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Callum Borchers of the Globe talks about athletes chaities

Feb 28, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder talk with Callum, who wrote the article in the Boston Globe about athletes who have their name on chartiable organizations, some of them don't see a great turnaround in terms of donations reaching the causes they're intending to support.

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It's like show all day Thursday -- gave me how Joseph Lieberman right this year. Bradley to have the -- is now which -- of this nonprofit stuff and they in the article is in the globe today written by Khaled tortures albums on the fullest right now. On Sundays on Sundays slopes are about to count how we -- It. As great a great to have your timely fashion on this story of very great story was too and I think something and a lot of people need to read and understand fully what's. What's going on up and the world of of nonprofits out there because so there are hundreds of right. There are you ms. alt a lot of these professional athlete at girl foundations and that we decided to take a look at the other book. Performing and valuable we found was sort of a mixed bag the other quite a few that do that tactic. Or do they have their own programs that make large donations to other non profit up some really fall short of their goal they either. Duke far less. And days you don't really ought to. Beginning their charitable causes. Some cases they don't trade very much money to begin with you know exactly like you sometimes they think their midfield a bigger deal my art and I realize you know maybe not quite as big a drug may not. Yeah well that the Beckett was interesting in that we've all kind of had some experience with you know this speck -- -- is going on for awhile and Josh Beckett as you mentioned your article fell from grace substantially. In this marketplace. And you know his I guess his overall pulling power. Went way down but. Over above that 37% return and and by the way you mentioned in the article as well calmest it's the only article the only event they have on the calendar year. Yeah as you know I mean it's it's -- -- -- had been at it's they'd update they consistently turned over about a 100000 dollars each year the pot. Children's Hospital which is. Great you know and they should be provided that but the but they were waiting quite a bit more than. So that. Percentage -- terrific. And got some of -- just come down how you manage your expenses. I I had you know a couple conversation gigabyte phone or by email -- overly. We tech group executive director. You know he was sort of defensive but he also acknowledged that there was some learning experiences Gary talked about an example the 2010 basketball. They had -- -- special guests that you Jason out in the country singer and an uncertain as out of blue. Near Fenway Park I think it's not a huge concrete area and get -- -- omitted but what about hundred folks and they couldn't even spell out back. Concert. Which they get it it's. It is big -- you know -- had -- -- lack of a sold out. Five minutes in Texas. You don't work -- and equitable Ramos and get -- but -- it and yet. Yeah you gotta get your market. If you have argued 37% is going to the children's hospitals in other words if that's their number 37 and has -- been a 100000 does that mean that a they raised. Oh -- that with a figure out to be about 370000. Right -- yeah I -- it depends on the year but there -- you know consistently in the Arctic 300000 dollar range of what people call it in right. In that neighborhood right. So I mean I guess to me when I look at and I mean as a suspicious type a guy anyway I don't know these people we're talking about I've met Josh Beckett wants I don't know did this -- overly got. But if he's getting 50000. You know that he would -- that percentage defeated have that 50000 salaried they'd be up around 4045%. Of the charity righted it and it is probably a lot of different. The -- go one administrators. And facility costs and whatever they are but who knows what they're writing off and as the representative of the of the figurehead of -- Josh Beckett. Has got to understand that however poorly it's -- is -- reflect on him personally no matter how much he has responsibility for. Sure short -- that you probably assumed that Jason is is indicated they would -- was -- and and got up the other intact as they had been you know. And apparently for a long time. I should point out don't you know it's not it's not a problem -- this early or you expect it to be paying an executive director unit in the 50000 dollar salary this overly it was. Was collecting you know in fact -- a lot it is it it's a Smart move for -- -- to due at eight. A lot of them don't and BI expert I talked to that tax frequently can be a problem you know you. You're trying to generate as much money or keep your prophet you know -- margin is going to do -- possible -- able or at least stay out but but. The other -- not run well. Well that's -- It is the job of the executive director for his 50000 dollars to make sure that the other. A 55%. Of the money that they've raised isn't just going out the window one's going to -- Yeah you gotta be an example of the what I -- -- spotlighted integrate yeah. Apple Libya forever young foundation. Which is Ron Amadon -- issue. Now they have a PD technical director makes a lot of money away more than it normally I think it was. You know