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LB discusses the Bruins 4-1 win with Mut and Merloni

Feb 27, 2013|

LB joins the program to talk about the play of Tuukka Rask, Brad Marchand, and the Bruins win streak.

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The one with the signature and before their ads are great guys -- well on its way and a -- gonna do on the air might not speak to the conversation -- when released daily and a alone show world theory on an ominous skies that he did and the -- stalemate at the trailer but boy it was nice -- -- put more on that wrong. Company which is a clean one. And stuff out. Nice here as we did the listeners called -- -- focused. The problem is properly handled better choice is clear to get more muscle massive -- cover it up in -- tracks that addict or feel so much better right now we're serious about this Joseph is Joseph is asking me what the results have been the course of the week the biggest one is the recovery the next day of soreness level of lifting and running working now. Soreness is Allen -- it's basic cut in half from where it normally would be the obvious now tremendous it is -- opposite popular don't work out any more -- called any pot. Enjoyed it more so hard to ask you to crystal clear -- Colin L big let's get -- -- the dear sister and I don't. So it's like 65 to 75 maybe 300 president David Champion and years and it did him stop giving and every little bit -- it. It gave me I retired I said I'm never witnesses are so when I retired army was or 9596. And six when -- -- I'm never going to the gym again. And you don't you don't have to deal with this slow but we always have a worse in time not. I send their wore a suit and tie again so all it -- -- it worked out perfectly because it's exactly two and a half years for me to go from 210. -- 3318. Was might -- who might peaked out at 318 before I hit the wall and it. Outweigh quote you can't fit -- -- not yeah. And shall -- they don't have won for just let -- centro is sort of loose and focused now because right now the focus really should be just playing for the tie. Right -- play for the time -- do enough there -- countries plate for the size so I do that on an 800 network. Whatever it is down from the twenty Angie eat eat eat drink what you want to wait for the what I really got to do LB joins us out throughout the course of the dirty so popular he's got bought sponsors with the -- that he's brought to you by Brennan's washed up and limit -- -- -- -- Rain and taught and and by LB's haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard change lettuce -- -- call 1800. Again here change to let us change your wife. At least it does sound you know what sometimes vote that may happen to be a ball -- and pull out -- you lose weight to get back in shape in the -- -- give back in the game. You never know what they have to do that is at -- -- the white -- Lou I -- use the hair -- today so they're patching up there -- adjustable walking down almost an ambulance -- top group brought with us for a little -- one day. Now it's sponsored. Just because there. Two guys and to resurrect those -- there with the master. A master of disaster -- out of that tilt those boys they got it going on man well although I don't I don't appreciate. Have been to -- have been -- make you know thirty plus saves every night and that's its -- Exciting game this goal scoring four goals -- five love my dad I'll. Get out of over eight. Excellent you that we sat down at the beginning of the year you -- loudly today when I heard was pulled back to grass in bodily Anton who built. You as being -- number one goal that surprised he wasn't planned by the way he called I called -- -- -- in the pipes last met in app to play Thursday against the senators but to Google last night it's up the back to back games now. Thirty plus saves and last night look islanders had their chances between their power play opportunities -- -- -- they play and it looks and he turned back. Every single one of -- Is he worthy of that big extension you'd think that the -- to be talked it was agent right now about a contract instead I'd like both these guys -- man this is this is. Great to be great for two gonna be great for Goldman I think it's great for everybody immediately. Because it was such competence you see in their pockets. It's in slow motion some of those saves he made last night that power placing -- Boston defenseman. Who -- -- Arab street definitely -- -- -- -- point -- -- and and he made it look easy -- defenseman and -- -- -- -- -- in Africa and the youngest are placed in our power play it up to 25 by the way I think right guys here that I'll look what he's a fifth rather in the league out of our top talk to Garcia yeah. -- he's a great players exciting they got they listen they got some opportunity to build that organization -- are you right now is a rumor truth there they're gonna move up the Allen moved to Brooklyn. Went under yeah that's the -- they are they're little kids that haven't been cool kids buckle your thoughts I'll be great for them you know. Another guy you know the guy you love before we had discussion of the death at the first period first goal was was exactly what you're talking about we. We mentioned the all around play. Forget