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Reaction to the Heath Evans comments about Brady's contract

Feb 28, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to Heath Evans' comments about Brady's extension, what the Patriots will do next, and Terrell Suggs.

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If I NFL player the first thing I'd say Tom Brady is -- pitch. Believe you I suppose an aggressor here and in this corner that he's. Harder for the agency -- but it did do the job to get the Max money so yes probably great for the patriots great patriot fans not great for the rest of the screw you -- without really think you are sending a letter like that it is is some decision. Oh because you have to it that you happened to be. In this very rare situation where you have a wife who makes multi million where you have that house with a moat around it we are building a castle in Brookline quote elicit demand the people screw you. People what you need to make the money you have a short window to make that money I don't like aggression neither you know we're not I -- I kind of market to do radio for cheap money screw you right you're hurting the market but not everyone lives in that bubble. -- what ridiculous thing to say I'm decidedly I don't I don't give up he's good at playing quarterback he's brought the best quarterback of all time that it crept populist message from some guy that's living a royalty lifestyle if an NFL player I'd -- to break what -- set up -- movement on. There's there's two parts of the media -- never wanna be equated with one I don't know what I'm talking about what should people don't -- -- talking about I don't know they are but you could do you know. They'll make -- apologize we've done they want for not knowing what to talk about it didn't commit to. The idea that they actually think that this is gonna affect other people's contracts. That was -- Comcast last night with their crew. Thirty sevens -- -- a couple of minutes ago it's much loot 93 point seven WEEI. And it. The boys talked about this quite a bit this morning you know -- always fired up admittedly. Because he felt like -- missed. Then it did not portrayed correctly. What it happened you know the idea that Brady sought out John deaths. And sent this email and -- to be put out there in the open about making less money. A crap was that crap popular thing that is quote that was used -- instead it was as Dino talked about a lot today. It was a Dino reaching out to Tom Tom replying at the end of assaulting. I think -- pretty pissed I think -- for bringing up -- up whatsoever very I don't ideas that get a big story this discussion. In knowing Fred bring it up anything that would go with number emailed them to cross street. I think to be just as angry with snobbery that you think course not all being sarcastic at. If somebody over there and got an email back and forth. That John Dennis got it would've been an issue and couldn't answer like that by two guys and liberal writer and it would have been honesty I got a name well. I'm Tom Brady were tight target for an. Instead it was just a sadness in his agendas everywhere OK but the thought and I'm just surprised that you know those guys talking about it and and how it's gonna affect the lead we re really believe it just bring it up but -- some in this market signed for cheap dollars to do radio it's a bit different -- NFL is why you look at me would you -- once and it will I got to look at me and say guys or more might -- I was up -- it was this -- -- cypress fine. This and I want you don't want him leaving. Okay and anything yet what you feel that you leave. But at a possibly different. If one team -- -- says I'm not gonna pay that amount of money because of what Tom Brady didn't know wing wouldn't fine I'll go to the other 31. And someone's gonna pay me and not bring up what called Brady made putter held second affect anything. If you think they actually believe when people say about loud and an order to point those guys -- in general the idea that. And we said he -- to play in the NFL so the idea was ridiculous and we said yesterday. We thought for a small percentage of people have an effect across the league it's a joke to try to compare it that linebacker at quarterback was that a boat that they believe or. Is there an anger about. John -- who works this radio station not across the street. Getting the correspondents from radio while away their station carries the -- to York that's a net asset to get the -- been fine but. It ought to think that that's gonna really affected that what the patron -- continue to say that they always have news. You know if you want the most money not going to be here. Tom -- where it's always that. You know is the biggest contract probably not going to be here but -- or take a million -- or 1000005 less or one last year to come here because. We we have a chance to win a championship every year. You we've won once since you know all four we have a chance. You'll be playing in the playoffs. You most likely at a very good chance you're playing an AFC title game. That's the draw that's why you take a few bucks less it's not because at a -- Brady's new reconstruction or no extension in everybody's face. This why don't get is this the same text -- over and over on the ATP -- -- franchised out for quarterbacks over a million. It's not just because of Brady one point three it's one point three because of Brady and Roethlisberger this idea that. Brady costs go to one point three in our thousand according to any idea about -- it's been a very capital that Drew Brees and Payton Manning and the quarterback that's -- and twenty million dollar hit on a -- gap year. -- think -- those discussions as it happens every year but is it because. Brady did it. Roethlisberger did it. Or is because he drew. Or -- Stafford or -- Peyton or Eli. All he river's board now the top -- that a five top five guys in salary cap it's a black -- year. Try to put a team around you can we restructure. Before also -- Flacco might lose more money before before that but the tag on. Exercise active NFL players are saying I believe them over you guys or -- them. Given active NFL player who -- here's the active NFL player I got them according