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Pete Sheppard - BA BOOM Bruins Win! - DJ Bean from WEEI.com

Mar 2, 2013|

Pete Shepard is joined by DJ Bean from WEEI.com who's live from the Boston Garden post Bruins game to discuss the big win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. They guys also discuss the strength of the team and if there are any areas that need improvement. The Bruins look like they always have a chance to win.

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Back here to -- got a three point seven FM WEEI speech up until 7 o'clock 6177797937. Texted 37937. Back your calls in just a few minutes let's head back to the garden check in with a -- -- in a WEEI. Dot -- a -- it's not how you start a stack -- high you Fred's brother what an outstanding went today for the Boston brought so many. Great plays in this game. Yeah and Kurt Bartley I like your parents are both sides are our experts in on the Dover isn't. -- -- the speaker but you said basically you're at the beginning of the land after ten minutes and after sixty and mean yacht the absolute great girls back performer -- these guys my biggest takeaways from it. And doubting him at the writing about it right now what in -- one of those games that you kind of look at it as. The type that they had. Often over the past couple years. Where it would be like a whole -- you have to current -- And like you fall behind and it it just seemed like a lot today. -- it would never quite seem to play as well in front of their number two -- get implemented after the losses persecuted stated they don't play well for us to cut. Good to bounce back the way they did. In front of their backup goaltender and nobody was actually really good down the -- and this was the body shop but you're going up against the bus stop and -- it's Joba. Keynote outscored the local party if you're giving him eat power plays. What load does the safety data on on our killer -- there I'm not power play when you look even sure he had but he did have the -- matters. Now the question killer or shall have to bid as well. In the in the third period emitted in mixing it -- yeah. Yeah that's that's the one there was and there are a couple of bullets I gotta tell you first let's talk about Doug Hamilton and he's had some very good games this year today might have been his best. To set up that first -- the way he did with that -- to keep the puck in on the Blue Line mother brought by the Bruins were on the power play. Was just outstanding and if you really have to go back and watch thirty seconds previously to that -- deceit. How well he played during a -- he was outstanding of course it and then argued creature gets you assists as well -- that you get the power play goal but that was that was all Doug Hamilton. We got size and marketing that seem to be the package with some great lava to the guilt that there but yeah -- yeah that you put -- the -- he easy to get it it's. There are a lot of adjustment that you kind of expect to young players make especially defenseman you'd probably say that it's easiest the adjustment is for young forward. And defensemen and goaltenders but. I mean you look at some of the the gut that that's he case you've been getting last year in Montreal and they were in in a bad way there. It takes awhile for young defenseman to kind of get it in your product under which you know words. On the game winning goal -- you were terrible then -- the puck just long and not just like. Veteran move with the two young player and -- some of the work today. And the other thing I like about today to DJ is that. He took he took two shots today that we averaging -- take all year Doug to take all year one was -- you've got crunched by Thomson. Europe about five minutes into the third period we got up -- he took it live to legitimate hit. You got up and and then the gets call for the high stick penalty hold the stick penalty goes the -- when he comes out look like who's gonna break recruited several rights are going along for breakaway. A couple to about ten seconds after came out a box with Sam away and all fashion open -- -- -- that was that just I think computer goes against one -- in a while abroad player but. Absolutely the -- a lost art in my opinion in the NHL but Doug took the brunt of that as well -- got right back up so we took two good shots today. And certainly as tough as not to be questioned by me. Yeah I think that you kind of forgot about his own size -- -- I it looked like you're like. I don't even know -- weirder and make it look like you're currently battle pedal bike but -- there we try to go over Burnett forgot that. It like pick up. After the from. But yeah I needed toughness and there are going to be quite short and not. I guess the issue with. It's part of the county goes is that people are gonna look aside and think that you could be like a route that he's gonna be a bully -- never be like that. But as far as with the the scouting goes he's definitely willing and Chile seat -- and I'm sorry I forgot who was. Someone in front Hamilton was that on one chip and -- abruptly giving him nightmare that I ever -- -- -- -- to change it was like. Breathing a sigh of relief is that the deal with the but more so. Well it -- ever going to be Scott Stevens I thought -- certainly willing to engage physically. Talk about the second goal -- the brewers scored two in the second period -- minutes seventeen seconds that the past McQuay. Was just to think of your needed to apparently just had just just a brilliant shot. That would pie in the assists as well but talk about that goal enough and how beautiful was one equating and the great. Great