about going. -- taking gold in the quarter for the puck up. The charge before that the islanders he comes back and picks up. Trails and except of bars and breaks that drug charge up Russia yeah totally then it then it's when it the other way to TNT and marsh on Eagles and a quarter fights for yeah. Skate around a couple of guys and sets -- the gold as part of the game we have seen that it's Seymour this year. Better Pennsylvanian and and what a surprise Tyler zillions on. Fired a five point five game streak. You know I mean good things come from good attitude and good work habits and and you know you suffer -- listening -- stick it to him in the first period and I'm sure. Claude Julien -- quite shy guy that he is didn't really standing in between that series but you -- know they got lit up and and now they read they respond itself. I love the way more shots plan not into his feisty this you know he doesn't get tackle he's not done. Poking around a job to somebody in front of -- and because he was pissed off and get into it. The pocket there. Ends a planet when you're hot like that is the Atlanta Lara Jimmy does gimmick. You know how we got to be there you know economically. If views busy trying to find out an open area to get to are thinking about being a sniper. He would have probably not been -- was to get the -- doesn't garbage school thirty goals and a 48 games he's critical now because -- you know don't want times we have some scorn after it but I found that -- basis. I I you shall we started off that. I'm not shocked at that did that the pace. If you told me who's gonna lead this team in goal scorer and be shocked I know I want to go to Tyler Sagan brokerage would be one of those two guys I ought to be -- -- One of those two to mug shot but the pace of course is just out of this were a little slow down but. -- say what do -- do these guys in general are not getting out of themselves I don't see Tyler -- and you know all over using his speed to try and make something happen that's just not the way the Bruins are playing -- being helped you did it's like everybody's read the Patrice Bergeron not book of book on how to play hockey. They'll they're all planned the way diverge transplant he's been a great leader in the fall alignments awesome. Usher Chris sport be an alert when he gets moved in the middle period and the switch lines -- play up -- sport down is that a sign may close thinking about. Make a move full time that part. -- you know at some point or he's gonna after he's gonna is gonna have to you know it's gonna have to snap form and then -- he's you have to deal picked up a notch up. The fact that he's great on the power play is a great asset to him aren't you happy and you know it's -- time you know you you've got what Tony games last seen in the next ten or fifteen games. You're gonna see Claude Julien shuffling -- this -- have had to go to appealed it to make his plan. And I think that's probably if they do anything right of the deadline that the third like is that it seems like now you've gut. You get to lies very much -- six forwards. -- better scoring and it seems like you to energy lines. Yeah at my copilot at the point with the energy that is some good shifts there. But I did not finish things up it's almost like get a deal with that it's public that nothing till 4 o'clock PM and better when I don't also -- -- -- -- -- -- -- our -- I you know again I see everybody -- everybody is getting gets an opportunity and it's what you do it down opportunity are you don't Chris works great player. Are we know what he can do he's -- he's fast. I see you know I see his speed. One of the things that you know if I was taught talked crisp worker when I might suit crisp workers. I you know start plane that you don't plate play smarter and work. Play smarter work hard and he's I think. Are easy easy. Runs at guys he's not big enough to hit guys so we don't Claude -- -- you'll be it's all vote. Our plan to man defense body body body in in both zones. And I think because Chris decides that kind of a kind of hurts him a little bit because he bounces off guys and falls down. I think he you know he -- had checked. Guys a little smarter so he stays on his feet he can use his speed he's great -- great core strength he's got a great -- as stability and maybe not and you know not try and physically fight these guys to get the job done I think it would. Just kinda takes a -- and it takes him out of position sometimes I find. Where where because he's trying to be physical at the skill aspect of his game you know did get you did he gets -- a buck. Real -- for Japanese phone -- -- talk hockey with you and us do you look at the realignment. It is a big move for the NHR sort division specific midwest that does make any sense. Central and Atlantic they'll change their names here at some point but the Bruins would be in a division with buffalo Detroit. Florida or Montreal Ottawa Tampa and Toronto two things standout won its Detroit to you still get obviously Montreal beat -- Florida mix and as well. Playoff teams top three teams in each division plus two wild cards and you would play every team in the league home and away. At least once during the awesome not like what -- about this. Awesome awesome awesome for original