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Terrell Suggs with the Big Show: Do I apologize for what I said about the Patriots? NO.

Feb 27, 2013|

Michael and Dale Arnold check in with Super Bowl champion Terrell Suggs to talk about the movie (The Coalition) he produced and co-wrote, and the topic of the Patriots and his outspoken nature about them came up, and Terrell suddenly didn't want to promote his movie much... good stuff here.

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Okay well we've entries in this for a while joining us on the phone is not Terrell Suggs linebacker. For the Baltimore Ravens he's got a movie out called the coalition. He wrote it. He produced it and throw Michael Holley and Dale Arnold here in Boston first thing is. Why do you want to talk to us from Boston we thought you hated us some -- Am I young men hello hello. I love there will country. That's the end of it apart. Well but let's go to talk to me. -- we do what it taught you to find out why you wanna talk to us. I thought up the -- talk a lot I wanna find out you know what what the speed is so we did you know. What got I'm glad I'm glad you brought that up let's just get to the -- first before we talk about the -- So after the AFC championship game you called the patriots. Arrogant -- The way. -- -- -- is that it sets up a little more. Go a little -- a little more -- little more and more heat on it. Instead start with the coach Belichick on down tell them have fun at the problem logical. I wrote in my village that's on the ambled along in all I was caught up -- you know in a moment. What I got the last say no I mean less than a year. I award you a little better. Probably. You know the fact that it matters are. It's. Is not really -- me it can't really consider. Rivalry. Because you have a few more. Championship that we let. This event gave -- all you know week in because our back you know. 2007. You know -- you guys were. You know you have an undefeated year it came down and you know. -- only good thing you know we were making comments about the New England Patriots -- -- the by the red. You know -- certain player chimed in that was only me. And in America started to beat and been. It was all evicted out of Brady rule now you know years before it blew out. I mean accidentally. -- it Drew Brees and indeed you know or is Leo as Italy no rule was made. Other quarterback of the you know. Well the career. At the NFL. Look at these -- well yet it. But in this guy part of Paula guided -- blew out you know with the one guy got it. But the maker. Not because -- the argument though that -- them on the I don't blame for. I think I got it they don't Hulu rule. But it it is -- you know I got it might -- You've got beat him again and yet I think Gloria what -- -- quarterback. I didn't mind the all -- it in my career. No white city thing about that I didn't money every game we talked about one. Change the rule of in this bill. I have as one guy -- area. -- you keep moving. Educate me let's do it now -- now I know I go to inside the Bible say anything because it -- our employers. They know they don't wanna. They don't wanna get at it they've made they've got a big but they lively. -- I duplicate and their unit is -- that -- Pretty big we'll talk to guys that played for the New England patriot that can only New England Patriots and the like all. It's like this. Richard stickler for -- or you speak for yourself. Every every 3032. Means in and it got in these other 318 and doing are preacher like it may help a lot. Quite like Bart got dated Wednesday. What you -- that you eat bigot if that -- from the bill oh. It is because we got inside have put me. That got us what you got dumb -- and got a good opportunity to get the opportunity is there. Evocative though no arguing you know debate which you -- Local and they would everyday got to say is -- oldies. Net while behind closed doors. They don't think nobody else they know -- I don't know if you mean what like that is what you don't want. How much a game -- routine plays when it when interacting the cold corner way. He had a very. To -- now how you feel well about the other teams in the NFL when their plan Baltimore Ravens. Absolutely not I don't think other teams that police are. -- -- and I know I don't know my point is that you think the other teams can't play on the field with he isn't that the attitude you have to have. That that's that couldn't be any further from the truth is that NFL. These other main guys at the same way I did. If it's -- respect well and I don't -- the new pages -- in. That personally. And Joker take away -- work. Out -- didn't. NFL changed the rules that Tom Brady go to the league and say I want to Brady rule words. Why why have they don't know why that after Drew Brees the car component that they need to. Well what what what even happened you think Belichick wouldn't. What -- the league. Robert Kraft it I don't know. Tell me. To do it you know Robert -- and impairment sepia. What all of that was and yes you know that. The bill -- yes. Why it's only one it's only one stadium. Got all in it. -- -- -- -- it's a restaurant umbrellas not go crazy there's a restaurant. Called CBS sing whatever you want to regardless