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LB on the Bruins five game winning streak

Mar 1, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to discuss the Bruins five game winning streak, the upcoming weekend, and why Shawn Thornton hasn't fought in a while.

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LB is on the bike any easy sweaty mess. -- what in God's name at -- on a second hour I'd you've got it's your fifteen minute LB get into its second hour yesterday. Spitting. Are great event -- not trying to is -- -- I go on the what when the lady. This whatever she screaming -- absolute animal Jane arraf Jane and it was it was a name fit tri athlete. Oh my gosh she was she she gave me a hug she was like a cement she was solidly. And zero body fat on Baghdad and she's beautiful too by the way. Did did the yet the only thing sitting in your button seats nice. The whole like lifted up standing up not too much fun I thought it worked part of I'll -- you work out your golf. This up that was my. Thought that was my second and third spinning class in my life it was it was insane but you but -- do you second hour as will be handled what was -- -- get challenge to get challenged by. Jana who worked for works for -- RC was I was obviously professionals better I think what -- -- which she does she's twenty years old you know -- since the rules a little slow -- 150 pounds solid muscle. So I could I -- actually afterward the first forty minutes of the first session. When -- won the boilers cranky and and I am I get a full full loss on. People are horrified. And and I look over and parents yes he raised minerals on your lipstick on has cracked swept I'd I just couldn't a look at her from that. From that point -- sandwich at one point the second hour. And LaSalle Saturday that they delivered a -- here. But it was awesome it was I cycle and now for for home starts for homeless people they helped get their lives back together they raised 100000 dollars. And I it was it was Oz Marcy and donated -- Karen I a year cables to two families well I cable Internet the whole package. Side it was side it was a great download it again it's an annual event so I'm pretty pretty cool a little bit about your fitness level after yesterday at the test for the fat man -- I would -- -- -- For that man. I'm I'm Micah -- -- ten out of ten -- -- that is lost this firfer personally you and Lou you're in shape I'm like five. Now an instant the cross promotion on your show here why would you bring your boy mojo down because you know he's a Framingham legend. Okay and I -- a craving it so that young man party. Is is second idol lead and I can do karaoke on there yeah is legendary he would bite for six hours on that thing. Get a BA if you've never seen the cameraman would lose our body he is the greatest. Passionate human being I've ever met supports him support his mother. Surprises. Donates 5000 dollars to the west -- high school cross country program every year. Has a banquet he collects cans for a living. And -- you you give them a home -- you have to see him with he's got the gigantic sandbags that data like Latino. -- like ten feet holed like a thousand cans. In one bag now he carries two overs left shoulder. He's been picked up try to get him and currently a lot of its its -- crazy goes everywhere but he's awesome but he I he Kennedy federal debt would Democrats well -- words. So what so this is somebody dropped the ball on. The trees and low -- connected you know take him down in raising him -- he -- big -- they do it in our increments starting at 6 in the morning to six at night. So you can just put the camera on a bite at 6 in the morning. And we could raise money and to see if you make it the whole twelve hours if it was a shot he could yes of course -- twelve hours I'd like a bit but it's crazy. And because he's it does he's like what are those -- he's like Rain Man type deal. You don't mean on a bike. Don't you like yes it's like just incredible bite our. You don't know where you get to from wanna see god given talent. Last night I'd say. The Bruins -- not have their best game we're expecting that given the fact became off this long road to that first game back joyful always say in the NBA NHL at all these it Major League Baseball. -- came back long road trip always will be -- to. Get your best sleeping your own beds in -- your kids guys you know or did you just did just lead yet it is deep you relax a little bit. But I'd listen I I can't fall they led the Bruins it was bad to do center's on fire come in they come in here with a bunch young kids went out of their minds he got nothing to lose. In -- Alfredsson says he's in command of all these the final leaders that are still planning getting it done. And I am and it had a tie that was there was