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Ryder preview Bruins-Canadiens with DJ Bean

Mar 3, 2013|

Ryder brings in WEEI.com's Bruins guy DJ Bean to discuss the latest developments with the Bruins and how they'll fair in Sunday night's matchup against the Habs. They go into the recent events in the Boston-Montreal rivalry and other news around the NHL.

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Well I think both those kinds. Got there after one timers going right he's just another another situation of our guys hadn't scored much that are starting to come around so we. We talked about that for awhile now almost certain guys being able to give you a little more and and with time it's gonna come so it's nice to see there was guys score and then -- of -- get more confidence into it more often. That's code close Julie and after the bruins' comeback win another comeback win. Over the Tampa Bay Lightning that was yesterday -- there and action tonight against rival Montreal John Ryder back -- happy to be joined as always by. TJ beam who's over at the garden right now it just finished up on a Montreal station now is here on WEEI. As we gay is said to the Bruins in the Canadians as -- DJ. Number I'm great Dowell. Well first of all it shows where this is such a gutsy team the Bruins team we know how. Extraordinary they have been with their record in regard to their seventh straight win but I take. A real telltale sign of just how good a team they are is their ability to come back they've been doing -- quite a bit lately. Trailed. Right to -- older more. In the five games this season. In the conduct I mean redevelopment and they've got points out that they've got a hold of one -- don't. So it's a pretty remarkable sorry it loud here the but. But it it pretty remarkable -- I guess focus they've been ought to hoarding point noticed he failed so they've played eighteen gave several well played 404142. Game. And they're still able to be a top the you -- copper is because. I don't think they're going any these games thinking if we don't have a night that I needed to another record keeping people well it could be that sort of I mean I heard the cliche but it applies here. When they all -- -- yet secret without chewed up -- are like gold against the best story you -- -- HL that got their backup goalie in that. A pretty easy time -- the -- is chalk it up to a lot but. Going to come back to point out that you at this point -- the Bradley these people should be able to come back against the Rangers like. Global global. It certainly in the view your group well -- will. This because you look at -- bay they're desperate hungry team I guess key Boucher was given in the business that the practice the day before they've been struggling they get off to the fast start the -- a race that -- The flip side of that what's interest that this team can win and so many different ways. Earlier in the season they'd get up to these fast starts and and fade in and now it's been the exact opposite. -- yeah they can -- well if you look back to the ball low game. When they dominated the first forty minutes but they're going awful lot BI it was. What to do it it would order a lot in buffalo so -- the third and use it for the couple pit reporters sabres up -- that second period. And the favorite -- -- in the third absolutely walk all over the -- and crushed -- insist that you haven't really the only easy Syria. Early -- you third period. From the group they wanted to finish genes their wedding and wanna come back in people who think that sounds like a very simple thing but that you'd expect every team. Do but is it an 82 game NHL game he would it erred in 82 DHL regular beat the it easy for guys that he's double 01 though the group -- not -- that would be able to come back in all lost the lead. I mean think back the beginning you could even before that locked up -- -- dominated the third period so it because anything. I shot toward a healthy scratch yesterday didn't talk too much about it is have you been able or anyone to attractive down discuss that is he going to be active for tonight. Yeah I grabbed in the morning and -- uncharacteristically. Brief he would. -- that he's an -- chatterbox but that he is pretty colorful guy. I I have to -- questions are asked to see that. If you caught off guard by the scratched and you thought about it that that you better not say. And that I out that you have -- -- to blame the threat that he that he didn't. That -- the night they didn't know so that was. Maria that was put it that uncharacteristically. -- -- -- so reading between the lines out to you happy with it but then again would -- yeah but his credit he couldn't answer those questions that he could have. Given that he -- it there's no question so the capital budget I think. -- -- the pride and so on Thornton though I would assume that you be practical on a night that you this said that. Do it at this morning that you get they had the vision tonight for what we're at. There -- and early to get this morning. Or pork and all overall among them. -- seem obligated are -- or the other issue that -- -- -- or give -- -- time so you'd think that it sort of back in one of those two RO. I'll probably an awful but -- never know with darker pork. It's John try to tackle with -- DJ being of WEEI dot com because so I check them out on Twitter at DJ underscore being DJ the return of Michael Ryder tonight too many people's. Ended up support -- saw him or her would predict him heading back to Montreal on a deal. Last time we -- we discussed it seem like -- Julie kind of cut off guard at least. By a when he heard about that trade a bit crest on because. You seem to think that the Bruins wanted him to return. -- you could