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Dale Arnold - Tom Brady's Contract Restructuring Didn't Hurt Joe Flacco After All

Mar 3, 2013|

Dale Arnold discusses Joe Flacco's big contract with the Baltimore Ravens and how this leaves them very little room to sign many other players. In contrast Tom Brady's contract extension allows the Patriots more room to sign players in free agency. Who will win more games over the next 5 years? Will the Patriots win another championship before Brady retires? Dale takes many calls who argue both sides of these arguments.

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It's the Dale Arnold you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our number two sports Sunday Sports Radio WVU -- my name's Dale Arnold in here until 12 o'clock today which Stearns. For an abbreviated program from new -- to 130 and then we go to Fort Myers, Florida for Red Sox baseball Red Sox and the Yankees. Just to put it in perspective for you outside your door right now here in the city of Boston it's 36 degrees. Right now on Fort Myers outside their door its 44. Eight degrees difference between here and Fort Myers right now now the difference is they're probably gonna get up to about sixty or 65 and you're not. But at the moment not that warm and toasty on Fort Myers, Florida Red Sox and yankees a little bit later. 6177797937. As telephone number. You can also always Texas at 37937. Several people. Including out one of my Twitter followers Erica has pointed out to me that what the caller may have been thinking. Is that the entire Brady contract the extension plus what was -- -- already is five years 57. Up three years 57 million that may be the number that he gets stuck in -- -- -- -- the cult we go to Debbie insurance bury the morning Debbie Harry. He'll tell you very well thank you. -- I'll I would track -- that by telling how much I enjoyed listening Q on the radio 99 I missed a lot since you're not on every day in the afternoon. When it in a lot of time in the car. And I'm only telling you all -- -- because. A lot of times in my heart and I are watching hockey which we really enjoyed doing. I'll tell me a lot of the movement out if he's playing I don't know of many album. And sometimes I'll tell you something that I'll say well you know -- there. -- Don't use and me against your husband and -- now Debbie. Yeah that's our tanking in the wind at all and touch on some think he can call and he told me that he heard you on the radio that -- Favorite hockey movie even better than our content goons. That's not true I've never seemed to then you go because Rick Ankiel are. I'd ever seen and I've heard about it and I would like to see it I have not seen. -- -- and my favorite hockey movie of all time and fruit and truthfully your -- my favorite hockey movie of all time as miracle. Yep yep that is a good one. I would think hotel myself when I'm watching him last night -- -- quite violent and I know hot -- much and I looked in my heart and I don't. I don't know this is guilt. No I would I don't know why I wanna see it I think I'll like it a lot I just have never seen. Good all right. Glad I can help out. Now I'm guilty -- 617. 7797937. Text this 37937. Mario is up in New Hampshire since I get the right button the morning Mario Mario. We're -- on the longtime listener first time caller thank you I appreciate. You know you mentioned you couldn't understand why did you folks and a New England were so upset at. With his decision to do what he did. And you know I Mario I may be guilty of of putting more stock in the vocal minority here too that's probably true as well. Well you know the -- in my -- is I had the same exact feeling. And you know nobody can use to a dedicated. I'm gonna bleed this team's colors. For my entire life they're not used to that anymore. That they're they're used to the business side of it and here's a guy that debt like your typical. We've got a -- to make more than him. And and you've got -- -- my life in -- totally different individual. At ethically morally and and and professionally. And he's got more than he but he won't help the team and and you want to be a patriot for the period the entire playing career. Carried and I wouldn't be supplied to do it becomes part owner. Aren't what he does that much dedication. And he's sure and so much. I guess that's the only thing I can putt putt on -- figure that that would be. And it's an interesting point two and and I know money can be part of it and and money can sometimes you know cloud people's opinions but the other example I've used in this town and use it all the time. Is there -- more reclusive superstar in Kevin Garnett. Anything about Garnett I mean. I don't know. I am and always married I don't know how many kids he has I don't know where he lives. I -- he's got -- a daughter that he calls boom boom because I heard him on TV one time to go to bed boo boo I mean you know nothing about him. I don't know I don't know worry vacations -- -- -- got a house in Malibu could have read that but I don't know anything. This is a guy who has made more money in his career than any player in NBA history. Is is earnings are now north of 328. Million dollars lifetime. Now. Sense -- rampant jealousy about about Kevin Garnett I don't. I don't know anybody who says anything Kevin Garnett other than the player on the court because he just doesn't like you went on anything. I've these building a moat around its house in Malibu you don't know how it. You know it if AP's -- b.'s body surfing in Costa -- that you don't know about now part of the difference here. Is that Kevin Garnett at least I don't think is married to a world famous supermodel. And Tom Brady's wife is arguably not even arguably worldwide is much more famous than he has. And that's a big part of why there in the spotlight as much as they are. But there you know again -- money is part of the victory all I think sometimes. Money spurns jealousy. You know I shouldn't -- yet it generates jealousy but. Sometimes I'm baffled by it I mean RR -- we get the point where because he hasn't won a Super Bowl since 2004 were pissed off Adam. That vocal minority that we hear from all the time are they really are they really mad because -- the reason this team hasn't won super balls. Well -- I mean Kevin Garnett. Actually -- just. I mean look we have another. Huge contract if you want to maybe you know there there's a possibility could -- on another another huge contract and I think he decided against that. Well it's in it's interesting too because in and your point Mario about you know wanting to tip finish his career here and Brady's made that very -- In Kevin Garnett case. Actually got some criticism from some not a lot in these parts because he wouldn't he wouldn't waive his no trade clause he wanted to finish his creepy he wants to live and die in green excess. It doesn't wanna go anywhere. And he had the right to veto any deal and yet some people are saying come on. We we need to rebuild this thing they need to trade him how coming won't goal now this was a guy who wanted to repay that same loyalty that the Celtics have given him. And -- he gets criticized in some parts for. You know people are just not used to that anymore. Maybe that's set yet you meet Mario you may have hit the nail on the head here maybe it's just that we're not used to having a guy. And look we're not hold a bake sales -- where were were not you know Tom Brady's not worried about how he's going to be able looked at. Pay the taxes on the new property and we we know all of that yes we know that he and his wife are wildly wealthy. She's more wildly wealthy and he is we understand all of that. But as the quarterback of your football team if you're a patriots. As the quarterback of your football team. Could to -- much beef with Tom Brady. I mean short of maybe you know being jealous about no money in -- -- he could could to help. Is there something that that would bug you about Brady's tenure as the as the franchise quarterback. I can't picture maybe there's some folks who do but I I just can't come up with it Joe's in -- -- -- I don't. I don't feel great morning to. I don't want rarity and you don't repeat the Mets -- operated but ski equipment sorted you better than. I'm Bob -- was troubled by -- -- nobody should be upset at armory. -- slots are British Open he met a beautiful woman that may well but it and -- I mean that guy is one of the probably. The -- that you play great and I have for a player on your team. He's also the scene and try to win more championships. And it would all look bad -- That G spot watches and lost by a little below the auto -- but the guy is one of the most. Chambers Bobby what is it ever have argued it would be that you play a wise it would get upset at him -- -- moat around the close. Yeah I you know I I got to admit I I get baffled by it sometimes -- I mean effort people blocked Clinton -- the -- commercials and I -- it's like you're trying to figure out stuff to make fun of them for. I'm so -- there at all where is our. -- good quarterback -- and I would want radio a quarterback that's already just already a team player. I don't there's any doubt about that -- in I I I think that and and this contract extension. Don't misunderstand not make him a martyr I'm not making him you know Gandhi here OK I'm not I'm not try to put him on a pedestal. Beyond what he what he deserves all I'm saying he has. The guy did something he didn't have to do. To make it better for his team. To make it easier for his team. To go out and either resigning current players Wes Welker Sebastian Vollmer. Whoever it