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Mike Lupica, New York Daily News, talks Brady, the Jets and a whole lot more with D&C

Feb 28, 2013|

Mike Lupica joined Dennis & Callahan to touch on all things sports. The New York Daily News writer says it's hard to knock Tom Brady's new deal when he's making so much less than Mark Sanchez. The guys also touch on other topics around the NFL and MLB.

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92 went fast yeah it was like she had a thing I was like ninety seconds hang up on some reasonable conversation in the red light comes on -- should give us -- give us the warning -- joining us on the AT&T -- like AT&T forgy LTE. Fred Mike Lupica it would make -- while what. -- Brady did was bad for the union bad for the National Football League and self serving somehow that's that's we're we're liars say this around here. -- let -- that wherever. There's that self serving so dark I way to ally in that regard not how -- wide. There -- -- there today. Are up out people is. They've got to -- -- do productive things to do with their time. Don't worry about what it agenda Tom Brady or the patriots or oh my -- and -- signing a a new deal. It bit and it seems to help. Does not help him and help the patriots. Yes if somebody just pointed out I was in the middle conversation with somebody on the phone right now from from one at NFL organization who makes the point that if teams are spreading to the salary cap. Then the high is just this large. And Brady takes less money what does that mean. Everybody else on the football team it's pretty simple more money right more money for Wes Welker but the little guys are so -- guys exactly. To me. I interviewed probably back to 2000 report of course thank god it didn't happen but remember what went with a -- like if you wouldn't let. Our guy Alex Rodriguez yeah topic let -- point. It comes to the Boston Red Sox and Matt and I don't think it. -- -- -- It's his career and his contract which site that is not what it carjacked. That that bit. But when you can't get involved in this successful people say it unions that as another example of the great line. Well all the body with the union. Start the start that -- that that is the piano that was the concerto. -- You know the only distasteful thing this whole thing about Tom Brady is that I look and he would say this Mark Sanchez is make him Mormon -- that that's a good team guy that Mark Sanchez. Yeah yeah. While I watch how the ball I threw away -- -- -- that we have to have our strange. We got to clean it all the times that the probably gonna get the frogs -- out of there in the lives and. And Jerry are moderate and are at it like that the one -- you know it is you're out there Robert floats and get to just constantly coming by. -- yeah Brady probably has one of those 20. -- do do you think that Sanchez do you think the jets are hopeless Mike. I I wrote a column today -- about the order the change because. That you keep your -- cliche you -- to -- an elephant in the room here because there's there's no sustaining a lot. The projects. And I I. An executive yes that what what -- yet. Brands except I don't know you know -- and that and the as -- -- with the problem with the yet and I. It starts at the top -- -- that they owners. Don't matter in sports I used the example that it would have been feeling the patriots in the New York Jack. And the problem for the jets hit their owner is going up against the two best -- -- there are in their sport. What's -- barricades in the LL stay -- And -- after the Louisville patriots in their own ambition and I think. That's all the other problem. That the jets I I I think that there I think this site has no clue is a classic example he's the classic example on. All the got a -- -- I was born on third base side. Was is Rex Ryan is that just a stay of excuse shouldn't -- any one year. It. -- yeah I mean I can't believe. That -- there -- manager John McCain in my don't want indicate so badly that he would say the -- will whatever terms of engagement you give me I'll accept. To me is that why that's so lame duck coaches I I was -- big Rex Ryan defender because you know I couldn't get -- that you AFC championship game. The weight -- put in the play with you know it you know you might seem like I'm here but -- it was -- -- outside character. And you know I know that you gathered daily talk show host standup comic -- and -- came here are. Public -- we didn't have one adult children whether that go that direction and then. Everybody wanted him gone after the output but -- game on Thanksgiving night when we get the chance to see -- fixes this isn't. What he lost that game even more -- yet -- but want answers Gerri. I can't see how does that symbolize and I'm not even sure anymore -- there is anything more than a glorified he's such a coordinator who got lucky in the first. What does surprise you with the jets somehow someway drafted anti -- is lord notion like distractions on the football team that. -- -- the tabloid treatment she got and and I imagine this -- that. She says well maybe it's time in the court was slow because of everything used on. And I think it gets upon the general manager and I want this can be -- it make it stop them on board that fired with the playoffs on the line I you know I -- that this. Distractions. I really want a guy -- distractions they're going to slow it out. A -- that the bad news is. He has a boyfriend good news is it's imaginary. Of the -- they don't have to worry about that. Jerry you know -- in -- OK if they get slowly when he gets in the throat you gotta think about a blow up doll -- you know I. I think that will eliminate a lot of distraction while it up like -- that that that that it that in their it will practically came next hour we're not. Yeah. You got the Sunday