talk about that but I guess who also talked to him as well before the game tonight. Looked at tolerable than the one because I -- -- -- bad actually end. He said he didn't put it -- -- bought into the idea of the group such security or need. That's something along lines that of the group -- that means that you're that I would hardly do are there were Mohammed played there. So. I. What -- after that that eleven -- -- -- -- -- in a writer at the waters that bigotry though there. Because. That you probably remember it didn't take router along its artwork. Yet -- sign that deal with. But the star of the first -- -- -- the united -- signed battle Julio like six in later so. I think that -- it was maybe you'll see by that. -- -- happy to be back in Montreal as far as that if you would have been in Austin. No doubt this would have been exactly what does he needed a sniper on the third lot of guys who is. Historically played very well -- Gregory L Tucker Campbell Chris Kelly rich Beverley. -- answer a lot of questions for the Bruins so again we struggled the other night not only did he. That the Canadian how to Alter their roster this year without col -- a writer. They also took away a very very logical target for the Bruins then a sign that you'd think in addition to setting dollar records are correct. Is the Canadian -- want to eight the Bruins I guess I'd birdie. Compete this year and it be good enough or not. Well I can understand kind of both sides this I can understand right now. The Bruins being adjusted because. We know about chemistry to shortened season ended seems like everyone ended up getting notes in the locker was not too many new faces ever what. Bill I would rider who's familiar with the players on the team and also on that third line as you -- but at the time. When -- was a lot of money Dallas ended up spending on him. Yeah out of that that party that -- back. A 3.5 million dollar cap and what a ridiculous contract for light and it goes down scored thirty article that started last year though. That's just the idea predictable the unpredictability. Michael Ryder you have a lot of laughter on just go to Michael Ryder career out. And looking to draw our goal total from your years there's just no rhyme or reason to watch -- -- quite a one year load the next. It quiet for months that a commitment to build up in the playoffs. He valued -- -- to figure out motivation lies but he's a good guy the guy who would fit in well it's been. -- very streaky now moving -- the Canadian -- you've said it. I've -- completely grew the U out of all the teams in the NHL so far here through the first mid twenties so games. Montreal. Has exceeded expectations how they've been able to get that done and I guess up prices and a net as welcome at right. Write to him need food I would bit surprising. When they played great but I'd against the penguins aren't during the debate that night but. I was part of the Montreal reported this morning. And it -- mention the fact that. He has -- the right in the back to back earlier this deep in the back to back about orbit. What they went right well let the other one hateful that you guys though it be -- all the -- to be that night but they go with who -- and I mean now it -- out of the Canadian because I wrote about yesterday the Bruins. I'll eat well and not -- open and that. Aided their capital with a very big their back a little absurd that -- as far as eating it -- they go. I -- leave a lot of our begala bay. What do you think we're broke up with outlook -- are important here and how good the Canadians are. I think that. It opened up a bit as. They're -- they got their capital of the game's premier goaltenders. I get the more but they could have been good that we thought but I think that the end of the day you can put the Norton the street here. The package did not stupid signs are the other new -- new -- You'd think they'd be a couple years away but there is he right now. Yeah. Begins in scoring punch well heck they've been. The big good they've been really good on the road kill. -- they're not. -- hit it everywhere -- yet they. -- -- -- -- -- -- You can look at their laps whatever the like Wear -- let a lot but. They're getting a lot of the overtime shootout so these particular courts as well currently. That you bet would be to bury your wrote eco coming in regard the night. I don't got their work and tell them what about my diet yet but. They always play the rule regardless of who did not -- team but the bigger one. Not lastly DJ Chicago does it again they win this time and a shootout they almost all the Columbus the other day and one is this team gonna lose some into what. It when the black -- gonna -- so what's scary about them much like the Bruins is they they have some room to play within if they want to add anything through trade as well. Right yeah I mean what do they -- Earlier -- where they go out -- great and urgent. Period that. Artwork there goes he goes. I have no idea at this point authority he needs and what don't we only hit what you want to be like for the be able. Run the table I thought today was going to be the day DJ I was trying. Now you know Detroit's been mediocre at best it died today it was and it was going to be today but. And after look at their long term schedule figured that out -- The like I was a bit inaccurate but I get back to Peter -- A minute before warmup here -- look at what our schedule and try to find the -- in equipment to lose but. -- you get hockey league you can -- -- yeah but this is it to have an apple with a black box. That's incredible ball credible stuff for viewed JG DJ always appreciated -- the game tonight over the -- -- DJB and W the I'd -- count.

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