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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, on the Bruins Canadiens game

Mar 4, 2013|

McGuire joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Bruins loss to Montreal, PK Subban's flopping, and the Chara fight.

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Final -- month alone 93 point seven WEEI busy weekend for the brewers can be busy month. For the Bruins don't play every other night between now on the end of march and every other night. Between April 1 or so in the end of the season and I'm sure we'll see a lot of our body. Pierre McGuire who we want to see all we're gonna get last night but of course the senate to Chicago Detroit what could -- to a double -- yesterday Pierre c'mon. I wanted to do it -- I really didn't want to do doubleheader but I would think historically not a big game tonight that a -- package are little more also. But I really wanted to do the doubleheader but it was good she brought -- -- I watched him work. Lost weight and individually the man. -- great to talk hockey with you as well you saw the the aftermath last night for three Montreal wins Claude Julien after the game. Talking about the embellishment hockey Claude today as you hear here Pierre not backing off any of his comments it. Any regrets about what you said about their character and when it play. I didn't question character. Because they can plan our Turkey team. The only thing I talked about ways to acknowledgment that it wasn't just directed them. -- directed -- what we're trying to clean up here and there's times are certain things frustrates me. Thought after the EU embellishment it's is something that is. To me personally -- it have a strong opinion on certain things and I stick by him. It was directed to them absolutely was -- Pierre do you agree with close when he says it's a problem for the NHL right now the embellishing. And died in May not just Montreal but across the league. I think it's always been a problem only nobody knows she can boast about soccer no disrespect meant soccer players you wouldn't that's more of -- culture of the game that is in bars. And I don't think so many coaches and general manager who negotiations are -- -- it makes it's hard asking for the officials to roughly now. Over the law which involves about inflation -- time to truly -- it and proceeded improperly. I can tell you are a -- to a hundred coaches in the tunnel virtual -- agents and managers. And every one to a man they just don't want to bolster its -- always attempted to try to counteract all the issues. And when you get matching -- so yeah minor short trip on a minor shorter. Fortunately I didn't want now there's this school product rather than called for penalties we just call the department and the called in Boston toward. And what the other guy walked. In the field and not get this has been done yet but I nobody school of thought out there. Very powerful school but the people. The decision makers and we wanna get about points the wanna try to -- the game of embellishment now to be fair. Or never questioned the character of the Montreal changed you can't question -- and those guys are going Abbas and played really good Boston team. And -- that game to camp and the initial Lockhart. You don't like to -- More and cross checks there. I didn't -- the -- -- you know they can't stand across -- He did that at this but what you thought at the end of the day. Chair of the what was supposed to be assured her show leadership on the more I thought that was great job. By him but he got appointed directly to mr. cross check -- dished out to say you don't like that -- -- that. Nuclear tugboat embellishing rumors were talking early but the MB -- to go back and look at tape you know -- and maybe to dish out some fines things like -- that's something that's been talked about. The -- they've always they had an enemy's list -- Colin Campbell driving it says casually Darcy Tucker wore on there. And they were getting -- so this is something that actually has taken personally. Where they had the habitual by virtually abruptly from anywhere from. And it kind of glued kind of got in I guess they think kind of what you use that terminology. For a short period of time and then in the course -- didn't start the decree director and so hopefully. This brings some attention to put that being said. But once they are -- told everybody there's Chicago Blackhawks and and the Boston and Britain are the two best teams in the league in my humble opinion. And I watched her dog every single team actually so far -- seat and started. In the fact they lost a game to Montreal I don't think it was all bottom -- and I just think -- -- -- box and you need to do better and -- mitigated gun. Merely watched the case who volume -- he is a great talent and he probably -- a lot more than I do and other games but. That part of his game he doesn't need him to beat like that what. Why is that -- you see him flopping you do see him embellishing looking around he gets the call he's he's just that talent but I picked up partisan game. I I have told people that are close -- and they need to watched tapes of how Larry Robinson played from Montreal Chris Chelios played -- Montreal are Jacques Laperriere played for Montreal. Armed she -- isn't unique talent he's strong he's -- that he's really athletic he's he's a tremendous tremendous player only. But I also think it as a young players need to learn how to turn yourself initially and I think he's learned that it goes along but I do you think. If you're going to be great affection from my truck and you have to look at Lake Michigan alleged they came before you and you can -- most -- -- -- you said the Bruins one of the best teams in the NHL them in Chicago and one of the things that makes them so good is that. They have each other's backs the Mac cookies and it is so far removed now. They defend each other every single turn that being said. The play -- Charl last night. I went to mine and if he'd waited because the instigator penalty was Barry took seventeen minutes he said. You had no problem with what he did and I get a -- could it could be a way to appear at some point -- Take a better spot to get that retaliation for his -- Tyler -- Then questioned his true but remember Edwards not a shortage of the spokesman. So it's harder for a guy and not popular and -- of the -- -- defense it's -- -- -- -- Actually get to someone like that and it these words he was doing more than anything else is sending a message novelty. To my truck means the emotional week. And believe me bad bad messages resonated register them watching Tampa and pitch virtually an all players know what happened last night and then they don't -- -- with Chara. So it is this some more room to say thank and salute more than -- martian indication more room crew chief. People are aware of -- so. All the -- small sample size and are you mad because Boston -- pure brute strength you look at the long term I think it probably will pay itself off. The long term. No we elected the short season games every night but the one thing we're not gonna get is that you said Bruins for Chicago and you had them last night. A bit of Miami Heat in this league right now there -- weaknesses at them. -- Melvin no weakness and concern for lions to their four and five -- them indeed going to have David form right now out of bed David Alnylam moved. Marcus Kruger got a powerful political players and unfortunately which is invasion. They've gone far all four lines Michael Foley the former crucial particularly for the Panthers players of four point where they steadily killer. When he played junior and remorse Q when he played -- on the Czech Republic are watching playable places. This guy -- Colby the yarder that that is going to be the next shot -- -- -- playing on the fourth line there right now. In Chicago election you'll be there if you most improved personally. One of them is option markets crude urged talked about manager of garden street and the other guys and equity editing portion of the sort of so I look at data like man these guys got -- -- on and -- they believe that I just argued this small sample size leadership we just comfortable chair. That I went. What I went to interview. Jonathan -- is posting yesterday in Chicago. He shouldn't secure all popular anytime anywhere he says but you know what it's -- -- 1000 game. He used to play here in Detroit he gets booed every time it comes as a -- marriage decision Richard you're banging on. That's the kind of leader pages so it just shows you the exact chemistry brought on the bad -- that got talent that -- part. They care about one another they had each other's actions tremendous student. Now we're talking to Pierre McGuire NBC sports and Pitt Pittsburgh tonight. Last night as it looks around the league here wanna -- take up Patrick -- has hit. I'm Brad Richards the report I'm seeing now says 8:3 o'clock hearing. Which means a maximum of five games what -- you think of -- hit what do you think Jimmy comes down with the appear. Are you -- -- games. I mean lessons should be learned from when he did -- all the chuck last week in Philadelphia Flyers had a big game watched control of Altria. All the chart with a cheap ticket on American Carole Terrell -- for Washington so all the -- gotten up and so I didn't thank the league. He went out and ensure shipped against. -- over the next game in and Kayla Michael and being with a cheap shot a vicious cheap shot so I think that. He knows all the charges of four games -- -- last night camps -- -- -- can't stand Milosevic forces have no place in the game Brad Richards is lucky didn't break his neck. I just talked to one general manager mr. -- can love you guys. And he says I've incurred more players to call the NHL PA and say no more of -- are not so much this is ridiculous. Civil war humor and I got a -- -- -- -- five years. Don't want to ask you that the trade deadline April 3 it's so late Greg abroad and -- thirteen games after that you anticipate people waiting to that date or. Trying to get some done milled this month to try to give that guy who -- that is. Those few extra weeks to work with the team for a couple of. That is such -- possibly this resort course such a great way to look at it I think the more change you're trying to be aggressive right now I can tell you again this when general manager I just talked to he's trying to make the deal tour. -- he's going to -- can jump regarding might get a better marketplace and we just saw Mike Brown traded out of true on all. Wolf for prompted that could be the third round pick. To the Edmonton Oilers if -- commission plus which includes a stretch for them right now but. There's an example of just a minor we control -- at all. And one of the reason whether it would do that his contrition McLaren came more from channels as such it's good enough for the control. They've become redundant when it comes to have a tough stretch I -- it's -- more well she didn't Mike Brown along but I think you start seeing more and more and more deals. -- we saw some last weekend at the start to see some more should no longer before the trade deadline. Once they won't happen this year looks like it is in the works is NHL realignment we spent a lot of time here talking about this last week. How it impacts the Bruins you know Detroit and for the original six. Are going to be in one division you play that. All the teams in the league home and a way we love this thing what did you think when you heard about realignment -- you think gets done for next year the year after. I would be actually shocked that we're not done. I think it's going to be a favor to the Detroit red orange and QMR -- steel which I was in such a good -- -- which -- so long. In the British Open house and played the -- cost a lot of money. Just in terms of travel and in terms of TV revenues could stop the times noted that the deal with for the local TV money. But no I think this this will get past and I do think it's going to be phenomenal -- -- You -- you to do is look at the geography in the geography makes total sense so I think it's fantastic and it'll be. Great for fans you get this year routinely at least once in the building which is real goodness. -- penguins lightning tonight will see their do we see you next Tuesday in Pittsburgh for Bruins and penguins. Where my next you know I will not be there -- Of the New Jersey. We will not be in Pittsburgh next Tuesday. -- -- -- and keep going at it how about next Saturday Bruins penguins. -- Boston put your schedule doesn't know if he amassed -- schedule. I'd direct again next Saturday is that it was Saturday actors -- -- but it -- -- Patrick children's. Next next. Saint Patrick's Day weekend this weekend yes. Yeah I just saw -- I'll definitely be impeached for one. Diego love seeing out there appeared great stop watch tonight Tampa it's on NBC. Sport to watch tonight we got penguins and -- in a big game and east Pierre McGuire you're the best beer thanks. It is such a great thing didn't you guys -- really enjoyed a lot of passion for the game thanks for having me on the picture. -- at McGuire between the board to CB joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible let me say -- the time -- can Texan and right now 37937. Not stalking Pierre McGuire and I try to stop him is he worries I'm just curious what the schedule is last night. I'm not disparaging. The whatever crew they sound brining -- between the board's OK. But if -- be honest with yourself return opting out of 7 o'clock and they they did that live shot during that half hour pregame. You're eating get amber and all checked and McGwire yes or no on youths and get dot. On night was brought you can sit there and BS -- pissed about it that's fine you can make fun of me. I'm just curious what next -- see that -- I like Akron their good and NBC sports game next Tuesday against the penguins and next Sunday not Saturday Sunday the seventeenth. It at 1230 MBC spot they Abbott yesterday he was there for Chicago and Detroit. I expect to be there for Bruins penguins. In Pittsburgh in the seventies and stock and his curious about his upcoming worst. So you mix and the Bruins are your thoughts here this hour 6177797937. You can text that's on the AT&T text like 37. 9837. Other Red Sox don't here in ninety seconds while because. There is this ground swell. Now because the team appears out of it a couple of guys are performing well. Guys in this roster begin the season there were projected to be starters on open the season or mixed batted in ninety seconds don't go anywhere.

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