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Andy Brickley, NESN, on the Bruins win streak

Feb 27, 2013|

Brickley makes his weekly appearance to talk about the Bruins win over the Islanders, the future of Tuukka Rask as a Bruin, and if the NHL needs to make some rule changes to allow more scoring.

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Final -- -- -- -- 93 point seven WE eEye started there with a lot of conversation. About the Bruins and the realignment in the National Hockey League and a guy who was in. New York it's going to be Brooklyn when they play this islanders team Andy Berkeley does the collar on nests with Jack cameras joining us. On the eighteenth tee -- -- brick got to put the golf clubs away here for a little bit no more Florida trip in the future. Yeah I know I would rate approval layup the last round now that we're -- a little while. -- Laviolette has to watch you guys have -- to learn history for me last night it was I learned that the that the yum. The triangle. Was the strongest you metric shape I learned that last night -- -- Jack throws out these nuggets left and right here but the but the Bruins -- for 41 last night that just. The rural -- to talk to you -- Tyler shake up top because. Then going into the corner set up their first gold McQuay actually started with. With back chicken Tavarez on the other end in the defensive side of the overall game you start to see here's mr. at this point streak he's got gore. Yet a couple weeks -- we talked about Sagan and his -- -- desire to get to take a clearer look into the era in all platelet going to be aired so we're valuing. But I wanted to clear look because it was more he had two years and -- was capable of getting an -- coaching staff was at the same thing other than. You gotta believe. Is played over the last two weeks are certainly over the last week to ten days. Has improved dramatically in those areas can play await the -- And -- the puck battles Julia the defense of this digital quality efforts there has the skill and they beat people get -- which what he was able to do. And the way you want to talk oh in the corner set -- look wade was classic they can not illegal an -- how course somebody will become -- Killed quickness bill and had to get separation by using his speed would -- displayed that's that's what they're looking for him to do -- And it -- funny you know he's an escort street now. I don't want it to content that wanted to put some numbers on the board at all because they compete level -- -- And brick that conversation right in the coaches ask him to you to give more was is in an effort thing was -- consistency what do you think was most emphasized when they had a conversation because to -- It's paid off and he's playing -- -- more well run again right now. Probably the fact that. They wanted it to realize it'd be expecting. You're not playing well -- secure -- -- -- -- typical message to deliver. To a guy still pretty out intellectual so important ET. Think if he was convinced that he was playing at a high level. Is a typical conversation that the typical reality. But the put on somebody collapse. And that's it's that it's this skill. -- coach in good coaches and great coaching staffs have that it brought -- Before the year started brick uncle came out and said 3018 split right for -- -- dole when that was is ideal number. Obviously hasn't been like that probably because they have really hit this at this tough schedule but it's coming up a typical well lapidus that a guy like -- playing so well Protestant. Well I don't think it be that specific you know thirty keen. The believability was probably thirty at thirty. October 35 and that's pretty strong workload out of 48 game schedule. I think coming -- to Long Island -- -- -- a new bill would would weigh understandable that there would be out of the discussion but. Our young player who built it. The trip to Florida -- east and Europe term I think that was part of the decision making which school and we get that opportunity to win. Wrapped around a little while longer -- little more cool little more run veteran savvy to be ready to play perhaps. Knowing the team would have some fatigue level. It still trying to secure to -- point that was very notable who playing although. Our team on the rise still an eerie scene to a broad have to put on the site. -- clearly could see. Quote decision to go to -- -- the right decision conversational -- I think he'll leave your energy level -- mindset are you one up late at night. Could we really wanna win this in official trip and I think that would really -- and that could play into our goaltender right now he's in the rhythm in -- and vote because of Haitians go to step as -- it will make your decision with the numbers and that at the end of the year on the split I still think it's gonna be in that range thirty to thirty for. The numbers for Tuukka right now brick in that category should care about save percentage. You know say he is up there in the top top of goaltenders National Hockey League -- do you see anything in your mind from his play. That would make led to believe that they shouldn't try to extend to go out to the tune of you know what some of the top six -- make on this team at some point this year give to cut back contract extension. That contract extension was coming. Because she -- who don't have -- year. The system -- -- and familiar