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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/28/13

Feb 28, 2013|

Today's topics include most memorable NBA player performance at MSG, internet slang, athlete charities and more.

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Didn't know and then you know hey -- the NGOs or poor and toward more like -- yeah. -- it's orange ball. We could -- yeah. Are here it is 444 topics we haven't discussed will get right to own not exactly. What a -- With young Benjamin yes -- who is one of the producers along in Jerusalem segment. Where are you hear your Twitter quest for 1610610. Got to get. About 390. Amount about exactly 30309. The at least stop the 390 followers by tomorrow follow -- has -- follow -- on Twitter. -- young men as young that are out there and Benjamin young Ben WB yeah young -- WE I get it to a thousand this guy is not a game while between between Ali he's -- he's about to do podcasts economic he's gonna talk -- Did you guys walk into talking to people about soccer about -- soccer -- huge eye yeah another subject. In soccer you. Max I like it suited our number one wouldn't. Seven Perry dropped 54 points on the knicks' last night and ME ST what is the best visiting performance and MSG history. And six. Is it a soldier. Right now Paul why -- zone. Hillary. This eleventh Maria tonight. Eleven and nowhere I meant and today by guys should not beat -- may raise your I don't know I don't remember it ever -- -- -- Michael -- Well here's what Michael it's what he's. -- Oh after all why did you catch is that all by himself Bubba Bubba -- aren't happy about him. Self. -- However you know we don't taste so. Right now all by itself all bar here's himself you give me that rate the new gear. -- -- -- a couple from this that's -- go to the next one I gotta think I got a group Nam. It's got to be Jordan. Coming that was an -- second or third game back from playing baseball. And got the -- for about a year and half now. Is his fifth game yes so he scored 55 and a game but his last big play it was a pass the bill -- -- -- yet what assistant district by reports of what to assess. -- -- -- -- -- With a -- -- or Reggie Reggie Miller who got my fairway that's my favorite on Miller's all moment that's my fear 'cause that was a playoff game. And on top of that. You and -- -- bomb that addressed element to this really dish in the likes by my with -- 10 my god again. But boy did he stick a -- is in our -- might have a post vaccination shot up yet by -- it was it was it was prop -- did hold it is you know hold -- the ropes they you'd -- that joke -- -- a lot of invented -- out of wrote an hour apart her -- -- words in the hour. And that to me was the most dynamic. Presentation that -- I'd ever seen coming back and -- you wanna talk about also willow tree but the budget out my business really. Visiting players are you that you had a lot early retirement this where. Elgin Baylor had 71 points in 25 rebounds reduce red mountain the fundamentalist. And so. What -- hugger but I don't. You know it's all bad but that was in Hershey Pennsylvania -- usually Madison Square Garden. But you don't I think I think Elgin Baylor should give -- everybody in that era. To get fit. As scored 71 points -- load those load -- Estrada do you have left. -- thought well -- also lol or gains and those measures -- One with. A month ago that it recovers and zarrella chicks love. Posted did -- every thank you thank you. Thank you to -- the board to -- OK next question and a -- -- Good trip to write differently didn't mr. gore somebody is going to -- -- -- area and it's not going to be me okay. What was your. Tentative three you guys now what was your best individual performance on the field or court -- -- athletic playing career. Well going a blaze of glory what do. Time for a few doors fit fiscal. Okay. But what about the all right well it goes. It's got a bit of food for the and one. Apologize I'll reported today. Al -- got our rob Parker -- -- because a lot textures that Mark Jones from ESPN and he's. In the open a few worse is the you brought up it says you don't know what days they would have gotten him where and I'm like going. But error. And that's the black. Yes seriously yeah. I mean it does not only that you know witness and I said we don't rob Bartlett if I could drop popular. Among us. The there and so wouldn't I don't know or your greatest perhaps you is a bad it didn't -- I'd say the greatest athletic that -- -- it was well. Migrated tablet the achievement probably I would hate best game but it can be pro -- -- see -- would I was significance of it -- within the seventh game vs the lakers in 1980 war. 2488. In the championship game. You know my back. You're thinking about the team here now what about me now George I don't think about it opposite I'm sure you scored. In high school must have been by your sixty hope -- never score fifty in high school high school Allen may have played one year play when your heart and your high school basketball. So wasn't. They have that did everything college up by the school at third but only tell my score and a hired a number of points -- Zeljko. Pick up game. A rigged anyway it like. 49 and fifty something like Tampa. I'll always think significance of -- you said my best game. My biggest gain was that playoff game seven keepers is the lakers in 1981 pick in 1984 is -- greatest athletic achievement. My entire life on LeBron go on the front -- -- Mom if that's. -- Our. Athletic team was that it happened. Countered that actually happen. I was sitting on the bench at a basketball. In the coats Mary -- said Michael. You wanna go to Larry Bird my coach. And -- on troop it was a celebrity basketball. And Larry Bird it was what coach in the other coach was. With Jim Calhoun it would we're in complete support husband Larry Bird was the coach. They're watching would you buy my pitches -- drop him because scored. -- which -- immigrants a couple of its accomplishment but whatever. It was an area when we don't want to play. -- it was yeah you greatest accomplishment. Was labor which school. Obama. -- -- -- -- -- Just have what got a couple of game when he gets