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Butch Stearns - Did the Redsox do Enough this Offseason

Mar 3, 2013|

Butch Stearns opens today's show talking baseball and the Redsox. He touches on a the offseason, the ownership and if enough was done to be a contender this year. Check out the latest talk right here on WEEI.com

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Are now works as. It's it's. Boost earnings in the year I think. You'll I did well a sports insider about me coming here and now here for -- And turns on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Well hello everybody. You -- out there. First Sunday in March back on the air. Let me back with you again. -- on the heels of Dale Arnold extravaganza this morning sports Sunday here on WB. -- -- -- here for the next hour and a half I say I am we are the joy out taking your calls. The -- some Boston sports. It's going on and everybody's lives -- a busy time for me personally and of course always a busy time. On the Boston sports in March is an interesting month and this is an -- in time it's not my favorite Tom October. My favorite time with footballs just started. Win. I -- the Red Sox are in the playoffs. The Celtics are just starting the Bruins are just starting. It's stats that -- my favorite sports month October but this is close march April this this spring because. Baseball kicks off. And round here football is never out of a little preakness it's year round. -- Timmy nearing of the Red Sox won on its interest in football and baseball. Is -- baseball's a sport you follow football as a sport you watch. Well not anymore in this town. And a lot of towns but definitely not at this time we follow football in Iraq so it's on the table and we'll take your phone calls at six point seven. 77979. -- 37 I think you know that number by now but it's 617. 7797937. Tech's -- AT&T text line at 37937. The first one comes in says welcome back mr. mayor thank you reach that should be some -- -- text right after. To because we have such a brief time spent a lot of time. Going through the issues that are on the table I'm just gonna sort of plead with you to give us column talk about -- like you know. All the top stories that are out there but let's set the table for you. The -- you'd like to talk about I've also got. I've also got as a text or mines don't forget March Madness which you -- right. I gotta be honest I was a college basketball and football fanatic growing up I do not even pay attention any longer until we get. To the post I'm most people really looking forward to. College football playoffs. So I deal -- One of the big benefits despite all the drawbacks but apparently that. Will be that college football capture some of the post season madness the college basketball so I agree. That another reason why this a good time it's March Madness. Com also. At 1238. If you're driving around today if you're richer place of worship -- during between places I encourage you to stay listening at twelve there. We have a guest on -- guarantees it a little bit you know I'm making the -- -- The Boston Bruins have done something that they really deserve some attention for the gonna get at least from me and and other people -- Tonight Bruins Canadian game is on NBC. Deal were just talking on the way out. So this moment may not receive. They do that it deserves locally song proud to be able to have this guest on at 1230 animal will tell you about at all 1230. But again the Bruins are doing something that they deserve recognition for in this guest is gonna come on without us. On to talk about this moment. How she feels it's going to be so I'll leave it adapt and we'll talk about that are on the heels that I will say. In fairness to all of the local organizations here in town and all of the four major professional sports teams in the revs include. We are fortunate I have worked and lived in other towns and covered sports and not not every town. Has. Organizations to care so much. About the community that they continue to do things sport the patriots for years the latest one being recognized I think it was the FC championship game. Com. Or was he used a playoff game where at the end of every quarter they recognize the different veteran individually. I'm had been get a standing ovation inside the stadium the Celtics for years. Have done their heroes among us. Segment where the timeout in the game they recognize people for heroic deeds they've done in everyday life. The Red Sox Charles Steinberg mostly at the -- but the Red Sox have always been conscious about recognizing. People that deserve recognition. -- I was fortunate enough to. Bring some attention to. Good friend of mine over the baseball tavern and exam and your view knows him. -- know his story about his wife years ago I brought deputy tension in the Red Sox in the Red Sox decided every moment of silence. For her on opening day several years ago so. And the Bruins -- so we are very fortunate in this town for the things that. The teams do and at 1230 we'll talk a little bit more about so. What's on your mind here's what's on the plate Red Sox yankees here -- WEEI at 130. To get a Red Sox