 1 this is it anything and opera can be called up for one months. And be -- gotten will be ordered the other part right if it's not just these heart and he's getting paid 26 million next two years is that. Jarrod Saltalamacchia is the agent when he's not playing. Every hazel baker -- and boy is -- to the it's time. Nobody can -- always gonna hit right away for him. There's no depth that a couple spots the middle or we talked about that Brooks yesterday we got Ortiz to we have -- -- attic when he's helping to Ortiz always want. The whole. -- mean he's he's a guy that they can't afford to lose. He is the one guy with presence at the plate -- is not going bad he still a guy your team's worried about. He's got a hold that hold only one together at these out of there and you get Napoli in -- in their -- in 58 this has does not have the same look period. He needs to be out there whether that's April 1 acute care less about the song -- its once he's in there. There's no it that he it's him he's not playing in pain and -- we play pain in April. You know -- six month and then when he got. Nothing 6177797937. Match your phone a -- Texas ATT tech won 37937. Ralph and all your phone calls. We come back a dual radio rebuttal. To nick -- is gone yesterday -- like nick like his ideas but. When got I would as an anchor reading nick yesterday I'll talk about that.

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