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We're starting to gear up for Red Sox season

Feb 27, 2013|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny are talking about the Red Sox and their expectations for the season and Mikey ups his win prediction for the Sox.

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While the background that -- a -- shall show I own a -- a long long. And a writer. -- see who walked in Lenny Magglio Lenny megs of -- one and only I just let -- martial arts they grow. Like another coach I do our audience good thread jump. Good to -- idea's always to -- last night many the first eight out of her first ten callers were Italian or Italian Irish. Wrote really want to wait much -- yes. Popular around us here that I you don't I'm no good. You know we're solving problems -- -- you're good it is or are solved an airport problem for immunity tonight you did take every month to cell -- area you know people don't understand this -- they think we don't they think is a guy's guy -- -- clown -- Jerry Hughes and high on something he's a freak he's an idiot. Smart I can handle things. Well Mike you don't have to sell me and that and this is honest aren't true okay. I tell people these days you really like that and I -- I've had conversations. Like and with Ted politics. Government and religion. All things you know you're you're across the board with opinions and and knowledge and and the first time I urge you -- this guy -- -- -- -- and 24/7 -- Delegates and television shows and I was convinced you. That it had proof but since we've done this show. I can that's Hitachi and it's a public server. It's business weren't and I figured you know no one ever asks me. But for example of the the or one of the current problems and of American political scene. Is what do we do about immigration and there's two great sides of the story you know. You know first of all I anybody who speaks Spanish I love them. I think it's great and I'm -- ball to live here. And I say that and what is it fair though the people waiting in line and another fuel cut line now. But if their -- ready and they get their families here people from foreign countries as a matter where they're from MySpace he's best in Mexico but -- It doesn't matter where -- from. If you come here and you wanna be citizen really fast the government should say okay. When he army for two years and -- get out your citizen and your whole family is too it's great. -- -- Now some people probably would make to an army guys I don't know yeah our guys 400 pounds can run but there's other alternatives to that seat. As John Lennon once said. There are no problems only solutions. In this world and I need a saline solution right now from -- right eyeball. I guess it was -- this morning two -- -- -- Assume I have got about that profitable we're helping people tonight. And when any problems they have and it it's a universal and it can be anything -- Well unfortunately that's for a scholar -- on 49 minutes. I mean -- -- -- -- yeah helplessness don't exactly help Ellis can not help him what do you say to a guy. Have you ever held on holds for 49 minutes for anything now. I can't throw it. I can't wait in line and not consent or any place for a the minute I go nuts when I have if I had to call like you know cable come in and here on hold you off your job you're seventeenth in order your way. No I'm not I'm hanging up -- a dispute with a bill or anything like that right now ridiculous thing -- yes -- what I do I go down there to their headquarters. Dressed very weirdly. And I walked in there and -- start to quiver and shake and they know they they take -- net right away and Iran and have some issues. Tech text numbers 37937. For whatever. Problems you have. And you might have some like this -- says do NASCAR drivers Wear diapers how they held the EP during a race. How long is -- NASCAR race and you can most guys can hold it for 456 hours right row of people -- since you got to be very clever new pit stop. Well Clinton nobody the idea is is a race is longer than eight hours. Yeah I guess -- endurance races I don't know I don't follow this you know I don't know how long they are but I but I said -- just -- -- three hours and I -- I go Barmes and it's three hours you don't see people getting up I mean the idea I can go a long time and let's try to regulate -- and break the seal. Well I was at a show the other items like three hours long and I didn't see anybody you know I mean -- people get back into. Not much a movie. It is rice right kinda -- what is your pin down and you're an award you're in a -- year and about a fox hole with a bunch a guy UAE if I got T stand up. -- let me put it this right every time. Every time I've ever gone to -- theater as you know are right about -- -- get your tickets on opening night now that site up for it right yeah. But one that I just asked the young lady at Broadway across America can't. Interested -- you know I'm gonna Polamalu lakes is it okay if if you find me a down I'll see OK and I appreciate it but don't guard -- -- this is like ten years ago and be sure of CNET since then. -- a seat clout in that nice that's a quick getaways vacation after this. Now there are guys I and I have won my very close personal friends mr. Blatter the sizable warm. Because I go on a golf course this