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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/27/13

Feb 27, 2013|

The Big Show presents four topics we haven't hit on during the course of the day. Today's topics include best rivalry in sports, the dreaded Hockey Dad, big fight wussies in sports and more.

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Didn't know in this no -- Needs to -- NGOs for poor and the -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah. Orange ball. We -- -- yeah. Are here it is 444 choppers that we have not discussed yet. -- we'll get to it and pretty rapid fashion young Benjamin young man drew what have you -- a force today. Well yesterday on the field in Barcelona the biggest robbery and soccer took place Real Madrid beat Barcelona -- advance the -- Hillary finals. Now the question is about soccer so thank you very much -- and turn your radios back. What is the biggest rivalry in team sports. In team sports in North America in the United States of America. The third down yeah. All year -- yeah. Boston New York anything that's your right answer Boston New York. It doesn't matter that the areas hate each other so whether it's Red Sox yankees whether -- jets. Patriots giants patriots. York maybe I should include ravens patriots after listening to Rouse are what -- or anything easy -- I disagree with you in in this regard I think I and I do think it's kind of a cyclical thing you know it's it's it's a great rivalry when the teams are competitive and and I think the Bruins Canadians rivalry is much bigger than Bruins Rangers for instance. If I picked one and not just because he was it here. -- it's -- Baltimore Pittsburgh. I watch those two teams play and they just flat out hate each other. But I mean those are wars and to meet that might take the spot right now for me as the as the greatest rivalry just 'cause they just despise each. Do you think Terrell Suggs and it's Ben Roethlisberger but -- the hey how are pretty more you see those two teams play and it's like all got. Oh by the way the shipments in this about thirteen and temperature went with that if that's the commercial and -- We feel feuds. Armored troop last night Indiana acorn quote brawl between quarters and pacers broke up the question is between baseball and basketball players who are the worst fighters most baseball fights are real parts knowing her sewing center. I'm still operate on a roll that was a roller said coaches let. -- I'm gone -- of ESPN kept saying it was a brawl hugging it out. Baseball fights because because in basketball they don't try to the flying drop kick which you see all the time in baseball. On that run out to the mountain and of flying drop kick thing it's just the -- is yelled in terrorist super kick them. Well well I think this -- -- baseball you don't get coaches vehemently you are all here -- I got the help it was a Alonso mornings like. That's the problem baseball -- the at a baseball. Because the equipment comes into it and think about the before your time before my time but I heard the stories. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you are talking about. A guy can come out here with a bad. And do some damage -- Roger Clemens in my. At that that factors into it I think what it comes down to a basketball players for the most part. They are not fighters. Basketball players look like fighters -- time a lot of times but they -- not so much. So unless you have those guys -- real basketball players and their only there to fight like Anthony Mason. Basketball players when they fight looked like giraffes on -- Like skull and where it on the armed robbery question a lot of your receipt dressed like that dale it's -- it's intense bad. Lot of -- on the -- detect signs that he. Giants Dodgers. Michigan Ohio State that's good weren't. And Celtics lakers. Now Celtics lakers is evil when they're not good answer that seek to meet can't be a rivalry if it. Why not just not it's it doesn't happen and if -- doesn't have that sari Terrell -- dot -- sizzle when you think when the Yankees and Red Sox not that it happened off. Well both of them are out of contention or. You don't find it boring. For one -- -- take forever and when they're not the writing on it they're just there's no emotion is not always the most it's. New York it's always emotional feel. Feel I always watch. Our number two mark -- in a man who tripped in the thirteen year old hockey player in Vancouver has been given fifteen days in jail. What do you make of the sentence. Much. Not enough points or just right. -- -- -- -- -- -- and not enough. -- First ball we're talking about Peyton and I'll I'll borrow a phrase from the old days grown ass man get. And a little kid I mean you are totally OK I mean you know a -- it. He -- section gutless wonder grown ass man. But he's got to you know kind of sneak -- has gone by am snake is put out cryptic it up two breaks his wrist on the play by the -- -- not a -- falls -- breaks his wrist. You couldn't do enough