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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on the NBA Trade Deadline

Feb 28, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins the show to discuss the quiet NBA trade deadline and how close she thinks the Celts were in making a deal.

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Got mocked a dig down and show up I'll kick your ass like it no problem doing and -- -- It's the money in Maloney showed this is -- Rondo. -- got a lot to -- -- Maloney who in my blood Sports Radio WEEI. I know what he offers were. He wouldn't have taken a I'm sorry I mean it does not that was a little too like just cut drive like it was so obvious all this stuff is difficult I'm willing to admit that we make mistakes I make mistakes. In looking at things it's not perfect that's sort of the fun of it is that you don't know whether trades can work or not. But we did not receive good enough offers to make any moves last week. And the deals just weren't there there were some things are working interest in in other teams pulled out and fell through almost like a Ford team. Complicated trade with all sorts of guys moving around and we were. Thinking about it and then got the call that you to the other teams that we were even talking to. They were just also involved -- we were really our contact. They both pulled out so be it just happens that way we didn't have the deals to do. Celtics CEO would -- -- studio with us earlier in the week it's -- -- 93 point seven. WEEI Celtics enjoy almost the second all star break of sorts the play. Once in a week next game at home against gold state on Friday night joining us on the -- outlined Jack -- budget by HSA insurance do wells and dental partners. And by -- -- Ford Jacki -- said the trademark good enough -- surprised the team did not make any major moves last Thursday. No I really wasn't. -- because. You know -- we were joking about a week before O'Reilly about all these great scenario then and then you end up with Jordan Crawford nothing -- Jordan Crawford by the way. And it's just says that's. Had to be a perfect storm threat to pull off the kind of deal the magnitude. Of video that we are hearing about which KG. With Paul Pierce both those -- major major deal. Everything have to follow -- and and I I believe -- I believe when he said they they didn't get what they want it but I do believe that. Yeah and yo here we are now week passed it billion things start to sort of illegality -- here and information do you how close were they in your opinion -- make some big. Well I think they were in the next. No doubt about it. And I think the clippers are pushing hard to get Garnett there's no doubt about that either and but how closely that. They really the one you have -- -- this -- -- -- don't you really in the end. Because -- he's he's helping him earn that particular deal and and the reason I didn't think anything would happen is because Garnett. And pierce were tied together as far as I was concerned in other words -- the Celtics -- gonna pull the trigger on pierce. Think Garnett would have an interest in leaving if they didn't pull the trigger on here leaving the -- didn't have an interest -- -- it Garnett had ever gotten treated. You know pierce who won the idea that's just how it. They're tied together so that -- -- it's so complicated it's going to be an all the talk about Lawndale my goodness you don't. Have value in trading the guy with a blown around need to nobody knows. How the surgery went or how we can recover ammunition silly talk. You know I was we don't know where it was like behind the scenes there Mattel -- did he really was into and we've we've seen in the past he's not he's not shy so he's imagining that. Trade deadlines an opportunity to do some things as a general manager. I'm moving forward it's got to be frustrating me be the team backs out change the tray it is says we put it a little scared. To pull the trigger could be for Australian. Brought to you got to remember that every team has different reasons for making the deal. Sometimes it it's just it's obvious that can be you're trying to make seeking better sometimes you're trying to dump salary. Sometimes you trying to -- anything in the seats you know. And think about it if what you say for argument sake they traded away Kevin Garnett for Eric Bledsoe in DeAndre Jordan. And the -- or some version of that. So unpaid resale cake and that's getting older he can you know he's -- the end of the road. He is that the hard for the team but we gotta think about the future we're gonna take these two young player that accounted. But you know that casual fan. You think they're gonna come around to see Eric Bledsoe -- -- Andre Jordan play but really didn't like he KG break. So I'm not saying enough but the celtics' mindset was but that could be the mindset of many other teens who had similar situations that they were dealing. The jury with doc on Monday night -- that wind against -- all of the overtime win was the best win of the year for the Steve. But it was one of the most critical -- -- -- saying that because then you're playing a team that. Almost unbeatable at home that's a real legitimate playoff team with a lot of muscle up front. And you lose that game and you come out of a disastrous road trip to -- because they wouldn't -- If they -- that -- and I'm Gloria. If we become had a disastrous road trip and here we go again in the hole. Post Rondo euphoria or whatever it all gone and that's what's wrong the team and he should've blown all sorts of things when this started happening so. And that way it was a critical win. I love how they want to. Cannot say that because it but the popular he's been unbelievable