guy and I swear to god every third hole -- gonna often what's -- and I kept saying what do you have woman's play a little club pro -- -- some guards got -- -- in a -- sees. A game what now. Now I know that I'd done this I went to Fenway one time announced buddy team bunch of friends retreat in court. Courts appear on the way up there. Action says this is supposed to do you -- -- but we're. I swear I didn't have veto thirty once you go to you have to go more often drink beer but you can the first one. Can hold up for a long time and I never could understand these guys -- cameraman channel three name Brian and all. Brian was making government this guy. We had a couple New York to Boston go to Shea Stadium for something or whatever Yankee hit driver at the Hartford. He gets stopped three times. On the way to -- ordered that what's wrong with these people -- -- lawless. Like thirty real time and bad -- we let. Atlanta and in these all these different. 617 -- 7937. Now given reasonable one whether it's on to win ninety games. And landed on the lamp and at this text that just popped I had read it and Mikey you golf and with Joseph dies in my prostate basket and he -- -- -- articles that -- -- more than all right especially late -- super sub assault. Whatever he takes I am so sick of him already nice -- -- -- to smack just get a break doesn't break his leg like this element of Blatter. That I miss you -- reason -- -- -- yet another begin now because Jacoby Ellsbury is gonna -- seven he bases that 300 he's gonna be healthy and get a gold -- -- -- -- Well John Farrell I think with starlets -- into an already said Tuesday's stealing seven year old you know they're not there run wild Joseph Farrell says so. Well it probably got it is not gonna get the still signs warn if he gets on base would know you know weighs seventy. We need that it was and -- -- -- -- not Iran -- a record for the Red Sox. Ellsbury yet on how many. Sending. Them so why is that's an out of reach goals than it already done it well first well my I think he's lost half a step. Since it's young days Smith is there. I I really dope. Mom and I think he's more fearful of injuries not that you know I mean landslide it's not as dangers is -- -- feel with Beltre Indian steel. If you think you try to be a wuss about it -- not try and don't I don't want him to run because I think -- what is production yeah I think they want to say how stealing second and yet you've singled walked isn't productive. -- it is well I just don't think that many times one of his many attempts -- yeah you made about what you're ready -- -- on the record -- -- and of course some -- out and about -- -- -- -- 54035. -- -- reason number two right on the bed angry here. Pedroia is gonna have his best season ever statistically. It was gonna add better than his MVP year he's gonna have better than his MVP year this year. He's gonna have his best the testimony we always great fielding second baseman. You know with some pop up twenty plus home runs the score hundred runs he might bet 330. This year. Dustin Pedroia okay rated down. This is the only things could very well happen to remember that's reason number two. The Red Sox will win ninety games as Roger was in a car -- likely do on this are going up to accommodate. 1010 yeah it'll blast will be about 57 a beautiful. Like -- yes Jim I I I got a problem. Did you get help okay. I. Wanna be a sportscaster. All of those starter. And I didn't know. Or. Do -- -- houses a realist there of makes us. -- hey you yeah. Because that who had a stutter when they did my generation and it worked out fine for them well should. -- the we are talking about might generate by you don't let a stutter and Natalie solved it would now won't stop talking Bill Walton and James Earl Jones James Earl Jones. To ground -- Jackson had a starter they'll tell us Canada via. Oh. Oh yes yes. -- yeah it is that I would say that they -- stuttering John was another Howard stern show for a number you know there's nothing wrong with it every happens it happens -- you know it's one -- of people make -- of the views -- -- -- not -- that's -- -- you know sometimes if your wits and strategy -- Is that little extra patience to hear him out. -- a -- but a -- economy I. -- -- Yeah yeah yeah -- as well I didn't really don't know to tell what does have a decent and I know what -- good -- sitting -- -- so like. Like play. But I'm not your last Saturday is my -- I doubt that sport. Try this yes faux. Could have. If I because I understood it that what's his name who sings the National Anthem and they're ready -- recording said Renee Russo. -- -- court used to starters well he got over again I think singing would be good -- is measured. You know it's on the beat yet that. I don't know I get some tough news here for you -- -- -- -- -- next week I don't know house -- just happened that will middle Brooks. I just left their game against the Orioles after and it looks like he hurt his right thumb on an inside fastball from Jake Gary had to try to check his swing could hold up. So it left the game. Now if this guy looks I get injured and -- -- did he hit on the wrist is the same wrist. No while he got hit on the hand OK so the ball we don't want that we don't have the game and here's an arm connected yeah actually it is how why are luscious low I'm. Yet -- royal