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Danny Ainge with the Big Show

Feb 28, 2013|

Danny Ainge joined Michael Holley, Cedric Maxwell and Pete Sheppard, this time with a decent phone!

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Are back -- a picture we've been talking a lot of basketball talk a lot about this guy and his team getting change. -- Danny age has brought you back while the installation and Lincoln technical institute and let's hope fingers crossed. That the connection is better this week with Danny than it was last week getting your own with Michael Holley Cedric Maxwell page ever was going element. We got caught great connection good so I remember I told you last week I'll I'll give you a lot of repeat questions because the the phone wasn't so great so I. I'm -- no way it in my own can go bad I mean. Oh yeah. But that's what before Josh Beckett tried this league really held up on us two or three times so we know we know that strict. It. Just -- you took exception when I said last week. -- -- didn't you said you would allow this team to get -- news that I never said that. Remember that they read our back cover the -- our back comparison with -- 1988 in the present. Whenever. I I said that I would have done those deals that went off -- and I would still be deal like like that they were presented and we never had any guilt like that presented the number tempted. Do you do you think. Because I've heard a lot of things said about your activity or any activity at the deadline. There's when you wouldn't wanna trade let's say if if someone comes to you -- -- wanted to talk about Kevin Garnett or they wanna talk about Paul Pierce in your situation. You've been here for a long time in your position. Do you ever do you ever consider that. There's a deal you wanna make in that ownership would like it do you feel like ownership would come in has that ever happen when you have a deal in place and ownership says. We can't let you do that does that never factor into any trade talks. No and RTY person while we. We -- some disagreement on what we we should do but it by IPO I if I word to. If I had a deal that I would die for that I would put all the marbles on the table or. I believe they would do any deal that would be that way you know unfortunately it you know both deals -- that most steal our. You know -- and on the you know there. 5545. And so that a lot of deals that are discussed there are disagreements internally between doctor itself. Ownership but you know a bigger deal that. For the most part we are on the same page of what we what are what are good deal of what -- We talked about this a Latin America speak for because people probably got his own question that's related to this but. People wanna know why why not move a guy like KG. Who's in his mid thirties and move a guy like Paul Pierce in his mid thirties. For somebody in their twenties and and obviously they don't have the -- -- that KG and Paul have but those are pieces that. You can use to build your future championship team with that make you better this year blood down the road why not just take these assets now. In testament for younger -- Well look first of -- if if I felt like there was a player that was in their mid twenty. It looked at peace to build round and it wasn't just. You know rotation player as an example. But it was actually a building block. A future star or future all star or you know one of those pieces then we probably would spewed out. But they're far and few between that and I don't see anybody even -- -- way for aging veteran. Denny won that things if you you know I've talked about before was. Maybe just in trading in general that trying to find trading partners. What really prevent it all the movement this year because it seemed like the -- a lot of talk to the lava smoke but that they ended the day did the that the agreement between the players. Did that really have that much effect on the movement of players this year. The agreement unless directly indymac. Well just talk about the the collective bargaining agreement. Well so I don't predict what I think the collective bargaining agreement at a little bit to do with it because. -- for the first time this year we experienced some of the new rule bargaining agreement. Which affected. Which -- we are basically. Functioning under a hard cap. Because we chose you to mid level exception. Being attacked. So that -- -- that. Stifled some movement I don't think it really prevented it from doing too much -- the stupid it found ways financially to do. Deal that we wanted to do that we were talking about doing that it did have a little bit of I'll hold. Second of all I think that. It's hard to find trading partners people are reluctant to trade is so much scrutiny there's so much. Evaluation. On all that talk show and all the media. Well I think sometimes people get cold -- you talk for three weeks about doing deals at the very last it is. You know they want -- much left field it is really easy to sell. And don't -- at least you're not good enough for the other team. So the so if you re what do you need to do. If you afraid what you need to do then. Well here it. I. They'll let me ask if you were able to get the deal that -- you know for Paul -- if there wasn't a deal up there that you were rivers accepted. Do you think if you approach Kevin what do you softened his stance at all on his no trade if that clipper deal was indeed true do you think that would have made a difference. I I don't know the answer to that and we never got it -- point. So I don't it it it doesn't even matter he he has earned the right. To dictate his destination. And that we never got close enough to. A deal for either one of them to even have those -- state. No one thing that. I don't what does it surprised me because earlier this guy was. At times. In your top eight in the and at times you he didn't get off the bench Jason Collins but he is a big guy you don't have a lot of big guys. Was it difficult for you and I feel strange asking the question don't bring that that there are some limitations to his game though the -- with a with a typical for you to move. Jason Collins as partisan as part of that Jordan Crawford deal. Sure. Yeah nobody wanted to -- Jason. But you know I think that we're Jason has been hit career. I think that -- as a player. The plays the role that is a little bit easier to find -- Jordan Crawford who is a young. Potential