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We get the angriest call to start the show

Feb 27, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are setting the table for the show and the first call they take is from a guy who seemingly hates everything, especially baseball. No it's not Steve from Fall River.

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Where -- -- and. Now I figure if I start every show. Writer with some kind of stupid -- do you usually do though he is sound effect so here is. Makes you do that anyway -- and Gary. I mean I am happy for Alex she mixes -- -- go under the Alex Smith. Usage mix and usage mix it -- -- Ortiz. He straightened them via can be Europe some of the team yeah they went out to kids city. That's the Timonen course you know that frees up Matt -- -- -- be the backup for the pats. Possibly again he knows the system sort of it's Wednesday's irony that is widely used. Why and it seems to drag an amoeba on December riding the crest of the Bruins euphoria. So I'm doing then I'm like it's over your gonna surfers were never serve I have tried it I'd. He'd get upon that -- to -- wanted to ride it all the way home you know like I feel like the Bruins are going to be a big giant wave off technical track elected beach. That's why. Ride it home baby today you bring on the Blackhawks. The -- of undefeated and they are yes bring on the Blackhawks. Bring -- now I mean we've had a short season is short -- right up but skipped the playoffs all right to the finals. And make it a 23 game series. That's the -- 43 -- Italian Bruins are awesome right now they are able. Press abroad trip -- log structure and here's how much optimism might have bubbling over the top of my idea Alice. Normally -- exuberant self. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Celtics are going to go to Eastern Conference finals gonna win the championship I don't know -- to receive your your little crazy that now I don't think so I'm just thinking you're. The hasn't won that would say that all four teams he would rate if they could get a seven gave -- At the Miami Heat that I regret were rated show off -- dump her LeBron. He's -- ego stroked a little more is why does this. Why do you get around -- cool and around like a big. Big man on campus duck walk and struck our go to guy when his duck feet a case ruled that would block. And he struts around like Lou I'm always I've been called since I was ten used to -- when you watch an item yes you know why did you do -- Bob -- does he strike when he likes Mikey. Ever struck yes he does I think a horrible Bobble head walk now you strut you -- really -- stride yet. Seriously you are just a man with a plan to place -- things to do great in the technical trade ideas he struts around you -- that's my why -- -- to me a favor I like doing you'll pick and AJ when I don't know you're you're -- -- to hate me I wanna see this because -- as walk around I don't know. It's fine it's just I don't want a lot about it LeBron not like this strike. Ice bigger -- we get that song my Bob -- her strut that's a good tune that's about Jane Fonda and it is that. Bob Seger is great but it was well -- -- well I mean. I -- I consider go up an artist great until they can't control of parts. You know that I can promise secondary list of used to be great you know I think Mick Jagger is probably an. He strikes or Adidas that peacock had struck a stage struck is -- is called -- swagger this text says. I have that I look at look at him cocky. It's it's like -- you're here bopping your shoulders and he candidacy Obama and -- not stroke what you strike it's like a strike is it like I don't really cool would that everybody a little bit yeah I am yeah. A little no that's not true but the but don't you think when you see LeBron walked out of personal and a million things wrong with LeBron you know what there. Eighties over rated. The east gifted all the time by not -- the news which uses physical. Situation these and steroids at the rescues is I think that he thinks he's god and he's and he's clearly not. Because if he was he would already have seven championships. Right -- -- -- so he's clearly not god but enough about LeBron. For now here comes the optimism. Okay you ready all right I am ready am always ready Red Sox are going to be better than you think and I've upped the ante for -- -- six to ninety win all right okay. And I'm gonna tell you alignment -- the -- program will give you ten. The top ten reasons the Red Sox will be better than you thought they -- reporting here of these recent ones are better than we thought there's going to be harder to win the Stanley -- -- current meet Boston Celtics are gonna go to the NBA Eastern Conference finals I don't. You know little -- injury factor for somebody maybe LeBron trips over stole while he struck around -- raid was pregame ducks. Breaks leg on one of those dog you know maybe god has a talk with a says look LeBron you're not god and he comes down a cup politics or whatever. So I'm really big and on all those things happening. When it comes the pages I would just table that discussion for later because is not there is not much to report at this juncture really use. So that's format VM at this very very there's a possibility. Game notes as always anything's possible Kevin Garnett had that when you are away -- I said -- -- America bet right now with Vegas let's say you know they allow betting. That the Bruins and the Celtics in the Red Sox are gonna win the world championships in their respective sports like a million to one. For all overall story yeah I'd be like a million to one run simply the best -- by foreign neck so you put five bucks on it. In Vegas and you win. Five million bonus and you lose five dollar five dollars what's the one that's like couple -- it's like three probably a better rides Duncan's. Probably a better odds possibly winning say a hundred grand on a five dollar scratch ticket and all three of those teams won the championship well OK but I America's Kristi that's for jerks. You know I read you and I and I -- gonna get behind him in line -- -- -- -- sometimes -- -- and I understandably -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- But you get to scratch to these standards ratchet. Not not at the counter -- that I personally. No optimist so I am -- and then -- just try to get a pack of smokes or some commerce up regularly always scratch the ticket. Any turns back to