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Dale Arnold - Billy Jaffe from NESN and the NHL Network

Mar 3, 2013|

Billy Jaffe from the NESN studio's joins Dale Arnold to talk about the Boston Bruins. The guys break down the Tampa game from last night, the Montreal game tonight, Thornton's healthy stratch last night and possible trades. Listen in for this great analysis.

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-- It's available. -- News all the phones scored three. -- -- However police -- Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah I I happen. Pleasure. On -- nightly basis on -- to work with some very knowledgeable hockey people people who teach me more and more about the game every single today. This guy is at or near the top of the list he is now one of my nighttime partners. On -- and a guy who has already taught me a lot of hockey in the year plus that we've been working together Billy Japanese on the line -- -- What are DA RE aren't original by the way like it was the voice of god -- -- with you you arteries and yet that's exactly. I confirmed. Right now we we start the discussion today talking about how entertaining it was last night. Watching the Pittsburgh Montreal game 76 overtime goals all over the place defense a rumor goaltending shoddy but it was fun. Do you think that the NHL needs more scoring to be more accessible to the masses. Not a I mean more scoring it sure nice and it's it's crazy but. More chance to -- what I always say in what we talked about before. I'm I'm I'm OK it was the gulf for three games spot -- -- I'm -- with them they're two. And coaches located. The end while the city hopes he never part of a game like that again but to sit weenie shots scoring -- -- is you know -- we only hope activists they'll. Soccer had more chances. I think people would be okay with a lot more lot of tried to -- it they called beautiful sport. I don't always see the beauty unit because there are a lot of -- is wonders -- -- I think soccer great big -- and being. The dictator and exciting as great goals. You know I love to pass and played the gold but to -- great David -- -- exciting if I almost more you work because of the almighty god aspect other -- I own accord since it. -- will be secondary. Jeff I've always said the the Bruins one nothing win over Tampa Bay in the seventh game of the Eastern Conference finals couple years ago. To this day is the best hockey game I ever saw in my life. There you -- That in that I was their -- and it was it was phenomenal and you know. I have a tendency. I won't speak for you but I I go to gain so much and I'm doing so many games per year. That every once in awhile and you game. Bill I'm not -- where I say this is why it played this sport and I've been pretty -- -- talk about it through lyrics. This is why I do love -- so much because they -- unbelievable games just like up one what you I would they're working for a nature all network. And an almost almost no -- the sport that since I was seeing game after game to game every day but that game stand out to me at will because of the exciting elements of. We've talked about this on -- and but for our radio audience why do you think Brad Marchand. It is not getting bit the credit that he deserves league wide for being quite frankly a pretty good sniper at this stage of his career. Because nobody -- from outside of Boston that's true that's like that like nobody given him the credit outside -- -- really and I'm. You know. The media the general media. Always goes to the stars. When it goes to print book especially pro hockey whether that started. Purporting you know to start capability or underperforming. You know we talked about. The starter and yet the brutal really are so many big names. They've got our Charlotte doesn't stand out now he could right now because -- -- play. The other culture Patrice Bergeron didn't they started all right with this court as well and it's got courts is that finished. But Charlotte is doing what that should keep it and did. The Edmonton Oilers you know back in the eighties whereas -- would be ultimate test. But he would also be welcomed -- -- not even during it Gretzky and other guys on the team but you have great sniper to meet you thought you guys. That would get 67 I think it eighty point tortured twice in his career two different -- beat you get the point. Brad -- the belt leveled the problem is that people wanna talk about Brad Marchand more than anything. About -- irritable manner. That's why people bought the -- so much beloved out by the team they make a play get to be on the other team. But ironically -- he has ratcheted that back a lot this season he's nowhere near the same instigated respect. Well no question about it but he still has that. Irritable kind of attitude that title that you repeated to him he's still at large shark you know he's still -- that but yet. Because he's a veteran he's the -- But because there are no longer an up and because -- great membership on the team's starting with a record close Juliet they're starting with the other players are you know particularly on the other player throughout. Can he's -- looks like it you can be by chance he got a lot of irritability you know and only need a little -- that they need a lot but he pulled it practicable he can get more time we get more -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we're -- He shot right now right now. It shot it right up there in the top of the natural -- Buick. The fact of the matter is numbers