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Chris Wilcox with Grande & Max on Joe Flacco & the Celtics current 2-game winning streak

Mar 1, 2013|

Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell caught up with Chris Wilcox just after the Celtics' 94-86 victory over the Warriors at the Garden in Boston.

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That was cool for California California team's goal for four in Boston 9486. -- the final the Celtics win their first game back after the western trip. What accident nice run for Chris Wilcox here because in addition to come back from surgery. In addition to playing as well simply running the floor finishing on the -- we haven't even talked about super ball. A replica of this have been good for -- nice but that for you the fifth fifth. They hope we -- one note you -- over the news great would -- It's the -- you guys gave it has to be concentrated at the B. -- -- -- because if you that the players have you're a I'll look at it again especially UN they could that we weren't reap what you think of it this way what the like very now shot after shot at it to. Come here you concentrate -- -- Definitely you know you know with with a random you know you'd great maybe -- don't -- -- -- -- Once we got to write a that we had to -- what we have to be effective those there are so recruitment of those -- in critical blow it. No to him about the game music. When. Really it -- it would Rondo went down and you're getting. So what's your stuff with Rondo wanted to break Q word perfect symmetry I don't know what that way of those shots that it's easier for Chris Wilcox in the second half without Rondo it yet. No matter who is on the floor. You're still get to stave off. -- -- -- over. You know they did right by the right. You know. Most of you know the he's you know do you all of these so. If you go. Oh vote will mean Christmas -- though I think about. You played with several -- is definitely. And now account. But I just know Mac you'll go play with the -- he'd like -- -- here all -- are we. -- -- -- How much were you relieved when the trade deadline in the way of knowing what you found to hold -- -- through with this group. I mean you know who. You. The game if it is. -- You know what you. For. If the make you right feel the rate. But -- -- Flacco. They give the bank but you're. Your debate you it would be wary of they've been it will move. -- -- Ruth is great. You wouldn't be -- let me share with you mr. Wilcox tonight. Joseph Flacco has agreed to a six year 120. Billion dollar deal. They with the ball or -- Thing moments this year year and this. And he wanted to know. Prison doing the -- group.

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