is -- wanna put on the list or add players to the current roster he made it easier for them to do that. A team that had somewhere in the vicinity of eighteen million dollars of salary cap room for the upcoming season. Now has somewhere in the vicinity of 26 million because of what Brady did. Figure out what the problem is with. I'm sure somebody's got a reason that I don't get out there but I just can't quite figure it out. -- in Connecticut hi David. They have they don't they'll -- -- The part that block and you have called or they're really appreciate you and -- and I really -- I thank you I appreciate call. I'll I am at this point no I mean they're part of the country -- sold sold -- though I mean. Again right there at the same people are crying are the people that it. Did you know I'm not showing up and the opinion more money they'd have a -- behind you know it's like. It's cute and if you don't. We do -- you know you do bring up an interesting point if if he had done what Peyton Manning did in Denver. What Drew Brees did in New Orleans what Joseph Flacco has now done in Baltimore because of the Flacco contract. They're not gonna have to say goodbye to some guys that they may not wanna say goodbye to. If Brady had done the same thing here if he would help this organization up for every last dime and every last dollar. And and all of a sudden they're cutting guys so that they can afford to pay Brady you want Brady here as a franchise quarterback which should be upset the guys who readily. Sure and how in -- up and sacrificing. For the better of the team. And there's only two only it toppled like let's get and that. You know is maybe his agent and to -- all the players association. You know that that are agrees not they may regard but maybe people aren't their property value a little bit by moving into that neighborhood. Although as I said it didn't seem to hurt Joseph Flacco much. Exactly so I really I don't see it's include record edit the fickle area. It's good that they -- it you don't expect -- wanting to be purple. And generally a couple we not let somebody that they got something to cry about you know I'd like. I don't know I'm not under the doing that some of the people that there is -- about what sport and get straight into Jerry Springer and well. -- good that you alluded to going to be epic. I appreciate all David thank you 617. 7797937. With -- on number I had you can always send your comments or questions to my Twitter account app dale. In here until 12 o'clock what Stearns and at noon Sports Radio WB yeah. No text -- I'm not afraid to touch it I'm just. Absolutely baffled by it. I've awaits his here's one you won't touch dale. I worked with six black guys and they all hate Brady they tell me all of their black friends don't like him either. It's a few black friends on the patriots would like Tom Brady Eli can tell you that right now I have no idea how race would have anything to do. With any of this with all the respect -- two year -- black friends -- all -- Brady. My guess is it has something -- do. With a team that they may wrote or as opposed to the the color of the skin of the quarterback and New England Patriots just going out on a limb here and suggesting that they're there may be other things at work here. Other than the fact that he's not black. Sorry I am not long ago 6177797937. -- telephone number. We talked a lot about Brady in the contract and Flacco is getting his money we won't know until tomorrow. Maybe even Tuesday but I think we'll know tomorrow what guaranteed money is for Flacco and how little damage Tom Brady's actually done to -- Joseph Flacco when his contract negotiations. We also started the day talking about hockey. Tonight the Bruins in the Montreal Canadians at TD garden what you BA. Crazy night I it'll be a blast at the garden tonight and we wish -- and had a game. And and the question became. Do you think that that somehow someway hockey would be better served if if there was moral offense would it be better. If there were more goals would it be better if there or more games like last night's game at the Bell Centre between the Canadians in the Pittsburgh Penguins thirteen goals and all. Pittsburgh beat Montreal 76 in overtime. There are those who think that this game desperately needs more scoring. In order to to. Extend its interest to greater audience. I'm one of those people who is always said the one nothing win over Tampa Bay that the Bruins posted was the single best hockey game I've ever seen in my. The best game I ever saw. It was very -- last night as well. -- I thought it was a blast watching it last night and especially because Montreal lost it was even more fun. Back to the calls we got 6177797937. -- in Quincy take out. Hey hey -- buddy how you. I'm -- that in the sit up. -- -- wouldn't think that shall