familiarity with these team in the system and knowing where -- shot coming from. The confidence level that he has little abilities and its guilt that that's why he started one year deal he knew there -- dot would be in a row. At the end of this season he was willing to rule would placed to some degree but he was ultra confident that this is wait and see what's gonna go. I'm not seeing original intent out of every 1213. But the number it will be there in the -- and and I fully expected you'll see it that it expects that the if they're ex Soviet agent expect to hear that an approach. I believe our our our. Pretty sure that the billionaire a contract out to probably completely. -- -- -- that it really look at this team and say this is what they need to work comfortable the power play I'm sick of talking about it but. The third line you know when it looks like they get two lines here of scoring forwards and as -- like almost two lines of of energy lines and just. They're not producing at what point do you -- Start addressing that as -- Balkan bumped down -- -- get moved up the first sign. Buddy can treat those you know there are a lot of six or getting what you want if you want to move up -- around and walk around and you know. I killed at least got to keep that mind -- -- You talk about ice time and who played with who coming after special teams play. A fourth place the foul play at this point people on the team so -- the units I say. Well heavily a college scoring chance to see you liked it and right now I think elite game is improving. And that -- political Florida's illegal. A long -- -- feel better about his game but he is Smart guy. Who now just. His condition is timing and feel for the game. They'll get by little contributed because he's so Smart that he needs to be more lately he's been to this point is well aware that he's trying to get there he will get there. But it is concerned. The lack of production on the third line also Portland Portland has more Q they can be more open and at times they were out a little they won the -- there -- big reasons you know -- plays that hard -- checking back pressure game. Which all the major reason that they will walk quietly keep their temple on the back check where is. But it's a concern I think if you look at this team would try to evaluate you know I. That is something probably that if he does not. Improved to a certain level that they're looking bought the -- -- changes in navy broke outside the. Any Berkeley color commentator for the Bruins and -- joins us every week here on the program. The big news this week in the NHL balls realignment nothing is is set brick but. It seems like there heading in that direction and and we talked about it earlier there's nothing that we don't like here on the show about it Detroit's in your division. Up for the original six are in your division the Florida trip deacon golf. Is still party your division to meals are all good things do you see any negative drawback. Ted the what the realignment as proposed by many hockey -- last 2448 hours. Well I'll tell you what I like to I like you know. That you play every team in the legal battle like that -- -- schedule a -- effect that you played and I don't either acute issue when you get into the postseason. I think that truly would build rivalries which is what you're looking for. Was certainly the case back in the day when we will play and I gotta get out you can picture before you couldn't answer deeper in the policies and -- -- While. And I think that the patient and -- created. Is gonna cut down on the travel well we're here. I'm so traveler -- that it really trying to protect the players what I spoke like there is the and even -- that number it seems that the patient be an even number of games played it supported in your own decision. And and and that the number of senior division at your conference negatively affect your -- -- -- -- -- that to waits in the 272. Separate conferences. I -- just that apple won't tell you it's going to be coffee experience in the region or six in nineteen cost to make. The supply concerns. And then looking forward. We look at this formula because they're preparing to 14100 or expand. It to port city. And what happens to realignment. If somebody collect call Christine -- to relocate to Quebec city. And now that -- this whole exercisable. You don't think the -- would have a contract deal that just move. Move team in several cities. Yeah you know with. This discussion that's come up but I you know when they travel as much as we do any actual downturn in the current conversations with. Recall that there and we talk about contraction and it would -- -- or directory system and would they ever. Shortened the locked -- they would play. You know. And fortune five to -- boasting it will never happen they won't take back which steps in those directions I certainly can't see it. This too much money at stake this too much business leaders too much strength in the union to allow that at number -- optional. I don't see a little it might be good for the cable network but I don't see it happening. As a follow up look at and it's just your opinion -- we have the you this this week a look at in terms of attendance but you do do a lot of traveling and you see cities my guess is part where you get there and you see the following you say well. This'll be a city that's got to be under consideration -- that