since Rondo went down his you know if -- if I think that but when you get at the end of the game you start doing that I took steps and it worked in the -- god -- he had some amazing shots. In regulation and in overtime. But what kept this team going when -- went down was the exact opposite of that. It was moving the ball around not having Avery Bradley passage appears very nice so not having Jeff Green stand in the corner. -- -- -- You know with two seconds left on the shot clock he got to move the ball that's when director best -- they don't continue to do that. I think down the role in the long -- it's gonna hurt him. Yeah and then on you look at the way that game in public he said and I'm just curious you know Jeff green is a breakout game in Phoenix. And and part of the whole thing with with Pearson I was -- I know wasn't a great deal but I thought that -- freedom Jeff -- get -- starlet I almost wanna see him. The guy Leighton -- take a shot etc. have with Paul here. Well you know. It intends to Apollo the one -- that green had every member on the -- up my goodness ladies do when they get a shot clock violation he would just to go a little hole that. He and -- and then you ought to do it because. We've seen him do it you know I sat down with gas for the war and peace on -- I think it was a week or so maybe two weeks ago and he admitted you know what it is not my nature to want to score every time I touched the ball it's not how I was brought up in the basketball world it's not what I learned at Georgetown. Anyone can only be aggressive be aggressive be more aggressive he said. I'm you know it's it's not -- nature I'm truck and trying to force myself. To be something that then I'm not used to being and they know I have to do it -- Craig Mello they had their rebounding can get in his contract. To make a rebound more to think more about rebound which. So I think. We can talk about this before with green if he he's not he's not a professional score like the Paul -- if he's not interested in being in that. And it and sometimes he just gonna have to force himself to do things. That naturally. Don't come naturally to him. CN that the quote that that most struck me in your story on ESPN boston.com you sit down with him was I know what people want. They want to believe polls that they want KG they want Rondo guys -- confrontational. When you say out of his comfort zone Jackie. How much of it is that part of it that he's doesn't he's -- -- called relax guy he doesn't play doesn't have that aggressive nature like those guys he just mentioned. Yeah and it's it's it's a little bit you know he has like John and John Thompson said people have been asking to be something he ended his entire career and when you have that much talent. That's the way it goes then she. Millions right by the way if you need a little bit about -- about guys with -- that's what that's what we love around here yeah love park site that's what everybody loves -- And I will tell you this Jeff green is one of the most thoughtful actually can ever been around he's very intelligent young man he he knows became. Any had a lot of talent and we might just have to be we might have to just accept that what he had. And then he's not going to be you know could be the analogy that I always use this to Larry -- had a guy down on the ground right. And he's got his foot on the throat Larry he's gonna take its foot and -- that -- -- you know. Kevin McHale at the same guy down on the ground he's gonna -- and it's sad he's had enough and walk away that's how some people are. You won the Texas is probably best that -- a question while he was almost double rouge on Rondo is he sitting back watching the style basketball and and didn't ilk in the message gets sent to him listen this is a great way to play the game moved the ball. Your better talent you can do about another but we need to get out of view any return any chance he sits back and watch is the way this team is playing right now. Why I say yes dad and and that a lot of people scoff at me but I I don't think people give Rondo and -- credit they think and another. Guy -- very intelligent basketball player with a high IQ who. Who deal can be -- no question all those things. But I think we have chance to sit back and look at things. He he kind of kept to himself and and reviews that I look at it differently now how much is he paying attention to what's going on I would think a lot I think a lot I'm sure he's talking with his teammates since. And you know -- -- -- him when he comes back what he wants to do with with this. Some sometimes the best he can do is sit and watch and you don't ever want that to happen but I haven't played have you heard say. You know I really benefitted from just had no choice that would turn I had to sit there and watch and I learned a lot about our team here that all the time. Acrimonious PM Boston is joining us with this lawless is a chance I guess to kind of look back and sort of where this team isn't. They're in seventh place in the Eastern Conference you know they have a one and a half game lead over Milwaukee and they have now. A seven game lead over Philadelphia the -- thing has been a disaster is there anyway in your mind. -- eighth Philadelphia seven games back of the celebratory Toronto seven halfback. Are they threats all Jackie or is this Celtic team in your mind pressed the stretch likely playoff team it's somewhere in that 8 team Eastern Conference mix. Yeah I really do think they're a playoff team and send them the Philadelphia I think you're right it has been a disaster and I feel for them because I I paid I don't blame them for taking a shot at -- that I've I've shot at the time that would connect. Give them a chance to conduct