yankees today go Bruins Canadians day. What you are -- and it's pre season base and all but it is Red Sox yankees. And Jackie Bradley is in the line up is one subject back to throw. Personally. I would like to see Jackie Bradley. Start the season with a Red Sox and platoon. -- Grammy baseball people I know hitting his age it is development -- it's gonna be a superstar needs to play every day. Keep them in -- miners let him start the season as well as the argument against doing that because then the arbitration clock. And service time clock starts ticking -- the Red Sox as a -- you don't wanna do that. Here's what I wanna see Jackie Bradley play. Platoon situation. Hey it is development I think you might set them up to succeed him taste the major weeks. From the interviews I've heard that can animate around them. I think he can handle anything that happens in other words -- to -- What is he comes -- he -- the world on -- -- At eight. Bryce Harper and Mike -- two days. He fails miserably at 162. And they have to send him back now maybe send him back down anyway. You tell them to come up here for a couple months. And say you're going back either way here's my point. -- all sports are deluded in talented baseball is diluted pitching so I think there are opportunities for special players. Most people think Jackie Bradley is going to be special player. To we are better opportunities are better environments for kid come up to the major leagues and do what Bill Parcells he's seen about rookies all the time they don't know what they don't know yet. Which is applause. And try to succeed -- might throw. I think Bryce Harper on the latest examples. There are people in the in the Washington organization that wanted Bryce Harper up right away. Brian dot -- as a manager Bryson his first stint in the minors and I was talking him about it and he said acute needs to learn to be professional. And Jackie Bradley needs to learn that to open again. Everything in your baseball bones tells you don't do only two kids start managed only -- a part time situation. Oh what if he seeks its. OK so this service -- starts. So let's -- there's one thing on the table Red Sox yankees. Celtics. Of course patriots Brady's contract draft and Bruins Canadians and let's go to the phones to kick things off let's start with -- Anthony McCartney how are you my friend. Aren't -- you don't alma. Media content about the article that the Carter wrote in the globe today. -- today that this article okay I have not seen the Sunday -- up right now. Well what -- what he would change -- how what this sucks but it that's supposed to what they have now. Because they had the the picture -- developer -- and it subsequent because -- perpetrated neglect here. Yup. And they couldn't it -- -- experts aren't. -- -- Adam LaRoche. City area. And Cody rocks in any. Any sort out. Or their potential -- would look like it and you know when I when I saw it was like my god you know. It would be really exciting around here right now it sucks and it doesn't -- they had done. Let me stop incriminating at that let me stop -- isn't there isn't there really just one debate here -- -- mean you talked about the excitement of looking at that lineup he talked about where they could spend the money. Isn't really about Josh Hamilton and nothing else. The net posts here -- well. Yeah me what equipment to -- OK so so that he wanted him. So -- what we're really talking about here. Is whether the Red Sox should have made a better effort to sign Josh Hamilton and taken that risk that's what really talk. Com. I would've been comfortable with a three or four year deal. But they would have out of overpay for I think they should have to I think the Angel gonna be better. I think Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton gonna become what David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez were for a five or six year period so. And the Red Sox -- gonna be left to deal with that now that said. You gotta admit there's tons -- risks with a guy like Josh Hamilton Comstock about -- healthy mostly. Well that would mean I mean what everybody it is not a terrorist right now we're down the -- -- -- -- also -- that it would have made. Let me that the cart circuit they gave David Ortiz he would've made more sense. Because it would allow him to. At least the potential to be a lot more productive and -- -- -- to -- not because he would have -- detection. In the lineup and Adam little statement that as a man it's the players at their potential to have a there people want to see in an object but when -- attitude that it's that when it looked that it was a while. If that's what do the Red Sox this year. I don't think they'd be having problems with this season tickets. I still debate about this and and my my Anthony thanks for the call appreciate it six or 77797937. If you like to chime in texts. At 379372. Text about it please call no LaRoche. Home run hitter now. A -- it was a full blown it's not awful but the text says he wanted to trivia time sponsors to pose a risk. The other wants is Bradley and Bogut should both be playing starting Gary -- -- -- I don't like you. When I agree with