matter to people who decide on things in goals and -- matter and for that reason. -- Hamilton is never gonna be rookie of the month in the National Hockey League it's always gonna go to wolf forward may be a goaltender defenseman have no chance at that. Setting that aside what's your assessment of -- Hamilton's development on the bruins' blue line this year. -- implied that I am really happy with it. But wasn't sure the season began an -- talked about you know again that on a nets -- regularly early on in the U that would not not skeptical but you know what's gonna happen here guys went to get a -- -- get a -- Perfect situation -- to come into -- really could not strict would be. And it has more is close to perfect -- -- -- with the -- so many reasons the veterans on the Blue Line. The staff that knows how to handle young players. The shortened seated. The EU -- games to begin with it's gonna be a real interest period. Or not just broke Doug. That you're going to have Bloomberg game close and that the proximity. You're gonna see guys like your drug give -- my I mean they've got it might start playing two sitting Rwanda type of thing. I think light is progress I'm byte where we're at number threat I am really good seeing you know he was up over seventeen yesterday admitted. To donate it'll be itching to see where he got into -- rivalry I gave. Heavier game. In that even though it'll Tippett got a real lot of high scored power of sport federal -- our old. A heavy team Montreal not big up front but they fortunate and county. And they might get on the idea more -- it right there might get pulled back or the Pentagon game situation to you know that yup but before deflecting yesterday. He was hit anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes and to me that's good game management programs like that development I don't see any. Issues with his game there's going to be ups and downs and everybody knows that -- rookie played the very top position like he. Talking hockey -- Billy Jaffe -- and colleague also from the NHL network I heard a discussion on Hockey Night in Canada radio earlier this week. And they were discussing the possibility far fetched though it may seem. But the Washington Capitals may end up being so frustrated with Alex Ovechkin that they put him on the trade block before the deadline a guy who has scored 65 goals in the year. In the NHL the think it could ever get to that. Truly yeah I think there'll be -- I do eventually depending on where this team goes you know all of a sudden this team goes for being one of the darlings of the -- -- or treat for a year ago. Being considered one of the more dysfunctional teams and I I don't know what it deserves that tag but I do think it might deserve the tag of not not rudderless but what direction are -- garlic if you look at their roster they really are a big current roster -- grinder built. Outside of Mike Ribeiro -- the fracture of Alex Ovechkin. The blue like you've got Mike Green who has become so you wanna talk -- consistent -- my god this -- gone -- BP pregnant having consistency. -- so good offensively but yet he's. He can be at times what you know missing defensively and -- he is battling injuries all the time it's very consistent their. Ed you make vigorous and I -- it's -- John Carlson in the mix. He came out -- the -- -- -- prized rookies if you you're going to print collateral great he's been good belt. But this is looking good -- can't. Seemed to figure it out right now dead. You know I know everybody says the department still believe in my team -- I think we're told by the end up on the team to say I feel confident in them. I thought they'd be better than they were to start the year did I never thought that they would -- Stanley Cup contender. Over -- in I was yeah actually I want him to be great because it's all the better for the lead the O Eric. I am I see a guy who is very consistent to -- You can get -- -- to trade believe it or not but because of this long term contract and because it is inconsistency but with that said you know well I don't. There will be achieved it will pay him. Because he got Ovechkin and yet. Still had a draw for now because traded. And he doesn't ordered up the numbers and he doesn't become your -- benched and after you know getting traded or you -- with Lamar chipped in the people's Serbia were I don't know what's -- out this guy he's no longer superstar. Bruins are one of the best teams in the National Hockey League their third in points right now despite the fact that they played fewer games than anybody. I'm not sure that they need a lot but I know that Peter surely will make a move for two before the trade deadline what do you think he's looking for. That there is no question that -- looking for and other Wenger. Preferably one that you know play the top nine role. They can shuttled between the third and you know. -- you know the first and second line if need be due to injury due to handle the situation. You can never have enough defense and I don't you for that often and that's true there and it's yuppie can have another defense that. Going into the playoffs. They can plate top six minute -- he's in great -- a guy that here you go into the future obvious or comment of the -- -- handle the power play especially important area would be ideal. That would be that the dream is to get a guy and I know you've been a leader Lubomir there's not keep. Or march strike a -- on the islanders and not being able available right now I'm -- both the tech