the guys are 12 dollars agreed to more and number 34. Unmanned. -- Overton -- -- so that's where the optimism as it was coming from. An idea I have. It's it's not just fantasy here riders let me just say you know it's not drug induced stupor -- -- is great now. This is me using what I know logic -- about about sports -- -- -- Now last period of very enlightening show you know a fun show we've we've gotten a lot of listeners a bit and it was really good that was fun. Getting to know like the -- they are aware that what they're doing their regions fun. But tonight what I'd like to offer as a side bar was talking about sports for the entire program which we will do. Is money coming in he has a -- likes to talk sports to he'd sort of be along here -- Thomas of these things. But what I would like to offer is because we've found -- over the past few months. That when some issue comes up we don't know the answer to. We throw it out there and our audience is so gigantic and informed and intelligent by the way not one of the callers we have last night with somebody who was unemployed. You know what's this whole jobs crisis everybody that we talked to his work and I think there was a couple of hundred employed by and large and they get an avid -- beat Texas. Because in the -- -- -- but. What we're gonna do tonight is is an individual -- you calling you tell us if you have an issue -- problem. What does it matter what it is because this is how far reaching this -- campaign. It is amazing like any stock in the big should get something and I just thought struck me that all the surrendered 95. Hundred people contributing their best remedies for Tuesday somewhere -- there is the right answer 08 or several good answers are due to. So it doesn't matter what your problem is. Even if you have a problem with your girlfriend OK you haven't issues. You call -- -- here's what's gone okay you give us the story. We throw it out there to the audience and we get advice free advice from people up there was a book via text. At 37937. Or via -- final phone call and you know problems can be anything you can say. Dot haven't talked in this Notre Dame football player in the phony that some woman and what do I do but they executed -- you know I got to pimple on mighty. I'm Mike -- and I don't know what to do but I got. I have DO and every deodorant it doesn't matter what your problem is because remember you're anonymous unless you say different. So that would plenty different and I'm I'm expecting some humorous -- tips well you know as well it's obvious you can be humor thrown in their right but the most important thing is that we want to be known. To what we have all thirteen million people listening. In New England to -- to this radio station that you will be known as the source. For the answers to what ever it is it is and it doesn't even have to be an ailment you can it's way too but this I got to. A new properties open and -- its self help he would and so now and -- dear Abby forget -- -- Mikey but you know what and I can -- really good race I know people on this -- -- weirdo whatever record group all our you know. But I am I'm really really good problems you are you -- your device and I like to get on the bottom of these things and help people out such -- nights where there's no urgent sports story on. That the brigade going on to DA it is going to be it's Chad for an Amos right. Correct a big personnel moves or anything. -- -- I -- this text me if you working for a living you can afford radio if you're collecting unemployment for a living -- before the big screen TV white ideal and it. And -- get a free -- And they are already -- liked this guy takes me from nights of it. My libido is shot. What -- do okay well that there's a lot of answers and mobile take your Edison's. Medicines for a lot of blood -- effects but there -- all over the place side effects stone and their members that help you even if you have a private -- from taking too much of that medicine to help would be you know there's there's. A book you can read. You know women like to read the romance novels guys like to watch the porn channels and whatever it is you know that's easier than reading and and clearly there's. Now ads running on TV for people whose libido is low. If you have low ET. -- CNN you can take this stuff I think you rub it on your arm pits. Whatever it is I think yeah I had a guy call in one night saying he used to for to get yourself to ninety. And then you'll be jump on everything UB they'll be you know you be arrested on a bus on the way home if you take too much of that stuff. But his libido shot and we've already given three answers about. About how to fix up our numbers this 617779793. Separate the guy's been on hold. Since the big show and I got to get to embassy wouldn't is that so important understandable for 49 minutes damn. Yeah you've been on hold a long time in which you've got to say is going to be I can tell momentous. No did I get up in the it. I and still nothing to do want to talk that a big show look I mean I'm Omar I don't know what would hang up but it is looking for him. But was it just wants to talk to zone but when you were calling the big show -- some say right I don't. Think. What are what are you gonna say on the big shock as we're happy to listen I was in the big show every day. Well basically I mean some guy called into promoting gonna give up that he's a ticket because the pain at the crop. Although not stated that these groups at a moron and he can -- and purple is the rekindle a red carpet anymore. What did I think that's accurate I mean you might not care about amenable. While I would -- -- all the boards on the world desperately cared. Port can be and win and and they pick here as we want an all or abuse. So we are here to tell us that you baseball as your least favorite sport you know give a rat's ass about it. No I -- into -- so boring and let your totally -- Yeah we will let them you might like to ask you need to ask you on -- -- Ask your question is is it more boring than staying on hold for 49 minutes to say nothing. You have to get those three hour games have of this. It's a bit on driving home -- wood and -- music I mean. It but I analysts -- -- what because the wireline I didn't promise you can put on hold a New York -- until I -- Later what. But baseball's boring to you. Well people who are not going away I mean she was an ally and excited about it sometimes it on August 