a grind it out game and you know it was a big big big big win I thought I thought all four lines on norm panicked I like like now. -- auto -- tried to be physical I think at times the Bruins were sort of loses some one on one battles -- -- near the end of the first second period. Yes arrogant but I whenever there you know they had to get the last push them to get the last few. They got a diamond you know again I -- credit that fourth line and as did the energy line you know -- just bring it they bring it tonight still in his -- yet that totally -- totally. Toll he did it's a snowball effect and and they carried him it was tough game we get it out. The reduced to our -- line here because who did this discussion here so it's gonna quote the sky here. Was -- game last night love -- return to buckle almost every time he touched it he is a negative. Went on the ice. What would lie if I have the lives and terrible thoughts doesn't have good hands early I had to get the most under rated. Puck handler. On the team the guy the guy's got great hands great energy -- and that he brings a physical malady. -- played exactly the week every kind of brought out to be 100% is is that some inconsistencies and applies to both seasons okay he has. -- fall off a little bit you need more out of the net physical style opens up everybody else so far this year. He is corona given to people what they want what they expect out of him. I think he's out of there he leads his team enters a jolly man and to do what he does to be able to play with the guys he plays that aren't his line and give see do at all. And and not have the look of a dip -- do lurk. They use this -- say what the next time you watch Lou which you you'd timing shift. Is between him and she Shawn Thornton nobody. Plays a longer shift at top speed and and and you know and doesn't -- right to the end of me and he's Alaska had to change every time he gets it done man. But their first goal last night. Makes a play along the boards to start the play right and you talk about him -- -- aptly -- it's such an underrated part of his game against a moose on skates and I understand that. But he makes a play that is just from enhanced to appoint. I'll be keeping an -- and the -- -- Wednesday on the Blue -- like that get a Campbell but he does have all the time that that is ace -- play -- guys his size I don't see make around the league I'll think -- gets enough credit. That part is in the past the -- cheat the other night we slid -- From a shot a look at who you what you so watch him in Milan Lucic went when he's in a one on one or he's into Asia. It 211. Battle with him with two opposing players. And watch his stick work along the boards not giving up up the -- not turning the puck over keeping it in the offensive and keeping it on the boards to get out of out of his end. Phenomenal not a better guy get it out giving grinding keep -- guy he's us. It'll be interesting here this weekend because I don't think duke was gonna play last night he was awesome I'd want the game because nobody got -- and the -- has been they've been -- -- -- lights out and I like seventeen games and you sit there and he's played 1417. And it did the -- now support team for Duca. Three food -- and in up to be split. Sixteen games the fifteen games the way they'll be to get -- -- but again it's eighteen start you got a -- -- you -- scheduled front of you back to back nights ago probably pencil in no question right other than that we're speculating. But the schedules it's always so far it's not like took it is injured like I easy but it's been easily open the -- to arrest a leak. Easy as far as the -- games they have played poker yes especially consider that got us analog Tampa one Melissa gave don't belong to break there. Would you you can pencil in just a question of dole went for the night back you know back to back nights of the net. -- try to prevent injuries that we try to keep denial because. You all of up there that's all it's all -- it's all it's about he's his game is on. He's aren't I get there. Don't think eyes will tell you. When it's time -- don't think you're watching -- you know what the couple calls he's written an exotic position I think it's time to give him rest I think. Colts got a good idea just watching him. When he sees it different winning when he sees grass needing a break until then the guy. Now why he simply IR BC's and get a break Gary RBI -- plane tomorrow sort of -- who don't -- Again and it's Montreal he just a tip Montreal Saturday staff I you know any age -- think it over and would maybe play tomorrow but -- heard that took his plan tomorrow so. Guy and then he only beat Montreal in Montreal he got that. That that be stopped his back traded how -- -- off his -- -- and so why would you wanna -- and it is