I would doubt that I look how little doubt that little doubt that there are that was yet. Basically I would say that the little basic but what bigger boat -- what is it about myself I will call a spade a debate about these so when does it I'm going to be going. That's like. What the scheduling this year how fortunate. There you -- Indianapolis Colts had that more marquis de. Why wouldn't they -- dying day while they support fifteen -- while with Tom Brady in the Miami Dolphins. Who weapon going to deploy all. The 1 o'clock game and the Indian you can -- him. Before it. It is an upbeat ratings how does that mean Hugh Hefner. -- The pulpit table hole but the profile game. But the Patriot -- it's that it's the game to give -- -- network the highest rating I want received the patriot Miami. Everybody wants to see their practices. Everybody wanted to beat chuck McDonald go back on the sidelines. A bit the impact of both playoff game plan did you. Great story you don't want -- you know better than most. You played total. Had nothing to do what patriot be in its effect that the goal total revenue that -- played -- starter. You'll -- there had not been doing it. Listen to route is to say well it's. The middle linebacker and actually it kind of make. -- -- record -- if you if you if you hold up for second I agree with you on one point -- a couple of points 11. Of course of the patriots -- -- CBS there's no doubt about that that's one number two. The rules against defensive players are getting. To the point of absurdity where you cannot hit a quarterback but I think. Your are your anger at the patriots isn't that plays well what you. Don't. I can't sit on the radio you think there arrogant to think if you think Tom Brady is in charge of -- -- -- probably -- the league not what the patron. You know they let who. What ever -- -- was where my quarterback is mistreated Michael -- guys and they hit so many times you'd -- -- -- Approximate. Not know the way you try to I don't well you YouTube might be out of it regularly beat biblical debate. I'm despair. There and quarterback -- treated more -- is treated better than the other -- -- I do do you have a promise to operating. Yeah of course you think it's a great quarterback. Yeah you think he's he's -- and their quarterback. And anatomy now get it in. Your locker. -- A party. Like the Baltimore this month the blow you a little while lately they've. OK so you you feel like he's better but you don't want you don't -- deal -- Flacco illogical -- compensate. Made as though you know in the -- like five years. -- bigger government who won't be -- Oh come on the opposite -- I didn't believe that lately has outlawed. Well I believe. Brady I think let everybody. Yeah -- would have happened OK okay may I say appeal later. The Celtics and go. Ago ago to -- -- -- debate you know but I got to get a -- nearly double the mobile via the coalition I don't. Now. We've got to go we could get started we got what are your. The outfit we gotta do it -- -- -- at a black. But I -- get out here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I'll look at it. More -- -- at our question what do you mean he's got to go. Got the phone. An architect of the -- and what does he bluntly that he was gonna take up a lot of that don't -- out in Mexico Brazil and so what he's saying is. He's got inside information which I don't doubt it you know in a pro players -- if you had inside information in nose -- the patriots arrogant the easy way out. He's saying that he's calling the Eric on behalf. A brilliant comrade. The -- the patriots can't we just lost to the Baltimore Ravens so I want Terrell -- the call us arrogant. For me. That's that. In -- I'm I'm -- and argue logic -- them because it probably was going to be execute circuitous route. As he pointed out. A number of quarterbacks had issues getting their -- blown out and ultimately the league decided we've got to protect the most important position in football. Now he admitted Tom Brady didn't go to the league and lobby for that he admitted that there was a series of quarterback knee injuries that led them to that point ultimately. And yet for some reason I guess that speak now he also thought that the entire mall was a CBS mall -- didn't realize it was arrest Friday with. There were some gaps in his logic there. Texas if I may be like Ray Lewis. -- -- It audit. A double instead. That was great guys told him and government says eight to two guys to the school owe. Them. -- the coward he left. In his defense -- status. -- schedule bunch of these things windows. And it's -- from 328 at 330 -- on the station from 33340. Euro -- that station. In his defense I'll say that's a pretty common thing now picky with -- and as he was afraid of the power of Michael -- you should. I don't think you just look -- -- -- promoting this movie does the true. I don't I -- -- as it -- there's your question bill. You said are you think publicist tells them. You're going to run WEEI and from Boston. I I don't think he was any problem at all all are thinking do I that he was ready to talk to to the folks from Boston and he had some feelings. What do you guys. -- your phone calls come.

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