six teams in our division I got you. You know I mean you know guided Detroit now just plan their own time zone -- -- the give it to everybody -- that haphazardly that they didn't go 10. -- although Detroit fans earlier Evans you know go go on L I still have Dallas -- Vancouver it's a so I love it I think it's great brings back all the rivalries you know. And I think it's it's it's going to be awesome -- good for come out Columbus again you know same kind of thing. They're they're gonna debut on they'll be able to get a rivalry going -- going there -- and -- dared the young fans in that area going to be able to watch games again in house. So why can't help but I'm glad they did that. -- -- wild card things I've got desert eagle topped four you know how it is so mean right now -- Maybe it's it's it's a Florida or whatever lead near division would no points last year 84 points and win their division you know -- Yeah that too while guarding case the Bruins divisional the islanders and Rangers or somebody over their dominate you don't want a team less point right to an -- I -- I I think everything everything is -- about it but I love the wild card stuff it's worked in every league everybody that -- about it in decades it's phenomenal powerhouse that. Yeah preferences on this one game sentiments -- -- that. That John Carlisle as late pace we talk about two could today John Europe with the -- Lou and LB what -- -- It will probably Johnny jet and Kabul Kabul -- -- of course Chris -- I counted to three times last night that. You could -- the chant -- pop -- Did not turn the puck over at the wild blue line and it went actually I guarantee that's like which optimum line. You need to go one on 21 on treating any child now on Saturday and that allegation Benson are repeat samples of cities we could not go on one nevermind -- onto one on -- yeah I -- Again to correct. Com right now I think honestly believe he is in the top three goals in any chill. -- with Lundqvist -- renowned national. And he -- could eat into account you might be most valuable week right now and -- you know. Much inept and the Bruins Yahoo!. BP guys just unbelievable. And Hillary. What you think the network last night they were named Corey Perry. Might be available and you all I know I know I'll be lows looks quicker any huge city and so perfectly -- I -- -- scrap them. Can just buried pocket mean 3040 goals this season. Actually a couple of years ago. I basically treat anyone on her want want want. Isn't that allow guy right -- are what Michael Ryder come in -- just jump in after much drug as a coal okay. But -- a different level you're given a lot in you sign him to a deal. Yeah god -- -- again you know it's funny yet you get starry eyed when somebody like Perry gets to gets a becomes available Nash Internet and -- I should -- it goes -- years ago I just say this I was just gonna go there alone you look at the Rangers and there there they are. You on paper. Pay their vicious team and Nash is in -- intimidating and so -- has. Has not really got to go -- for them and the Rangers I think they worked really really hard over the last few years. To put a team. Work -- together a bunch a guys wanna play for each other together. And they kind of turned that upside down and so what do you do. What -- you what's broken on the -- you know you know geek Chris -- there may be on the in his head. He he's he's fighting a little bit you know they'd like I was gonna say that a great point is it's at its super simple. He did it and I'd get it I'll get it and that's -- rules in the NHL figure out your blue line it best get out or you're sick and if you're at their blue line -- -- -- they're sick because it always goes back the other way. As always ends up against points against a I don't know who would you give up who would agree -- a package. For repair. I don't different animal does -- sound crazy that -- key is such terribly he said six sports right the six guys you got. Big they could use a Michael -- more just for a third line guy with some playoff there be a -- -- most tennis because you know he's you know McDonald's is much any not disrupt in those top -- lie in switching like other play and yeah. I I just you've you've got a core of guys that have been together now for 456. Years when he talked about -- and and and parents and authority and it doesn't matter what line to go to Selig only count this guy's been here for awhile now. It and while they're still they're only 2728. Years all. You want a break to small do you wanna break Diego I don't think you do I don't think he did. It's a good core here right now we take your text and sometimes the voice activated that we have an early one day at a machine is activated -- are correct and third line is the just the tip line so close but still outscoring like month. Hot on the (%expletive) out of this gracefully -- there are enough to make some states. Just. A small -- at this point today quick break let's do this -- warriors at all your witness school year -- on Monday Kevin pulled the pot called in while we're talking to you wanna join the conversation DOS and -- great hockey right of the Boston Globe over to. I don't I'll I'll go to. Might you know highlight. Great I think your -- off. -- and ID 37 WEEI LB limit