it's somewhere in the neighborhood 150000 dollars a year the sport that salary cap executive director delivers. Very patient on greatly and it and if you look. The air -- for instance. You know they're raising a ton of money and their expenses are are low by comparison yet hurt their margins stretch and enact its annual pat. -- as you know a couple of it was a bother me the most obviously I don't you know have you released this program you know I don't like they run very much out of anybody in the world does right now but. His was what kind of a lead story on this thing word. His percentage was really low would be is that is that is that actual time was -- 76% or ninety dollars to Little League -- what was at all. Yeah look so the odds it's it's gotten a lot about obviously because it is its reputation of the deal as they needed. All -- -- -- we got started in trouble 2005 for being part that underground poker club are bright so. So many starts in Iraq and the foundation and at the first and pay out it to charity poker tournament. It's -- lets -- -- the single positive and tell -- -- the first to the foundation in business at the -- money like 400000 dollars and valued at some big spot that our basketball tournament -- -- -- you know -- Gatorade and that the big capture. But they only turned over about 5000 dollars civil thousand dollars to. GP. Scholarship on the net not -- right that you mentioned that he hollers. To a Little League this ballclub not. Not -- precedent so. And I would I would point out and a New York Daily News had a good follow up by two my view today which which pointed out correctly. That Iran does they distinguished record of personal web. The and outlaw is represented in part to me for my story -- it talked to that'd be your daily news and said. You know any erotic life you know discovered quickly after starting a foundation that it was more difficult than they anticipated that and that. It was you know very expensive -- -- generating that the type barge in the -- hoped and so they they basically stopped and just concentrated on the -- on their personal giving. So they know they buy Girl Scout Cookies and people ring the door broke right right that I would expect I think yeah -- -- in -- -- set that -- -- properly. And what do they do what they give out drugs the dorm. At that got the road over there now let's watch that what you don't do. Well well cal how. Isn't it amazed tough to figure. Really get to the bottom of a lot of this because how much is it for PR reasons how much is admitted to these guys hear about the charity how much is it just about ten dollar tax -- dobbs. That's right you know it's a terrific question I think you know I mean in all honesty I came away in my bent. For the most part after writing the story it was that. Justice somewhat the PR element in here because they -- not a coincidence at all these guys put their own name. In the in the charitable foundation pressure cooker clearly they do -- -- recognition. But really truly I think most them go into it for the right reasons and they're trying to do a good thing. And and what it comes out more often is not you know some steam -- come down to it's just part of the spot and -- -- an example you know the locally to Deion Branch foundation you know at at a very low percentage. Up when he got to go to about I talked to -- personally allows working on this story on values genuine I don't think he takes lightly I its foundation was started with the idea help. Helping kids who were affected by meningitis. And -- you don't got yes sort of very personal car for him and that it I don't picket lightly hadn't -- frankly I I believe them yet. I don't question their motives you know but just because sometimes it just don't raise enough to make you don't know worthwhile endeavor. That's right and that's I hope that that's something readers understand this coming away from is that you know it's -- their -- to its users -- bad guys but it's just -- -- That it -- -- -- story but to also hold it -- say. Are you going to -- with the right and -- at the same time you know you should be held accountable and and the bottom line for me is that you know we're trying to think they'll you know what's what's the dirty the donor interest that it you know didn't. And the number one question for anybody when you're giving money put on property is how much of my dollar is really go -- to go to the cut that -- that whatever you want -- -- and have lunch a couple of. And that's why -- story was great and timely and well done and I wanna congratulate John that it's in the Sunday globe in the nonprofit game athletes post losing records Al Borges. A great contribution there. And you know we don't we take a break Cuba loves the Roger Clemens thinks that met cracks me up. And he's got a partner who is a memorabilia guy and he writes off 2000 dollars for a donated signed shirt and she probably stole the club -- And then the charity gets a 1040 takes a tax write off. It's beautiful right. That is the clemens' -- -- the other out. -- Oh lead but but it does make you say you're not -- tracking the real impact pitcher -- to touting you're just sort of declaring value -- you put on it. Yeah I televise any time you got needs to stuff like this are welcome money every appreciate -- from here. I appreciate you had a real Paterno -- -- and I take -- now Borchardt Boston Globe story it's it's in the Sunday paper you read online.

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