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Doc Rivers on KG and Pierce: "They'll be great when the playoffs start."

Feb 28, 2013|

Celtics coach Doc Rivers returned to D&C to talk about the state of his roster in the wake of the trade deadline. Doc believes in his vets like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and says they can make a good showing in the postseason.

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Joining us on the AT&T -- a conversation with Doc Rivers is brought to -- northern bank and trust -- space and by Mercedes-Benz -- always joins us on AT&T Alibaba -- how real. Good morning -- until well are you content and Avery Bradley holding -- under 54 tomorrow night. Yeah are also remembered so special to watch. Did you watch it like the rest of us talked to sit in and watch and marvel at this -- in the zone do you have to watch it like a coach. And and break it down and wonder now what are we gonna do to him Friday night. Well you may start out at the George would have to work on you -- just like anyone else to me and some of the shots -- -- -- we expect that. Was he did you know he had this in imam in always playing great -- and always. And I mean I don't know of anyone has -- -- But to wage up to broaden and shut god. And he's just a great cute he's missing an early lead like that when he gets in the zone. What -- problem. -- -- -- Yeah when a -- -- to them don't like that it is hard to me it's it's so even if they deny amber at the point guard was no acceptable limits and for the most part and that's what that would make some difficult you know a lot of everyone else who -- all the ball you have a better chance that a guy with the ball in that zone. That's. It isn't it Bradley's books pride and pride and joy I mean this is the thing takes pride -- is stopped and the guy with the ball. You see other guys good defenders and they blocked shots and maybe they they go for steals. At least thing is to stop you in your tracks when you agree with that -- Well it is is that the union to Bobby to dribble army met but it does so well I mean he put. So much pressure on the ball handler com don't Wear what they do a great job -- is no it's a lot of shots -- durable. But didn't give it up -- May bring about 345 period as well. And that's that's only. Beyond the -- the ball defender that he is doesn't that get the other team deepen their shot clock. They'll let that's been to Jordan and me. The ability to you know you -- about the jets game and the size advantage they had and as the day went on they win less and less to depose. They remember that I mean neighbors and then leave it at times -- about their poster. That's fascinating because I -- the start of that game I said. Boy you have your hands full Al Jefferson to call for every time and you could pass on a -- Wilcox here or KG I don't know and and it looked like who's going to be a long night for you guys. Obviously big when you called the best win of the year and you think that was one of the key is important to -- to keep them from killing you in the post was. Make an amused too much clock. Yeah -- -- committee we narrow victory it almost spectacular in the in the third and fourth quarter and overtime. But I thought that was big truck about a -- and doubles as well. Because it made them run their don't often and so just poke the ball. -- but I thought the pressure on the point guards and their inability. To get the ball to we. Two brutal multiples. Did you think that win was so big in the best of the year because it it it had your team by human nature on the last. Night of a trip where you could've mailed it and went and overtime and Paul somehow found its legs as did KG like the game. Yet that's what I meant by a big just a matter as far as actual -- amber at. 4 PM the mental stuff they had been so. Limited media and implement schedule came out and you saw that it gave him. In seven nights prime don't change. You didn't like the way it looked right. It would big guys post up guys against you guys we know we know bigs. Still don't have -- bigs do you don't. And immediately hear from him it's it's that you know you talked met two levels. And as well remove a lot of factors. That made out of character. Talk last week at the trading deadline approached and I'm sure you were in Constant Contact with Danny did you get a feeling that that -- something big would happen or or did you get -- -- that that that nothing would happen and you retain that the gang and go for with the this group of guys. I told the latter I -- You know Benny is you know you can work and in and gonna do the best amid team. -- -- now or in the future. I just didn't feel like from what I heard in it and we're gonna happen. So good and you think. That would tell us again doc. How you feel but this team going forward because as we watch you know Paula -- and Kevin. On almost the nightly basis we can't help but think their over achieving at their age with their legs. That this can't continue that they can't win in May is. Only wrong. You know I I disagree with that I I think they'll be great in the playoffs started and -- better. Arbiter of who's more arrests. You know murky it to get to -- fresh. But -- -- that I don't think I thought that may -- -- -- do with bailing -- migratory dormant are or are dormitory. Just so they didn't develop the habit that appealed to. Can you tell us from your perspective why the clippers thing without Neman and why the clippers thing didn't happen with KG was it. The clippers during you know our opinion that our attempt to the media. Three weeks ago you know just because the -- there's talk. That being -- talks. A humid and you know I'm a little bit dark and everybody I'm sure I'm everybody's -- them. The -- fuel. Big discussions are made at least this year there were there and Matt being the case in the clippers. Induct our father ironic that you won