my job because he's feeling gossip. But I -- -- -- we have -- torn on and into Cairo retired and I kind of get the fuel from -- that -- is not like the average goalie words. I don't Tim Thomas was in his soul in his own little world and and he did his thing I think to go might be one of those goalies -- Probably am inclined to that problem yet of just before off during the break we just particulates of goalies. We're talking about great Chicago is right in the pretty much got like 108 that -- whatever his twelve each bullet have been split them up pretty good. Oh yeah I already knew the guy that's one that's one and you know that doesn't happen very -- Bristol all off yet all one again on the fly Theresa no wonder why not. Not ready to go -- in a playoff now when the class stroller and that is the only thing to -- Bryant with breast. Yes but I I you know again you that it would we got 27 years left. If I'm not mistaken somewhere around the whenever I stash Max whatever they want the blockage gathers in my area so this the -- -- -- it's gonna get this work but it is. It to do doesn't look tired now to do -- to be issue is phenomenal he was up to the challenge again last night so. You know they they got to the got to dialed in McLeod got a dialed -- it is what it is. I think you're right about but it's all about send out the way the players respond with a different response to to create a different team -- and Tim Thomas -- -- at that. Did you think that -- support after the game comparing him to Felix pop and Felix the cat that -- too soon -- took a basket you see that -- to chip Felix the cat has. It is to just completely earned every compliment that he that he's getting. From from anybody from teammates from reporters trade -- kid is is phenomenal twelve want to I mean that's that's insane. I Jerry's in Natick he joins the show here not to 37 WEEI -- what's going up. Big guys I lot of your critical sort of obvious at that level but who diplomatic -- common elaborate game. Like sort of effort in that bothered -- without him the outlook group. Let them -- a -- approximate. -- like that. But anyway weak yes would it be enough -- -- -- art gallery and a lot out of shape aren't. A bit debut last year due to water that are not Smart though I'm walking east to west are scrutinized outside -- And that distract you -- in that spot at the real important to an underpass. And it about a half a mile -- -- And I walked in and actually started -- and blading. And -- and led collection and that -- would know that media act. And an opera nine and that could -- a week Google -- toward. I cute and it's really. I'm bitter and I'm giving them pumped up and -- -- -- at times he's written about it was so that it. And you wouldn't move an inch but I -- needs to yeah. And that will then why aren't the only flashes aren't trying to put in the break I went and I go to -- -- he. You sweat bullets he is the color maturity these. -- Go ahead and the way it was. The guy that's what goes we get married I -- -- -- -- Dollars dollars a -- -- harnessing every -- in my however started at Six Flags and had a warm. I know what it is illegal of this but so it was they you know good that we did we you know we do the watch for change you Hillman has started twenty years as long as -- wacky stuff whatever. -- and -- -- the ample listeners well that's because I couldn't do that again that was our -- single hardest thing I've ever done in my fanatical tablet yeah. While rollerblading in the mountains during an ice storm. I mean it wasn't so much going up the -- that that really that was kind of crazy. But it was the fact that -- young coming down the hill and -- -- doing like 38 miles an hour forty miles an hour trying to slow slow. Why everybody else for the first few days it was that -- the army now but history Hubert he had I was I was us there's a good to be YouTube if you YouTube me. I I was warming Bruins Jersey the whole time I'm on roller blades and Mac and high ticket header in Worcester and -- guy's got the video of me. Going down here. Solves that I look back to wave and then I'm gone I just actually. Written a middle of an intersection. Pause doesn't work outside it was argued it was a. Thought LB let him buyers hanging out of us when LB is here he's brought to you by -- and smoke shop in -- Pembroke Brockton where him rain on the and it taught them by LBs their doctor doctor Robert Leonard changer -- change your life call 1800 get here is gonna stick around -- ask him. But this and then made that coming up its morals our gas. Well. Don't go anywhere. It's. Great you hi -- -- How well. Me all Lucci to know and what was it -- that puck up. Surprised they counted that goal is in pieces to mark Butler and I'd agree seven. WE yeah I -- in buyers saying it out terms of