look at -- -- but he doesn't that's not the likelihood that football where the all these people are chosen this guy. What he incidentally the patriots we should put up on a pedestal. You took the whole franchise that nearly at at at the opposite opposite you know and I will warned along with this it's you know. How that out of the country would that it's it's great we should be the government. I ordered relate. -- she sent to a volley morons out there against a piece of crap that they don't you know they get 93 -- with different women in it that I -- the right thing. It's a trick absolute -- -- tight and add to that piece of the puzzle we get stopped and it's like. PP -- by the. -- and well no we know and I haven't heard the union ridicule -- I've I've heard. Individual players perhaps not like what he did but I I. I don't think this has been a union thing and the union would be pretty hypocritical if they did criticize Brady as Brady was one of the the big time -- NFL players. Who stuck his name on the lawsuit against the National Football League. When the NFL was in the middle of their collective bargaining agreement so it would it would be a little hard for for the union to take task with Tom Brady. I texture here Angela and lemon star says he some money hungry non team player. -- with all due respect that we are talking about the same guy here. Yes he's making huge vast amounts of money absolutely no doubt about that. Non team players. You gotta bring more of the table Angela than that you gotta give me some backing for your argument here. Tell me what your basing your argument on when you say he's a money hungry non team player. If you got an argument to make Angela I'm happy to hear about it but I don't think you're going to be able to make that Jolie's in Plymouth hey Joey -- -- don't. I think the pick Michael Scherer thanks for being here. Yeah I'd like to comment on Barbara. Thought the golden gate with a teacher that were open as soon as Tom Brady was great at quarterback of this organization. The guy is. But not all parts and on the field -- off the field EU that god. He's perfect and everywhere I mean I think I think Tom Brady's hair was opened by an Angel. I like that was good. -- -- -- I don't think he would claim that he's perfect in every way but I I also don't think that he's done a whole lot wrong here. I meaning. The at the -- bottom in the gossip pages of your local newspaper. You know DA at the end here about him doing things that you wish your athletes were doing. -- I don't think -- there's been woven by angels but perhaps it -- Well not when he had that mullet thing I wasn't Walton by angel's that was alone 26177797937. Another text says. 1998 Olympic semifinal Canada against the Czech Republic. Ashok -- walk greatest game I ever saw. I saw that one -- I still think the Bruins lightening one nothing game. Was the best game I ever -- Not a single penalty to either team. Scoring chances I mean checking. Great goaltending. I'll take every I'll take that game every single night of the week now having said that last -- 76 game was a lot of fun to watch. I'm probably does not -- And I like the thirteen -- game and I loved the one goal games so I I guess I'm pretty easy to please when it comes that. Scoring in the national hockey really carries in Quincy hey -- I don't. -- -- -- They'll. Take your opinion on -- -- back into -- -- took some may be out of Montreal coming in but it's an ambulance. At the new game to get jump right on a maybe. Well Hulk and I mean that's an idea sure you do you'll have an advantage here tonight if you're the. I agree our -- -- one nothing game. And I'd go back before that I was down rush you're not you know I think it was bought and now my spot see the annual mammogram. Going back to that game in a cup pole -- some great games. -- -- -- Accept it call Harry -- the Bruins haven't advantage tonight nation take advantage -- now both teams played yesterday but the Bruins played at home in the afternoon. At a time to get their arrest the Montreal Canadians played in Montreal last night now it's not long flight out of you know on an onerous thing to get from Montreal Boston on a charter flight. But you know -- 7 o'clock start. That probably didn't get out of their much before midnight. Now our flight in at one it to the hotel probably too. They certainly didn't get same amount of of rest that the the Bruins were able to get I'm glad to say that. Art art. Our text here. Nice that you got to make your case better forming. Has as checked back again. She said that she didn't say that she said. She is saying others would say that she's not saying -- money hungry on. Her text with split up into different parts. She was saying. If Brady had held out for more money. Then people would be complaining about that. That's of -- now I understand. That makes more sense to. -- -- I don't know of anybody and and I'm glad to say you didn't make that argument I don't know anybody who's making. 