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Kevin Paul Dupont debates with Lyndon Byers about rule changes in the NHL

Feb 27, 2013|

The Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont joins the show to debate with Lyndon Byers about possible rule changes he believes will help the NHL become a more exciting league. LB doesn't think the game needs any changes.

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I can't tell me is part is that this all of these deadly mill Brandt do appointments recover in the game forever. This hockey is so good what's wrong but -- -- and I I don't believe I don't believe scoring would would make it more exciting. Our guy -- buyers LB here every morning on the Hill Man Morning Show WA AF I think you feel it. Get lit up guys like common deal and our guys like Kevin Paul do -- Got to throw in their by the -- came back and head glowing race one trampled upon afterwards I don't like it. But let me just I don't know. Sisters I disagree reduced and and thinks that died. -- that the slot should be you know you can't we have the 32 rule or whatever they're trying to pull with the basketball thing you know don't we just keep -- Iraqi three game on the. Kevin Paul -- -- hockey ready for the Boston Globe nice that the join the conversation you edit a real interest in peace he hurts our conversation and you went -- a lot of ideas -- scoring Kevin which of the idea is that you and Mike went through was the one you'd most like to see change in the NHL which of those would you wanna see. It's thought he could tomorrow magic wand which then would you deal. Well first of our guys I'm glad to be on a night are at a crucial the other they would just refer to our. And until -- and bond and went. But what I do and -- -- an -- could eat curry it was terrific. I'll. Got out of that whole thing the only thing I tell you the below I'm injured guys just like Joker and sell. I go book me another product of over the years which is this what when game played at even strength. The team on the attack is always short and as we know -- -- Gator and 05 gators got five -- and -- So inherently BR and that he always shorthand. So what product and my old Michael -- up here -- I wanna see hockey move to an era. Where are -- and their talent -- rewarded. And what happened in the game by my eyes and the mid nineties. -- -- are rewarded peak and our market measures are the truck narrow lot game he'll if you look at -- will remember very well. Those great teams of the late companies -- -- Canadian and those great teams of the islanders started BA. The Euro Oilers through the eighties in different parties and and they expect way to kind. All offensive juggernaut. Great school watch and too many reasons. And Howland of course being -- By today's game because it is in so. OP down. Like cultures. By day. By a lack of talent. I think you've got to do come back. -- your end to what the American League here without the DH. Something would be NBA career adding that three point line. Something the -- got all these sports you know public or protecting the quarterback. Going to more of an arena football approach. All of them and I suppose we could argue the fact that although rule changes all the leaks but what do they all done. They've all that let reward option of how. And the NHL. That that leads you to do it and you got to read the numbers on Monday and it's going the wrong way like -- and best. -- blood but did Duke's big game it all happened it's it's a coaching hasn't done anything but convinced. Forwards to play defense defense to play offense and everybody to play at both ends of the rink. Went back in the day when -- Oilers were juggernaut. Their defense video outside of coffee their defense war world they played unbelievable defense. And everybody even meet at -- are on my on the fourth line. I don't know if there was you know we all obviously never like to get scored on but our everybody's game was geared to. Making yourself faster making your gear stick handling better make your goal scoring ability better make your goal scoring ability better making your goal scoring ability better. And and it wasn't it wasn't so much all of but I a team game and team concept or your top Echelon players. Playing the same. -- -- Defense defensive game as well as like what am I trying to say you're like -- you know -- They like it when you -- I will do it's I won't. It's you know again you've got -- at least three -- so there's a lot to says -- -- a lot of pressure here there's a lot of. And today if you can LD these guys are handling a better today -- I don't know what you're watching -- brought at least carbon stick. And yet they shoot it like holy hell but I couldn't agree more so let's go back to wood -- that can handle guys. Create our country's first. Sure I'll Patrice Bergeron won the -- trophy guy. Easier -- what are your top forwards -- say he's not he's not he's not Stevie -- that gets 25 points or thirty points a game and shuts down the top player in the game. Patrice Bergeron as your first and North Korea or second line -- he can be both anyone assault