buyers. Another half an hour at one point. Bosnia out of the ways and it was -- key that you. There'll be about you'll hear that and a enabled a little bit the next 12440. Outlet that sits in your -- morning at the Ottawa game you'll hear that. On the show LB -- -- we're taking your phone you are loaded up at 6177797983718. -- -- 137937. Before it's -- I got to ask LB about the the dad. And a pork kid you knew that on -- island all what's. Save your thoughts announce we'll get to four uniting the app for mention Heather is in Providence and -- -- diesel Watson look at what's up that I gather. Hey I REM IH. LL compass and has yet. I bloody -- and combat the problem. The first and I wanted to say is unlucky -- -- that last night but in the after game interview with close he actually said coach bill. -- -- The heavy got to talk to him coming into one of the first was told -- says that's include goals -- -- it actually. Apple to contact last night and I think the theme song should be for him into -- And that clip for it -- he does that he -- to play that music all the time. To receive -- a budget girlfriends or. Now look at understand it. My boyfriend for not letting him see that playoff game last year. I mean it again. I think it's right that's fair trade -- the -- today. He technical black candidate himself. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that's a tough sit through had a right and that's gonna give you more than could have took a bit of some litigants a decent maximize our. Hello Michael -- blanked on the line and anyway sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to say I am so frustrated. Why is to. At that goal scoring is so important everybody. Can meet that challenge of the game. If I went to regain an inside kind of goals scored I feel -- besides the hitting I was that an all star game. I want the talent to McCain it -- saying okay basketball doesn't score now let's pull that down upon them and similar with football and that's I don't think it's -- problem I like going and I like seeing that there's a challenge to get those puck in the net. Hey guys it was a pleasure thank him. Thank there's another eight generally on eight from now manage the differences in the NBA or the NFL the scoring is not going you know drastically backwards the way it is in the NHL and again. That to hammer the point we hammered on Monday or Tuesday excuse me the you look at the goals per game. It is trending back to pre block now pre 20141500. Double a neutral zone trap. Lead the league and in the NBA Nazi in that in the NFL scoring is up because while these leagues are doing at -- at this point. -- -- towards -- where the NHL lets these gold or opt out here. And sit there -- those of us that -- save after -- that's why don't you attack the integrity of the game don't change the rules icing all these three point do you imagine seriously somebody on. On a power player summit just control the puck in the owns old and also ref. Blows the whistle and says three ploy it's stormy three seconds Chara. 32 violation. That they don't shower up and it has just as just take just reduce the pads and honour is all that's really all you guys have to go to the box. Right right let's let us -- make it out last night out and -- those two out -- that between a second there period the united guys and I couldn't help because just a couple. Coupled stations down with miracle. Off now locked in right now screw of course now I go back to the beast and I hit the DVR Temecula justification to get locked into I know likes about the people -- with. Anticipates that it locked and the other production cut the first comes -- it's -- is Jim Craig taken ticket shots left and right. In the first -- that was his pads and the making the catch my leg. And the Mickey -- blocker he had it looked like might layers that you know you what do you want to go from two point 65 goals gained two point nine goals a game. Produced the pats got should be a five hole. IAE again I you know I love to see he wants to see more scoring and he I don't get where he GE in his head believes. That big game is born into it I just don't comprehend how they get there. And the other thing I I don't comprehend is why is it's so bad that that you can't acknowledge. That you're superstars. Played defense state -- superstars. Work twelve months year to stain shape getting peak physical condition to play. At peak levels in both ends the -- in -- of the -- how I still like that you appreciate debt and in in and if -- think that I don't know. What organization survives on contracts I don't know where this term came from -- aid organizations don't live and die. Through paying tax okay otherwise the Kansas City Royals the Columbus Blue Jackets the that the Florida Panthers would have some sort of map and national. Advertising program going on to reward -- cats that -- don't get here's a free trip come watches it's just it's ridiculous. It I would that the sell you ward ripped trees -- and great to wait two way player great -- to play area. But -- -- offense not just silky award was introduced and 78 idol I was still 35 years ago but still the hockey game score on. Long time before that that's in 1978 they said you know what we need to start recognizing -- full deck and actually