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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 03/01/13

Mar 1, 2013|

We tackle four topics we normally wouldn't touch on during the course of the show. Topics today include dentists, person in sports you most want to fight and more.

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Didn't mean and -- Leads the -- NGOs for poor and toward more -- -- yeah. Do you even. Corn ball. We could -- yeah. -- gulf war for -- of topics we have not discussed yet young Andrew Young Benjamin has come up with the topics. On Ben's birthday big 28 birthday. All he's got his whole life in front -- -- what eight years old news and oppression followed beautifully edited or -- thing Protestant I can't really talk about on the great balls please. -- -- It was illegal. -- ultimately legalize them and -- is -- -- right or left handed. Odds for your first question what referrals or were doing in the name Palmer and -- I'm Mary -- the Miami Heat without -- after Harlem shake. This is -- John Dennis two part question eight hours. What do you think the Harlem shake. And -- What are your thoughts on the Miami -- video. You know life. I do like it. When you see somebody do it well. And -- it was storming. The video people who have done it at the highest level the Harlem shake at the highest level. Pretty intriguing -- the great -- Now what I think about the might be doing it you know it does it makes you beat him block it all -- get the job they actually -- what guys is that it looks like they're having firm. You look at these professional athletes. Now it's strange that doing it I don't know what it's made by February straight to do in February -- costume party. But it's a good time hockey market -- a -- Do we do we like the Super Bowl shuffle back in 85 with the bears did it back and do it the first wanted to were revealed this kinda remembered the Seattle of course everybody remembers I was on TV every five minutes tonight I thought it was that I idol might have been I just think Europe I do think Michael low around here. People gonna hate hated because the Miami Heat I think of was the Sacramento Kings they love it because it's the Miami Heat at that actually brought people right and if I agree to your overall. But -- problem. I think getting them like you're right my dad hated. What you say -- it's like the knew what. To do mockery and basically. Saw the sports that are anchors doing today yeah that's when you don't wanna James Taylor Blake you know Jerry Crawford what do you I hazard viral video of what we're doing it we -- -- -- -- are they way they haven't got to yet. Given a few days. Why -- John Jerry -- thing Martin Lewis do. Would -- you know we have to have Gordon blew my -- hip. You know I like they did -- -- v.s can't top a wider -- out of our -- of -- -- the old Buick vintage aero -- in the 1940s. It's not a good to be doing the other Charleston. I put this question out on FaceBook on that the media page on FaceBook -- overwhelming majority was I hate the heat is actually kind of us flooding. Brought up that was a merger. Elvis Sanders of the Texas Rangers missed a cactus league gamers the Indians because of soreness on his biceps from a new tattoo. What is the stupidest baseball. Injury and well. Is located. Orders already there's some two what do I think of what everybody thinks of our -- fall on the glass I mean that was one. And I think especially the first look up in my head or was it Bobby Ojeda I think he -- with the Indians at the end was tremendous hedges and cut his finger something. Almost cut his finger off the -- detriment hedges outside. Yet -- -- Paxton Crawford one stands out because of the real story -- Supposedly there was. Some some girl roller -- -- call me. All kinds with the Yankees last with a guy who were on the disabled. He sees you aren't. On the disabled list from the tree we've all details for you Amaya. Right Guitar Hero. That -- great game. -- It gives you players on the big screen TV which. Here but I mean it is you know we need is video. -- Mike he's got to get it right he's putting him with The Beatles it's a -- three it was also thank you Dexter it was Sammy Sosa. Who all went on the disabled list because that's the story and I'll go over it no doubt about Sosa may be an option animals in four years ago whose. -- user. Is -- is. Really for two weeks. Out there they -- about after the of this. Was the butt of the joke. All -- number three was a very. -- DNC started -- sports media members fight bracket. Now instead of thinking about the two finalists would be I wanna know who you want to fight in sports media local or that. You know -- -- -- -- gotten really the Joe -- sanctimonious. All like you're polar we're still not on our error. -- We have got on our airline values. -- Screamed -- Minnesota loves this load of his own voice that just can't stand the act edit thing it's. I've loved his they had. Best I adored one had asked catch one of the best and he broke my -- Luke tomorrow. A half. Ago the -- off. That's my -- -- -- Jim world about racked up. -- lack of -- What did you room there's nobody more annoying. Him. You know -- partisan is -- I don't want -- -- -- that -- never did never did about it now that that's that was I hated it then. Can't stand -- to receive -- walks he's cut are much god is the worst of Super Bowls watching him walk around I would edit the you people so we think -- -- but you know I talk about sports -- not god the son doesn't come up in the morning when you wake up it's unbelievable sense of entitlement. That -- bags like him. You know -- he's entitled it's unbelievable. It came from jerk. Texas or -- Bill Sims. And also with Kaz Matsui had the issue -- The captain at the but it did say that. It was this little lower body injury. All married to go with the Bill Simmons it's nine. Arkansas and I affair that you accidentally taller that's it we are calling we are calling this cease fire here. I don't know where this started. It's over it's over what. You can be one of the guys tease out -- them. Stuckey -- of people Susan -- What's the complexity the complexity of the very talented guy self made man. -- cease fire expired -- We're bills that have been caught up for ten years to bring. My bring you guys together. We have idle people and kiss caress its national -- -- -- value -- moderate Islam is just kidding mobile. Bring governor Arnold this is ignored. Our focus has been done before but we have a beer. It is -- to gather him. At a photo op out what's -- lose them. And Adam -- -- Five foot two and no -- no. And I'm not happening and yeah -- Colbert. My drilling would be body count on from the rack up through last summer. I would -- human head. Also. The real what you're about a mile eighteen detect. Some say skip Bayless. I'll tell you guys that don't go there -- -- -- thought it was clear about your break you be surprised. He's very strong. He's a he's he work out warrior. Adding to making this up or not doesn't amount of fat -- -- look at is he he he spends most of if he's not watching some sporting events spent most of his time in the gym. And he's crazy to some guys are strong guys and I'm not -- and worry about any time you think about fight somebody at a factory in there quick how crazy. So I'm up to a met him another earth has Jason whitlock and notice that Jim Gray of patchy progress. -- -- -- It's been some. Talk. On the night. That's stupid dumb ass -- figured it'd. You know actually my shall probably probably should you doctor but I was still on YouTube I noticed its tablet to cheer him -- -- my -- and escorted the mile -- quick. -- -- -- Dynamite was completely fall off quite like it can raise my hand up. Don't bow my head and opted to throw on some Eastman left and rights story were taken down by -- Yeah early. You know as Liberia it's quite out there and smash my own. Blitzer in the seven. It was Eric remained 35. Mike Lupica what's the flight might bring ID one you should. Militants on its important -- a lot of law. It was built. All this might. -- that the -- laws -- Not on now we are regarded as the information. I mean. Did you purchase want to axles in Bryant Gumbel parole must have the worst understanding update. And doubled as much real bright double crow today back in the day was great. The great journalist he can be. Well it's great journalists. As we said it differs. Elect -- I like the real sports or its purity does a good job as moderator which sometimes he gets -- -- for himself up costs outside spots. Ignites. Rory McIlroy had to drop out of the Honda classic with two. And you went to the dentist yesterday I went today what is your worst dental memory. And you see and smell. -- I've had racist my entire adult lines are. Orthodox as an adult. Lots of jokes and rightfully so. The bottom many -- -- so well. My -- was a dentist. He's retired all Australia. This from a fifty were almost fifty years -- -- and I was worse patient believe me. But you tomorrow certainly too but did not too my wisdom teeth surgery. And I'll never forget that with two impacted mole was before and mailman thank you haven't Tylenol cold yet time. Does it wasn't for that I wouldn't made that would jumped out the window there where it was just massive massive I -- it sucked. It's -- I Cuba back than they actually did you use sodium pentothal these gas at that -- on Monday for that for whatever reason. Inches. Have to up stop at the end come out of it belied. Paying. The model for -- I got to all men -- improvement. This kid now can't wait -- look forward to. Chris Collins worth just over a million jobs that actually does the Chris Collins worth Marv Albert. Wasn't flight -- blatant. Some -- You. Can't care. -- that I can't know or don't fight John Clayton. And so is this Felder obviously. Thomas targeted. Warren -- All our guard Andy did you hold down as well away Evan grant help not our hometown boy. Every group unemployed rob Parker is employed somewhere. Mr. -- All right stick around -- start your phone calls.

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