receive video legacy of that is now this injury blow when I talk about the Red Sox winning ninety games sure. I have to leave injuries out of line here because you can't. You know dressed optimism -- -- saying when you're talking about injuries especially this reds game lately and reducing that the Celtics -- in the Eastern Conference finals you mean you got to be healthy well and they've already had their -- -- and he's so I can't I can't say they're -- released on Friday to have an injury to -- -- tomorrow. You know he's out -- Avery Bradley assuming no changes yeah. So -- -- hit by pitch yes. Because this Texas it does hurt his wrist -- bringing the bad. You know there's a little bit of a difference well according to multiple people on on Twitter he was checking his swing when he was injured. And hand came flying out the bad knees from you know Alex beer and people that did the bell ball actually hit his his I don't know I didn't I didn't see him after budget adequate and well if Alex Smith said it that's the accurate -- yeah he's very good. Tom. Is on the phone doesn't say where Tom is from. Or anything Tom where are you from. They had found and sprinkled like I sound I don't there and I do. I don't -- -- Clinton -- they -- Tom. To the area Mike Dee. What are your regular girl or on I mean it's you right. One click away from being Ochocinco I mean what the only solution that you hear him on the big show panic as easy as it dug a hole. I guess I don't get it I mean if I. Were. I just can't -- maybe it's because we're used the patriot way it is and the players being professional. I can't yet understand it -- and wrap my mind around. How would I won't get on the a national. Yet radio show and say he -- He used the word eight. Tom Brady and the patriots again. Like I said I don't even think about that I mean or cricket -- think about what. First for just a note that this guy is down. Okay and -- just add to that. He's ugly and third he's a thug fourth if he wasn't it NFL football players -- probably be in trouble he's probably could be Indies have. A porn bleacher ammonia or whatever on -- in -- he -- a -- she's a piece of garbage and so whatever he says should be treated as something from a garbage and it's a guy that loves the spotlight loves to try to be an -- -- a -- and realizes that right now is at least that is just what have a speech -- away from being -- -- Sox. This at this I think is where ESPN. I mean ESPN's Harris. No country old tenor in the country and you know -- obvious to him because Kampman about it and balanced 99%. Great stuff 3030 stuff like that right turn right. But a way for an athlete or anyone but particularly now free to be the lead story. And be the conversation Pete has a little -- on stupid -- on PTI in around the hole on right. It's exactly and they sit back you know would it would it jagged Jack Daniels and boarded at and I got on that now I had a I -- that I think a lot of them. I think a lot of them do that. And shack they'll wind -- and secure. Tell what not good but I don't think that's added throws -- yet he probably wants a future with ESP -- -- one of these networks is an -- or something else in its exposure -- and John Davies said that you know usually can't sit back and watch it and guys -- can you know some some bulls that's on -- -- any Elvis is good publicity is in a -- stupid. First of all every player who retire as an NFL what goes on ESPN anyway drunk or sober so it doesn't Reagan map that. The only drug grant I've seen is Joseph name of which is a class I want it this year -- That's just -- one which is thinking at that moment when we do it he tries to issue a second -- Norwalk murderer might be. These two to -- Colbert. Yeah that are I've -- I've -- a one time matter and Bristol for some event knows that she seemed nice you know a bloody Mary and I she seems mechanized about it. I never had the ball out here. I always wanted Tuesday in what would you -- -- -- -- yeah I never that I never you know I never I never. You know you kind of pushed the envelope a little bit too you could try to one up Jon Davidson said you know I -- cop a feel it. He talked about that she talked about that on the HBO special leader -- name right through it Allah and so it got terrorism at its thing and -- -- it was it was just trying would always -- form in the past when he was young handsome and rich and not drunk and it's there are always something and -- playing Tom thanks Darko. You know I wanna go real quick to Helen because a week Helen I went -- no we gonna get hurt you again as a mailing address. -- you there yeah I'm sorry you got it already okay. I -- you know something okay -- yeah. We love you so much in this program well I love you -- and now we I have my my buddy rich he has said he wants you as his guest to come over Giacomo is in the south and down on. Columbus. Yes and have a nice dinner for two that's terrific it's right spot now that is the best wow how I'd. Have. But -- I'm sure you'll find somebody wants to -- to go to Giacomo several is gonna volunteer. Really an outdated. -- bids so current I think outside -- Palomar -- Actually -- it. I don't know. Did you let's say you love Italian food you said last night but -- -- out an unattended food and I'd love Italian Catholics well prominent have Richey set some column are over you