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Friday, March 1st Whiner Line

Mar 1, 2013|

Hi! Will Middlebrooks, I feel your pain.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. The wind like this -- is likely to -- -- the car. We -- discretion is advised us to talk -- Morris and now goes Laura you're alive. She's goes back so you know back when Pittsburgh was never religion is here from the win. Students. Here from England and now and Hayden he's been there for awhile especially a problem -- the idea -- recommendations WEEI. Laurel near lives and -- think. Just like anybody else does on this this call but you put -- Brian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It gives it stuff like that. We'll -- got a little. -- goals don't -- delays because it's out. You know so whenever he feels -- somebody's gonna play it's sports at the rest of his flat whiner line no -- tunnels are -- real disrespectful. Players in the closest you know. Chicken balls -- -- stretch him overrated out of his hands on do we we stretch and then and now aren't sort of stuff like that they -- it. You you can do but they did it was in New England has -- how to get away with a W -- know -- why their lives. Which got asked asterisk and Astoria them as Joey Porter of course and Andy and then there -- adored it. Patriots who lives. I'd do it on Wednesday. Every week -- -- football season you know patriots are on the line to browse got him lined up. Joey Porter lined up. We got Marshall Faulk lined up but. -- that app at Dallas I don't top. Got that disgruntled. -- -- -- and veteran dissident jetliner haters out there isn't everybody -- pages according to her Terrell -- Mercury Morris -- -- -- -- -- -- Ramallah there are writers suppliers to Mercury out of jail yeah electoral Campbell from the dead or not he's a lot that a lot it's the peace not physically. -- walked well remembered not a good he's got an eighty side Saturday -- it was this dad and I plan was -- -- and. If you didn't know it is -- tall man I think they should just. Forfeit the season what Belichick did a little -- of -- -- what Bill Campbell. Mike Adams today you you know you re trying to Hawaiian punch lately no. I 8% for you so much sugar -- program I don't know but it's kept. 8%. Fruit juice it's at least at least sixty reduction of my serving my get like -- and give us the snapple. They ran out of my mind but there's no fact. And Hawaii aren't except for my blood disorders -- there is disorder. It's time now for you to decide the eighteenth he one of the week right now we'll play the best two lives on the eight from the past week. They do decide a lot of the week winner by texting. In your vote to 37937. Your first nominee issues. -- -- -- -- -- -- but I do predicted -- athletic director. I just got a bit tired. But. I have had. I don't think it will be good. Don't put it again. Only. Is going to be good. That the guys who had done that. I -- big debt at a job as. We come back to I. And up. I just never been -- had to be done except -- depends who is doing Connie Mack took over that. Your second nominee is. Immediately. You know less than fifty cents on the dollar created an environment where everyone feel they gonna have to take less money. I don't know -- open -- and the patriots. And ask me tough contest is also very funny thing -- influence and about both of them extremely funny. Equally equally funny only when -- was aboard. A lot was urging them. To vote for -- you live from sacred heart -- the letter -- to 37937. To vote for fifty cents on the dollar. Text the letter B to 37937. You have until the end of today's Lotto line text your vote 37937. And choose -- -- being. Our winner will receive 100 dollar American Express gift card. -- also be eligible for the latter of the year grand prize at the new iPad won here eighteen service included. Why don't we can now power by AT&T forgy LTE Mikey was pretty. And sand. And. Times still appreciate AT&T. Rethink possible NBA's. -- up user. -- -- outbreak of North Korea and I think he's going to be disappointed. With the popular of the get them. Not gang -- out. It's just husband's side. And after yesterday's by the way of pictures that scene on the Internet is based off a Little -- is all right god great god is more machine now the man he ended. It's just an essential if we just know that that it's weird it's just kidding yeah good Dennis Rodman over the arm and just make -- right representing the United States. I don't see a fight that ought to say. Yeah active worker that -- ever -- Jack it was not until I have to say. And yeah. Is gonna ice summit to there is usually it's -- these these are indeed -- to -- -- media brawl -- -- month. Yeah -- felt that all challengers I -- all -- respect him out I know he's fathered a child and everything but you know I'll -- -- oyster men here on the all the big -- here and that it. Really opt for years Obama man -- I'll kick your ass like -- no problem doing it. They'll they'll love seeing all different types of butterflies. That guy that guy that they're -- their option to not -- -- -- he can't even say border. And -- the pot of water now it's your opponent that Bob Kamal. But what kind of Bob Menendez and look what the fight. When a company MM they currently -- the welcome mom reported on it finally gonna be good as the fight I don't know that you would become. And that it. -- as a part of our purses preached in the arrangement nonviolent. Would you fight it was some -- -- -- you some from the station are now I believe me I'll find somebody from the station