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Jack Edwards: The Bruins are every bit as good as the Blackhawks

Feb 27, 2013|

We talk Bruins with Jack the night after another win (over the Islanders) and Jack tells us that there isn't much separating the B's from what most people consider as the best team in the league in the Blackhawks.

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Are back on the big show we were talking hockey earlier dale. And how better to talk -- with. That jock Edwards Jack Edwards. Is brought to you by British smoke shop implement them broke Brockton where I am right -- and talking. By the city of Boston credit union jacket -- before -- ask hockey question I have to know. You may have said it I missed it what sports writers. Genius shows up release of your favorite sports writers who. -- -- I think your your -- Honestly an according to wipe it to get the what -- favorite sports writers -- -- is pretty good as it was great FitzGerald Li ma bell. It was a. It's a line it's Hawaiian opens the China always. Fifty greatest athletes and beyond -- -- -- -- for ESPN. And it's it's the story of when always that. We're in pop Warner football and only that I think you'd coaching at Montana state at that time in Bozeman Montana. And he couldn't get the game on time is that you were stolen. Coaching at practice. And he shows up. And it sits down next there was this they were good friends here particularly since he wouldn't sit well how colonies that well. Either every other kid out there is the worst player who's ever played football or your son at the -- it. -- -- -- -- -- Triggered -- has dealt with question I -- get your take on by the latest continues our relationship Jack and I never see each. We worked with each other all the other night doctor Richardson we usually are on a screen we never see each other person. So this gets it. -- edit and you're not allowed this is like what -- those old game shows -- an answer was given already but you're not allowed to hear what the answer was I'll ask you -- -- your TV partner when he TV partners Dale Arnold said. Why we'll take what he said but I asked him. Who -- Brad Marchand remind him of historically. Particular -- I love these comparisons. Does he remind you of anybody using whether it's with the Bruins or anybody else in the history of the NHL. Yeah as yet pat -- absolutely. Call -- that's all there a little quality you know and highly energetic. One and 29 -- well at 49 other useful and repeat as planned but. No big -- to sell -- of his career. You know a guy who is effective scorer. Was. Faster stronger. More technically sound that a lot of people modify but. What he did that was just to make the other team loses mind set. The guy I went with was a little further back in Bruins history and that was Ken linesman. Yeah yeah there's a lot of lot lot of residents although. I think that was it probably lived on the dark side of the law a little bit more than Marchand. Because of the different age you know wouldn't say they'll. Yeah and and I'll say this I think that that the Bruins have done a good job both. Of dragging Marchand back away from the dark side to. Yeah which you know I I guess one of those very Barroom arguments you know what you have -- at CTK coupon on the Austin girl and and my response that it lost -- -- have done it editing the bad parts out of Marshall and gave up because. You know anybody can never get tickets to -- keep his head on straight back I just going to be an unbelievable player and and he's pretty close visited he's he's an unreal actually. But. You know as soon as they draft the not a as the goalie in the first round. You know everybody started wondering if period there where there could there ever be. Jack I think the problem with marsh on from a perception point of view is because he has been that little ball paid as you say and that's who we spend. I think people are slow to catch onto the fact last Matta called in the little ball us tonight he's got great pins. Yeah yeah and you know it and you guys like this sound studio bricks that point it out here at the see as the reason he scored on nine of this first twenty shots this year is because. He'd get rid of the park so quickly and in this game. I I don't really know. If we're ever gonna see that -- Mike Bossy I computer anymore where he faces down the goalie and that he just. Find the air where the goalie isn't. It's either. -- an incredibly fast release. Or it's a deflection or rebound or something like that and at -- definitely has the -- always there are so I. Technically sound now. That. And I can play as a play by play guy you know a lot of the time I'm guessing you know I'm just guessing. Who got the last piece in the pocket and on important goal. Enough war I missed it I thought it was Lucic but you know you look at the replay is like Dutch you miss that but you know all that different -- six -- on the stick it. That's that's the way the game is now you know it it's it has its target and or -- -- Marchand who suddenly appears. In the slot and or -- a little seam and get up a lightning quick release. It was funny at all -- Jack. Some guys just to have it's a great match up towards the great or Reno or the -- back in her hometown team that traded him. Whatever it is they play well against a certain opponent. -- before David -- she scored on NASA put up the graphic. How about how great he's been against the islanders and of course you scored why do you think he played so well is that islanders. I think -- historical incidents you know he's he's a very strong. Attacked so player and he's a very effective. Neutral role player and he's turned into a pretty good defense is built player as well as you think about during cricket career the islanders. Haven't had a lot of strong -- who played at the so here if you play out the match up. There's probably. So logical progression there. But there are other teens who have been too strong -- that are either he has had quite the