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Lou Merloni gets "iced" on air

Mar 1, 2013|

Mut surprises Lou and ices him during the show.

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How many new things. Will -- try this weekend. Saturday half over under catch. God's name is this I don't tell me what icing is that -- all icing they had always -- -- credit yet Joey I east board weigh on Friday it now to me. Because some would yet yeah I would have to -- the Smirnoff ice if you threw a commitment aware what yet -- me afterwards. All right so we set that up. I just the race Smirnoff ice that little. Get -- and he. Well. I just through waist you're not vice -- -- catch and I I buddy drop the -- he did -- Is right hand was down here -- and see it. And he made the catch and I think he just did it I see an empty who knows bottled water. We don't do it here. I I took the -- -- me afterwards. Overall. I think you'll understand the weekend -- gradually us what is your first sentence -- to increase -- -- kids. That just -- I don't know. Sketch by the way it is toast man that I wanted -- react if I had yelled catch -- slated to Edwards is. We have and video with open that up owner -- the page getting through the video and making the catch though he missed that -- -- it's legal. Not sure does it matter that really matter -- below. -- That's awful like it exploded when you opened the -- that's awful. I had to keep like I had it down here on the console for last -- -- -- -- the -- -- earlier. Talk of runners -- get the answer that console but it's. It's out there. Was still cold drink now I I talk about. If you victory it was a icicle about it. I get one day mark for me he asked -- We tune with the crown you next week. You agree crown my good friend got plenty of ammunition. To do that today ago I get an early lead at the half to the afternoon. Over. New experiences. Mark. Oh. 6177797937. You can access. The AT&T next line at 37937. -- Afterwards exercise you have to hide it throwing to doesn't count. Is that true. It was good great hand eye coordination and he's a professional leaders he was our ultimate impact your folk who like all.

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