in baseball at it's it detonated its game with some great day winning breaking into -- and -- -- what I'd say my my fighters I haven't it was -- -- seconds left I was thirteen years old and -- hockey -- thirteen seconds left we played like 6:30 in the morning back in the -- he played like. You know we get screwed over time at the -- its merger play west more like 6:30 in the morning. And I scored the game winning goal with a second left I don't know how but it did like Obama almost to admit it meant to -- Q black and -- Yeah. You have you to join rob Parker this giant. -- and try to try to get a garden segment with the job. Aren't Boston Globe and as they on athletes and their charitable contributions. A-Rod shared report gives only 1% of money raised to charities Josh -- charity basketball supposedly gave 37%. A money race team. But her improve the health and wellbeing of -- and does this expose a change the way you think about athletes and their charitable contribution. No I think it goes individuals. Are you though because through a lot of guys who will make contributions that we don't even know about. That will just show up at a shall bill -- And have some kids there with them and don't have any cameras on them doesn't change my mind that think that sometimes week. Get too caught up in some of these. And look at Olympic title like about it every -- to scenes that are here right now. Hassey as a -- when they called it a foundation of things right. How many times we hear a foundation. You know what -- I think we -- all together in one. It is I think because you know week. You they want the attention of -- foundation. I think -- be better off just building didn't want Ingle from you know what I think -- If if somebody is is somebody has a foundation. Or is talking about. All they want to. I want to help kids with cancer. That that are up about a -- about you know with every every player. And a security. Detail with him. I remember talking to a guy that was into -- security yeah. -- was -- Augusta -- -- record you know he's on security for Walter McCarty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know about it. Miami but odds are not gonna -- you could -- they got a charity -- helping kids with cancer actually spending it to buy cars. To build a new house that needs to be exposed I think it's it's really. -- squeamish people talk about what this -- not doing enough. His philanthropy well he's god -- he's giving that I'm sick of giving 100000 dollars to 300000 dollars or one doesn't do this. What people when you're talking about philanthropy. It's a very slippery slope when you wanna criticized people for doing something they actually wanna help people. And they're doing it in the way that they feel comfortable. With what I was. I think about you can't go -- they graduate and cable as somebody else's pocket and count their money right you can't do -- we're gonna to sell out every ever buys so you just don't count the money I think. That that becomes a problem that you don't know what the shell of their pocket for some of these expenses and while I have -- -- there's some corrupt stuff out there we don't know that. But -- to -- that -- guys it's kind of this is off this crazy when you start thinking that way of people what they have to do with their money -- you can't do that are being fourth. Social media is change the way we speak to each other what social media phrases do you hate I am and show. And -- humble opinion. Oh yeah. Around it laughing out loud all. Yeah are -- now. -- gravel bed -- bother me as much as. LM EF OO NG at that story just as -- this is an awful band element. Or. I -- it's up. The first for some time that I I very rarely lose my cool what sort of read because and I elected Iraq for the people to -- spoken to knock them out connected -- -- when I post something. It's huge sports related -- of -- here on the show. Benefits of it for the sports related posts say. Argument example a couple of weeks ago when when the via creek classes being announced and I said wow how is that you watch submit look at these top players -- when -- Mississippi come. Hotbed ample -- it was a you know unique thing and a lot of positive stuff blogs and yet got it was not that and -- a moderate who cares. Now I would never want somebody else's website ever and say no matter what the -- say who cares that it its completely. Disrespectful but that's just me who cares who cares like it's the end that he writes on your on your website. Who cares it's not really as a social media sites that can regulate what is yeah. Part of it -- part of -- it's got to let a couple of generations these -- note BLO well -- when my values I use that because I want people know America which is noted I don't I -- -- DPP API. I'm I'm dating profile pictures I thought -- shot I'm optimistic but there -- certain phrases people -- -- -- may not that -- previously I got there's another one -- that they just just saying that big it's big statement that at the end. Dot but not just say I hate that -- that I've got it. RIH and IA is he WG I am I -- I think I was gonna -- -- means. Really I have no idea how about the web site got into my history. I'm gonna go with ma'am social media items -- John grandy this'll go all right stop right there the shot loves to two week and -- -- -- like why do you love Detroit the site. It -- to help people followed and shots amazing -- can actually do it gains. And tweet at the same time which is a little. Doctor says best DST. Bastia the worst were best to keep their their best these efforts. -- -- And a lot of people are saying who cares that he could arguably not a -- just say America get a whole lot of just say in two years. Absolutely -- -- I just say then you haven't. Not really. I mean I don't have -- ones that are particularly LO well kinda. Then you have to be a politician right now deter it to where. I'm trying to use social media and artists are gonna freezes I don't like you know just like you like them. Eight followers. Are gonna lose this bat until we have. 600 war. The sixth -- 640. Shocker as rabid soccer community I keep hearing about over. --

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