you on Bradley -- -- Sochi at this point about Josh Hamilton the real the real crux of the Josh Hamilton thing is I mean he's not yours in Anaheim shall forget it but. When you look back on it and you look at what they had to do how fortunate they were defined trading partner in the Dodgers to take on all that salary. To get rid of Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford bomb. Guys who. I -- -- Crawford was a mistake it wasn't working. Gonzales was still debatable -- one -- World Series but he wasn't the same back as he was before -- again to be able to dump all apparel do you wanna jump back in and automatically. Change your salary structure and change the structure with a new club balls right away and two with a guy like Josh Hamilton. As opposed to spending sixty million dollars or whatever day. On the dumpsters and now please. Victorino -- of the world. It seemed what you get for a couple years. So you still have the flexibility -- sign somebody else becomes available may be a pitcher post two hitter. While Jackie Bradley a -- was I mean again the successful teams to all three things. They Scott and developed. What it feels credit said he would do the day was hired and helped lead to an organization that did whether it's actually getting back that you -- the scouting and development machine. The second thing they do was pitch. Develop pitchers get pitchers and pitch. So I think that you can't win without really good pitcher and -- third thing they do is if you're big market team -- all your resources. To acquire talent and build a team that can content. And the Red Sox have done that for all the things you wanna say about and they have done that. And now what they're doing is using their big market large market we sources. To spend but spend and a little bit of -- different way they're not giving -- a 142. They're not giving Josh Beckett 64 million dollars -- Shane Victorino 39. The given Mike Napoli five after what was going to be you and Ryan Dempster. What -- whatever wise soul. They're spending the money they're doing now. So if you disagree with that and as Anthony said you wanted to be Josh Hamilton and I can understand that argument. -- can also understood why the Red Sox didn't do it and pretty sure most are finding out if it works or not six point 77797. 9837. While we're on the Red Sox let's go back to -- Bradley thing let's go back to that trial harper. -- type things do you believe like I do the Major League Baseball in 2013. That there is a better chance parade prospecting kid who quote might not be Major League ready. To come up to the majors and succeed or that there is more of wiggle room reported a different way for that same type of prospect to come up. And not succeeding struggle a little bit and learn from -- go back down. You believe that there is he window of forgiveness in baseball now more so than it's ever been like I -- I do. If you're an old time baseball kind of -- scouts tell me this know butch. I need to pay their dues noble which guys need to learn how to be professional. -- at bats in the minor leagues will learn. Jose Iglesias. We might be seeing that now. That you know everybody's like we'll be hit 180. It could be the biggest wizard of the world the next Ozzie Smith when it comes to. Playing shortstop in the major leagues but this is 2000 at thirteen it's his Major League Baseball you've got to hit 200. He defense better be soup herb if you got it below the Mendoza line that's 200. So he's gonna hit 180 in the minors or 230 in in my is what the heck is gonna do in the major leagues well. Maybe -- this is the type guy that needs the impacts of these other guys like John Valentine when he came out these -- comes to mind. Just. Learn to be a pro was not great player but became a better major -- than it was a month I don't. I'm just saying there's an argument for bringing Jackie Bradley up there's several and others Bogart's so there's several against both Scott cars next. How real good but you got going are doing well and you. Good thank -- like much enjoy it was simply on -- radio we have more time. Well thank you I can only control what I can control. Area just like your -- seems to me that we eight it's functional unauthorized. -- we -- today. We dysfunctional brought up at the pendulum swung one way you would have to high priced talent it didn't work out chemistry was horrible and now. It's it seemed like we're still looking for that let's call it quick fix -- pendulum that's why and so are any other direction. How we have everybody the good guy. But talent standpoint I don't think anybody would evaluate these guys understand the homepage and say you know like that -- went in and -- I don't think any of us can -- I don't think they know what they're going to be. Mean the this is the first season and a long time going into this way I feel Tommy -- -- -- that this Red Sox team could win seventy games Erica win 95 games. Right. I went I hope -- I'd like to play out weighs 95 Lester and -- become. Have the best seasons of their career and all bets are off. Yeah no but nothing has not been sure. If I -- you know it'll wanted to conduct predicted that