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Butch Stearns - Bruins Honor Natalie Green Hammond

Mar 3, 2013|

Butch Stearns is joined by Natalie Green Hammond. The Bruins will honor Sandy Hook Elementary School Vice Principal Natalie at their game against the Montreal Canadiens tonight at the TD Garden. Green Hammond, a lifelong Bruins fan, will drop the ceremonial first puck.

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What you get on board -- here on WEEI this afternoon on this first Sunday in March until 130 leading up to Red Sox and yankees. Here on WB -- Take a minute. To draw some. Much deserved attention to a moment it's gonna happen before the Bruins Canadian scheme. Tonight and to also introduce you introduced us to a woman who is going to be a big big heart of that special moment. Tonight. It's been nearly three months since the sandy hook elementary school shootings down in Newtown Connecticut. I'm we all know the details so there's no need to go with 26 people were shot. In. In that shooting and -- our guest is gonna join us on the line Natalie green Hammond. Is one of those people who shot she's been referred to at times as the assistant principal at school. Or hurt her exact title was lead teacher it's a little of what. Natalie and her husband Gerry are here in Boston this weekend with their two kids. And they're here. Quite bluntly because the Bruins. Cared to bring them here. On their lifelong Bruins fans. And Natalie was part of a celebration down in Newtown Connecticut the Bruins came down and took part of -- met some of the players. Natalie is. A friend of my family's we've only talked briefly on the phone just this morning we have not really met we will meet tonight. I feel like I -- are already. Com -- through. Her family and my friends. On -- passed on some information -- or short the Bruins. Are really doing something special when Natalie your family and she's gonna drop the first hop. Before Bruins Canadians I'm Natalie joining us on the line right now talk about this moment and talk about -- -- and of its order on. Which is really unbelievable Natalie how are you my friend. I'm doing great thanks thank you Mario good where you right now. We are enjoying the beautiful Newbury Street the morning actually this afternoon. So so. First of all tell us about you know Jerry's Bruins fans you if you guys have always been lifelong browns fans. And it it it's funny I mean I consider my lifetime and I when I met him he he would certainly the -- I -- Current and backpack delicate and with -- I like I did that -- or. Yet immediately upon meeting can be in -- and we will be followed. At the Berlin and heat like at that has and occurrence and that you -- a little guy. See -- a dog named Bork can you have the room -- nearly I'm sure all that stuff Kerry does right. How we react well we have a -- our -- is named after 88 spot and player but patriot. Maybe our next animal makes Churchill embarked had a I'm. So tell us from I guess take us from when the Bruins came down it was a three weeks ago and now two weeks. Monday February 18. They came down to join the student and the Stanley. -- in our community. And they -- street hockey clinics and we're or unbelievable just completely open arms our community and its -- -- that -- was just popped nuts they are -- -- Class act organization and really. Made it gauge of how many people in our community. What was it like for you that day walking around I know I believed Tyler Sagan was there in a bunch but yeah I mean you know they're they're the guys you see on TV their hockey players. But talk to players of the best aren't they when they came down and I'm sure it was special. They are they were aptly meaning it would overwhelming I'm just again he opportunity to talk to each and every one at that it's our. Like Italy and I mean it was it was amazing and they were cast so wonderful to our camera and an -- -- ethnic communities so that really -- For them to take that they had just in the night before and in Canada and didn't get home until like 2 AM I'll just thrilled that they you know they really have their hearts and that and are -- good people. So what's happening this weekend kind of bring us through the timeline of how this all came about. We came here yesterday and -- island. I'm at at the supper that night and -- and -- day in the beautiful city today that we've -- -- much and we plan to beat back at. He garden about the night his joined -- and very very excited about the pop up at 730. Some -- asking the question that my youngest daughter asked me when we first heard about -- -- daddy so when she drops the puck like she gonna skates on because like they're gonna. Likely going to be able to get off the ice. Is a question again. I sure hope they're not pretty funny I that'd ceremonial. Go to get it. What what's it going to be like for you to be have you thought about the welcome home is going to be like you'd be out on the ice and you know it's going to be pretty cool and. Amazing a lot of kind. I don't think -- are going to be able to describe it it's going to be one of those moments that you only get once lifetime. What does it mean to you and Jerry in your kids and to the community for what the Bruins have done through. All of this I guess I guess that's a two part question Natalie what does it mean to the community and what does it meant to you personally. That community was completely taken aback we were given as to me we were given. Eight teacher a teacher Perry signed by the -- beautifully framed which is going up into the new school. That the children are now attending on a pair throughout backpack I am and I and -- free -- they had been unbelievable to -- and Jack. We feel we council welcome in the feel like MIT and that -- they really get treated like -- Well I'm -- you this morning on the phone earlier I mentioned that you know I think the Bruins. Deserve a big pat on the back on this and I think cute he couldn't echo of that anymore courage. Absolutely. Absolutely -- bankers are much -- are so excited so much looking forward to. Spending and I with the team. With the community and also are MI it also going to be there. While speaking from my wife my kids and we're gonna command tonight I'm really look forward to meet you and your family. -- -- -- you -- my your brother Islamic cousin Jean -- cigar. I'm upset this all up I'm painting from Boston sports fans you know one of the things that we care differently about sports teams in New England it's just. The way we are my buddies who lives in LA always says what you have for celebrities out there even Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Brought him like you don't get David Ortiz and Tom Brady are the celebrity's boss we just we cared differently so. You know this is your moment it's new towns moment it's gonna be a lot of fun I'm really looking forward to this and I know a lot of people -- I am chill and it looked arc leading and I I Natalie thanks for coming on really appreciate a few minutes with. -- -- -- you're welcome extra crap and the and and so that it brought so that technical the event enjoy yourself tonight I know you well and think it'll. Okay that is Natalie green Hammond again com. She is the lead teacher at Sihanouk elementary school and she's gonna be dropping the first pocket before the Bruins game tonight and again we. We call before. And -- call on the Red Sox -- dysfunction fair enough. We rip people in this town Josh Beckett for the fried chicken and -- fair enough. I think we're. What part of what makes us special. It's moments like these much on overstate this but like with the Celtics Red Sox patriots Bruins reds and all the other teams do. -- I'm really looking forward to this tonight in the games on NBC and fortunately it's not on nests and he won't have dale on the full pre game show stuff to bring attention to this. I'm hopefully NB CR covers this for you guys can get to see it -- and all the bees from local. Stations -- Tom thanks to Natalie for common are quick break and we're back more of your phone calls rafters.

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