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Thursday, February 28th Whiner Line

Feb 28, 2013|

You don't speak for me Maxwell!

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Views excuse views expressed and expressed. The wind like this car is like ET TE Chris Cox. Yeah discretion -- still. Morris. Is now -- warning airlines. Joining us on the phone -- -- Terrell -- why do you wanna talk to us from Boston we thought you hated us -- But don't want to talk to me and now after the AFC championship game you call them patriots Derek and Briggs. At February though you'd discuss a little more heat on it. Here WEEI. It was Maureen airlines -- -- -- that -- big old but I mean US big here. Dial 6177793535. I hate Drew Brees and indeed our great -- as Billy no rule was made part of -- -- -- blew out the pin. One guy guided. Return to -- is that Macon -- Got a bit -- -- well what do you think happened I don't know you don't meet this. Do it you know Robert craft beer -- it would be BS you're -- -- stadium. Got correlated called BBN. And that's a piece. It's a restaurant umbrellas not go crazy there's a restaurant below basic and now this very campaign. In the NFL are guaranteed other 318 in New England Patriots do you yeah I gotta gotta go we had a guy who could break through this important debate -- but I got a good about it. Until we just didn't start -- we got more questions. No bid that we got to do it again have had a blast but again that is. -- Article cast of training to use this bag until joking he's got to betray. Is it now before you hung up you know little sinister laugh in Canada that. So -- I had a blast. -- had a blasters because he knew that its national -- suggests. Let's talk about his movie. Is that is that they use them as it used to says there. The success of that introduction of this system. Paul so hard university. Which you stole. I'm too lazy to do. Michael had a serious journalist. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't people restaurant but you. Tied back in as Sam may change. With them I can -- -- last three words. Hi I talk in hell week that we like guys like he's the king of the politically we work duties the and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's ultimately takes described above the old. Yet. Works -- don't -- which is perfect almost insult my -- but you asked about are you sure that was the black. Ways. As in victory but are. Yet. -- It was march so I think. -- Anyway -- has brought to -- AT&T'S. WER and I was available and I told -- android device brought to you by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins with the most. -- coverage would like to stay at. That time actions all -- All. -- -- Okay. Yeah. A dollar a double all the -- and and he's still gonna. Announcement from me to its next. Time maybe two dollars to get those ones Max will not the dollar and if you missed the first part it shows that bus fare. Did the best weather but the big cat situation. That there is one -- so -- a guy goes way up to look at this guy is seriously I immediately. They don't quite so well where they had together. I expect to -- And that message. Garden guess that makes and operating for. -- -- out of yeah two nights ago and won a lot of little bit more about the call yeah this web site. Wanted to have but what I can only imagine what -- go to break I. And that message was covered life. We're gonna have from Morgan who did dissect all these false charities that these athletes have on their starting with a rod and cheesy. What you saw the picture right. -- they've -- they had a big give detonated in a given ninety dollars to a baseball team in Miami kids team. It is dependent blocks ones and -- deep -- And that ice -- right after -- up and a couple of what do you story you aren't all -- -- rivalry. Welcome from the -- For the -- who waited on line. And hopefully an hour's probably popular they don't have any good baseball and so this has nothing else the very focused wondering. Have a number of and it will focus. And did that yeah. Because -- Holdren a big show 45 is never. And that is on how I get which is kind of -- for almost an hour before regularly enough for the sake but -- say that -- -- a -- -- smoking a joint of some kudos. -- -- Awesome listener appreciation show people quality and given. -- would -- the team what I saw this 65 year old woman calls in my case that they don't like to. Like well I didn't feel my favorite kind of like jacket would. I just love actually Maxwell. -- Cedric and graduate Helen from Dorchester sweet lady think any. Problems such as quick as an iPod you Sedgwick that's an interesting that you might just have a spark a guy can't get that. About sector progress like it was a guy see that procedures these secret -- Jones and that whole set but it's exciting. Have a very very. Good morning though there aren't permanent health care goals good electric situation. -- And message yeah. George Clooney Tom Brady Kate Upton who else in the same. Roger hi Jeremy he's opted out. We wanted to should lose -- Hey don't like that I've. Thank you well. Lot of guys did not apply to execute keep apple and apple -- apple and people figure it out and I want to know your bode. Well. And that. Details don't give credit Suggs. Based on what. He plays the game exactly use -- I'm a stalemate on that one but I think corrupt. The watch now -- would -- And just yeah. The couple -- tradition. Tried