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Rob Bradford addresses the state of the Sox in Early March

Mar 3, 2013|

John Ryder talks with WEEI.com's Rob Bradford to discuss the Sox's loss to the Yankees on Sunday and how much fans should take away from the team's performance at this point in spring training. The answer: not much.

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John -- back we're always happy to be joined by. The excellent rob Bradford of WEEI dot com and on Twitter at Brad told house Galarraga. You -- and rob Bradford you like near you or -- -- to boost me up -- down I'm -- I'm sorry that -- down the weather. But the dog get out good -- it's a decorated ago what. Our -- you always are heroes corner and how much if you're an established baseball guy how much do you read into early spring training when it's veteran pitchers and and and how they perform. A brigadier and those -- -- it's it's march 3. I don't think that the red carpet played even the college game until March 4 last year. And then will I don't read too much into it all either as well as that point car because. It into a little bit of a crutch for pitchers say their work -- -- they are working hard to -- if you're working on golf in the end of February early march. Continue work on. So -- -- -- -- like an Internet today you working on getting him ball and -- lefty hitters remote and you that he had been been and that's understandable. So are not reciprocate toward Internet he gave up a brief run today and what was the Red Sox immediately closed or knowledge not at all and I think it goes across the board today. It's -- our early in this the time to work sort. Exactly it's right now you don't want it it's great that Dempster goes out there and in patients three solid innings today but at the same time mom way the -- said at the beginning at. Now who knows what exactly he's working on and let's face it you're right you more church sorely in March and how about the Yankees lineup is it a -- well watered down. Yeah and and go back to Dempster. If you would do it's beautiful around from Abraham noted Dempster of the guys obviously came out particularly well all day. And it was -- there are. And I'm Miller and the amazing stat to me what is. Through five innings the Red Sox pitchers have thrown five ball. And so if you wanna get storyline about what those three pitchers did today then it's. Hey you know what the Red Sox have been emphasizing pounding the strike zone more the type guys who do it. I mean Dempster at all are all guys you don't throughout a career do you. So in that kind of showed up today in that they work quick to pound the strike Sotomayor until there. That's encouraging by. No I do it doesn't make a difference until you do it on April 1 the -- -- much upon the strike zone there if you are beginning -- as all the others. My three takeaways from today Dempster Mike Napoli had so long run. And Andrew Miller's two and as best job to try to impersonate looks wise anyway and an older version of Jim Morrison's. -- let's hope he doesn't suffer the same thing. All I gotta give Detroit credit for this -- couple years ago he was -- pre Fontaine across the locker. The -- out so. Well as beyond that now is in the Robin and is that that is that is Jim Morrison's. Wobbly because you know I'll -- you all Dustin Pedroia on -- I do you pretty good actually. An entertaining and wanted to go to -- would be bit searching for bigfoot show there on Animal Planet. And I and that's -- the -- army Drew Miller around it's good to be busted out there. But it's you know built suburbia -- Miller you seem pretty decent so far he's. He's kind of product -- do that he started Nixon who aren't career it's not going back and forth -- the -- starter is going to be a long reliever. I as John Farrell noted earlier I think that. You want the most likely guy all those last used to be an actual I think. I don't think that's all -- but that's for a -- indicator -- -- -- -- It's seems like anyway pretty much the with a roster is somewhat set with a couple of it just a couple of areas one being the lefties out of the bullpen because they've got to feel. And who they had to bring it up I know Breslow it's been a little bit slow to come back. Has so far and the fitting -- at first base that extra outfield spot as well right. Yeah I think that it goes to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obviously didn't amount to license. The media that he made because he he sure enough last year. Our community help field offensively. And now ought to amongst the first to -- -- pretty Garrett. I forgot -- he played there a lot. It very get go back to only help her out so I think you're right position. Are are really good -- went up in the air right now. Yeah I I'm I'm -- switch hitter -- versatility in Dobbin has also been their before but what about the battle for those. I guess who your car overbay that type of situation. Previous inside track. We're still gonna see more probably going to see a little bit in my car and Lyle Overbay to better defense the first they've been there and big car. Car has had more punch offensively. And if people go -- mark kind of you know you don't think you wanted to tomorrow on the outfield what you have to although look you work out there -- break came up and outfielder car obviously played -- I don't think they're going to be plain -- of abuse so it will be interrupting that maybe it comes down to. It might have been under which you wanna prioritized beauty you feel like you need that little bit more punch off the bat off the bench and that hurt you want a little more defense. Maybe that depend on how -- going to. And I think you know a couple takeaways I got from camp so far is -- -- -- going to be very very good year. And I also think Mike Napoli is really really impressed me across the board I think it's good to contribute very awkward -- Yes how many how many games and -- -- -- ballpark figure you think nepalese able to go. Are -- target Talbot you -- -- years is that there's there's no symptoms with a separate. And you watch and -- around -- -- on the basis you watch him head and you never know the at any kind of right ailment at all I think it's it's