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There seems to be a disconnect with athletes charitable organizations

Feb 28, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about the report coming out stating that Alex Rodriguez charity donated one percent of their donations received and where could the money be going.

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I don't -- in my view shows excellent seven -- and I 79837. We're talking a whole bunch of stuff tonight. All bunch of stuff. Athletes -- charitable organizations. -- -- Of course let's again let's not ceremony in the same pool here. There are some great great charity affiliations in a world of sports and I'm not thrown everybody you know on the bastard just the ones that -- And can't give a decent percentage to charity normal. Is 6575%. As we read is the normal amount that should actually go. To the charity after all the expenses and they are expenses involved in -- of an event together a golf tournament. Is always expenses. The basketball and by the way that the charity that was the benefit of that -- you know and they got a 100000 dollars against last time at basketball and -- -- great. And worthy charities of of all. Is the Children's Hospital. It's just to me it's just said they don't get more out of that 37%. Now Beckett just -- throw this out there. Josh -- it's a best friend his boyhood friend. Was of a guy that you know kind of random thing and he got a salary of 50000 dollars a year. Creek and and he's so allegedly said he worked twenty hours a week on this event. Which you know you could say -- -- -- -- as a matter of me I know he's -- it says here he's a realtor. Any sports marketing agent and he has two other jobs not only a realtor. A luxury a luxury realtors says he got fifty K and you know and again at look I'm -- an account -- don't have all the stuff in front of me I just don't know reading here. Every 37%. Is not enough. Especially when you talk about the Children's Hospital that you know -- 90%. And if somebody has to kick and have a -- for work they don't even really do anyway and you -- -- to me but it's it's that kind of thing rampant throughout sports. And while -- you know Carmelo gave 87% that's great that's terrific. And Alex Smith has won a moment there's some others as well but you'd think they rods were you know 1% you know it is still. Hell you doing man you saw Palin you're stealing and it's it's unconscionable and says tiger need during the breaks and a lot of times always professional athletes have duties that -- -- -- tells them because of tax purposes because it makes so much money and huge write off huge tax write -- for whatever you know made it. So anyway which -- -- their retirement though LeBron being a show off doing you know don't. Don't have time contests as. This is all right. The what's suffocation of America right here right. You know this reminds me of kids not being able to go out and play because they might get -- in you know. -- -- BMX building -- -- -- -- look at -- -- I mean this is that it let me ask -- I tend to agree with that but we -- -- a professional sports millions of dollars were talking about major contracts TV contracts and of which like ESP ME SP -- do if LeBron got a hurt was out for the season the -- I mean ESP it would croak. They would have nothing to talk about. You know it's just I don't know it's a big it's a hold of the world what might get hurt and it's -- -- don't it's but it's a motivation for you and what's his motivation to his twenty years old is he aware of what his value is of course. Look when he eight years old if he was 35 -- Paul Pierce went with a pinch a nerve in his neck and all the sudden pierce has to have these spectacular dunks during -- out of a problem that there's no injury there is a young person what do you like arm wrestling anyway and come up before our little different you get -- easier and an arm wrestling really uncontested dunk and the for the people bring up when you say some of the -- -- never be able to an uncontested dummy either told anybody you know. Because Kurt can land funny of course our correspondent elect. We get the -- of the -- of everything all gonna get heard he could get her and maybe so but it's also lead the megalomaniac. He is the ego maniac of -- of -- -- -- -- -- Well Jim as -- card gym. Now. Ignorant you know or let's say. -- -- dole out about game investor bought into the referees that receipt because. The first thing Obama does when he goes for the pay reduction that rim is he's such -- elbow in the gut -- -- Obama Obama. I don't know -- sort of yeah -- -- -- open or better. -- he can't do those it's not. Now that would be some that if he was to a dumpster -- know -- -- -- be a -- he's real good better than LeBron -- the debt ceiling yeah outlook Bryant yeah I think. That's what you -- -- yeah sure that's always and every time and yeah I don't differ have a house. Every time. There. -- -- -- -- -- state talk about -- it was it's a conversation. He has been right in allude to it but. And they -- asked the question. Too about. About how's that well yet about how she's gonna get special treatment. There's nobody has any doubt in their mind that he yeah I thought you know what it was ridiculous that he went that many minutes out of volatile could do that well that's right it's and that's all that is is -- that he has my respect has special treatment at the same time you need to prove my case every time he drives to the basket you could blow the whistle. If you want it to because there's guys -- -- you could do that for -- never -- him -- somebody you know with illegal contact. Yeah I mean what am I -- it all the time I saw the whistle every time but not every time I disagree instead of and -- it was great to the other night was. If you look this DeMarre Carroll of the Utah Jazz. You know Paul Pierce went off on them and -- Utah game right there they played he played a lot with Kevin Garnett appears to -- guys play out in LA. You know are the offseason and it Carroll was abusing them and it -- told them on the court -- -- And he said well you know what would play against each other I'm going to be getting those those of files I'm going to be yet knows calls. So he ended up doing that the other night right get those calls as -- arrested Tuesday and shouldn't of one key things you should not be. Two standards Marco in Springfield real quick Marco. I would also -- -- somebody. Are -- and I think if I look at them so interesting to people a bit like LeBron James as much a lot of it has. All you're not doing your gut dunk contest I believe the good it is it next to the decision. Is the biggest mistake you'll ever make. Not doing -- -- -- not doing it and he should do it because he's -- going to do that she should do it regal life we don't want him into it like lines. Period volleyed OK when you think about basketball you think about Jordan do you think about -- what the most famous symbol Michael Jordan. Now the free throw line dog. Rachel and Oakland. How you look at the all stars don't really do but dunk contests in morning Blake rep candidate got cleared to go there aren't that big man who has. An all star right. So it isn't like the home run derby that respect it's lost some luster it's definitely and you don't like -- -- I don't think it I don't think it -- much cluster of people like being attacked on its weakness. I think that they elected at it -- almost like a lack of competition okay 'cause I would think it'll Larry Bird call on the first three point content anybody around forty silly -- block while he's gonna win. It was Clinton should segment -- -- right right right right LeBron James is not that good. Okay but but listen here's here's my question to you the NBA's big showcase -- all the all stars -- there including LeBron and everybody knows he doesn't do a dunk contest and the other stars Tony the right. Right kangaroo it and I would -- but -- LeBron is okay -- doing his all dunking contest. Before the games so he can do what. Should -- to accomplish what. Not exactly. Exactly is that this week you know what evidently ego that big already does that make you wanna -- the the dunk contest. Well we live in Boston we had Larry Bird we Robert Parish we have Kevin Garnett. I think I remember seeing Larry -- effort -- I've seen of donkeys on -- you can say it but Larry Bird strike it people wherever you want and don't want it -- carpet he'd be an. Well no I right now I think there is something to that idea this thing is why. Blake Griffin in the bride Jane they don't want to lose to a Terrence -- sir Jeremy Evans not that I think they would but that's go to the who wants to see that Terrence Ross vs Jeremy Evans a -- an absolute hard core MB if -- you don't even know who these guys -- but the key is if you're gonna have a dunk contest make it good make the best -- will be what does that win here but it it's not that it should be Blake Griffin vs LeBron -- take rewrite.

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