a a basketball game where you sat KG for the entire game and and you lost the next game with KG playing to that strike you unusual how do you pick. -- -- spots from that. Well that was a visual -- you know arm and watching them. First and then backed up are also break -- -- -- thinking you know he really didn't ever break yet deployed using. And factors you know out of touch formulaic. Played in that gang ignored him play a lot of minutes is still on the leg right. I just studying the break. And you know if he really thought about it. The students and proud -- him in game one of the player and the other day and you won the rectum. But you know it worked out forest the game with. Was -- I just so we had so many opportunities to win the game didn't. And I applaud those morbid self inflicted losses and -- regret that image -- completely ripped. But I thought we should we -- -- Is their push back from cagey when you say. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- don't miss where there was not and that's when I moved to right -- right arm -- nothing. You can tell he really needed it. And appreciated. Are you in the clear with the commissioner on this one. -- -- with -- thought -- ticket the multiple got a million formula. -- -- -- They what's the key to incorporating new guys in a system this late in the season I -- and I know -- have a couple of days of practice but what's the key to get that. Get that run on the same page as best camp. Well understood that that going to pick up everything and trying to pick up. -- teach -- the thing that you really need them to -- the gently and ultimately. And then trying to integrate what they do well. Into the little things that -- gonna give him did you know you can give them everything. Darkest time -- -- coach's question of the week brought to you by the local Mercedes-Benz dealer suitably limited time offers on select vehicles local Mercedes-Benz dealer on the web at MB USA dot com -- -- heard this but we're putting together like up. And MMA. Bracket where -- certain members of the media are gonna fight other members of the media and yet totally juvenile and -- and it never happened but you know guys guys all. So we're trying to figure out like you Lyndon -- for instance on WA AF plot threads -- from time to time W -- -- both -- big guys who would win. So the question and since -- the one who would you like to see media guys in this tournament dark. Are in the -- will open in their push your -- of the great. I -- it's an opponent and you that you think Jackie McMullen would be equivalent. Manager at YouTube that I think Zelda and all we want against all that you -- Oh I don't know that it helped. Do watch remembers -- -- since a couple of big guys. The other two big god like they do do good -- met. Tommy Hanson who who we put against them against our Tom. Max. Critical miracle my third admitted. Max got like twenty years on the merit and two minute walk. Yeah that's true yeah there are so the question is -- who is the toughest guy on your team that nobody wanna fight who is that guy. -- -- -- I always I'm biased but I always had the they did the guard or small or. Maybe Avery. Wouldn't Warren. -- in that small forwards but I've always thought the older guys but the bread it's -- On this in the program and Brandon Bass yeah. You know Dwight size. -- -- mean streak -- did. Max always talks about -- the one guy. Not forget that would cause he's one guy when he played he was afraid of. I continue to work royal is afraid of but I don't think you light when it is more recent -- to. All you don't know who was the one guy that. Analysts say afraid of them also that you were a little intimidated by Doug Wanda. I got to bother me -- well written appears to remember orders that you think these and he -- just. It bothered me I don't know why it is used to the door and I've brother played against Michael and magic in the enters. They are on the heels of a 54 by -- what's what's most you ever had when you resolve what's the most points she total. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was investor that would be terrific in Melbourne and implement it. Well what about the high school college you know and you. The little ones you had. And we point game is true story of 132. And that's cruel means what envoy but experts. -- reporters that -- I didn't know you boys teams -- girls' teams Chicago. Well America included to that. You scored 81. Was it did you have a good shooting percentage did you -- a lot of free throws. As -- layups or else raise this we have agreed on a -- drive right and then. Every intimate area played saying. -- -- -- -- And you know so you get -- -- do you -- a lot of layups that mattered it's. 81 yeah. Should you think LeBron -- my prediction is about to within two weeks LeBron is gonna go off for more than 54 'cause he's just looked at this and said. I could do that I know why not. Well he's got. So many other guys you know I thought one of the factors in that in the -- figuring that they believe was -- And so and carpenter -- played I think an entire day. Yes it -- absorbent out of big character in the report are right duck and talk that we will talk to down the road. Our -- like Friday Night Stalker put Dennis Kelly let me AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE -- is brought to you by northern bank and trust global space. And by -- -- he's -- floor once you -- -- handle three point I always wondered how many would have been a plan the three point line. But I got the guy who kept score book. Ripped out the page and gave enemy nights and then I felt kind of like it was -- -- what was supposed to do like show everybody. My putting your bedroom wall it's kind of self serving business and look -- severstal I was an eighth grade I was up thirty or war or a that it would have been forty will be right back.

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