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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Mar 1, 2013|

Doc caught up with the media after the Celtics beat the Warriors 94-86 tonight at the Garden.

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Moments though and means. Those funny. We coaches think about you know only in them. When all that shooting in you know first vote almost Patrick Courtney approach from. And Avery and this morning you know my thought was how many times -- result you know I just the that she -- also -- I don't think. They've been -- that much and I think Kevin looked up seven minutes. This year. So we just went more than and work to me and they missed shots and it but I thought to switching in the zone was really good force. Not in his second quarter I don't think we did I thought it was altered for. Yeah it was Steve's doing a great job our men. You know honestly when -- rule it out when he started going he missed some open shots -- you know tonight. No I think maybe the word out effect from the whole game being acted up into home. Government takes -- tough shots to. But he didn't miss just -- that makes. I think he's the best unit are pleased. And he he missed some openings but I started the push to quit trying to get out of his hands. But that's a lot of our guys in on Yahoo! and we should talk -- -- she's been phenomenal. But I told our guys if -- estrogen woman when -- taken that tonight we have to garnered one. Strategy. And under the embargo should get moves in the perception that we do a better job in the second. We accomplished that. -- out of that in check. That everywhere I went out there arms talk to the rest at times. In the conversation buck off. But I I really did that never checked ISS. Are you okay so never actually not -- -- -- I never asked what was wrong so. Maybe I'm north it would. -- you started to accurately -- I just wrote. Was almost out there -- -- -- you played really well at ardea. He's kind of got it going you -- in in in in his affairs office space was war. In the first every time. -- in the driving lanes for. And we were smaller when you're small said that a lot of lines I just thought. We yourself. Just too much. And I thought they did a good job look at Egypt today. It's amazing that the government -- after all that mark's done. That is their defense they'd be hell did -- talk you can hear him talk in. And I was impressed. I don't know that. Or you know listen assuming he's not gonna play perfect every night. But then you look at his numbers and his agent. Obviously most was that -- -- But I also thought spacing was better at that too so there was some of them but -- was some of us to the halftime. You know we had a long talk about spacing and -- about doing anything about it in the third or worse at times. Some of that was their defense I mean they're really good. You know let's and there are sort of just imagine I mean when -- I think five guys scored double figures when all. You know Jeff Jeff -- Kevin and scored in double figures. You know I talked to Jordan Crawford and it was huge. You know it's funny I was accused of -- pass. As much it would shoot. I thought he made some to -- passes. And you -- the zone helped him. Because zones these play. In some ways in the man and he after nor rooms man wise I thought that problems. Started out playing great Indian you know when I -- -- from IKEA what happened and we turned the ball over and he was struggling. You know who is -- that circle -- -- -- -- was late at her. A culture that. Your and that playing well right in this draft or we're -- that it is in everybody's minds right now and I give a lot of credit crisis and that's on me that's my fault. And I got to get guys to let vulgar and it's a lot in the third quarter. We're just returned the ball movement and missing shots and you know. -- in the world might have just got to keep plan. And I thought I didn't like the way we respond I felt for the good job in the time out right athletic guys back. You know I don't know I. I think your career that six point we've really focused on Kerr denied enemies he's a great limitless and -- was 54. You have in overall defense use that against him as Israeli I mean they're great scoring team. I just on your physical tonight we're in bodies. And I thought that's how we had to be deployed there so that was nice. You know there was some you know until Kevin on the -- related products from Katrina struck an office going to quake. But he did so many -- is the value -- -- that was -- He -- -- -- -- game and being there never get an office. That that was that mystery. Yeah you really -- yeah since. We made betrays I think Chris has been pretty good -- Plano great average on the floor set -- you know. He's been good source. -- -- I don't know so but I don't honestly know. I think he understands he has to me he's -- -- one. You know and you know he talked about it he wanted to meet you talked to me first before it came to him about it so. But do you -- do whatever it. Now -- -- him I mean I want to be aggressive you know again I think Jordan is we're gonna keep we're we're we're like looking for in the make -- -- office place. Paul may one Kevin Juan you know house office of players are gonna make couple battles W me four more good ones. -- that one in the state aggressive. I thought that kind of that could have been filed took it and just went into the trees can get out. You know charm. I don't wanna take away what he can do you know that's important. Thanks guys.

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