success against and he has against -- maybe. I don't know maybe it. Maybe it's that great but so long -- -- -- you know I was a little disappointed be here crate -- talking about the lack of power play tries and and kind of hinting they I don't know what's going normally aren't getting the calls. And I was really happy to -- clothes say. We have to -- the calls we have to go harder to the net we have to go to the dirty areas make them pull us down and I thought I saw more of that from the Bruins last night and I had been singing. Without a doubt there and you know or you're going to -- track is. Penalties drawn. Probably -- Brewer and individuals. With the team on the power plants and you know and you see guys like marks on inside -- trees -- Getting involved. Quite a bit and -- -- for the month are -- fourth -- Lucic for. By -- strange -- five that that thought because of the speed the team leader Patrice Bergeron is the only that that the that he gets into the combat area. He's gonna win the -- And when a guy wins the puck the other guy in the courts and trying to win the popular carry into the battle sometimes books -- trips there. Or that something in the center of the box but. If you have a player who is combative who. Is is -- when the puck along the wall which is -- -- -- been working on his Julian is not satisfied with how well they are doing it. And get two more power play and you're absolutely right -- you know this team. Especially considering the robustness with which -- -- so what complaining and whining about calls her non call then. Just about any other team idiotic -- -- it's it's a wonderful thing to see and it's that's a great example for for all players and all -- -- -- If you don't like the call okay -- -- your system -- -- subtly and you're -- you're turned on the ice. Don't -- worry about. Meting out justice yourself series that got a picture of business and and what the call. They Jack we're talking about the Chicago Blackhawks. About an hour ago and I'm wondering if you think I'm -- the streak is unbelievable. But you think they're legitimate view if you compare the Blackhawks. To with the Bruins. Are they that much better. The Bruins. They'll let you know if if the Billiton up two -- who gets the ball -- in which matches up extraordinarily well at the the going to be a lockstep with the they would never regulation loss here now that's. At the product of having an actual system you know you look at what. What until Quenneville put in place in Chicago the personality as there what. Forward Julian has been placed in Austin and personnel he has here. And there are a lot of parallel and there should be. You know even got a report that says Chicago's got Corey Crawford who -- exactly. -- almost -- veteran of belt -- you're going in the NHL and and for all intents and purposes. You know neither -- to collapse really you know I think no one year of extended. Experience but other than that he's been a packed up his entire career so. You know there there's stability there's veterans -- guys who know how to win who then turned down and they showed up ready to play at the end of blocking out and would that be great or not be an amazing daily cup final I was I was saying number reporter cal last night that you like at the table -- -- If I had as a kid you know black -- -- and he. Don't get to better -- or not. Course the other thing and and some of its. Block are used that term some of it is is you know obviously hard work and conditioning and and great people involved in this sort of thing. Back to the matter is the Bruins have been less injured in a knock on -- as I say this. Than any other team in the NHL and Chicago's right there as well just below them that's a huge part I think in a huge reason for the their respective successes. Yeah it is and and I think that that I think is important added is that. I knew that brought nor the Blackhawks are all around a superstar. Or superstar line. And even though you know all teams. Can point to their superstars if they want and Chicago they're probably a little more -- -- -- in general it is not -- -- Even if they were to lose those players in -- she wanted to say that for. You know you -- you knock on what about that but it seems are based on -- And system and yeah the Rangers have a system by Clinton they allowed. Convinced Unicode -- Columbus in the Rick Nash trade which everybody would have made anyway it is not as incredibly -- -- aren't we we all know that but they had to give -- that didn't get. And then they allowed Brandon -- a walk from Montreal because they couldn't get them under the cap. Although they later would offer Jake and art at one point three million dollars a year you gotta trigger. If they could find the extra one point three million for aren't welcome they couldn't scrap together -- -- and keep fought. -- -- -- Those are guys who do. Let the story work and the little things every single ship it keep your team who didn't. That don't like to have more than two -- and overall the dole you have -- to back games in a row or your baby. More than one. And then. Although the Rangers have fabulous title -- How the wonder if they have allowed their chemistry could be altered enough of fallout of that Austin Chicago categories that are thought the Rangers. By this ordinance even injury or no injuries would be knocking on the door or not. In the catbird seat -- Our Jack great -- -- usual we'll -- on the radio and dale water Jack I want see you tomorrow I'll circle. I did tell your George EB. They'll will veto it some time some time. So widely. But you know. -- Jarrett Jack Gilbert from dozen -- more your phone calls coming up Padilla wanted so I want to talk to you about the story. Front page story in the Boston -- we haven't gotten to it yet. On the Red Sox headlined many Red Sox ticket holders -- now I don't think that's the surprising thing and surprising info. In this story in order to take on discriminate --

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