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Beantown Beatdown: Boston Media Deathmatch Day 1: Minihane vs. Haggerty

Mar 1, 2013|

If you pitted Boston media tough guys together in an MMA throwdown, who would emerge victorious? D&C kicks off the Beantown Beatdown pitting our own Kirk Minihane against Joe Haggerty.

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Yeah not the red corner. That so would you say your 510 5105 Cisco which -- 511 putt. Call your batting stats that. 510. That 165. That's about right to get a job at which you away -- once 650. Yeah. Is -- more Chinese -- it as a problem. Kirk -- -- in the red corner in the white corner at four foot 2294. Pounds she let -- yeah yeah yeah tell us ought to tell us what your -- Those Hagerty says when he called the the game tale of the tape -- tale of realistically. I would say -- He's. Probably 48. I would say. The -- not to night for a tall four wide that it's -- actually about 250 to 55 at -- -- I. I always ask you this question -- I can't tell what you your little luxuries you -- annually hate each other as it does it's grown into I think real distaste at first it was sort of one of those things yet but. Really from my perspective -- really sent in in fairness to -- 2% the number -- telling -- we did big shall I don't. You know my dad is like fat jokes hurts him upsets him. So hello I think you sense like tonight you lose the weight that that's that's what I said don't but you know Joseph is. It was a real sensitive -- there guys in the mediators who doesn't like questions disease you -- -- -- me now because I I've been beat them on the area he's got sensitive and shy -- areas in and -- a tweet about the some point today because -- sensitive but you know. He could do their. I'd say I don't I don't really know hang eggs and I know you and not like Ken Kirk and all you're the underdog here I mean migrate to different weight classes ever occurs a lot of weight slightly. Super two but think of the need to raise -- would bring in -- all he would he would want beach. He would wanna just destroys my strategy of -- -- I thought this out is why I'm just. Run around just just jab we're not but it's like Robert don't think you can run away it's running it's an actual circle -- Call -- octagon. How long. Do you think you have circled before he was cast I guess I'll be fair I would say at least many of whom it sets up. A couple of questions Hagerty is what these guys were supposed to put if you put on -- treadmill and said -- it's six. Along review stale before he would jump off. It has the Ronnie can't walk right. That's like the fast and I mean. Forty seconds and a couple and yet I think mildly good you know god or not a mile now. What if you ever know incline just flat now now could do a -- now. You know I mean some fat guys work -- you seem to Jim. No they just naturally fat. It is an ethnic and yep I've seen haggard he's not he's no one who's. Seek work you've seen him when he was there is not a fact there's there's salt and fat those guys you're talking about the gym and there's jiggling fat -- Yeah Kevin James is a guy works out. He's a big guy and he works out -- that he's got a solid fat yet again koresh's jiggling fat. Right -- are quite precious. What -- that impression brittle brush literally could not step on track and you get exhausted doing Matt. Now but but he's solid Catholic but it's to be used to -- -- born -- -- just always that yet and it's kind of -- it's all good just. -- is really bad. It may feel some cut its rock artists -- good the docks of -- heart attack that is the worst critic -- -- -- he can't lose it would be really strange heart. When the doctor sees -- feels -- ago he says that look in their first goal that would I would -- I would have to say you know you can go from the if you like but I would say -- would definitely be a fight there's no question about this what would talk and write -- like answering your question and I asked. If we could make this easy for people to vote as journalists we can't as a -- he. Dot com here's what I have to do control and all -- really what do I do know WEEI. Dot com slash producers like can write I don't know how to spot producer mark. And oysters. Don't we GI dot com slash producers will take you to the pole and good things nicely on these couple of course could show a lot to -- through and go to produce -- also we got to grow up here you know I don't know what is the only right there. No -- on the front page Chris price WEEI dot com and there's. Hagerty verses and again. Shows in that produces blog. Patrol -- the lead to -- seven 77. Yep print on like it there it is okay taken back. Postage. We -- -- that the fights well we've talked about the cycle and to Asia. If you if you wanna go on site can access. And I might save some -- shops are better than others. That the the first ones that are act like it's a major underdog in this you are down there Kirk iceman mammoth Hanson's stitches taken it upon himself to come up and there's vs GO big country -- country country. Who -- a bigger bad -- The problem is you know stitches not from here -- -- -- -- them beat them yet and it sounds grace great at stage no miracles no offense but nobody from beat -- -- ever -- just like if you go to San Francisco go to -- Frisco and being -- hate that and -- Well maybe he's wrong has been -- those shares from here. ECB. Into -- and -- And a lot of bite singer but by now this is. -- -- -- -- It's forget that scripture either didn't -- -- last person -- bit beaten bitten and for free did enough to pay for the service a hero but like Marv Albert. Like I think they'll l.'s all fields. All of this set for -- Jerry is -- by others that it is that for bought some -- Packard got one witness these when these death lock the likes armed you know it's MMA -- by them. -- him but to all of cuts must of sure as you get into the narco opinion -- pentagon. Pinch it was a good event as impregnable -- that's I have -- -- and how did you out of you know it's Hagerty lines just said the set the basis for by other this is right. It is true it and a and a good way yeah similar -- elect a painful way or pleasurable way well. It is the final between two so but I'm not talking -- are you thinking of biting -- in a pleasurable way no. Well no I hear -- -- fight if he's won these crazy scorpion stings for a can't breathe it tastes like. Now -- -- it's off probably. Five it's. If you break this integrate easily can now I think our talks the more on that -- -- is gonna crush exco. Joseph is dyed shirt so. -- vs -- hand iceman and big country Joseph Hagerty WEEI dot com slash producer of blog. Vote and we go advanced one of these guys and the suspension bow out graciously Iran mrs. Your website you are the media com columnist via these columnists senior leads senior sports -- columnists -- Is your name -- spelled wrong on the unfortunately it's like your spot right here affected too and thank you -- No free and slocum and we do have two -- and -- -- -- And Bradley Campbell take a -- Andrew what's on your mind. Good morning guys by Andrew what's up and detected in a favorite equipment and scrappy ones that I didn't mean I think so. I think so -- it's like I like birds -- -- a monument that. Yet thank you I mean I wouldn't win but yet the Texas are coming in saying that Hagerty hated being called pork -- and beg and -- that's true that's not that was in a radio really yet he was near -- coastal. It several sources really no matter how would you well how would you suggest that Kirk fight this like -- movements incidents jab and stay away for a while. -- yeah what are the wiry. Guys to generally in the USC today obviously they don't. -- -- -- tells me he's got because he's what we need yes we need easy fast speed the need for I am about to vote like I think Hagerty would win by you know you root for her vehement and solutions that means I should vote for Kirk appreciate the trouble knock. So pork chop vs the iceman. -- big country -- wanna offend them all men have in the lead so for -- in the -- and ice. I'll do that -- to -- your head as interesting as Manhattan vs Hagerty is the next -- world we have to did I I find. Yes fascinating in the entire -- -- I would go for no -- don't think -- I don't know that I well that isn't this a choice of like the lesser of two evils we're -- a hard time witness. Yes yes I don't think on that hard to know a lot of people -- Book and I'll -- can you make me when the -- -- -- -- if I had said some than it did you know about all sent OK -- -- supposed to reveal who did not -- Louis. And stopped -- antibiotic -- that come back and.

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