something. They're gonna keep taking MRIs ligaments he monetary here is make sure it doesn't get any worse but right now it's it's OK you don't think that. It long if he stayed at first base and these people are going to be in that implemented and catching position. I think that will help them do so. No we also done another -- keep an eye on and we -- part of the beaver -- -- -- by. -- murky does that say they were you ready for opening day. You're going into New York is gonna be cold. And it is good that suit your knee gave out for the guy because. That beats Hillary and and is probably gonna step on -- and not whether going from Florida and there. So you might have to put -- DH on while. That ends John Ryder tackle rob Bradford of WEEI dot com I wanted definitely to get into the Ortiz situation here. Still four weeks left until the regular season starts but. I I think probably one of the biggest. At least newsmakers out of camp is Ortiz suggesting that they might not be able to start the season. Are you surprised that the Achilles tendon which -- strain was last July is still lingering. Yeah I think it'll look it I don't think there's any way that you eat in. He came out beyond these men and trying saying -- you can do it. And -- mean that he was instill you with. Fairly optimistic even yesterday -- well. -- -- -- that you can play and -- -- the end of this week and maybe Friday or Saturday and and that bill might be the case now -- -- a few years. -- the -- very -- in the Arctic discomfort there because the council vacation that he's cocky about. If so that there's any kind of hear it fully healed up by you know -- kind of work through that part of -- If they feel like that's the case and and it's not gonna damage could not prepare it and then I think still offered some will be dealt by. It's predictable that comparing the fact that we're still dealing with Kurt welcome back door again. It's march -- And he and I. I agree with John Farrell and it ought to get him a couple weeks of the and you feel good -- -- open it -- -- -- I don't do well also another thing becomes -- problem -- Carl Crawford -- you opening day benchmark for it come back out here yeah. The -- game and how they really looked out and they are on YouTube because everyone's so focused on it well you know I can't duplicate that didn't indicate here. People focus so much an open David Ortiz. Then you are obviously not good -- -- hit that mark. But still I mean you would you rather him -- on people 58. More healthier than you -- on people first. Yes. The -- bottom -- -- like he's healthy but the other part of this is as. -- to me anyway we know we came into camp in really good shape looks like he's gained some weight. You know the questions are gonna come up rob well he's got the security of the two year deal he's not gonna rush back from his injury and he's out of shape. Well he says he's at the same way in that seem impertinent. I haven't really noticed any difference and I am when he -- you know that you cut out. A good talking point and sell what he's got to stick to meet you what about the same as he was last year. But hey listen if he's -- big guy and when you -- Achilles -- that's all we've been concerned you'd have to keep the weight down you have to take. A load off static -- he's been so you have to monitor that and yet to be targets now. But still LOI I think of the biggest thing here if there and do it I think you've done due diligence all across the board with. Did -- do with this kind of wait and see how it played out -- and tomorrow. Tomorrow we spoke to create views can be trotting grilled again let's see -- -- goes received any kind of pain still there they go from there. Some of the bright spot so Favre camp one of them being Jackie Bradley junior and and you know when it comes to to. You know new shiny player ever wants to see him up with a team. You know how work several of the newness factor and it in the out to be excited the way he's started this season the spring training in the way he's playing bad. Now what's the plan for him double A or triple way to start the season probably. Yeah I think that I don't get control play I know that earlier that let me double -- but he couldn't okay. And I look at this article also middle -- situation last year you wanna say this I might call up where he goes. Here's an up and there's some sort opening there and maybe he'd get called up. But I do I do get the hunch that he will be contributor at some point this year might not be whenever he wants it which is the beginning of the year put people first. But you know I think that he will contribute and so it was encouraging job -- I heard the call will be hurt. We compared to -- to -- -- -- It is kind of a problem well yeah. But later this relaxed on its feet hurting because. What you got victory you know he would have felt hatred Bradley junior had a bad year when Ellsbury left. Well as is Jordan now Bradley doing everything it can't be kind of keep the progression going to hit the timetable with the Red Sox wanted to. And that's all you what you want to do what we export you wanted to take you step back. -- your -- sort of uncomfortable in terms of match play and he. And the World Baseball Classic wanted do you like that -- How do you feel about that. I don't want. I think you're stupid. If you know I think -- I'll look at it I -- it. If -- where is he. In Japan or or that the Medicare and her or something from a place selfish if you and a whole lot more than it does around here. And obviously these -- something else. But I I didn't think -- but I think it it's bill is ill timed event you're probably players out there and all the players -- you know we're on the good trade. They were playing for our country admiral what you forward to it when they get there there probably loads of fun. -- every single time they've done that John there's been injuries. And what happens is -- -- you step out there all the flooding in early march you have to what you're facing a pitcher. Who are throwing 98 mile an hour gas that you're not used to. Playing -- inning when you're not really ready to play out for pitchers over exerting yourself go up and down into leaders. For the last World Baseball Classic and see