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Dale Arnold on D&C: FLA's Stephen Weiss is the addition to make for the Bruins

Mar 1, 2013|

Dale Arnold chimed in with D&C on the Bruins. Lots of talk about trade ideas, but Dale thinks Panthers center Stephen Weiss could be a good fit as a half-wall quarterback on the power play. Dale also says there's no reason to worry about Tuukka Rask in the playoffs.

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Every week we check in with our hockey expert. Different bill aren't built some weeks we have equipment you and I would disappointed that we Marcum to the show last night with the help us until we got to -- clearly the outlet at first -- we thought it would be much more fun to come to the game and hang out with you and Barry you've had beer on the set -- there -- food there and then that we -- -- axle which was. An upgrade from you must must -- Please read it in the I'd rather be -- Axel yeah blame it. By the way I can't I got home last night from the game and I found this chocolate cake on the. And right now I'm just grow out it completed the the -- story of all it is and I called my -- the and -- I am absolutely sure absolutely I believe about a percent. No doubt in my mind yeah. And still -- -- all this talk all the experts all the so called experts columnist blogger talking about what the Bruins need to do between now on the trading deadline. Doesn't if it's not broken cliche what try to fix that apply here. Theoretically yes but I don't like to see them make a move or two we talked to Peter sure rally on the pregame show last night he says he wants to. You know add something to this team. I think realistically since Marc Savard career ending injury they've been looking for that -- -- quarterback on the power play. Daniel Alfredsson is my dream in that position but I just don't think they're gonna trade him. I I'd like to see them if they can you know add some depth up front. I'm I'm not sure that. I'm not one of those guys who think Jarome Iginla is the answer. Billy -- and I have come up with a name that we think should and could be targeted by the Bruins. Stephen -- from before the Panthers. Is a guy who is struggling down there last year of his contract playing in a miserable situation. When Nathan Horton was in Florida he and Stephen -- had great chemistry together I'd like to see them take a run and a guy like Stephen -- to add to this forward yeah. Mean you Barry Jesse I know I felt. Like. When it went you know I I would think like you guys back at the studio haven't publicly act all right screw up. And what he would give up to give up someone on the roster now do you give up. Draft picks. Minor leaguers has that worked real. I'm thinking that Florida wants draft picks badly. You know maybe a prospect from Providence I'm not sure he would have to give up anybody. Off the current roster because I like -- and it would draft picks and prospects would probably do it. I totally this I watched the Bruins now the way I watched the patriots in 07 of these Celtics in 86. I'm shocked if they lose or even in if they don't get breaks I mean that this team has reached this. They're as together there in this Stephon curry zone where they can do no wrong. Is it -- am I wrong. Wallace. Well I don't know they're virtually flawless the thing that that probably impresses me the most is. I actually don't think they've hit their stride yet. Right like last -- a good example right. The last night was the classic and it's a bit and all hockey cliche because it's true first home game after the long success road trip teams generally struggle. Wrote in exactly struggle with 46 shots on goal public sharp. Beaten to a lot of pox there in the in the position that they're in now where. They can have a bit of a clunker and still find a way to win the plays great whatever happens. I don't think they've hit their stride -- I think. Tyler taken hasn't scored the way I thought he would yet although I think he's playing fairly well right now. We -- know what power play is like right now if they get a couple of things straightened out here that I think they could be a wagon. -- they built for the impending grind I think an -- answer this but to they have the depth in the youth in the legs. For the back to back games for the whatever is thirty some games in sixty days. I'm not sure you know they've they've got three. Extra guys right now on the roster they've got -- Johnson on defense they've got -- Gandolfo Italy McDermott upfront. They basically have rolled the same twenty guys out now for a while the schedule was pretty easy in their favor you know that these war of attrition hasn't hit them they've got the -- man games lost to injury in the NHL this year. Don't get some injuries and get some guys in doubt they'll they'll have to count on some debt may be from Providence maybe from three extra guys here. I don't know they have the depth yet just haven't really had a chance to see it. They -- -- and how are you 00. Hello. I'm -- by the by the way it just for the record. Hagerty would kick your. What did you say that because outweighs you by about 75. Does is always the case though in the little guy can -- these to scrap or you've seen. Well I also see Jon Scott and Shawn Thornton and its integrity gonna kill you that's did you vote you -- vote for Europe -- who support them but I actually voted for haggard. -- -- I did to cause the question is who would win the fight and I have to be honest sail well what does that Wear a hard time finding jurors. No limit on potential first round matches for you. Do you have anybody at any anybody who dived climbed gathering what what we can make -- happy that we can put two