played the -- Say yeah it's it's -- goes up and it was there and hit a hundred years ago right having 35 vehicles still long time it's seven -- let's start rewarding defense and reports. Yeah and and and do aside enough for not then. Brad Marchand group make it some great moves -- -- -- that it was anybody watching the tic tac toe last night. It started with charm salutes decree spousal amid that the hold a -- -- and it's. CNN loads of encryption I'm Bambi you get my point sure -- accurate they can't handle the -- anymore they can't handle the -- like. Like Wayne Gretzky will -- out you know and no one. You realize nor could -- grits. What did the gothic music and they're hitting it's going on the physical play and you know attorney of concussions and things like that taken a body. Slow it down low -- well right offensive guys play more defense. Again you know you can -- you can't go back the -- client. Eighties who who wants to go back -- the game is as if it was -- it's faster now. With a one change you can increase goal scoring you'd be back at the end of that you would be okay with EB a candidate Doug Wilson gets this thing passed they come tomorrow at the press release -- you're talking about. It's shrinking the pat size for goaltenders reaping the blocker side that he can forget the glove side all the pats all that all of that's your real terror -- -- equipment at the grace are you OK with it. I don't know I hit again like I send my -- would you give up you would you give up the fact that Tuukka -- now camp played two thirds of the games he gonna that you gotta have 5050 goaltending which mean you may. You know you're not gonna have your number one guy. For Tenet did those 220 extra games a year which means you maybe not get the w.s in the W column. I don't know -- you know who I guess my point is you show me a building. When teams are winning that are -- -- you -- gimmick up the game so -- teams have full buildings. Is not rewarding is every is rewarding it's not gonna what it's not gonna benefit the game down the road. You're wrong about that more -- does benefit the game don't mean 109 All Star Games like Heather said but an increase scored half a goal back to -- was. Have to -- out just how good for -- that you're making it good for the the goal if that's or arguing about it shouldn't be done if it's applicable argue about the way the game looks at -- -- back to game Assad and I like it'll also be like you love the noodles on -- that's fine. Dennis on the cape talking about Kevin Paul DuPont -- with the Dennis. Toronto played -- -- -- and -- big -- -- I note that -- is saying a lot in the game for a long time. And I think the biggest problem going on right now is all the stupid penalty call. There are so many ridiculous call -- eight. That he. Let up and who does have an advantage that it so many power play. I think the game exchange. Our boys are way down. In the last five or six years they were 141000. Power play opportunities. The martial -- last year there were 8006000. Fewer Dennis. Power play opportunities for seven years grant. Seems like there's a lot of fans who calls me like a lottery ticket -- calls not you know. -- -- let's hope this but the idea that interrupts the flow of the game. I really -- I think that's a problem beginning myself. Why did -- -- I don't find I don't find a problem in in in the game authority you know did did you. Winning drives revenues and if you get a good GM you get a good president you get a good organization that wants to build a winning organization is committed to building and keeping a winning organization. Then you're gonna win hockey games or Billy -- full. You know it's it's not up for it's up to me. Or should I I hope it's not up to the birds of the Boston Bruins have to agree. Gimmick up the game because people don't call people in Florida in Columbus in AA and Nashville. I think that the game is boring because there's not enough goals are -- they did that that is ludicrous to me. What was not Ludacris is sending mark tremble at the jail Martin trembling if you don't remember we post this at the time it happened. In Vancouver and there was post one of these you know midget hockey games and the sky's the coach Martin trembling. He trips. A thirteen year old in the lines sticks just went out and trips the kid. He's pissed off but what happened to ablaze go to jail for fifteen days not an -- I've been put I've -- up fifteen weeks per trip and a thirteen year old after a hockey game. You -- body I agree with -- -- -- -- six months at least make make the guy that this is the you have to stop to step parents are not at Heathrow airport is our hockey culture to Detroit -- -- -- him by the way that was my son. I just I don't find that guy once a week for the rest of his life like them. -- at the you gotta get out here thank you for stopping by talk some hockey. We'll talk to it on the let me guess it is only helping obese and he's got two sponsors now Brad and smoke shop in -- Pembroke Brockton where -- rain -- taught and and by LB is haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard changer lettuce change your life. Call 1800. Yet here we seal lined up we get right to your phone calls ninety seconds.

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