morning gig lupica you -- -- he needed some more incoming I -- to to maintain the -- you can't yeah. OK so we have our our our our giant American -- Larry Lucchino on the first Sunday show on Sunday -- -- -- about the did not I ask Larry. We talked about the Red Sox everything they've gone through and I accept it you're standing on the beach and you've got one life -- My friend Dan Shaughnessy that your record at the water. It does I sort of got an accident but that might present it and interpret color in the water and they're drowning. And you could only stay at one look at the life preserver. And looking up why does he says some on the beach right and sensitivities that -- and I just can't continue reading. You say he's Saito says he told you we would save Tito but he didn't mean it. -- -- Then you maybe it was wild threat I'd like. Great threat that shall we say nobody fake sincerity of the that I -- in the making since. Yeah he he he realizes he can turn his guns on Shaughnessy people will applaud him because now is Dan. But in his heart he would like to see Francona. Beset with the flesh eating disease like like today. Would you agree John. Yes that he woods say he would -- it's fashionable to bash on days he -- them but he everybody is what I mean you'll see when they play Cleveland. This year Mike. I mean they'll be they'll be. They'll be bring in Pedro Martinez out of the bullpen did the face at least one -- they will do everything anything they can do to beat Cleveland in that game in April they can deployment April yeah. I but in the interior in R&R I and our ongoing friendship and our relationship. If I call you Callahan and you get that that's going to thank you if I don't use your first. Well if you do all the time if you never ever say Jerry -- won't bother me in the least but he goes a little sensitive. What what about if they ask you to win here the officials sweat shirt rule -- -- -- Me. I was I argued that that was the scandal to be Callahan that they're in a book the black Sox scandal and I can actually it. These my opinion I got a question to direct that your bread and -- spread glad rivers is coming up -- -- today yes they have now been to the west Alice. And I'm saying they're going to catch the next. But that has been one of the most it is dramatic months for the Boston Celtics how how hot in that Spanish music. Well we are anticipating some sort of debilitating injury to either one of the old guys can see all your I can't imagine them getting all the way through the schedule all the way through the season about what -- going beyond reproach acted period of time. So the answer is I think they may finish just about where they are now like maybe seven. Why it's been fun to watch him get off the bat so ballplayers that. It's its major remember you know the saying that has made this change so compelling. The stock and all of them got to town it's it's it's been a tremendous thing because not that anybody can -- the season was over LaMont don't want. Rondo sellinger Barbosa absolutely did you have -- -- there ringside for stuff curry last night. -- haven't bought that I'm I'm -- I got snowed out that some stuff on the book source I can't back up let up. It will look -- up and actually -- a great stores around here. Last I -- going over to an element school at well and then I'll be over to my home away from all. WE I bought since did you might go -- -- -- -- -- ignorant. Your day off what -- you take off -- I don't I don't. I don't have a day off there that. And I miss miss look -- at that way you're never house are. Lot of good position is about Robert de L a YU appeared getting another couple -- should -- be writing another I can't but here. Here's what I say -- you guys know the sister. We're not going into a coal mine to make a living and -- it -- -- they show. That on the network I doll like you know what the sports reporters over when I'm up so I walked across the street and an entity -- end and that they'll -- -- because well why what you let and it's really fun and -- I'm not vote for hours separate act a month for one. One hour during the week and then. -- want Sunday and so now I thought -- You know I liked what I do want someday somebody's gonna -- at the goal go away but for now they're not -- that some have thought. All right I think we're going to ask a few minutes ago if this conversation cuts in your book selling timely answers yes it does when we get talked about that down the road. Yeah well playmaker and it's the second game changes look at that. We received a patent someday. So they all these appearances you guys have been so nice to provide it gives you get to see what it's like. When I go to the school I'm gonna Sprague elementary in Wellesley today and it's it's -- like it's like a local rock concert but it kids get excited. To talk about books and as long as they are that excited occupied. Well to talk to work yeah yeah yeah yeah the -- it. Should make sure they don't wait for that make sure that only for the paperback Mike. By our governor -- docket you'll talk to down the road. I'd like okay lupica the jugular on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE I was wondering man. And to give up sports reporters which uses paper thing yet doesn't ball doesn't both in his Sunday mornings nine to the last seven days a week. And the Atlanta area on -- Larry said he would save. You know oh -- do you believe that the he should've included the witness three guys at all out he has one life preserver I'm guessing he. -- -- there was a reason even -- -- in eight curls up and -- ball makes a lot of it takes a nap on the beach. That cult Doc Rivers the land of the -- Nobody yet obvious motives and we'll talk to Glenn Doc Rivers at 9 o'clock your phone calls straight ahead.

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