I don't was like contact to what it's out of the -- to stick -- and tell the bank to stick but it was just great perception. Right all of those guys. Yeah overpass from equating not an honorable Gregory look at it and the Brooklyn kind of get it from everywhere you don't expect that equate to be just the savvy mover of the park. Yet come through the game tying goal and it's funny speaking of that goal that the game. Became what first. The rear of the first goal came from almost the exact same spot -- the Dayton. With their -- were anywhere apparently was -- Say get there as well it is one timer and then. Earlier there which. Normally it always blows our guard apparently become there was so many big goal he put too reserved guy but. I mean you could feel all of off sequel he scored that goal at this. That is -- and then the the game we go again was -- -- DJ being a W yeah I'd outcome which covers the Boston Bruins are among other things for W -- -- on -- great job done at the garden today. Other Marchand goal so many there's like three separate individual soap operas that went along and that minute of played there -- that the the shorthanded -- coast like a dostam coast. Oh leads it's like there was a second or third rush they had on this -- on this broad -- -- and really was costly because stamp goes did not. Get the shot on that if he gets the shot on net this game might have -- entirely. Different. But he he didn't get it on that the ricochet -- -- a mutt real well model that's happened wash -- gets cross checked there was no call -- should have been blessing in disguise again. -- for the Bruins. At that didn't get called. Marchand that it is his -- exactly happened at the -- a little bit from what I understand heading up ice barely stays outside it's one moment Bergeron then that's his eleventh goal of the year. And fourth goal in the sixty -- -- streak all four game winning goals absolutely phenomenal. Right it's only that I only saw one replay that the only replay it looked -- you're not looked that it was. And make sure -- could see -- marks on the ball inside because at least lies. I thought you offside by a mile he may be getting a bit to make a call their visitors -- your back roster cult so badly. It actually got Bergeron did a really good job of kind of which Parker had make insured god and first. And -- as far as global marks are they weren't the with not getting the call that's a huge huge Buffy tell -- that he's back there he's sort of not over that certain. I mean. Why the I didn't mind them not getting the call I didn't think it was. I didn't think it was egregious but you're a lot of issues with the the officiating throughout the day but -- -- -- look -- -- the folks were saying but. Yeah that's huge to have especially after after it and those that do their -- to go the other way. And who you have back there ready for two on one against admin but the guy who leads the team in scoring and I -- It's ever every time you fire up that shot you're reminded of at least in our case. Oh. So much better offensively and at the goals scored and I think any of us gave him credit for the -- coming up -- the right here. A couple more questions Vijay being a W I dot com at the Bruins game today for three to come behind -- over Tampa Bay. I think he Britain about it others have written about as well last couple days and certainly. If you've been watching this team I have I have -- five I think finally DJ Tyler Sagan. Is starting to become the two way player that we thought he could be I think he's over. This fear of of you know met in -- it every day of of don't into the corners of taken a hit give and hit. Certainly less for five games DJ. I've been very impressed and and the scoring is up to lose -- seven points and in the last seven games couple goals and five assists. You see it that way. I won't completely let them off the hook as far as some of those things goes -- ago but I do agree. The key here is sort of making it about lead that I think that naturally once you're in the system long enough lucky there really are player. A lot of guys -- you -- -- guys who were offensively skilled as and you wonder are all they have to offer I think part of the reason that you -- so I -- -- people knew that. He could uses speed to his advantage other ways we still don't quite let him off the hook as far as the locality saying goes. You should never ever in his career lose -- A -- to the park that he still does that god regularly and not just the case of not want to take back contact. Oh a lot of folks who feel he kind of blow up in but the other guy get the puck -- the Neil -- -- -- -- that. -- because current and look to see the Bruins played physical. About how to -- huge example of shying away not that the child so I think it's still the progress be made but I do agree that he's not -- a -- that sort of player out there yet but recovery. I thought after the Winnipeg game I believe was a good argument -- for sport restarted and make some strides we're gonna tell you DJ if there's any would have -- criticism on this team I have to say I'm a little disappointed in his play. Much are getting minutes on the public today and we had the least -- minutes on the ice just barely over seven minutes for the Bruins there's replace the -- come up and play on this line. At some point today as well I believe so. Is he falling out of I would quote break it is easy -- faster he longed for this -- music. I'd I'd I think it'd be all that kind of wondered how long he was forehead -- a good example of that like I'm getting cut down -- I was talking with Mike Loftus from the other patriot ledger civilian -- that. On. On actual