the weekend. This back to back to big opponents here at Tampa Bay in Montreal. -- they've talked about is the first time you sat down and talk document as a very team the come playoff time you gonna be wary of Montreal much are expected it. But there's there at the top of the conference if you had to pick one -- this week that would worry a little bit more. Can you pick one -- Montreal Barbara would -- point. Off -- brewers' standpoint be got to win the Tampa Bay game you know it did take either it's a must win game. And they they handled these guys it was a week ago last week and and they got to do it again a Mardy or keep their top line and -- And you got to win this game it's I'd say it's that your other division that these -- this is a two point camp especially given it's a ship four point -- could be even a six point game. That would that with the fact they've got games in hand. You know and then Montreal that that is what it is you're gonna have them again. The the end of the year and you know I don't I really don't believe it's about winning now when in the division I don't think that means crap. Odds have been you know it's about being unity they're gonna use we'll get in the class and getting it done. But did the other division games of the ones you -- win and that's where you're gonna climb past hunter on the divisions you know sort of let. It's written that there could be brief about why a month -- more important that they get they get three games and handy you said four point game. The game at three games in hand and Bruins are on fire but they're still -- ahead so you're either gonna be you know maybe three behind or one up. My my my my whole thing is beat everybody the lawyer and beat everybody on your division you're gonna end -- that you're -- you know you don't have to worry about Montreal's they're gonna have to get it done that if you're both. If you both. Win in -- with my serious stated they both get it done and yet they're going to be style and and read federal whether it's 12 or you know whether the first sentence. I think guy that -- -- again I I I don't watch in a town hockey not not just the Bruins and I. Just am so excited I know dukes and over your disappointing damage aside you know -- -- get together rundown news -- while he -- the Bruins organization went to -- -- run that organization I do as I guess not I I don't -- -- -- -- And then I got I got I got do I get -- I did -- is generator and and one of the best best reporters in the -- in the game for what. For forty years. And now he -- again I don't. I don't -- hundred mile an hour or anybody -- Just a love I love -- pursuant Ottawa comes down to see the shot designer its equipment when model comes to town with a plan Ottawa. -- -- tuchman duped it's Ottawa. -- -- he said I don't know -- -- Ottawa there's not a lot I don't want all to what you guys all the guys that really into the body say they have a nineteen last -- Second if it exists again so again I'm on I've taken these French yet this again I you know just a little -- would not release -- -- man he's been there so there I Ireland gives goes to Montreal he actually speaks French. It does do shanks show mercy we got a -- among -- -- a month ago. Right that Downey -- know that. A month and -- go to your Syria affect your month or two days from now you get the NHL's trading -- -- okay is a lot of talk about the one thing this team needs. Is a score on that third line Chris pork -- at the texts and calls league yet. Is the got to keep wanting to it's easy easy remained similar traits in a way that's easy trade has been a point is that would you be looking at two if you are Peter -- right now -- -- off -- a player to our. Somewhere in that bottom. -- six not top six -- bottom six is now -- this team needs in your mind. I don't -- I don't believe so I I don't I couldn't see myself doing anything to disrupt that this team I could see myself. Creating some wine with quality bits and Providence. I -- in Iran and draft picks. He'd be out -- I mean there's a there's a goaltender down there that would be worth. A pretty detoured at exit -- out there. That you have to superlative while the other gets on saying you know so I just you know again I wouldn't I don't see myself turn in this team. Upside down by by getting rid of -- worker that that's our line I gotta tell you there's. There's a there's a lot of offensive talent on that deserved that third line that that I illness that has not shown that would make it listened not an open Mike what do. I'll take this out -- directed to -- sport right now doctored line and I'd I'd stick with doctors argue it's gonna come. I knew I had those are the guys I think those of the guys do you stick with him you believe in them. And then when it comes to crunch time the last