to one established and they have a to manage just tough to guard. It -- but the root canals. All you can root canal region -- from those are on. -- while -- Maxwell. Helped create all black men BO Albrecht yeah. And no paper that reported what -- the best kind of. And now -- And now. -- -- -- And -- out. -- what Bob's job eating right all the -- the you know that Bobby hill with the quality speed cuts would know black people go to do that -- Cracker -- and our bad you know. It tests exams and little gravel that boards that line. And MacBook pick up the cracked good dominant united all of the dom. Dominant. A dominant. Top. -- -- Dominic you're talking about Freddie -- Bradley asked me demands would you do that practice against a dominant. A dominant the finals. You -- finals MVP in the NBA you look at that list. Finals MVP yeah. No I don't know jobs that only one every year my love -- my beloved Brothers I -- you can't find the child went away again here's thing about in that list that lives. That's probably issue what does he need this in India. Because you think about the repeat numbers of people bitten. And not might be one of those you thought I just enjoyed what what with the 5006 down about six X six that match that went a couple of times Larry won it one. What twice wise soul my name is among you know among you know the worst the worst player on the list I think. The worst guy might be Chauncey Billups and -- -- a look at out of that bad -- -- -- -- -- that's Mr. Big shot thunderstorm. Out of all the guys what finals MVP lead Parker. But that from terrifically as the Nigerian want is tiny. Right now to -- to anyone tells me if and it ran it one year and one of the media or charity Terry he's already won in Haiti Jerry Jerry was -- Rockefeller right there forever as they did yeah. Back to note that Larry Bird because before -- show that he was the big men -- -- team you know -- -- that occurred throughout the nick Martin Biron has been dating. And -- we actually -- away actually seven guys tool. All stars on the team. Well actually I subway their career maybe he should say that yet they they have been all stars -- the team. So I think that's which you should say sir I'll stick with us I have no jealousy a book about them at all and I thank the one of the guys right now is the mayor that your. Though he's so they said they didn't -- and I'm just telling people he's the mayor of Detroit like people don't know that -- -- is America's traumatized dance desolate. Had a career achievement. Answering yeah to be an Arab Detroit well he all big he only being steel see you know the baby was what those stores again. How many times do we seek. In the league who them -- from. Beard appeared to down here I don't think that -- -- can be found that I saw that -- hit -- in America -- might be. Don't know knows there and a I'd rather be was that'll let a rather be a lamppost and -- that they are mature and I had a battered bear -- Kwame Brown show. It. And act as -- -- -- -- and curled up. Do like it can't but what I can't help but what about -- developed -- what -- -- -- dialogue and I felt. I don't play but it's possible. I can't -- really yeah. Is I never thought. And just mention. -- -- well you know full well the record. Should have been critical. And just let it out of I don't she. This. Whatever it that that would got up Biden and they have. A vote. And and. The ballot. But records you know -- man. I'm sorry that it discretion. From six years ago when I apologize you professionals from. College day where -- can. Kennedy died. -- show. You have a problem if you tell the truth. I don't give. This person Scoble way. That's pretty good you know this guys -- all yet. As well it has been the mayor of Detroit not an accomplishment oh yeah forgot. An accomplishment is being a regular host of Boston. I would rather be integrated hotel and it sure better news talk. Fully to hold in the -- it. It's already bad apple more time. -- invited got a is that where you have it way out supported it cool news I think about public I think that it but the bottom walkway. And the. I won't and -- these. -- -- Brenda it is about a did our job of being abandoned the more out of it could cost or it would -- important. Now. And met with Andy was a Pope Benedict restrict quote interpret what -- -- starting Medina was opening -- model. Accounts. So -- strong words that Tom Brady thing this. Credit John Bennett but quietly on 1 of the morning calling galactic network and although. Walk out of the block. That's the end of it meant it. -- Talking if I am talking about that big fight and I have with the media. And I can't say exactly well it and it -- our rapid. And that message. During a poll wherever you join a bracket about media members frighten me remember MMA bracket our screen via media wars development -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- critical of pop icon. Edit colleagues apparently. -- -- called target practice I get the without thought we got a game. About eight part of -- on -- -- -- clock but if you want to go to -- -- he'd like to act like that -- -- don't want total vote I would -- need to take. And then I had -- and I Ali. He dedicated to -- I. And Karbala area at all about the various there's a lot of lives -- by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. But the most -- coverage in the --

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