bad things to that -- as far as I'm concerned okay well. -- -- everything grown asked me assault hitting a -- picking on the thirteen you're not picking on and he assault assault ticket and broke -- -- -- Do we need to do we need to spend is their money in Vancouver Canada but they need to spend their tax Payer dollars. Putting this man in jail for two weeks win and here's an easy solution. One doesn't coach and worries about a couple that particular let's -- that I knew and anyway you pay for all medical expenses. That -- -- given to you pay a fine. And maybe some all the fun and if you Richie Rich idea about this new way to -- he paid all the medical expenses you paid a -- maybe communities but. Going to jail. Good -- I think that's good that you assault of a little he would I know it it was assault that acute and broke his wrist tough guy. Knuckle and there where where it's -- tougher guys and you tell me how you like beheading you then well. I thought that far back beatings would begin. What's important beauties of it goes to jail important that -- guys and the emblem the voices of reason on the other side glass. You don't -- It's ours so what thirty days in jail. I think six miles is -- on the fifteen day he's just felt -- that kid's father beat the crap out of him for an hour and a good amount. Is gonna happen anyway -- his arm. Care. I was the last. The Chicago Blackhawks have extended their point streak to nineteen games in the Miami Heat have now won twelve in a row. Who loses first. -- -- The schedule I know and and one time we did earlier and so the Blackhawks. And then get to define this in -- It has to be. Regulation. -- sixteen -- -- loss sixteen minutes. At the end of the game say. Tonight vs save the saint Louis blues when they lose four to -- apparent. They hit it great you like money -- -- it very well the Chicago Blackhawks will lose all rights. Blistering. Hands through night. No regard he -- great song but the saint Louis blues are great team of the great nicknames and sportsmen. Rivalry. Chicago was not gonna lose him no chance of losing. To Columbus. That's a home game in -- at Detroit so if you -- it's all beat up to yet if you look at it Saint Louis is the best bet now Miami. Dealt with that the way the way LeBron LeBron James is playing right now. -- just awful videos source. You can see why people in Cleveland which is so pissed off that he left because. That bastard has taken his game to the next level he is abating there as good as he was in Cleveland. And those seven years in the in his seventh year I think you won the MVP with the cavaliers yup -- even better now is just ridiculous how good years. So bottom. There's only one team have been senate there's only one team of fear. For the Celtics in the post season and it's the Miami they should fear that every team in the NBA should fear that team so it's going to be. It is -- would double overtime last night but the Sacramento Kings and an ogre and that's a struggles flu keep things they do play close game to -- a close game against Cleveland Cleveland had him beat I think there were up by. You know for six with about a minute -- have to play and we lost the game. They're going to be a tough out what do you think who loses first. I think that the Chicago Blackhawks lose first. Permits are betting against streak -- -- because they haven't lost in regulation yet this year. But I'm with you did. You can't lose in overtime and -- -- count because you still get a point for that you have to -- sixty minutes Bruins have lost two games in regulation this year they're twelve to into. They also lost game in overtime but they got a point for that are that last game to shoot out the got a point for that. And I think I think the Blackhawks lose first. -- -- -- former chair. Texas is. Not playing tonight dummy in his. Black box. That was my album my best bet. For -- -- not playing tonight. Sort of play. Let me rephrase that -- good point good catch there plate tomorrow. The Blackhawks play tomorrow the Miami Heat play on Friday. Blackhawks placed Saint Louis at Saint Louis yes it's tomorrow and they will lose tomorrow. In Saint Louis now you can call me a dummy of you want. I'd do this because I love you I care about you wanna put that extra change in your pocket. If you -- extra change for the weekend. What you should do. It's all happy on the saint Louis blues men accused in -- news I'm not gonna do what I want to do. I'm trying to help you out. -- -- All all up to the point where I'm not gonna do and I just what you did do everything up until it was great at it because it's just so stupid that that those those guys that doesn't. I will win every single time free and -- that the game itself you don't need to be making commercial trying to help people out yeah that -- the public doesn't allow altruistic -- that it's a. And not just ninety seconds don't forget you have a chance. We have to win Bruins tickets about three minutes.

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