trophy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eric -- buildings are packed. If you win if it was it was of any building any team in the top ten in the NHL you find an empty building. -- and and I'll start believing that added -- -- topped it doesn't want any other -- caballero teams shouldn't be in Tampa -- team shouldn't be in Florida -- shouldn't be in Columbus that's their problem. And -- -- about well let's let's let's -- -- the game up lets you -- the game -- let me ask you this -- The -- the game up so Columbus has a full building great about that so that has. Not -- the game -- -- allowing some of these -- let me ask Kevin Celtics or goals as it became more aesthetically please so much -- -- much much I appreciate you jump in and just let the professionals -- -- -- Eight gives Clinton really there's a lot so bad -- the other ideas are you throw spaghetti at the law gimme some -- what realistically. Could change. In next year I don't even bigger goal. On Monday when you read your art or so but -- again but real at least -- You and me talking about play Atlanta you and me talking about making them bigger making the had smaller. I I I can -- getting ready the -- I okay I can do that. But realistically do if you're you you talk to these guys you talk to the border -- border governor guys you talk to the president of the teams. What what is really what what is what the -- to somebody nod and say yeah you know what that does that might. -- on Damascus to where I played up what LB said -- and he talked about the goals and we're talking about half a goal gain those types of numbers to mean. You look at the goalie pads and what it was twenty years ago what it is today. Just simply reducing those pads don't you think you would you would see half a goal third of the goal increased. Oh that is there that believe it without changing the game they'll changing rules without injuring people. And a in the -- bigger or stripping down the goalie would be absolutely the changes and -- of those two. I view Lou I would go stripping comical. A poll out this basic cup ball and it didn't everybody -- got to outlaw this year. Because they'll be left and protect. Because he ginger because they advanced to -- my go down with a shoulder injury because he face seven shots into games. No because it because there are being contention because. Anybody -- -- mile an hour at anybody you'll of course anybody computer and I'll escort its main street jockey -- as nasty as Bob Wilson once put it. -- during a game I could not put the puck in the ocean. I -- I I I shot the puck over the Wilson let me read radio legend. Kevin we can be dissolved a quick follow up to something you wrote about the Tuukka Rask in and the extension and and do you do you think that's up in the gets done. Definitely this year may be or is gonna happen after the season. I might do given the way Shirley runs the operation I would start to get it done and get it done fairly shortly and it. Obviously fairly shortly by the end of the regular season the regular season currently shortly so. I I would -- -- -- a regional agents surely has always been good to court young talent I think they get this on the street for weeks but what about the. Very deal gives is that something that -- -- sure LA and Cameron and I swim a group put even considered down -- some god -- Consider that absolutely they use is a good talent. You do that would you what your thoughts on that. Well I don't know I don't know what I don't know what's going better vehicle had no idea again and I think that that that will be my point you're when you're gonna have to you do your talking. Top ten. We were -- talk Koppel -- before he threw him out of France made a nice disrupting those top two lines you know they. As great of a player that he is it's you know the -- the -- that Michael -- -- Montreal but some would just to improve the third line because what's gonna give back maybe disrupt the team. Yup but I also began looked forward had seemed a -- look forward you are they gonna -- court now this year. I get questions about that especially given what is -- slices of the -- has been. So I I always say get the best players and now that's that the ranger approach not not looking so good right Aaron and I also bring back my point when you played that stupid defensive game. -- You call them -- billion dollars and all -- You gotta -- about what it can't hurt you don't go to commercials you can get the last where he -- -- an event that you guys are gonna give me -- -- Atlantic battle. Professional I'll be all AMD's professed policy the policy is -- -- -- they wanted to pretty Red Sox and where did that get them right she's hot. They called a budgets to just as they pretty up the -- -- -- -- any time you wanna talk about this is a lot of -- thank you for listening thanks for call and we'll talk to you soon. -- -- -- I can't do. Kevin Paul the plot of the Boston Globe blood joins on the ATP -- because ran late or make it LB stick around he's not going anywhere I see Heather and Richard all -- -- looked at at 6177797983. Civil make LB stick around. Don't go --

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