constituted they were always going to be a low level playoff team know what to personally had. To probably agency team to -- I don't know that'll happen this year but they've got some really nascent talent you know. I think something good can happen for them down the road but I don't know that it can happen if she could. I think it would be a colossal disappointment. If the Celtics don't have the to the playoffs and I'll be shocked if they're not there. Yeah you look at announcing almost the locks the question is now stay out of any spot right. Right right and and you know I think there's still opportunity for them to move up you know this week coming up an interest in you get. They're playing column with the exception of Kelly you're next five games all playoff teams. You know Golden State comes in. He even had a political rescue should be able take care business and home and then you get -- -- get the weekend off to me like three days off to go to go that little mini road -- -- Philly and Indiana. -- you can make a good killing at against the patient that the great and you -- when you play Atlanta. So I mean the only chance to do some -- some damage over these next five games let's see what let's see what they do -- bit. When you look out west we spent a lot common lakers and they're not there an afterthought now they'll get and they won't get and I don't care but San Antonio's -- -- Jack. San Antonio and they don't get the glitz and don't get the glamour don't get the attention but all every year. You mix up the cast the characters but as -- Popovich and Duncan and Parker are there. They're a good team at this point they they have the best record. That's in the NBA but I know what unless -- -- -- BMB 45 and fourteen what is it that makes Popovich so good at keeping that team on track year after year. Well I think it's the same thing the mixed doc Gooden and you know the two of them are good friends and they found they talk a lot about coaching in the book I think the big thing is they make their players accountable. And they get their veterans to buy in and once they buy in -- the veterans make the players and inside the locker room accountable that's how it works and you know Duncan. Leo I I really thought Duncan went at the end of the road after last year he would have recently prompted his knees proving Iran had a great great year -- theme -- -- -- MVP kind of two months here he's been. Other worldly he's been really really good but you know it's not just them you got title energy got all these young -- to make a huge difference on your team. And please you know could -- normally I loved you know went on my all time favorite players. But he had trouble staying healthy and in the past that really hurt them but it doesn't much anymore because you got all these young -- Symbian are making huge contributions on that team. They did a great job of rebuilding. On the fly kind of like think with the Celtics were hoping to deal and that they've just done a masterful job of it and that's credited Archie Buford and the guys in the front office because. Go look at where they draft and the players they get it pretty amazing. But that's my last question circle back to the Celtics because they don't move Pearson and -- Garnett pierce says this. One year left Garnett has a couple -- tell us he expects unions -- to be very busy months not just for his team at the NBA. Do you feel that same way jacketed they're gonna have to find a way to. You know rebuild on the fly with two guys who are getting an early -- you have an expiry how difficult is that going to be for the Celtics do you think. Well I think we're in the middle that I think that's what they're trying to do right now as we speak and you know it had mixed results and the course you know who could -- Rondo going down and and I think we're all happy idea now that this team is better without -- are we having been passed down although we all I can. Not everybody and they gave possessions that you -- the team and all you watch any game you go boy -- -- was there they wouldn't be taken 242 shot clock violation of the enemy and. I'm glad we've got that out of the good so you know I think that is what the Celtics are trying to do and have been trying to do. And at some point do they pulled the trigger trigger particularly unpopular years. You've got a decision to make with him with that partial guarantee next year. You know they they had some big decisions to make it so be really interesting to see what they do. Jackie is always great talking basketball if you enjoy the weekend all -- -- next week. OK you said to have to do one more thing right I gotta give a shout out to -- don't -- women's basketball team. Last weekend upset the number one team in the country which by the way is Bentley. And upset them over the weekend our local kids. Merely Dixon from wildly AG Ewing who is like an honorary member of the McMullen and royal family from western Massachusetts. And I am just telling you know as a lot about our Rendell but Bentley install women both of them are going to be in the NCAA if you want peace and great basketball. -- check them out got to do it for the don't believe that was a huge win. Great plug Jacqui good stuff I don't know -- here are great stuff for you as always we'll talk to next week I I hijacking a mullet ESPN Boston joining us when Jackie joins you guys know this. Brought you by HSA insurance by Newton Wellesley dental partners. And by drum hell for we get a 92 break keep Evans. Play for the patriots saints and dolphins are he will join its bottom of the hour we'll pose the question him. Is this really going on across the NFL the players are looking.

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