table because they do a good job but you don't have to eat all his -- to your friend whoever you bring with -- Are bringing home. But do you know what I want to tell you there was a couple of things I. I filed my glove and the glasses and nice can do it it is nice and soft well broken and but don't think about it that I've really had a lot of people are in my glove because. They've liked the way I've played they would so encouraging. But it'll be nice for someone to get -- -- read that stuff. Are you sure now you don't wanna keep it as a memorabilia and I -- out but 26 is -- I'd put it in. I think -- -- back in papadore you know I got to tell you a quick story about a glove because the best glove -- for everybody's probably heard the stories. And maybe -- has to. But I the best club I ever had you know there's a there's a glove that you couldn't. You get used to -- but when you have a glove that feels like it belongs in your hand and you seem to be able to catch everything -- thinking that's the magic of a baseball -- broken and I bought a used gloves. In a -- a pre owned. Glove box at a sporting good store -- -- a Mike Schmidt Franklin all pro model why are out loud Mike Schmidt he was awesome. He -- dead and he has tremendous third base out I had this glove for like 45 years I could catch. Everything -- and I really felt like wow so what happened was I play this. SP -- ESPN. A charity game channel three Hartford against ESPN for in the whalers are what it was it was for charity and ray -- Was on the ESPN's squad that the former Mets got right. And. He said it over here -- gloves he'd bring his -- sites and I you know and I grab your nose is nice. -- that I got for ten bucks need to. I digit I Toma I -- for ten -- and used by a glove but he does not give you 254 right now I said no no I love that club so he uses it. And then at the end of the game when it's all over he walks to his car and he's way across the parking lot I see him -- the backseat and drive away or -- all my clubs that -- -- -- -- steals your glove absorbing -- out of your stuff. -- I want to tell you what about that they do out. When people weigh it down you know the -- when their indoor. The war are in there downed Andy yeah foxhole yeah yeah -- you wondered when they went to the bat well guess. It went dead bodies they all had to go to back. And it didn't wanna get shot what -- of them think you don't wanna stand and I probably pull I had blocked at every kid baron. -- -- I'd provides support to Tampa two options. They added and that's that I got to get decked it out loud anything I have to do it were a lot to. And I mean I got the book everything and I read it back to look and -- collapsed dictates every. So that's what they do in the foxholes they don't have an eagle comes during in the user now. -- you have to go great isn't a lot so. That it won't want to -- Of course -- -- I want you to know you're going to Giacomo is gonna. Make sure we got -- her dress right -- within a couple of days -- you're gonna get a gift certificate in the mail out. I'd love to do right I do against the attempt to get some patio thank you so much but that and I'm telling you. Are taken my one year old grandson concede that's great eat the I mean he's not battery and they. It allows phones this are going to take him. By Helen you're the best thanks for calling you -- -- -- -- associates about something about how nice yes nice he's a charming lady you know and it's like it she calls up she's like part of the family just wanna do something nice for Houston. Or it's public television and -- -- federal and processor to review the gloves you know or when Christian was young -- throughout committee and a baseball glove right. Now and I was in a rush to buy it's I just went in the sporting goods store and mean left in the left. This fits good and I thought -- And not even looking at the models who monolith so I still have a government really use it Bucky Dent. And I thought serious and study your right as I gave it their christianity spin on it. The order of sort of we are yet but -- my first glove was say yeah. I go ahead to ahead del Crandall catcher's Mitt remembered del Crandall embrace that I had a Mickey Mantle that my dad got with. Green stamps on my first real -- was -- Bobby share its Irish and lefty Dan Barber evident Keith Hernandez's first baseman smitten. We used to play for Jacko while I've explained. Explains on that are number 6177797. 937. Probably -- solved my talk baseball -- -- we're here for yet and yes I am out on the limb. With the Celtics I think they come home now they're going to be so relieved to get on the plane they have an initial run him they went six road homer summit president of the Internet -- long struggle on the road again I want to say it teams and generally West Coast trips that he. Were you happy to see -- -- go for the last night around that runs a big pain in the sixteen assists and weighed 39 in map out they haven't had to go to the Ray Allen 21 and you know what you look at this shooting percentage I think their all over 50% yet at any point -- my note you can join John writers who brought us and that's -- -- game when I should've got over Sacramento they all got lucky to acknowledge -- they got -- well they're overrated they suck.

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