together with somebody. You know -- bought it. If you -- -- note note thank you. -- got caught hall because that means somebody's got to take out their frustrations on Ali who's become like the partner killer. Com Drew Peterson. Drew Peterson a yeah I hear a little we actually having trouble coming up with a partner falling -- of opponent for all nice again if there -- likes it right the first and. When you look at the Steve whenever you talk to the Bruins and talk about Rask the Tex coming NC was bad that one year in the postseason view. Even a factor when you look at him right now evaluate embers that just too far in the past. Now I'd I'd I don't think about it at all that is that they they talked about how you know against the flyers they have a three nothing series -- they lost that. The series four games to three and -- blame Tuukka Rask if you want I -- an entire hockey team it. Failed miserably in that series. They also neglect to tell you that very same here. To -- the National Hockey League in goals against average and save percentage he just didn't play enough games to qualify. For for those categories. I'd like to get a lot I like the way you place. Please don't misunderstand that Tim Thomas had. The greatest goaltending here I've ever seen stylistically I prefer to correct game it's -- quieter game it's more in control. Jim was you'll fly -- all over the place here in there and half the time you know where he was going to be in took this case I think it's pretty sound game probably less likely to fall apart with the kind of game but he plays. -- gets the credit for the following it seems to me that this is a team that that readily but more importantly quickly identify as an impending problem in the game. Whether it's board play and then they work on -- practice and their -- play gets better whether it's there'll break outs which they worked on and it got better against the islanders the outlook -- break -- -- worked on and get better knock that doesn't apply to the power play obviously there's not a coaching fingers at a mindset thing how does that work. Jack Edwards and I were actually talking about this yesterday at morning skate. And you know maybe it's personality maybe it's you know he's had kind of a quiet demeanor and I have an unassuming guy. But I don't think Claude -- gets the credit that he deserves here. He almost never pushes the wrong button whether you decide you know what for this period I'm gonna move this guy out of this line. Or you know I've decided I'm gonna play this guy in goal tonight -- -- -- this guy down. Every button he's pushed has been the right button. And it coaching staff it just doesn't let problems that's right they address that immediately as you say during the game they certainly addresses between games. He finds what an issue that the team is having and he jumps on it. What do you think you could take Jack Edwards. I do title. -- like -- and I think it -- -- justice is badly is agony was development and and I mean he's -- -- right. Eight people like me and him these -- and like in that regard yeah. Yeah may be -- kind of -- that's another good match and I guess is Edwards is that there would win that. I -- I have no clue that I see there's one that I I'd have a hard time. I like Jack Jack hates me CP go hatred when it was only I could tell you really like Jack. Personally have no problem which what is jacket you. I've it's somewhat critical was announcing that he's very thick skinned right there as very thick skin that's true he could handle it and have to set that club. They did a lot more hockey question I ask them watching the ascension of Brad marsh lands game. I can't help but thinking back to that post Stanley Cup celebration where he's holed a bottle of vodka. -- is eyes rolled back in his head and at that point I couldn't see that guy turning into the hockey player that he is now did you see this coming. I probably didn't have the time but if you go back to look at his junior statistics he had a couple of thirty -- season and there. -- there was an indication he could be this kind of player. If you go back to that post Stanley Cup celebrations summer and I that we were all gonna take up. Collection to see if we can fight march on and they ensure that they couldn't afford it you know. By -- on. That is guilty in March on he said that was actually his dad who finally in August of that summer basically grabbed Brad by the scrap of the -- and says okay. You've had your fun you deserve that were all done now it's time to go back to work and it was his dad who really. That you know you you've got the rewards good for you but let's not forget what got you there and and you look at Marchand. He hit a much more skilled player and he gets credit for. He's a great player. -- -- I love this game right now I don't call him a little -- night. You know balls like we need to -- later we need someone have that talk with -- to spring training on the rate cut cut cut cut. Which will be able to do would do it. It is critically. I don't think she's the one dollar and help those two kids ago illustrate that go the opposite way we'd we have that happened bill gonna talk to appreciate hockey -- All right I don't speculate part of what -- -- Callahan on the AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TE speeds up the ten times after the three GAT and T rethink. He -- little like the dale but I don't know who's gonna fight but there's a few candidates. And it's going to be good it's going to be close. Give us Schilling and -- we'll check in on minute hand and Hagerty on the Boston beat down the the hatred the the media on media crime and violence week.

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