relocation to a second team in Toronto and our carrier to Beckel back city is there a team or two currently. That stands out is boy if they're gonna move teams I would start there because of the lack of fan interest and support IC Nancy. Yeah well circle on this trip unfortunately. You know it. Let's huge crowd last night Long Island -- a number of post its -- -- almost two teams that are are are definitely. They're having their issues. Phoenix -- -- -- into the finally -- three -- Just a nontraditional hockey market to get on the winning team and you have retreated in fan base. You -- -- submission try and they played all the different programs and a marketing that they come up with it's still difficult to sell those tickets and but you look at the at least contract the commitment that they've made for ten years the record growth the record money. You know -- -- you've got to be. It pretty good shape. This is some individual markets that need to clean up and admit -- mistakes need to relocate. Or all the social change all. And bring new team Italy. British carriage at the author doctor Kevin ball the Portland and buyers of gold back and forth about. The game right now you know and the lack of scoring kind of go back maybe a pre law -- stages scoring is down. Is that a problem in your mind and if that is written can be fixed. I don't think the games broke. You know I think we've made a number change is leading the league sport seven years ago and there was an economic need -- needed to be. Addressed such -- the salary cap in hand along that whole budget rules changes to open up the game increase scoring. Make it more attractive to the -- And I think it live up to. But now the adjustment to be made by coaches by organizations choose he would edit it to team and some of that openness that we created with the rule change this. Don't think we're looking at drastic changes to create 760. It's it's certainly not what I'm looking for. -- -- it be better absolutely other rule changes or. Adjustments we did make a sport to make it more attractive in a little bit more offensive mind did you but I'm not willing to go to the the drastic measures to kill all the talking about a lot like no break. I'm very basic it's it's just to reduce the sizable equipment streamline it. And I think you'll have a an opportunity to see more net. I beat the goalie to still be safe. And I think you'll see added offensive production if you want -- -- the idea here of you know full two -- Powell played a -- -- -- or by the I'd be a little a little bit of that but it still should be the ice -- If you're shorthanded but I don't think anything drastic. -- -- -- the way it is. I typically don't look at the numbers certainly in our traditional markets whether sure regional feel like that's in the NBC numbers. Or all the money coming in June the business overall popular sport right now we don't need drastic change. Numbers outrageous and -- so far as you intact Jack is such a good job exit teams playing pretty well. So far this year he is -- Brittany you'll see -- tomorrow Ottawa Daniel opera to come to town brick is always appreciate and enjoy the week able tucked -- next week. Not -- -- joining us on the -- TT hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds that the ten times faster. And three G it's AT&T rethink gospels put our group bright for reducing. Goalie equipment as saying the easiest thing to do you take it from ten inches above the mean. 78 inches above the knee may give the blocker side. But shorter I'm not saying I'm not going Jim crazy miracle last night I'll -- stars but you know I love about the. -- history to reality obviously bring back the robberies again in Detroit is now in the mix and they'll be rivalry -- they're awfully good team so. The robbery comes back came the -- that the the last two while carts. Are thick of bottoming units -- the Bruins for next four years or in the playoffs are almost operated divisions. If five years not a slip a little bit about that while -- team a wild card spot that. -- the play Detroit Montreal in -- and everything else in the playoffs -- your five year five also find yourself to bracket. On the other side. -- because this was a wild cards yeah -- team now it's Philly -- Rangers. And outside Tokyo these robberies post season I -- in the other bracket in late you know my division mates and this other one is that your your dating this bracket. I think that kind of adds interest you know you know as far as that that the race -- final three spots two spots -- exits I don't want Angola Africa wanna stay in this. The better shot of winning in this -- as an a before seat yeah the next one is a number. For the only negative right now as bricks as you got fourteen teams in the west Alyssa Roberts six and in the east and the relocation look the puck daddy -- guy. As they got two -- -- on a Quebec city one going to rob Lowe's expansion teams all we Natalie did not expansion. Does not -- expansion needs contraction OK so you gotta move a couple teams that way. A hot as a balance out that that's the bricks right that's the one. Stick in the mud with this thing right through and getting it done but I hope it does get done to better robberies better for the playoffs. 92 break one of the great robberies of all time. Bobby valid time vs the Boston media -- not done here for him next.

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