6177797. ID 37. -- and Malden HL. You know about it here's the deal I believe 100% is that. Ultimately people are obvious just like -- the other day talking about patriots are arrogant they're not buying water -- its. That professional athletes or successful as Brady and and other people that -- walk. Between competent and arrogance and unfortunately when. You're not a fan of that team that's what comes -- you know I'm I'm the Boston area resident I'm really well built Graham and Dodd and yeah I shouldn't like Brady much of the next but I think ultimately he seemed like a pretty humble guy that -- lot of competence and just outside of just that the root beer bear bear market. Well you know you can't take away from the fact of the matter that think I did the right thing for the team man. Kudos to them prop open -- you know we should take part at all. Well and especially and and Joseph especially if you put it. And compare with with the -- Peyton Manning held up the Denver Broncos for his contract to -- Drew Brees held up the the New Orleans Saints for his contract. The -- Joseph Flacco. In this deal is is gonna make him a very wealthy man but it's also gonna mean at some of the guys who were his teammate on the Super Bowl team we're gonna have to go. -- upstart gonna look around and see some guys evaporate. That that he needs to go in the battle at 6 o'clock gonna remarks so one last point -- off act in a hockey game. Not -- -- know we all have it every time that that BellSouth also -- not big games began. May from eight to seven game every night at the black where everybody's as long what are of course. -- well that's good point to have you lose 87 you don't like the game as much. I'm telling I watched last night's game on Hockey Night in Canada it was on. And it was up and down in there wasn't a whole lot of defense being played in the goaltending wasn't very good. But it was fun seeing the puck go in the net the red like c'mon you're absolutely wise. I don't mind a 76 game I don't think I'd want a steady diet. I don't think I'd wanna see you know three games out of four with you know it's 8910 goals and game and that's just me. I don't mind tight checking I don't mind. Good goaltending I don't mind game where. You know you you see a 21 game above one nothing game 32 game I don't mind knows. Dexter says dale -- and Cam -- ever get credit for making the Bruins great again since he took over this team has since he took over this team has been world class. -- I disagree with your premise. I think Jimmie -- does get a lot of credit in fact I'll take it one step further. I think candy -- gets too much credit sometimes. I think he takes some of the credit in fans minds I don't think he's asking for this I don't think he's angling for this. I think in some fans' minds nearly gets more of the credit and he deserves and should rally gets less of the credit than he users. -- -- Has been spectacular. In his tenure as president of the Boston Bruins. And and brings out a cachet with the fan base and I think an attitude and I and I love everything about -- at least ten year. Kim Daly didn't wanton and -- rich -- Chris Kelly. -- Kelly did that. Hi Kim Kelly Kim Daly didn't you know he doesn't sit at the draft table and tell Peter surely take this guy now takes a -- in the first round -- take back guy. Camp knows full well who runs the player personnel department and it's Peter sure rally in Don Sweeney and Jim -- he knows who does that and any lets them do. Now does have a voice absolutely should be have a voice please of course. But for eight -- portion of the of the fans in this town it's Kim -- who who built the Stanley Cup championship team and he was certainly a part of it. But I fear times' Peter she rally doesn't get credit that he deserves. Because we all love -- I mean if you're Bruins then how do you not love nearly. He is everybody one of everybody's favorite -- the ball time and the fact that he's at the top of the masthead here makes him. Huge deal for everybody and I got no issues with that. But let's not lose sight of the fact that the general manager this team is pretty good at what he does well 6177797937. SE double immediately become for many people could still hates nearly he -- sure relic. It will become that for some people I just I know that's the business that were 6177797937. Text line always available to be at 37937. -- Twitter at dale. 76 games -- won nothing games. Whether you agree with Kevin DuPont that the game needs more scoring to draw more fans and get all of that with you and other things as well we get back -- call Sports Radio WEE.

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