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Jason La Canfora, CBSSports.com: Brady and Flacco deals are apples and oranges

Mar 4, 2013|

CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora joined Dennis & Callahan for a talk about all things NFL. Ravens QB Joe Flacco is getting his big pay day, but La Canfora says it's unfair to compare his deal to Tom Brady's recent extension. He also takes a look ahead at free agency and says the Pats are free to take a run at a downfield threat like Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings.

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Joining us the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT EEJ is welcome for CBS Ana FL insider the morning Jason John and Jerry in Boston power you. Worried or we're doing very well hey I short term but mostly long term the significance of the deal that Brady accepted from the patriots vs the king's ransom the -- -- extracted from the Baltimore Ravens public display down the road for both of these teams. I think they're apples and aren't mean Tom Brady's act it's career here are ready made a hundred million dollars is what we're hearing. The cupboard was 28 he wanted to take. He -- You -- -- exactly -- -- participate in the opening heat but he was never a -- in her retract it let Annie and I would -- of that conducting separate. But this is the kid who played out a rookie aren't aren't making -- in terms of what he would work. Started -- losing game government now gravity prior contract that you get an extra penny goes out. -- little self. And you know win Super Bowl MVP at one remote distort policies that are -- at street. I told the ultimate compared to the property -- 36 we look for what Matt might be apple. Who'd already done everything you can possibly do. And you know enjoyed almost all of that labor and -- political players are allowed apart form murder over the last five years I think that very different situation that I -- that -- Number eight players like operating in that two years. The pager like fifteen I'll let her know that that operate that -- But generally not gambling not all agree that a salary cap hit of two in 2016 of 29 and a half million dollars is going to impact how Ozzie Newsome of the ravens are able to do business Jason. What -- who says they get I mean every time that number to restructure its. -- all the big salaries in the contract apart or basic you know got into eight to ten or twelve. Which if you lower the currently you're on the other eleven straight up our. -- money back that number quickly now also the -- -- able -- have kicked in by themselves by 815 or sixteen. We actually have a real salary cap that's going out. More pictures you know apple percent here they're more than -- you know -- -- Five or any year for you right here it's actually -- a significant jump the reality here goto outlook going to so much I mean. Everything that's not where you are if you go back to the Brady didn't feel people keep saying oh my god. Number sixteen and seventeen making. -- ever survived that we Peyton Manning even now with -- -- -- -- Twenty million per -- every year you know -- at center part about it and get all of Mario party myself. You know I think it's all -- you try to connect app but but I mean -- -- done any more than it. And if not I don't think you know you can look at Joseph -- that you got to manage that the ravens salary cap at the ravens' job. Do you think this swings the balance of power in any way Jason with the within two quarterbacks. Kind of going in different directions contract was both teams. Have some significant free agents on and known about and the ravens have like thirteen of them patriots have some key guys were free agents. How does it affect these two teams. On a so help me plot but they're out celebrating at the cap this year about -- So short term there's no change in the wind -- Kruger Williams leave the building -- they want on the side of the aisle appeal make every effort that. They still couldn't get pregnant by any back up where that create it. He's not gonna have a whole lot OP apart at left tackle. -- restricted diet and it's in the pit you know the -- -- -- -- you know probably first. And -- it anybody get that extra little little little profit and go out. We agreed he would back from back and then look at a budget that structural Osi Umenyiora -- -- and someone -- -- To -- Kruger. Formerly the -- we're gonna go out there that -- eager the extent level that you change any of the threats are you surprised they use -- what would normally -- Artillery people Welker anywhere expect what it really doesn't it wiggle -- out start jumping to a contract the other side of the ball. You know spikes -- -- some of these young guys to a birdie there according. May get them I don't long term and people -- without their way on up there were. You know with rocket and Hernandez in those guys so they get that little cap savings I don't know that it -- -- -- -- -- As you guys go to their Mexican by automatically decide that 28 year old a record twenty million -- -- that all the Brady sitting. Are very real and it will definitely help. You know New England remain competitive the Arctic would probably ultimately when the now they want to check my wallet there orchard -- -- -- that he. A guy in free agency. Or marketer and maybe make that -- -- even more expensive. I have at the chaplain. I know I know it's tough to get information out of Foxborough but Jason what do you think what you hear. The patriots are going to do you get the sense that Welker and -- are in the fall with the long term deals the franchise tag will not be used. Do they go out are they in the market for a as you said value pass rush elect neighbor hammer Freeney. I'll get it I think the problem beyond that oh what a great yard -- other you exceed effort about it. You know. -- know -- a locker or anywhere and it felt all right and -- leader of you know -- surprisingly dark. Fickle side to a three year deal. Except for both audit all the will be acquire chemical -- out by the remember. Technically get out of the building until the end of the week anyway so they have argued that there are. You know without using it but I think without the -- You know I think I would have said Michael -- Mike Wallace now. Thought that few other game. I think the market of the toll from a law that would stick handled it he got up they get right wallop little on the animated -- -- what I'm hearing you met while will get a lot a lot of at the are right now. Although it to -- that the market that would. At least. Play around a little that would some