how they're probably it will make exactly. Carlo so how that work helped him out by a tobacco I'll work at all or. It's -- stupid idea. Net I I didn't win it kind of forced it seems like it's forced. And and just get more exposure for baseball throughout the world now I know about your world -- -- you know -- stops in Venezuela in the Netherlands but. And -- does seem a little bit forced when I would do wanna ask you room. Prospects who lies. Where the Dodgers deal seems like the gift that keeps on giving out. It really because of his sister -- a remarkable Michael Dowd is. Especially of both -- Rosa in Webster and out panning out in any form in the major leagues whether it be this season or next or whatever the case may be eight. You've got Crawford dealing with that irritation on that elbow again. Boy the Dodgers really wanted Adrian goods Osmond evident that it nobody is just I was thinking about this drive and -- Braly. Would -- rose at Webster pitching so well so far is the remarkable. It is remarkable that the and you're thinking OK you know they got some players who might be useful. But as we did hear that. You guys in the -- I -- that might not translate to anything other road. But it you've gotten right back here. That you above and beyond Bradley. Who is impressed the most people out and dollar wrote in the Webster. And and it hasn't been like all these guys are new and exciting unit -- is that this is is that stupid either they have some sort of talent. The way it would now wants or -- and -- and I'm are literally could change. When he pick apart is saying that you -- ruby Dell wrote to like Roger Clemens. It ultimately. The concert tickets and I think that's a look forward and sort of trade that might -- gonna bring up our current commodity so. You Arabic to be -- but right now it's like -- pretty. He had he had might be some hyperbole on the part of major -- Webster. Kind ninety's is that -- has stunned me and you're right with the changeup I attempt here and you know sinker ball pitcher. Yeah and that's the players he's -- compared to. Derek Lowe I got to like -- clothes threw harder. By that I tell you look at the territory ever prior to nine mile an hour and Derrick -- never had that -- a type -- plus -- either. He went the other way to go he has these you have to get his command better you're the guy who converted shortstop. So it -- the guy who I am today you know what. Take your time where it all and become a pitcher. And then they'll do that. But that might be some retirement down the road this season where he needs and starting depth and U2 -- -- you can beat big guy by. That right to keep that you have to start with talent and that started with -- pretty good amount of it was that it. Last two questions rob and switching gears to the Yankees and we you know we've talked about how fast it to the American you should be. Yeah if oil were put in division and try to predict things are I'd I'd still take in Toronto as the number one team. So they can Baltimore has been the last place although I became a lot of ground. The national -- of -- being something that I really don't think they are our America along the raised a Red Sox yankees together and out cover up and out. But you think you just -- old unbelievable. And it and you know in the past year with the elbows are huge deal but he -- big dollar and -- that the guy they got in my room early trade. Now popping pan -- -- different. Maker because if you'd still having his problem. And then you have of course you're the Jeter a rod you -- no spring chicken you know it. -- be viewed granderson going to be up for five weeks so there's a lot of hole in New York area about the Yankees semifinal heat content. Well while you know you just click here on paper right now baker commission might orchards currently. Threatens electorate. Yeah you know in any look at while at least they haven't penciled in that way it seems. It's a start the season that could change Kuroda who expected take a step back from what he did last season 38 years old and it's going to be 41 before the season. Finishes up and those -- her. Eric you don't know -- nor nor even talks about Rivera I got 43 year old. Coming back you've been rendered so you like to think that he would be that the Mario wrote that he always has been. It's not really realistic. Now you know what -- and lastly in the news last night my truck gets to 20000 dollar raise from his contract. And his agent is fuming about it trusts. Taking -- I guess as saying today anyway kind of take on the right path not talking about it too much but. What struck me is and it's up that where you've got. The angels shelling out all that money they give -- 20000 dollar raise I think they're set to -- was ESP it was watching sports and they said what -- -- Something like. Trial would have to play 55 games or so to make -- what A-Rod makes it like to do something crazy like that. Are you go at global. This is a thing if he wants to pick up the -- in terms of its salary structure that you would ever -- oriented. You at some of these other guys and signed a deal now -- gonna have to sacrifice some money and yet and security and that would be fine but I know politeness. There are unbelievable. There are honorable people buy it says the bass player and don't want the best lawyers in baseball paid this. This has Torrealba out parking you know will look Brooks about this the other day is good looks and you know. I'm not never gonna complain about make -- 500 -- for playing baseball. -- my -- commune I understand that and I cool little books have been good throw but still you go to the he can't eat it certainly nobody should complain about that if you're in tryout camp because it. If they wanna do something about it I'm sure would be into would be perfectly happy to try to improve it friendly to. Your candidate -- -- friendly by people on both lines. -- I think without question if he wants to get a four year deal -- five year deal done under something they would they would do that automatically while excellent job as always rob really appreciated. My pleasure as always people but it works are due to -- well rob Bradford of WEI dot com.

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