future. Performances have been I'm not sure are -- doors -- go to twenty I don't. I don't either -- -- your point about dysfunctional OK have you read the Francona book dished out and I'm. So. It's a phenomenal read it is a must read I commend Dee and I come on -- and it's just a phenomenal -- and by the way and if you feel like I do I waited to get it. He's got a week or so ago and now that I'm reading it's hatchet job on the owners at all you. Get -- -- and probably what I think Tito and -- took their shots. I thought ended Phnom job anyway here's my point you call the Red Sox ownership of dysfunctional ownership I would say. For the sake of discussion that did everything and we dysfunctional to one degree right. Okay -- -- and so we agree on that. When you -- dysfunctional let me ask you direct question would you rather have other owners. You know I don't I probably don't know enough about how big hole in the front offices. Every other organizations I want I want -- Angeles Dodgers probably not I want Tampa Bay. I'd probably -- but I I can't make a paragraph legal. I'm not gonna let -- that's got your -- Red Sox fan you're reading the book you're getting some insight you had previously had. I want ask your question again if you had your choice and you're the one making the decision. Say you were John Henry would you hire new owners would you sell this it deeply happy with what they've done so far are when you say they're dysfunctional and is trying to get a feel. For whether you. -- deep down would rather have different owners and the ones that they have now. What I'm like they -- functional. I think these guys are passionate about what they do I think they truly want to bring a winner I think our long term order I don't think. And again the couldn't be used to it commodity hedge fund. I think they want to be here I think also very impatient individual. Success all I think. Success does that -- is that it's a bad. Well. Over age negativity and you know or don't seven a little bit did he give credit park. Foley building what are probably not -- most I didn't do with a little but it seemed like. Maybe in the patient. That would high priced talent that was the best team. And I like I'd say in the pendulum has swung -- -- on the other eight. Because they wouldn't patient I'm not suggesting to you Utley. In the end. Impatient they don't see winners this year. Believe could be -- solution to a problem well I think correctly answering your core. No you are I know you are Scott I think I think -- A great point here because we want at all in Boston we want the scouting development machine like we should. As Red Sox fans we want them to contend every year we also want them to build for the future and I think. For anybody that hasn't read the Francona book and and I I was fortunate enough to be pretty close to would all I'm getting a lot of insight. In two things at you every time I did tells the story I was there and get a different spin on it which is great but. I think we get some insight into -- how what that. Mom was sort -- my -- hypocrisy York dichotomy is to try to deal with again put ourselves in their shoes if Europe. Living in Boston you got to come out and tell the red all the phantom. It's a bridge year. Like -- did he really gonna have the balls to do that. And trying you know trying to do that or some sort of your point about impatient your point about their plan right now. About you know spending them overspending on guys like Victor -- in this and that they clearly made that decision physical against their long term plan that's the real question to me. They still have the long term plan. Which to me is to build a scouting and development machine machine so you have a farm system to feed the Major League club with talent. And then you can make selective decision along the way did they get off track at times. By resigning Beckett by although I don't -- -- -- -- -- but by resigning pitching. Lackey Beckett and others that may be. You know the market would bear economic -- and by the Carl Crawford and other stuff that they got off track did they get off track now is the ultimate question of the most immediate question. By this strategy right. That's the -- so my answer to which god is no. Walt thinks said Don if you wanna be fair about this and Red Sox fan I like these owners are talking personally I do like Pampers. On I think as an ownership group they've done much more good than bad. For the Boston Red Sox do they need to take it shoulder the blame for the 69 win season as -- but. Put its interest -- I think it's going to be very interesting baseball here and I don't think it's gonna lack for interest that's my opinion any. Extra. -- -- -- disagree with anything but there where I would well stated. I think you're right about the owners maybe not having. The ball so to speak to come out and say you know what -- the bridge here. Why I don't know we haven't heard any educated. And -- and I think maybe a little honesty I think maybe they're selling the banned short a little bit beyond where you. OK I could call thanks for the call -- -- weekend. All right that's gotten Carta of rustic break. 