of these options created -- -- -- you know I don't know that Bogota incident but in between -- wallet. -- You know that that could be options there. For them to expand out. We're talking with CBS sports NFL insider Jason lock them for a Jason you're you're you're concentrating for the most part on offense and and my sense is if Wes Welker is back in the fold. This is an offense that's pretty darn good as it is would it not make more sense based on the ranking of -- ninth thirtieth and 31 defensively. But somewhere either on the defensive line in terms of a pass rusher or a defensive back which has been make a hole in their Swiss cheese for quite some time now be the wiser way for Belichick and the patriots to go. Are -- that no -- mutual exclusivity the other but I mean you look at who's out there -- Again if you thought that Patrick -- the -- -- all murder you know eight Marriott I don't I don't think they're critical Willie Elliott -- I mean. Well wolf he packed it -- down that road but there's a lot of guys in -- in an expert. No not much feel that -- out he talked about the first -- up and obviously created. There again OCC. -- Rainy Aybar and those guys and in the fact that the value create the order that. Very much in -- with the patriots do you go back to you know. Aren't they Carter Mark Anderson Rodney Erickson you're you're sailed out of the ball at all and what -- And -- -- part of and I suspect that the well. You know I don't think they're going to be they're out there to great things out. You know the market. Some of those -- -- but -- surprise. Opposite Google know what makes the most sense and -- I I don't go to that look -- -- Brandon lawyer saying that the end all be all terms of our. A heart -- threat in other than that he's he's got to be that guy with -- way that effect contract. You -- pretty firm itself. Look at a Mike Wallace at what point spot it is not that I. Note that the guy who complain about rigging multiple -- and then you don't really a position where he can't swallow it and you stop. Former tight -- it banged up but all the side. We're a little bit more -- you know I think you're not being. So they'll be out there. You don't think based on how badly it ended here that they would consider bringing Randy Moss backs and he said about it before tonight. They have -- -- on -- -- that they hated every important matter I mean that. But it would make it skiing -- know what we even know Greg Lamotte at this point. It's you know one year -- -- -- -- -- contract. Or better that he's actually -- player but I know what normal looked ready possibly even a team. -- -- left block receivers and say he's got the difference maker for. Will the Revis thing would be slow developing to its conclusion. Are the Revis yeah how how things. I had no luck so I mean is still getting yourself Alfie you know that perhaps we -- -- affirm that love that look forward remixes is sort the draft and that's you know you're part of a multiple -- that that that at first he used. And by the rebel report may in the congress should be far enough along that. Other cute couple of probably more comfort level where years and we know what China with Eli looked -- now and and things like that so that that look at what we're not here to do that we jobs in the department reported a lot of -- that it motivates -- straight. But that doesn't just mean they give Darrelle Revis away. Not gonna happen rather they got to try to figure out sweet spot. And what makes that prepare for what they they -- they're not value. I think it's straight -- I think it straight frankly actually cutesy couple lauded as recovery effects. Offer -- eight we mark. But yeah I think there's market wrap up -- Opel. 88 I look at that San Francisco situation head into the draft and fascinating Jason may have fifteen draft picks. You can't use fifteen rookies particularly when you're like one of the best teams in the NFL what are they gonna do here they unload like five of them. Well I think I. -- topics I mean you know. We don't talk about that up I'm gets -- -- -- -- summit under that -- are -- you know anyway. Not that those. -- -- that they're able to Bill Belichick is not yet able to move it there notable fact that you moved back. That they would act -- good ballplayer -- and -- it. So that the ultimate flexibility. You know you've got a great roster anywhere where bodies -- six appeal with -- it. What the crap that -- certainly couldn't implement back in the NFL so. You know I think they'll they'll be very much in terms of potential -- readers should it not because he -- with -- would be absolutely. It eleven partly African in back. He'll run in there -- options. I'm out good luck this study so. I think they can wait and see what develops in the trade market. You know they can certainly it moves on threats that it will -- It Stacy at that pace in order that they love -- -- the World -- and the cholesterol treatment at the economic and sent the market cannot make any money that seemed to opt I mean you you can get some pretty treatment. And pop up that that is the that you have a lot in -- -- -- about the idea what sort in the first 67 itself. I would look for them to be very aggressive and and that certainly an appointment noise in the straight market. You know whether you believe it or. Apartment that he becomes available for anyone else who might opt out. Jason final question -- out tail first round or lower what are you hearing. Until the government -- admit it if you looks. And Iran like keep it. But the umpire and art time to order in the first. I -- the cop mind eager that your job. Making it each and approximate in Italy so well the media. But he got a lot it was supposed to -- at a a -- -- -- if you're telling that you outlined. See the water side and small that you are. But not nearly fast. I didn't -- guarantee. At all that -- -- you don't first real technical route that delicate and scrub their salt -- he rarely saw it live up to Iraq position group and -- You know when you've got somebody had structures. You've got a great O line he like you know -- or more quarterbacks go to that they can only a couple of running -- -- that they hope that there are certain mutual receivers who go to that it appears. You know here. -- to me what I heard -- that point are 45 somewhere that great at that auto supply more like you know 33. Are we that he. He is Jason -- of -- CBS sports NFL this letter thanks the information pleasure talking -- jays will talk to down the road. Jason Hawkins or -- -- -- AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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