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Who will be the elite top 5 QB's once Brady retires

Feb 27, 2013|

Mut and Merloni give their list of who they believe will be the best in the game once Brady calls it a career.

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I think you're seeing a guy who basically saying to New England said listen. I love the patriots I wanna stay at patriot this is where we're gonna have the best chance to win a Super Bowl long term. Please go out spend this money go get me somebody go get me what he Freeney you'll get me -- resigning Wes Welker what whatever it is. I think he is now giving the patriots front office a chance to remain not only relevant but a playoff contender. For every year for the rest of his NFL career. The great Peter -- joined us yesterday. With -- load on to three point seven WEEI your phone calls at 61777979378. TT -- line. Is 37937. I'll give ESP credit they're looking -- Different ideas about the National Football League -- Damien Woody former patriot jet alliance -- entered. And they they forced into an exercise where. Project out to 2018. Tom Brady the age of forty has retired from the National Football League after the final year. We're -- best quarterbacks in the National Football League the top five quarterbacks. At that time. Why is that he's the sports conversation and I love because really you can't be right or wrong -- your opinion -- it's five years from now nobody -- five through one or five year. Go for afterward -- the both of them one. Same guy tickle fight. I got Johnny -- -- number five all the Heisman Trophy winner. Johnny Mann tells going to be a come out of college a couple of years to be won its second year plate two more years in college. The come out -- second year player top five QB. He'll be eight top five quarterback in his second year in the national Ohio by the end of the second year. I Russell Wilson at number 40 Nicky showed you'll supplement Seattle this year orchids he stepped forward. I've Andrew -- number theory ideological prime number one because with the most Puerto typical sort of the natural drop back shock on quarterbacks. I have Colin cap predicament debate does prolong that a cap predict too. -- nick has all the tools Scott park Brady part. Jim Kelly part Montana. Well it's still a couple Super Bowls by that's item number sells better that that combination you'll be 34 results Aaron Rodgers with a number one quarterback the National Football -- five years from now. Brady retires the new rankings will be -- Delphi Wilson for luck three -- predict too. Ironically number one for got a couple guys I'm sure it lets hear your list my list. Number five. Matthew Stafford. You guys. Second year relays every day starters -- that injuries and things like that -- -- try to be injured that year probably it probably will -- up with Stafford and a five. AB's all 3330 your -- attitudes and all thirty always gets hurt who will be Stafford efforts going to be thirty. Marketers 24 right now okay -- thirty there at -- -- ranked public -- before because capital. I agree with you you know and that he's part Kelly part play out on and -- and -- to have these more than just a running quarterback you know he's he's more than -- controlled the football. Number three B Andrew Luck button at that that he will take big strides the next three or four years. -- -- you forgot number two in my book. Five years from now -- Matt Bryant. Jon Meterparel up towards the show here now under the guise of Louis five years to buy additional Matt Ryan -- be in their -- B Campbell. And I had to leave RG three up because of the injury factor. -- -- That's about it that's that's Lila to RG three I -- -- -- -- -- a lot of respect for Big Ben do you wanna start to Madrid and wagon early and you. Also Roethlisberger in on this one too but getting treatment for factoring in injuries. And RG three and got robbed of burger to -- like staffer I couldn't gamble all year from ninety because it will cap protects injuries and invited to this ball and -- capital I don't want the guys that Bryant to. Not being curtain. I'll see -- man I don't see he's a good quarterback but top five number two yes I had it is five years now he's a better quarterback than Andrew Locke. It Julio Jones gonna rule -- together the gonna grow old together B 32 years old diskettes or more years. With those -- Friday white. The -- that Jones the 781 texting and RG three mutt you're an -- no RG three c'mon Mike you're an idiot much your high -- Police and coastal low because guess -- doesn't have RG three's top five that guy over there I put him in the five years you know projections and we -- need to concussions we've already seen it with him. The injuries the only reason why -- no question -- Our estimation was he lining and tell Isaac if if you tell me RG three staying healthy -- but number two. But I -- Is -- -- voicing an injury did you debate Eli. When you do absolutely not totally quarterly I would never be in the top five really ever never has been never will be. Somebody AT&T text line response and Aachen re the ones that are actually -- but there are some you guys have -- -- I left a lot of people off for a list of people or texting and about. I'll star Bryant can't help. I don't I would just say I haven't seen enough that's been one year and it wasn't enough we're still -- of joining a sell off got him in there and stop the Cam Newton. There I would say I'm not sure is -- Carolina in five years he might get moved -- a little bit. And -- -- I would agree with at least that need some debate. Was Joseph Flacco. Joseph Flacco heated this past year was unbelievable and and if he puts another one of those together. -- has a playoff run a couple regular seasons like that we will look back and say. We have a hell we now Nigel I definitely -- -- he can make -- look silly but not -- about Matt Ryan. Making it look silly when Johnny man's only draft the number -- your fans who league in 2018. You'll remember I told a five. I Joe's and a car talking about the patriots draft today I joke. They I don't guys. Sergio -- border area or maturity. Yeah. Not a red repeat -- -- -- already the patriots. They don't need nobody else process. They need to dump all their money just like -- on defense. -- -- -- -- major plus for the I know ball but I know we can still play and was appointed -- and update you gotta bring Brandon -- back in getting that welcome back in line to give -- Keep this competence level where he or you know people about sort of like we want to Google places is where I think they'll make that brought west which you are coming up. But that the shortly generally penetrate the to get a better term agreement that has built the Kindle brand. I don't really wanted to put someone would no doubt. Yes you bring back the same offered to go with suitable. Now now I don't if they're helping give me -- help husky health incidental to beat up and knowledge you expect -- to be. A decline in. I don't think they'll be avoidable problem but the deep -- that would need to look at got to look at the CP. And mob you know it just I think that's what to go to film aren't the right route 100%. I think yeah but it's going to be the black quarterback. The adjusting one's gonna be vulnerable you know him. There's a cabinet we the most he got capita number one pick your five year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It does but I mean you know he's just. I think RG three's better it's just that he just is injured -- There right now -- it isn't yet the replaceable will sees a big dude so I don't know but as far as that. Sebastian Vollmer should be interesting because -- AM marked as candidate they're comfortable with but that they lacked depth that's a position that. With Dante Scarnecchia. And the success they've had in the draft. On be shocked one bit you know Steagall in in a threat some -- journeyman tackle. In draft the right tackle. You know I have candy in the air to battle with the veteran and got to develop this young kid got to get him in -- rotation move around at some versatility. They bring back -- pretty big market isn't -- pretty good free agent market and it's a big market and all the guys have been cut yet we know what other tackles are going to be caught -- at first inkling about it looked like early on your price in independent offseason you look at. I mentioned before about franchising him because the risk of injury give one more year. But with the marking here about the tackles that could be out there did this just they were they drafted so well. They've got to kind that these guys -- that they feel good about. If they don't spend the money in this look elsewhere. 61777979237. That your phone -- can text us. On the AT&T text like 379837. Start with the the show a lot of Bruins conversation about the win last night about realignment in the league any -- -- of NASA and or join us -- clock to reset some Bruins with the -- here on 93 point seven WE yeah.

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