6777979837. I'm -- -- I'll be here with you until. 130. And joy out taking your calls text on the eighteenth -- text line -- 37937. Com sponsors -- you're teaming nearing drop what is a sparkly. And his old time old bastard baseball. Tom another Texas hire new owners exclamation point million. Oh it says since the those owners have owned the team that won two world -- weather team could say that -- as the giants have been doing something right there's an argument or that. We come back mortgage phone calls and we'll have a special guest on the line in just a little bit. That I wanna point out a moment it's gonna -- for the Bruins game tonight and I wanna pointed out because. Watch -- hear about it if you haven't heard. This is one of the things that. The Bruins deserve credit for and we as Boston sports fans should prevail. I'm which turned back with more. Texture says what -- how the hell can you BA decade guy with two. Question marks I mean really. Here's -- Like a lot of athletes in this town. When you look at the full body of work a legacy is the legacy. Okay you -- delivered the goods you did. So part of Josh Beckett legacy is the beer and -- -- and part of it is the disappointment of the last two years. But don't deny that a part of it is 2007. And winning the world -- because they do not win the World Series without Josh Beckett. Talk to anybody that played on my team was around that talk to anybody was in Cleveland when they were down three games to one. When in the first inning he stuck the ball in Kenny Lofton year game over series over and then they never lost the game after that. Josh Beckett it's part of the Josh Beckett legacy so. When I Sam Beckett guy I mean on two levels one when I look at what he did in Boston it's a mixed bag we also did something. And a lot of other guys never -- in this town delivered the goods. And on the other end of -- that and Josh a little bit like the guy. I liked his bravado like a lot of things that he did his teammates like he was respected. -- get some other inside about packet in the Francona book. That -- dear John to run with him so I have a packet. Again looking back on a bad trade. Did he win a World Series Hanley Ramirez and without back. Rather have him burners today we have suggest that that again and Rivera still is a lot to go so. Fine here's my point about being back Jack -- in Maine hi Steve how are you. -- -- Calling to work out the Red Sox -- -- you mentioned that Jackie Bradley junior. -- there's another player from who I think most recently was that the double -- club. -- -- Yes and why -- Jerry -- if you listen to Jerry and John in the morning that's Jerry's new banking. He wants and start with the team. Yeah I don't want to give your opinion and compared to threats. Bradley was great click. Right on the wrong person to ask unfortunately Steve I mean I do my homework like all of us do -- -- or talk from a raid. I have not seen the kid play I'm not in the business full time -- on TV anymore so I'm not at spring training. I've read a lot of the same things that that you guys have read. I would say one thing that's interesting is that you know they're both left handed batters. It's it's -- what's really interesting is it's this it's it's an age old baseball story Jackie Bradley is the bonus baby. The superstar in the making to -- the Nomar. The guide everybody's talking about hazel makers are guided nobody's talking about. How often do you hear that story -- there to scout on a train in any sport went to see one -- they found another -- So I don't you know that's my two cents on I don't know -- in a -- I know anything else about. Hazel baker that I -- couldn't go out and read that you could to what are your thoughts about that general. Well you know we are big blow to. Or anywhere from -- fired he dug in a year he seemed like -- He broke from like OK we so tell us -- you know about his. Well I I see that the he uses. One out -- into -- -- -- -- to do well. And so. You know and but totally like. Snapshots. And so. I would like that it. See him. Support what you're saying about Bradley yeah I am given a shot. True either. Succeed or -- It's on the roads are well if it spirit despite at least from patrolling for. So put your scouts out on forming Steve in the limited time you -- both players give me one thing you like a one thing that concerns you about both of them. -- Think. Consistently. Football. And it -- Defensively and offensively yet and I would say I'm not sure how long they've been with the sea dogs. Like. You know the water there -- double A or triple A level. You begin to become. Concerned -- -- what what is. Management not. -- seeing in them that the it would need to sienna -- a major leaguer. Okay Steve thanks for the call I did he actually to watch that as it happens going forward. We take another quick break we'll be back with more Paul bill and Ralph -- -- you -- alliance we'll take your calls. They talk about the Red Sox in its Red Sox yankees today on WB EI coming up after me at 130 it's Bruins Canadians tonight are we come back. The special guest on the line here on WB yeah sticker.

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