as a teammate Brady what do -- say it's a reminder Tom -- great teammate. We have any other active NFL players the record complaining about Brady's deal to express some of -- senate along -- mr. -- fine. But as far as I can tell there's no active NFL player. The -- mounts and boy Brady Sox. Won an a hole -- -- do this. Instead the one I'm not that I am at forty -- was the -- if I'm a free agent linebacker wide receiver. -- free agent period. How the hell is that could affect what I -- someone needs to explain it to me. In my is my age relation to say while Brady Scrooge -- quarterback I don't care if your corner -- safety pretty screwed you out. I don't have an answer that's what I'm hearing a lot of positives going you want my player you want to jungles and of what's coming into that maybe he won't make the highest amount of money because doing it just doesn't do that before. Before Tom Brady -- restructured his deal before he gave Olympic cap relief it took an extension who by the way everybody believes that come 2015. It won't be 789. He's gonna make more money be pulling at a high level. How does that affect another wide receiver and a sleek. The gallery hasn't. Or already has been a -- -- to take a little bit less. That's the way it's always -- That's the way they do business. Because they lower players because you get a chance to win year. Well if they really believe their wrong or just don't believe it your pit stop because. Another guy got the story directly from -- mountain and other way to -- -- filtered out of it if it has shipped just go 49ers and in the Baltimore Ravens. And your green bail whatever I mean there's is a the seminary teams as -- same thing is going to -- get a chance to win needle that they're saying that they're free agents. Picnic a little bit less open their Rogers. Would you want -- Peyton Manning will take a little less. There that's a good teams do. With the without Ben Roethlisberger restructuring or number he restructured so we had added to the commerce say. With your calls coming up at 6177797. 937. You can Texas on the eighteenth -- -- -- at 37937. Final hour your calls no one hour we're not a three point seven WEEI sort of football issues with the with 617779. 79370. Can text that's on the AT&T text line. At 379837. Before get out of here at 2 o'clock a -- Give you a couple different stories about people who -- -- they are aren't good at people you decide who's the worst of these people. And they range from a taxicab driver people market of people. People who are not good people on judge those people you're gonna judge and you're gonna be judge and jury nothing you wanna be about how to make you in this case yet. Decide who's the worst of the bunch because he gets them back I had a stack of bad people. On this list that some bad bad things. He'll decide between now at 2 o'clock in your phones at 6177797937. AT&T -- live 37937. Up there our poll question. -- -- prince of pop -- do you believe there NFL players. -- upset at Tom Brady for accepting -- deal below market value. Can text your answer right now yes or no to 37937. It's 379837. Do you believe there NFL players said Brady. If not below market deal yes or -- to 37937. About NFL agent. -- be representing our quarterback and a big spot right. Only guy that is affected right now is a franchise quarterback Joseph Flacco. Who stands to loose ball one point three million dollars because of what Brady and Roethlisberger did a restructuring. Libya so let's go to Joseph Flacco is agent Joseph went -- -- package of anything to do any impact now no impact whatsoever -- what we're doing he said USA today. The bottom line is with a break to a pay cut it took 27 million dollars a year. Whatever it wouldn't have an impact on what we're doing we've determined the number that we think is fair with respect that a ravens cap situation. And that's the point. If the Baltimore Ravens go to Joseph linked up and bring up put Peyton Manning and he would Tom Brady is done. What Ben Roethlisberger has done to get that cap number down. How was second affect his agent still valuing his client. The ravens play hardball -- Franchise may and we walk and be like every other team out there searching for quarterback take it to the next. That's right don't get it. You want free agent players. Dwayne -- is a free agent. It's gonna go to a team had to -- -- Hewitt Tom Brady didn't. Talk how does can't possibly happen Tellme. Well I I'd I'm with -- -- we are we actually agree on this I see no scenario where. Tom Brady's contract has a ripple effect not to be fair Brad blank -- an NFL agent talked about this to Bloomberg News. And -- it could have a chilling effect. On the National Football League in terms of free agency but -- went on to say. That -- unique case -- Heath Evans -- -- from NFL player last hour that -- unique he's done this before it's BM all. If this for the first time maybe that is the second time he's done so if you're a player. You're gonna give up -- ago OK all will -- -- Where the freeagent we go here's the deal of India always say if they can choose where you gonna bring up Tom Brady's contract in an assignment this deal okay. Then what you gonna do is because we're basing it's an effect is actually gonna get seven million in 2015. Eight and sixteen in 917. Promise me that when the patriot to restructure Tom Brady's deal. And give him more money you'll give me the same amount. Get a look at -- sit here and Saudi deal right now. Based on what Tom Brady made or have it affect the market it only two years from now find out the Brady's not make it 7819 and nine rather. Instead it's 171920. Point twenty point to a 25. When this salary goes up our mind to go. To a second happened. Does that affect anybody. -- affect anyone in the NFL outside of the franchise quarterback money that's my opinion this isn't like arbitration numbers you know like in baseball. -- arbitration as comparisons. You walked in the third year he put up numbers you try to finally got to compares to you find what he made in his third year -- say you know what. The economic seven point two was third -- get similar numbers to -- to -- seven point two. In this this is free agency. You watney Amy you bring up Brady collect. What's the