ten games of the season and the playoffs those of that -- that extra. That -- extra part big kick sand and wins playoff series and wins big games is as you get you are expected goals from the -- in the Bork's. You know you gotta get that re on early today actually saw him out those companies have stopped to prolong mask and -- a son and an in house -- as I get a lot of time in baseball in a wise Skype for -- player right what he's too good to AAA but not good enough for the big leagues. -- -- -- well he usually is good enough. He just can't catch the break we can't -- comfortable all the give a week audition. May be on its couple balls hard but they're right at the policy look at the -- your numbers and end up there and he never gets that confidence like he belongs or shall only contribute sometimes it just takes. -- couple probably eaters couple broken bat hits had one good play one good bounce the confidence is gained he knows guys now glaucoma look editing you belong here now. And some guys never get that opportunity some guys never get over that hump. And it's a course when he see him out -- the effort is there a gaelic. You cannot tell us and the talent is there this show -- -- Florida miners and air -- everywhere and their pick are Chris workable and not finishing lets you EU has any idea idea Alyssa everybody. I listen everybody bitch and and implanted Tyler serie a you know not only has three goals for rules -- what every house I just you guys restarting ballooned to nine haven't. The L put that he should -- so you know look we're looking -- we're looking at a Bruins team. And we keep going back to that you know others they're not getting the individual output but they're winning hockey games. And if you take Chris Bork and he's on the third line it's a different dynamic. Then it would be if he was playing in the morning on the first or second line if you plan to win the first or second line I think that you would probably -- -- three or four yeah I don't is I don't I don't. Out of the skill players that ocean course he does Boca -- but but there's other guys that got deposition right now. So what's his job his job is to is trying to like I said you know leaders of the other day when I was on with you guys. Is that Chris sport I think what he has to find he has to find a way to -- a little more finessed whose game and trying to. Be so physical because like I think that takes away. From the ultimate outcome of being being a better player I think he wants to be a solid you know I don't make a mistake take the body third line guy. And NBA in net and and not be a minus boy here. Apple and zawahiri continue the conversation -- the target jumping one more thing I wanna bring up in addition to fight fight for its -- it's one of the one other one other hockey -- because I mean I'm. I I think that. There is an under rated person involved the Bruins at some plays in the front office that are there a lot more credit than he gets LB's hanging out. More your phone calls don't go anywhere. Might I appreciate you jump in and just let the professionals get here we may do okay. Professionals up and LBs with us here -- -- -- -- ID 37 WE -- Lyndon -- in the house your daddy -- At 61777979837. X shouldered were on -- -- beak in -- Thanks -- you can Texas have left -- on the AT&T -- -- like he's in a like you know what I was hey let's. I was I was loving you guys yesterday roast in those clowns over the dial. On now on the Brady Brady's contract curtain certain other NFL players' contracts. Oh how I wish I love to be able to watch into. Might my owner and and GM's and office and say yeah I just had a better season and Tom Brady's so -- Forty no guarantee to be okay. Was it was -- was they're not like the study a number EU as a player you knew your role you knew -- worth. The -- number removed depending on what a superstar made or not like you you know year old was stressed. You would ever actually no goals in four series. -- that I. I get another double eagle contrast for a 175. That don't know the point is that when I played I role as utility player everybody was make it 500. -- roughly by after the six day. At no matter what superstar made or didn't make whatever it is a way that was the value of that position again I don't. -- chair Lou I just think it's comical. This -- you don't. Not for nothing you don't think -- Matty Ryan Matty ice would it would Inca and they're a contract that guarantees him 57 million dollars. Or over five years you. -- you get all that money guaranteed guaranteed and -- get that Brady's contract that at the palace also wasn't as you renegotiate that they really get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the building of the -- Joseph in the north Chris sport with a LB Joey go had. Who were exactly you don't