we'd like Jordan Crawford when he came out of college. -- guys that we had contemplated a draft seen -- done a lot of research on studied a lot in. We've always liked Jordan and he's -- young -- that scoring. You know eighteen point -- per 36 minutes are up the bench and he's the unique player and yeah I think it's system much more valuable assets current or former editor right now. Danny looking that if players that you said view of that word you Nikko went things I really see is how LeBron James now has developed into. I don't even know what I'm not sure what description. Output on him when I'll watch him. You know it was -- -- a great player but now it's elevated his game to another level can you describe him war. Players that might have been like him before. You know Max he's one of those guys. You know the first primary respond the first five minutes. I questioned whether. He can beat one of the best basketball players that are upper lip to ending the seventeen years old. At that time and any have a similar body probably ten -- fifteen pounds heavier now. It at all but he was so -- it be -- he'd probably it. Shoot past Drupal. But he was the smartest guy on the court the most intense guy on the court the most unselfish guy on the court. And you know I've been one of those people that even though LeBron not perfect. And he's been under a microscope from the time he's been a young man. I would not -- I think he's done a pretty good job and Glenn orbit about the city you'd better and so now people are it. -- recovered spaceship airman Michael Jordan I think it's still too early but I. He just get better and like Michael you know now start to make mid range jump shot three point shot and it's -- Virtually unguarded bull who says school. You know what one person he's you guys do -- people department he's making shots like it is. They appear that we upgraded he misses. The refs are calling files on Syria's advantage to. For the most part but it but don't look -- But you know what it impairs. But he earned a lot of that -- but Michael I -- didn't know who is that. There's Smart and their clever they know how to use their bodies they have such great anticipation. That they do a great job of avoiding well. Now they are worth the daddy and that and those are -- it just -- question about how say. Amounted to echo your comments I remember seeing him in a practice. His senior year in high school he's playing football at the time. It is may have in his junior year he played football so that team had a a playoff game he was late to the practice. He comes into practice the energy level. Goes up 25 times. Players were asking him instead of the coaches what plays they were supposed to run. And he was giving them chapter and verse on why they were running certain place. Absolutely a prodigy. Let this guy if he can guard 34 positions he can go 254. Minutes. Without having a -- column I know we Smart and I know we strongly anticipate but it really is questionable for an aggressive. Player. To go that long look at a -- attacking the -- to wow. Read that they -- that's what I mean that's why he's ahead of everybody he's mentally the other players playing again and typically. And the official that -- got a good -- you know how to. You know and to. The cell he knows how to -- not getting a call bite you know sort of your arms up where you look at itself giving the callable into the hole by a waiting. Beck contacted. By your body movement mean. He's he's a very good player and I wanted to you don't blow it out of proportion but -- -- -- -- -- -- game today. Without question and you know wouldn't -- certain he could be one of the best players of all -- They'll talk about Paul Pierce and -- repair system for a second here about. How bad is this neck pain that he's dealing with and do you think he's gonna need some extended rest in the future and to me the same go to KG. The greens these two guys incredibly have been. Fairly healthy for most of the season. And I don't wanna be you know -- negative here but. You concerned about that the fatigued on the stretch with those two guys. Yes always AM and you know Paul is -- -- In and they take good care of themselves and -- the that you think that they eat grass. If we have any chance of winning play out about or being in the book it's brush. -- And then you know Paul nick -- I think it sort of comes and goes but there was a stretch when it when we were in a losing streak. I actually think that might have been one of the biggest actors all the not a 100%. And yet he continued to play. Our best -- who all is but I think it doc is determined to. -- cut spoke at minute Paramount that we have a little bit more depth on the bench and get some more bodies in here. That's a that's a big part of the second half dispute that you remember how he. Are -- it will get you out of here on this question and you have some inside information you have to confirm. This Cedric Maxwell story where he says he taught. Kevin McHale every thing he knew when he used to dominate Mikhail. M practice to reform. What will say this side you know Maxwell. With a great veteran. On the team in -- have a lot of tricks. And had a great sense of humor he -- here even the that they think he I am not sure he's matured much. He goes. Tickets -- -- Very knowledgeable. Veteran players and I think it -- he would have a very positive in Oakland. You know on the game and thinking and on myself and evidently he -- have an ally in the got a lot of trick that the -- And that because because Max was not very at lot at. -- did you know what I greatly. Oh all right your idea. Out of the anti week Danny and always talked about. You because I wasn't that athletic. We really this week we kick the crap out of stereotypes. Always -- -- Wednesday. White black player when I went to apple led by the I was really -- -- -- -- Danny loved you -- say that it is I would say the same thing but definitely. To you very gifted than you might be black likely you don't use -- yields which have not walked so. So we went out that's how we would kick the crap stereotypes that we love where there is quite quite. A I. -- -- -- -- as dirty before everybody gets fired up the horrible bloodbath -- at experts are we'll talk to you next week. Say -- get a ticket -- phone calls that went 777 gods seven countries seven techsters. Seven -- 237 back and compliment.

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