33000 people what retires a home game. It figured. No way people like OK well you go to Fenway Park but he can't be not only part -- what is your favorite sport he put it. Don't care what actual game what's that old law could not pay -- Everything about it. What what sports do you like if any. Do you like any sports. Wrote what do you know local well alcohol. Or not. The other up or else because you have to pay attention to it don't -- -- emit enough. And people I mean when you look above NORAD but on -- you watched every inning every pitch you know you put it hurt your score that. Some people do watch every area has but it is a camera -- of the game -- different -- -- watching it on TV -- like the NFL and NBA have taken over for a younger generation I don't think there's really question about that. But I don't -- a lot of footballs Mormon instant gratification sport with the exception of if you if you actually go to -- put have you been or actual football game did it at Foxboro. Now what what about when they have their like six minute commercial breaks and players are standing on the field and it's freezing and you wait for the action is that boring. Note the -- the medical or get on hammered. When it what you should do is it is a problem sovereignty for you did first of all don't Istanbul for anybody for 49 minutes. Secondly. I should drink all the time. -- Go to -- Drake go to Fenway drink Wear pink -- bring your rough phone bring your TV so you can fast forward through the camera. Our current of that sun dress with a Paris seal the district has promise. The second please -- he weeded them hold 49 and I get angry young youngster -- pissed about some but -- the biggest problem he has is that. He might have you know -- high tolerance for board vote -- from boredom short attention span a strike. Very very. We talk and I am very short attention span Joseph and WiMax photos Joseph is your situation. Gentlemen -- on -- what I'd be honored at Iowa while it -- -- like to hang out with him for a few weeks to CC what fun is all about I don't think he shares your optimism Mikey about the red sex and see -- -- do you have a major. Well I chair Mike you optimism about the Celtics are gonna you PF I think that they're already yes. There's nothing they could stop on. And the only thing that would stop them from the heat in the east -- would be directory back off. Corals that's it you know what that's what happened last year Joseph in your memory is good you you remember a year ago not exactly what that guy named LeBron James -- and a game six. Yeah yeah that's right -- the game six that shouldn't have happened I remember we don't know what would happen now I know we don't I know we know what did happen now is -- -- -- we don't know what what what happened but we know what did happen I feel like I've heard this I know what you're gonna hear it until they beat the heat. The -- activity oh run -- nowhere couple weeks at home may be. Raikkonen take a shot and if he had said he would that if he admitted it yet to file called LeBron can travel he gets he gets yes and no call the bargain. The -- commit a foul earlier this year and I think. I was orange shivers up the lane open and of people knows he's going to be only the recipient of about 10% of the actual valid fouls he commits so. He's got that -- form. You know now. -- this was a nickname he's decided he want to have while. Well she wade was what will -- call right which we lose and I was like twenty different it's what I call to of course he weighed. But. Waders some it's it was a girl Freddie has probably should be columns of that not whip it out Wednesday but. Did you know well all the wonder where it and then I think LeBron said to him that's stupid don't do that and he decided against. About it sort of do you way about. Deep anger. I don't know what I -- you know what Joseph thank you for that because I'm gonna call him she weighed it copying. I copy you know instead of little what's his name a little went. I don't com deep deep deep bag it's deep that it. Deep bag is permanent for me Dow Jones thank you quoted while at their job to help you solve one of my problems than it was always one and only on the way into work today. We're going and called. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're. First thing -- like -- he'll finish last night in North Andover -- app that it is greatest names. Absolutely -- thank you American. Gather whether one of our proud spots on -- program as well but I've been going there for years I'm saying Mike may be in 08 or nine years have been going there. And now they get a second location in north -- to and it's just as great as the other one the food is exactly the same. I'd Jimmy -- and Natalie. Or you're going to go to North Reading -- location ask for MK to be your waitress she's a hot ticket. Who are like yes arrived on. Number two. What are your favorite people out there and that you spent there. I election you know I do the tour every year I take my idea my oldest son on the road and we go out -- I'm a bit a lot of in my the last I'd say about eight or nine years I've been to. Why love Camden yards just for the overall authenticity field the ball park you know it it is truly. Even twenty years later after was built. One of those throwback feelings you have I loved the Pittsburgh stadium on -- -- when there's so pirates that's awesome. Didn't care much about Atlanta or -- or south -- Chicago Wrigley you know Rick he's a relic we have a relic here in Boston so what's that. Hugely thrilling for me to see Wrigley although it was cool I guess. And -- spots around -- I'm gonna -- Pittsburgh. I have not add up ever that's great and I and the other 11 mission which I think is awesome is Milwaukee. With the retractable roof that's cool stadium and appears like six box in the giant. And -- saying. I so my little little problem is I'm quick on the draw yeah how many. Get any help I can use that. -- 00 immediately when you're -- in bed with your girlfriend. Yeah yeah all right so yeah I -- -- words. You she'd like it to last longer. Right and -- -- suggest. -- when you think you ratchet tipping point. Think of Greta Van Susteren for ten seconds while and you'll go to totally limp. Yeah it and edit and then give yourself a favor stop thinking about ten seconds later how's that. All right coach sentenced. There are no problems only solutions.

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