if you want to you now anybody how much is this town. Now flight the other. Or Korea similar body styles. He apparently wants slightly I mean. And get -- Schultz wants to be much of fight July titled thin -- What airline references. Obama -- -- Serious question negative about their security or that Philly area. I'd have to do you have any charity classic Philly back. We've whereby. And connected to call reverently and it's. All -- from its course. New Jersey I've lived everywhere but -- and never lived in Jersey long -- -- and ours and so let's not call up the mess that acts as Austin with New York with the western which is currently. It's kind of detect protect any accent I do it sometimes. -- Out -- decided that -- on the air and I can't get us get back at the end but yesterday. You don't make any. It's the. And put that on the what are. What are the argument based on the thing and that pendulum thing princess had that yet a paper that you have to pay full. You know it get much I -- the black. I -- -- the band played and throw it out here back I -- what I haven't asked Evan I bet. Think that in except that I call I would probably -- or. And message giving the number. No I don't think it's the same because it's just it's. This cut and paste -- premium picture. The picture. -- -- Minded to it. Being a spot out now I think someone here wants -- -- you. There are a lot of people globally theme song -- reports and I sort of went to five -- element of holly already -- this career -- -- the door flag but you don't. The boxing authorities on ESPN now doing something to show let's -- -- abuse in Iraqi oil analyst and radio show. I think. That that is turning into that they don't know what -- liberty property put but he probably not a better car earlier stating our. They don't think there's nothing. That's not what I thought it. And that -- That's what we try to off what they try to combat. The top of the dotcom companies -- -- accounts into -- conversation. Appears to delete the associate. We should ready. Could we -- we come back all of you to do bad people Fall River I'm tired of listening to exact. And didn't have to go to see -- this bad and fairways the beauty at this point going forward thank you. And it just doesn't change what we're doing. That I was. Doing anything until you -- and the ball. Over here. -- -- -- OK let's say. And nobody toned up getting your lack. Projected to -- up to fifteen games this year and now look back toward spring training. -- -- -- -- earned runs including a great run bomb and big twelve. Media day. -- And -- precise r.'s quotes today doesn't pay a lot of attention. -- -- you remember the last 3% of regular season he did this antique model first couple and yeah get some runs and then settled down and so it's like watching them. -- -- to us that it was it was a. Yeah I don't know monologue. They're backed commercial about the but the and you said that that -- many of these bought them believe that police. Probably don't -- -- -- back. -- -- And Michael Connelly talking about the kind of situation. But specifically mentioned that it -- should be put out -- There's only one -- got the quote that we want to view it. -- -- and these athletes named the only that makes one theory is that reasoning on the spelling. Completely made up but there. Of their origin. But -- and -- in an Irish Americans may not be politically correct me to a quiet. So you would address the -- and not the maybe you can get some -- -- I thought I had a black on campus and avocado and chocolate and cocoa like -- Chris DiMarco that didn't sell off let's play -- and -- good ol' self government and Barkley called pot shot blocked shot Taylor. Open Bradley. And Bradley and you know this demo pilot doesn't dinner. Should be Denard. Two he -- doing. To ma and me it's like it's the top 2% -- thing the these guys in -- -- That if we've got to show. Packers come on now. -- for -- line just off for just. Can't name my kid and had our. Birthday dividends you. The name. Yeah even exist that okay thank you give me an example. -- -- for the most part I'll bet money. Anybody who love to begin and it was born in the 1980s he came up with the -- for the seventies. But a lot -- 90% number S like it was eighty's -- LeSean McCoy he's he's -- The -- eighties something. -- 1985. Right smack in commitment to gutsy and looked and kitchen ninety. You know you -- the gentleman. And abandon. Org chart. On it. Yeah. College. You know. Help -- loving -- your family. Couldn't stay when the refused to let you know everything went fine how long. On our already have a -- I don't know what I'd do it. -- And that message we get -- have a backup third baseman is the big question mark this team another one notion. Com. Social. And emotional no no sure. No summer rain. No. I think to traditionalist oh what was LaDainian born in eighty -- As Gordon yeah it relates at least aliens -- trying to -- that day he's got beats him. Hasan was shot but I don't. Care they are it was a lot of recorder. Very close Bobby V. Thinks about 52% to forty you can join the -- it was closer than that those -- LaDainian Tomlinson 1979. All throughout and had she pay higher LA yet and instead of LT. Lot -- pioneers those -- are winner receives a one dollar American Express gift cards -- TT. And is eligible for the wider of the year Graham tries to claim your prize Bobby V. Send an email to a lot of the -- WEEI dot com there's a wireline brought you by AT&T forgy OT was speed until. The Prejean AT&T rethink about.

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