guys. What you think of teams out there that might. Capital M that'd be willing to trade players quote in the trade deadline that type of player would be great to have from the blue light. You know -- -- Peter short gotta figure -- -- and Edgar Aaron is in a restricted free agent at the end of this year. -- -- -- -- -- What do they do candidate they righted -- -- you gotta take things like that the consideration to the -- great about what I found about Peter surely the group editor in general. They've they've become a tech team very much like Lou Amarillo with the New Jersey Devils they become quite the team that makes movies today. Well you know what conviction upon -- but it didn't think of that and I like that because that means that there really ahead of the curb their most important thing. You'd think Tuukka Rask has answered the questions about whether he's a number one goaltender in the NHL or will -- only come at the end of a playoff run. I think you get treated for now I don't know what he will get the job. The verification. They get you to Twitter were Cooper and -- -- the -- you'll get out fight until he dug it get along play up front that bet that the fact from the from the general public. Let's say he has a real good playoff -- but a great lauded the team goes far but not all the way people might say well you know but you don't look likely scenario and who knows but I had in mind I he -- -- -- the question I would look for this about the goaltender besides making the -- I look at -- confident. And I look at how the team reacts to him and I look at that that that that confident that the team that independent seeing -- that the personality that the team needs. You know I would go back to this as well Chris Osgood is not the best goaltender but he used the best goaltender. For the Detroit red wing it is fine there. And because of that. He hit their personality he was part of their personality their competence into. That's what I -- for -- seen that in Tuukka Rask I'd seen that the Bruins believe in him they like him they appreciate them they play hard for him. And it personality. Seems to fit with fifteen to call box so to me that that the Internet and out just. Finally before we -- ago should I read anything into the fact that until they had a couple of goes yesterday the Bruins have gone seven games without a fighting major. Anything there that puts up alarmed flags for -- Nothing nothing whatsoever. You talk fighting at the situation -- type event. Remember -- -- -- for a few days with is issued yet at the I would Jon Scott not the group or that others that are more than willing to participate. It's a very much situation happening in hockey league should be when you're like the Bruins. If you're controlling the play -- feel good about your game or her gut but it's been reluctant to -- the fight I know we need to get -- torture. That's OK but the fight. We do need to get it is spontaneous event or their need to be a seismic change in emotion and momentum. They caught it do what you do with the purpose the Bruin turned up a run of the -- -- dealt. They need to fight to prove that -- talked. We don't care about teen talk. They're -- -- in the league that boosting profits per -- one of so why would you go our way to create something you don't need to the group of more than happening at the belt when needed to but I don't think -- need to look. Sport except -- -- situation. That's funny you say that as I think that's exactly what temple was trying to do yesterday they were trying to prove that their top after their. Punishment practice of the day before from -- -- Yes no question equipment noted try to -- they were up everybody was saying to themselves. You -- everybody here if you go to our republic but a but look and say that so. Which my role as team what are light -- you do too impressed coach Sherri -- right up viewed through my work practicing. And to me. There isn't tied to the plate so that for certain players. I'd like double play pretty well and I don't think that they need to prove out up there. -- this was an opportunity it would getting into nothing that tampered things make a tree -- and acting like -- over there might be. You know eventually you're gonna say the Bruins are going to lose a game to a team not called Buffalo Sabres. And you'd get all that well this could be time what are those aren't -- what they looked focused. The -- that come back a little bit back but kept a lot political. When we work together Tuesday. -- we work together Tuesday -- that -- -- an awful lot of on the Tuesday Wednesday Thursday shuttle in Boston. Great I'm looking forward to it like Jeff thanks I appreciate time. -- Take care that is up Billy Jaffe my colleague on NASA and also on the NHL network as go to hockey analyst as there is out there and I love working with -- he's a blast work with. And given us his ideas he thinks it's entirely possible Alexander Ovechkin will be treated sort of guys on Hockey Night in Canada radio by the way. And I mean what I said. From the Bruins -- thank. They have a great. Work ethos within their their dressing room and he place entirely against type. I know I know the the press the prospect of goal scoring is dazzling I know how how great a talent he has. I get the impression -- in the keep it here very well 6177797937. Text us whenever you like 37937. Dale Arnold until noon Butch Stearns then right back to your calls in just ninety seconds Sports Radio WE yeah.

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