warnings that. Pro. I can remember the key on Tuesday that it was -- -- You -- terrorism and legendary Stevie I have these wells or it's going. They were explicit this just the principle that in the case. Motive being because you know disrespect if it was being block. Jewish Christian loans he would not be discussed as it is now you know. I called Apollo eight or deployment what do you do wink I don't even understand he has a deal. Get me wrong but he -- -- Patricia. In the appointment power like he's a third on the red Basque OK he's very reliable. Every tradable and made it very very. -- -- -- or. The toilet break for regular season wickets and look at that third line it was over the wreckage is good but we've been all over the playoffs alone. Around what are -- restaurant. Real flow lines world are busy week and that's what I know it's not that there aren't fixed. Talk about problems will probably not much better player that we're seeing in need someone -- a left wing during their help that you know. The public about a player not to waste well. You need to get in Connecticut -- what they turn it upside down. We need to make a bogey to tweak it a little bit that's also. Why can't listen I don't I'm not gonna argue with you there had been -- Chris Bork isn't. If you place right if it was Chris Jones maybe people would defend him as much but you watch play out there I disagree -- in blue I disagree on the fact that we you know it it's not the board saying that -- is -- the reason that he's still with the Boston Bruins if you think the Tutsi to that but I gotta gotta you've got a guy that led led. DHL and scorn you so you you've gone -- -- -- power play because they want they want him to do what they want that bubble to break because I got to believe. Like. Claude Julian. Jeter sure rally the reason he's still here is they believe that bubbles gonna break you were to get the offense from Chris. I believe LA it like -- like everybody else is my take on this is just what I said. He's he's caught he's caught between. Hi an offensive high -- player and finding his role on the third line and make sure the takes a body and he doesn't give up. Cool as it was time to Iowa I mean if it again it Chris that the -- their lines broken. Real well it OK welcome Chris Kelly doesn't have nine goals well I think I stopped but it probably does have skill apparently this year he has been finishing. You know hasn't been finishing it's not running you know he's been an absolute mess of finishing. -- -- But you'll remember to Whitman -- public awful you'll. But they're not -- -- yes but there was that four game stretch for the scored three and four I don't count the one they had down in Tampa Florida that was I think I was 208 seconds let it kill legal that was the worst properly all year long actually scored that goal. But he was part of that unit per sport was -- device out there at their net four point game stretch of the best that populate the all -- law. -- I agree I again this team is a work in progress like I said of that if -- gonna bitching complaining you want you wanna roasted -- Chris pork and hide it tough to meet. I don't know if Chris porky gate. You know he he's -- there it's insert organization. Went back to prominence -- its way -- do now at halftime at odds are that's org -- -- -- well again I don't look at the team and you think right now. This Bruins team has -- Democrats agree with everything Joey said but by the pick out of weakness right now ugly team by the way it's thirteen to win two. I took third line could be playing better upgrade that position with Beverly Kelly. I would do that LB it's not not congress -- is that it's a position where all the things to look at what this team. That's -- upgrade public a perfect right now that there is room to get better as a team now that you've seen them play their best hockey. In my opinion. And I I I -- -- I agree I had I think listen there are times that they're not playing great hockey right now everybody agrees on irony Cam Neely. A agrees on that -- -- Claude Julien said it the other the other day. That -- at times these guys didn't play very well last night at times number one on one battles were awful. I just you've got to work in progress with a really really really good hockey club right now. New Year's top four in the NHL. I don't know where you expect to be in the world of everything's got to be perfect sports. You're pissed off the ball. Fourth overall on the NHL notable of the year what lies about what did you do -- might be fertile area where you give us off from day one to -- better they're 48. I you know I think you've got to see them do what you've got with the Boston Bruins. Is there gonna find out they're gonna build towards. A playoffs. A playoff -- And a Stanley Cup