next team on the line you wanna bring a pretty. Unless the entire league is gonna is gonna is in collusion and go to bring a -- everybody. Might affect -- that's not gonna happen. At some level I think the players recognize that. Brady took away some as a leverage -- he could play out the final years of his deal kept -- salary cap number 21 and a half million bucks the next two years and -- 2000. Beat 2015 right into that season OK my deals up on 38. With three Dubai deal now and not give the patriots any flexibility next two years he's done that. And at some level he's taken always leverage now what you settle Borges is right. He could go back in two years renegotiate again and get more money because that's in the TV money really get a bump up but for now. He's taken away is only leverage and say that other NFL players look at that say screw you on top of the fact. That two years ago -- forget this already. Bob Brady put his name on a lawsuit. Against the National Football League. As a star player. As one of the premier players in the league -- -- away from this Michael Jordan it's criticize all the time. The gain a league issues in and political stopping just wouldn't want noises and wanna get involved wanna play make my Nike money and be a money move on. Brady was one of the guys what -- they on the freaking lawsuit. That got you more money in the NF your player right so he can't sit here today. And try to convince me that there -- players around the league -- pissed about this or that -- -- player you would say screw you -- Tom Brady. As was the -- espouse last night. Texas as you guys don't get you're missing the point. The point that is trying to make is that the -- average NFL player. Is on league for three to five years is so in that time if you're Smart. Need to get every dime he can't be able to support your family the remainder. Of your non employed life so that's the argument what does Brady's contract. No actually have to do those later union member what do you say to Tom Brady. Period of the player in the league what do you say to Tom Brady. What make you money. In what Tom Brady due in 2010. We get a four year extension of the patriots number remember that. 72 million dollar guarantee 48 and a half you know what that then that made -- the highest player highest paid player in NFL. The case -- he went for his and he got his. 2010. I realized the injury is right there behind them it's -- his mind I'm not gonna play forever. I want a contract and pay meet the highest paid player in NFL and he got that in 2010. So he has made his money. He set a market that apparently for everybody so that did all the free to stencil like garlic Brady did good for him thanks for us. Helping me out in a bigger deal because he's the highest paid player in the league. And I says an extension everywhere just tumbled three years 27. I'll be shocked if he -- seven million dollars in 2050. That's delegates as -- -- shocked about the lawsuit this is gone back to April 2011. Okay. In wrapped pork brought about the time for the Boston Herald rating was one of ten players in ball in the lawsuit against the league -- Brees Manning Mankins Von Miller. All these players were on there. Brady's name his first name listed alphabetically just down to the third letter and a breeze. Analysts believe the time quote. The could taint the alt universe quarterbacks marketability because -- put his name on there's a dispute going on and it goes much further -- everyone involved and it. The sports business analyst mark gains and his name being first and foremost what may turn out to be divisive action is not positive for him. Most people would invest in Tom Brady they don't wanna add -- -- do with that unless -- remains. Part out people that sports and big people that support big business. They don't necessarily want athletes taking personal branding risks that big business of big business being business as what it says here that it by the -- So the players were fight the league at that time had Tom Brady put his name. Brady street cred among fellow players is respect you can't put a price on. He put it in Iraq that lawsuit in two years later they got the money they get a football player outs and other Gary pit bull crap. Bull crap. Jays open main talking about Brady in the salary cap with subject. Shouldn't they got it on. It is certain number eighteen and that's the -- And so one union member takes less money. It would create more money or other union and kicking -- money and but he. It's are -- her on the fixed pool of money. Yes yes and and you know it's some. I -- 300%. And one texture of the pointed out and businesses. And thank you Tom Brady 'cause he just gave his money as someone else and a team require the next two year. So that -- -- that it shall flak about -- or group -- that it just go to another member of the can only go to Bob Kraft. Yeah you'll -- -- percent to -- they'll spend the money. An open about a team around so go to somebody else. If you did an interview. Because in your -- It's to a thirteen to -- could -- around and -- the beauty I think that we have two million -- to pay off their talent. Right in the -- gonna get spent every year in and -- you said you know -- -- -- -- her. They would go to somebody else's -- -- topic if you know pro football team ready to -- Sergey -- WEEI as a ten million dollars a year to spend on talent to only one after I'm done is that confirmed. It that it confirmed but there. Almost a -- -- long. Total so. Thank you Jack I like -- main -- we get after people that is certainly -- The ten million a year I was wonder why don't make any money now I I think I had a good deal six bucks an hour but now upping of the at ten million dollars spread around. Children that play -- -- -- else. Any hot 92 break 61777979837. -- the show right now up 37937. I see Steve and David and all your phone calls and we plain old game yesterday. Call five years from now the terrible name game a five years from now who's the best quarterback in the NFL wants Brady retires about this five years now -- out of the game. Which starting quarterbacks. Are no longer sporting starting quarterbacks mix that and as well keep it here.

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