war and play that the shorthanded bid which it over the wasn't quite sure whether yes. That would Dennis Seidenberg who bought back there he Seidenberg was replacing. Or on the power play there are so. -- As -- -- -- play well because Seidenberg didn't play at regular that could have been a lot worse because if you Crist or on the pop on the point back there. He's the one that flopped back is -- coming up. I think that he probably be a lot more easily media has a clear look. At the scoring that what would potentially be a game winning goal percolating. On the penalty kill so. I think it. With each passing. Two week period I guess where he still in there you wonder. How much longer can it be it's one of those things where you think that it. Should keep coming up our -- And it doesn't that because. Ought to -- they haven't played the guys they haven't gone out to make a move. I think it if they do make a move that you hear all these names being linked to them is in trade -- other whether it's creator. -- Or writer before he was moved to the -- There there -- several others. I think that's the Arctic -- to get upgraded although human eye on that -- those guys. I think that -- -- -- -- he brings speed to block and I hate it for her guy who can't finish and frustrate her -- sense is quite a bit with the ability that. Either very good players so I think that it -- -- -- poster placed it on not underlined its that you. Of it just got more questions again DJ being with us from W -- -- -- -- to -- Possible what trades for the Bruins coming up and the names that are out there but. Also Shawn Thornton a healthy scratch spent an awful plays. As it's whose district we -- Was that there was no arrest was about any and you know still -- about. Post concussion types and symptoms -- anything to that ours is simply this is standard healthy scratch. If you repeat of the lightning being selloff -- the -- are heavy. With those strong. Optic or promote are on the popular that -- really want that out. Three. Long lines that -- be able to to roll against those two that happened out there at any time and that includes the the sort of revamped line. Kelly with her release and I thought they do it's just that but also. Just look -- pocket and Koppel after the game you get the sense that. He's the -- gonna -- the year goes they're out of -- seventeen games and thirty your days. -- going to be you know whether healthy scratches that are injured -- Who knows -- I -- fork. I think that you gonna be a guy who's. It ought to be rated jump in there and and play at the drop. I've finally suck about you know of the trade deadlines April 3 in just three about three weeks before the start via. The playoffs. If -- gonna go down you know we hear the names out there -- from Philadelphia -- -- from from Ottawa elected him -- a -- -- -- but it went by admiral previously point loss of the borrowers in the flyers in the today bush. And -- idiotic Delbert bunker and into the day about -- in Florida. And sometimes but usually it's a deal that goes down. DJ that we never hear about a lot of times that's the case which are which are gut feeling about what's gonna happen with his team is -- I think -- actually gonna make a move an -- be before the deadline. Write your point there how many people were paying on the table and get you rich are really -- his history there and a couple years ago you've got the province lot -- and that it's beaten wouldn't beat like those sort of things that kind of fit into what the Bruins on. But you have to look kinda -- boxer. I think the white is. You mentioned you mentioned like Florida yup I think it of that group he's probably. Maybe the most feasible. Justin that. We are well Briere and so about Q you -- Alpert and inaudible especially that it -- look. In Calgary the sentimental value of those guys so hi I'm on the basketball guy. But it sure that any needlessly -- all here for just anything because. Would you trade it all here to -- such a big part of your keys mystery. And that's what happens if the senator's move would be altered and or merger would give up so they might be opting for more than what there more than what market value and although. Peter surely you know the big package to get. -- terrible a couple of years ago by given up that first rounder. The conditional second Joseph Cole bored with the you wonder if they'll break the bank. For a guy go that far but values now -- happy that it. I I was starting John Ryder about the the other day I think that a couple of years ago surely clearly need. The decision -- the doctor and that was it seemed there was very capable of winning the Stanley Cup legitimately. And he worked for it and I think it is that type -- I think -- strong enough cup contender I mean really. Lead. Like service copper basin which is about Crist for his bat but if that the biggest weakness on the Eastern Europe very strong cup contender respected defense. And I'll stop into the acting very very good goaltending. I think that the people that there -- -- to note they can go deep into the sink so -- the -- -- made it could make it. All of if it's say Briere and Alfredsson tight I don't think a gamma. More than about a -- I think it's not going to be him one of the breeder Alfredsson type who with the Bruins have to give up -- me a name on this team might not forget. -- to distribute the draft picks in. And a minor leaguer a couple of minor leaguers right I mean that somebody would have to do some -- -- ago -- named the named it and everybody sort test everybody on this team. And nobody wants to see the nucleus broken up at all. Right in the last year they were in you. New York had a -- tremendous. Or two years ago they are dealing from a position of strength where. They could trade off and tablets and HO. Defense in the established young and excelled partner Mark Stuart. They could trade off the guy like Blake Wheeler who again is a very solid. Young player who -- the more developing a record year. There they're not not position this year who you get. What any role player are eager to make up its roster right now. Everybody that app however many years whatever the player they want for brewer and at least six. Yet the street critique or not country he's via bridge you ought to see they'll. I think that is there a proper position. It's part of that goes I think that -- the end. They'll try to get what they wanna get done done with graphic that'll be a lot -- to do look at how and how they got Michael Ryder. I'm sure that that the Bruins. Just couldn't match that level of -- -- -- The gave up by by giving the stars. Her -- so. Will keep going forward but it'll be -- to get a deal done as far as the creator and you know proceed thing goes. I don't know how likely -- it's just because he's got I think another year to well done deal after this. He's making six point five million years not going to be that's popular half as -- is referring to grow wrapped -- essentially -- or. Obama's cap space they have now it's obvious you went five point something million. Every available at apple laboratory over eleven rhetoric with it with the right with the you write a rule overlap so. Prefer this -- particular can do whatever they want financial yeah I'd like. It's not like they're gonna. Add to the million dollar players but which they couldn't do anyway but -- thing like at anything within reason they'd wanna do. Good superstar player out there for example the -- Greer was gonna happen at six point five million they can take that -- no question that. It's a matter of a guy who's got back tapped -- in the future he's been glad it got them not decision to make its upcoming off season with raskin with Horton and -- then. Well there probably isn't as likely coming or go to our cap wise but it did it feel much caught your situation. I've finally brought zone tomorrow night against Montreal Montreal playing tonight at home I believe against said the Pittsburgh -- sports -- appointed head at least for a few more hours anyway. But shaping up to be idea classic Bruins Montreal game tomorrow night that's going to be a freak and -- can't wait. Yacht they both -- running on fumes made Kia coming up. Are playing in the second later they back to back but should be Gilmore and I think that. I was talking earlier about how dumb I feel -- watch. Brad mark are you the player he is where I think a lot of us thought that you insert either a scrappy go -- he's not that until. Thirty goal scorer every year. I think it. It's the same sort feeling when you watch the Canadians this year -- expect. Occasion that it was to going to be enough there get a new coach at new players W system in one week to implement it with. When you suddenly become a top block a look at ineptitude to parents aren't. An injustice with what I asked the people at the beginning with last year. There's so many questions but this achievement during the season and for them to answer pretty much all over. What addition Britain process did you think -- raiders would have like to be able to through although orbiter and they develop back. On those -- question about it. Some young guys with the with Gallagher and we'll check -- it it and it does he -- -- makes the playoffs there's the good of a cold even weapon now with Michael Ryder so. These these guys and up and it is out but obviously very great. Just one of the better work or school and as you do it. They're supposed to play tonight's there's sort of replaced tonight navy doesn't play tomorrow. Good night yeah maybe it -- I get to go it's a struggle early. Would gladly -- -- -- -- guys at 21 this year with the with a 2.4 five GA before in spite dead I take that. -- -- so are glad. I was saying right I I would agree with. Right DJ being got at the garden WEEI dot com thank you so much great stuff is always in we'll talk to you well probably talk to next week. Thanks a lot DJ being from -- Idec are quick break. Six what 7779737. Texas 3737. Tweet me at the ship three to six lots doughnut. Talk about whatever you like a fantastic bronze game today one of the great wins of the season they've had his sixth win in a row we come from behind to beat Tampa Bay three to two. Michael -- he's gonna get to they were flat to a quick break come back more phone calls. Hate to throw the tables well Brady restructurings hot topic all of black role people thought Brady restructure was gonna enter the NFL -- wanted to get paid again hopes. Most spoke to assume once again Jackie Bradley junior the Red Sox that's a that's a pretty hot topic they were teased by the way expected to run. I guess he ran the bases before it took its two day leave of absence for personal reasons to the Dominican but. He supposed to do more base running. Did more today and and days to come and John -- said if all goes well he will play this first game. Late next week experts -- report league games we talk about that. Robots in the Red Sox. The VS Celtics of course -- another huge win last night and on the eighth straight win at home Paul Pierce continues. To amaze me. When what he's been able to accomplish despite playing -- right at that the keys is much more. And a lot more pain than most of us realized I told them what are you guys want to get to seventy -- sports rated double Riyadh.

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