championship. And I think you've got all the guys Chris sportsmen around for a long time. -- that six years their visas six years some and I hate it that experience you can't -- that and and NASA they're gonna give me shot and by if somebody in Providence is playing out of their mind. Then they're gonna be backer there and I'm sure they're gonna give apparently shot. Mr. course because text just amateur at what his point is believed to something else but he says why no fights lately. And my my to add that I would say jump Orton has gotten a fight. Since the -- got one white -- and it's been a ten games is I'm just saying is there anything there you think he's kind of know shy of it right. Now I did little either. I mentioned earlier on this -- I I thought last night you know the sense came in with a little bit of an attitude nothing to lose attitude they won five in a row. -- expect is known it don't expect them to be titled the -- point six point start second place. In the in the northeast and and I thought down when and when it mattered. The Bruins got the last push in the in the last the last nephew and and I thought authority -- that guy that you -- -- the guy wanted to battle with authority get a he he should -- come in for a thumbprint but he didn't so. I mean they're they're playing great moment the type swing thing right that's his job. But I'm just look at that you eight games now in a row the hasn't been that was one question after -- he come back at how quickly jump back into it hasn't since. -- just just not that he would not play in the Bruins into -- try to pick a fight Sean Porter Dellucci -- mean equates Arafat's problem last night and almost started tickle fight summit quickly announced this while I do it's got a smile on his. Basically he's brassy and what senators he was jarred something -- the greatest look on his face he's like well anybody any takers anybody I'm I'm I'm -- and there's not there's not the -- but what you you have to understand when when when the Quaid does that it's awesome it's also it's also -- for the the Ottawa Senators out on me. -- Might be. The most beautiful thing. These eyes that were supposed to talk about it some ask you at the word -- tactics out of -- -- that I I trust that they are unlike QLB and surely can't really think that there's an upgrade to make you think the perfect that's fine. That'll make it and I guess I'm curious because you do you see this team. -- upward trend like this. I -- all the people involved Peter surely is the least about a credit might be in Chad -- -- boston.com yesterday. My most under rated general manager in this town Belichick it's lot of credit and interest rates -- and but it's a bit early. The trade in the traffic rallies made to put the steam this position I don't think it's quite enough credit for Bruins. I in my opinion. You know I guess I think you don't want to why they don't. Attitude -- -- -- attitude ST I -- yes share Arianna -- I'm the first when the wouldn't have told countered get off my back Kennedy -- you know he he brings an attitude but I think Peter surely was -- when he was a winner -- a wide bill that franchise from nothing in this companies are -- guy knows numbers. -- he's done an incredible job I think the whole group as a whole right from Charlie Jacobs to cam to Donnie Sweeney to Peter sure rally. That that group as a whole. Are -- just deserve atomic credit for what they've done in the organization. There is say a Boston beat down. And then a fictional I think it's fictional but it that some people involved DNC sure want to be real well of course has taught the last couple of days -- center around the main event and people were talking about it's not. He can't vote idea but at some point you'll be able vote. In an anime showdown who would win UN -- moralists and here's relative detail the tape British sketch in terms of size wrestling standpoint. -- morbid boxer bruiser how does a boxer bruiser. Get into that and then may ring with Freddie and how would you attack him as -- -- Well first I call a lot call my buddies Sean Wagner and Jose Rivera. Both MMA champs. And I would train on the ground work but. Like I -- I always I always do it myself and I picked the dog in the fight but. I I'm pretty confident. I know Freddie would have the wrestled the priorities guy he's Bobby -- by. Right now probably may be late 25 pounds I know we go to the -- we go for the takedown and I just trying to touch them on the button on the land. I'd love about it much is that when you when you brought it up and -- and -- minutes ago. -- heard whispers of this thing. So we first got to talking to him he actually was was talking about the grappling style of Freddie talked about how he's. He sees this attitude a guy up when he comes in fourth so literally. He thought it was real for about the first two and a discussion and in his mind already going over Iowa writes Marla I don't all the it was just an online vote. I was concept thing already already I'm like OK so. I am so I give it I have started the day I got Freddie is a lusty. Ireland I had -- -- coming out takedown. It was visualizing for the first two minutes until things don't look that it was it was me at least I know he's gonna let me make it always get a bull rush me. A case of I'm and I'm a juke laughter right I would probably duke -- left so -- can go with the right here's a -- film. You know -- some film on Freddie you know when he played plenty Chelsea's favorite movies -- movements. A runner rattle the big cans and main talking about Chris sport -- Lou and Lyndon byers in the house what's up -- LB one of my heroes grown up brother I sorry that that gets a couple of you US demand -- your clothes that are not. Included -- Milwaukee it is McGraw I think integrate third -- -- He's a grinder. He's not afraid to go all the corners in the -- a forty year old he -- LP your idea Randy barge a little bit. -- -- for several more hardcore -- was -- -- mark. It will more of a plumber get his nose dirty to offer -- yes stompie -- you know I mean -- -- stand and why he even he knows. -- -- -- You know five foot 556. Maybe 56 to build -- one nanny and two bills he was that's why -- was stompie -- stubby was awesome. Com you know Craig let's you know -- I don't know why everybody's up Chris is but I know they want the offensive output. But I think they're the only these an asset if there's somebody that you have your third one to play he's already proven the implant for Cyrus second. They probably tell you why Reich is you know the first two -- playing great we know the fourth line what they do with their job is it we know probably Kelly. Right they bend -- it won cups we know what they can do it now who's the one guy that hasn't been around on this team it's on this roster Doug Hamilton. -- -- -- -- -- Death right he ideal guy yet in their lives are swarming so is the new -- I that's I think I ever got to stand in any you know listen I did you know idea I'd like -- said I'd like to bubble -- in those guys -- a couple of couple 34 -- this weekend and and then -- all come down a couple chances to -- and -- Mike what's going comment. There eight or a Mike. Actually -- what are the it recombinant. LP earlier in the week about how we don't need more goals to bring in and that they lack that he for example there. You've got -- First period which -- much violent brutal. Tirelessly. -- And I agree I unity and a little bit of a little bit of us that was the -- oil analyst at night and that was great to -- we all help out a good game not a guy that's not otherwise he got but the way and that was awesome. The yeah. Get your people on net and hybrids -- the back I broke it appears at other goals on about what you likeable all week the top of the senators want -- that the officials were asleep at the whale was great -- -- an -- everybody had no idea it was a -- -- and and they sacked -- and then and then it was like. The players really wait for the data point to the circle is reluctantly gives way. Why I got what they celebrated before they've told a supportive of the circle ball. Now I think that because it was was it was I think loses someone saw but it was across the line no problem that they all felt that -- -- -- -- even before the of the and the initial. -- the refereed the minute they came away from the boards you have got stuck to celebrate and it doubles later many went to desert. Got a solid -- I mean I'm very Elissa talks on the line -- I got my hands in the air it's even close to going over the net over the goal line I'd I'd have my hands and you're trying to -- Derosa. We'll get you out on this. Rory McIlroy walked off the course that in a PGA tournaments that he had -- or was the those Nike clubs that's the worst excuse you heard forgot leave -- or was packed enough. I think that's a mentally into it GAAP that that would be hockey players are missed a game -- because of -- -- wisdom to act. I trample out with them over O'Reilly you'd be in a couple of week in baseball and we got talking going to be on revealing details. Rather than to reason -- get out of here earlier we get into the baseball I have to. -- Lyndon byers joining us or talk -- -- when LP here in studio with us he's brought -- you by. Credit smoke shop great location is -- Pembroke Brockton where him rein haven't gone. And by LB is haired doctor doctor Robert -- changer lettuce change your life call 1800 get here at nine seconds back to your phone. -- is hot. Baby. He's a great addition to the best sports -- ever there.

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