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NESN's Barry Pederson on D&C: The B's are starting to hit their stride

Feb 27, 2013|

Barry Pederson joined Dennis & Callahan after a convincing 4-1 Bruins win over the Islanders. Pederson says you can start to see signs that the B's are kicking their game into the next gear. He also talks about the penalty kill, saying its effectiveness allows the team to play with an edge.

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Dennis and Callahan on the heels of the government's successful 41 win in the islands last night curt Peterson joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- good morning Barry how aria. I don't well I'd played already well you know it's it seems like to me bury that's a team talk about the Bruins built to win built to succeed in just about almost any scenario communion regulation overtime home wrote them if they were going to be. He railed by that little Florida sunshine tour it seems like they're pretty disciplined team and got it figured out. Yeah I think one of the keys to this two in the way it's built from the back out -- golden -- defense to put you'll beat themselves then -- allowed the goal of the road and overcome some adversity bad calls made their power play abroad probably not clicking they're still able to win it. And more impressively on this trip they played teams that are at the bottom of the the league in goals against what kind of do the opposite to what you just described the broad strengths are the group exploited that and bill look very easy. I know I'm stating the obvious here or not breaking any new ground when I say it's a good thing to score first but in games they've scored first they are eight and all. Beyond you know getting a lead on the scoreboard what does that do in terms allowing a playoff hockey games certain way. Well two things one. Do you think we've been talking about on the show too is how relaxed these guys look at how confident they look with a 21 lead on the road 31 lead of the road they have so much confidence. But what that does is allows them to play their game. And the other team trying to play catch up -- what they're trying to play catch up that needs abroad can counterattack exploit the other team's weaknesses. Take advantages of their breakdowns that means that he'd have to cut open up a little bit when they do that allows liberals to counterattack. And and speaking of being comfortable and confident Barry. They have and we talked a lot but the power play in the impotence of the although is better but their struggles on the power play. But they are really really good down a man that far and away the best. Penalty killing team. In the league Chicago's second by the way. I'm -- they must feel when you're down male or not say or even strength. What you feel like you could take some chances so what if you go in the box you know UT mental killed off. Yeah I have a lot of carpet you know that's the last three games early -- really good example that year you're going into the third period on the road. Each one of these last three games you've got -- -- a two goal lead but you're starting the third period shorthanded now all of a sudden. You allow a power play goal against -- completely changes in the way you go for the -- do they go out of it not only kill off. Big gain momentum and confidence to go into the third period just kind of buried there opponent. We've talked about it before and dog show that one of the things they wanted to do this year -- -- penalty kill would get much more aggressive and boy you can see that not only of Arizona all over the result of their spirit that would make up the pocket they got a chance to go they cannot isolate somebody take advantage of it. They're going and that means to me that it -- the opposing power play back on its heels a little bit. And of course took -- -- -- -- that's the other most important part about your -- your penalty killers your goaltending he's been solid. And I think when you saw Lucic get up get pissed and you know cross checked Weaver who knows we've -- -- to cross check him of the ice and then jump on him and hound him. In years past or maybe on other teams coach doesn't applaud that he says will that was stupid he got four minutes without a man for four minutes -- he's -- for ten minutes. But on this team they say okay we got your back will kill most penalties and will you know make a statement. Yeah I think to he did when you watch the replay it was so obvious it was blown call by the referee agreed. Below was lucky he didn't get hurt the -- went in -- kind of back and shoulder had first -- what. You know billion respond the way he did that of course Weaver takes a dive and all the sudden you're down four guys but. It's what situations you're when you're on the bench as your player you go you know what guys Gilad -- tough for us every night we got to try to kill the soft formula gives -- momentum. And obviously below blocked his school that would Tibet to capture what they gave -- additional -- but another big kill what this team on the road. And you know there was not too many answers for the opposing teams for the Bruins that they start to look gain momentum here. In the discussion about the PK you mentioned the net -- I'm wondering -- is Rask better than you thought he would be or is this just about what you expected from him. I think what the level where I expect that I expect a lot from him like he does himself. -- that to me he's one of the top goaltenders in the National Hockey League whether or not he's going to be able to get to that elite level and that's going to be the next Europe to here along his progression. He's surely hillsides of being able to control the game. When he's playing he's -- meet Michael goaltenders are going down it you know under control you played with confidence erode it. Happy -- shooters when he gets in trouble like the one goal last night from -- because. He got itself -- delegates Shiite -- playing small so he didn't feel he wants to continue to work on but boy he has done a great job of keeping his team in the games. At the right times so far early are. -- think we'll see Tim Thomas in Medford the islanders. Ever. You know it. I did have a really tough time believing watching what -- did hear from a competitive standpoint. He's just gonna walk -- -- we have nobody knows what's going on I have no insight for sure. To what school through his mind. Watching him play here and admiring so much to -- not only is the record have a great run. Which could mean there was a guy that never quit on anything he would after shots that most guys just go all the other -- attempted Adam talk about. Doubled their he would just go out and just never quit might -- have a really hard time -- because he's gonna walk away. From the game like with the way it's it's gone I just have to think he's coming back at some point. Based on -- and performance should reconsider adding to we're changing his nickname from little ball because he is much more than that these days very. Yeah you really get teased you know battle between he gets enough respect around the league for a law that's because of the way place. The I think thought the last. Three or four games on this trip you know we talked a lot time I was on guys couple weeks ago although when you know when this team starts to hit on all cylinders brick brick talks about. That next year you're starting to see signs of it Marchand Sega Bergeron last night play great great deal Lucic and -- or start to get it going. They're not quite as consistent as they. Need to be yet but that's sixty minutes consistency but you're starting to see it periods -- starting to see it ships. Martial art. Is sneaky offensively he last said he gets that puck on his backhand. He knows that the blocked -- to the government comes woman out Adam come die but he just wait and wait have been able to get the -- got a great release. His speed really backed the defense thought that he has that you want they're goal they're hard to play against. I know it's a combination of both what do you say holds even better in better form his his feet his hands martian. I think it is attitude. With with a tool because he's one of those guys. That have to play on the edge he's got to fight he had to go to the -- to go over. But he's a lot more effective when he's playing that way getting -- -- teams -- getting in their face pocket a little bit afterwards. When he does get in trouble a little bit I think it's you could see in Tyler who gave a little bit to maybe their feet are moving faster than their hands. Because they are so fast break. To let that they've maybe just speed or did this they just backed up the defense which gives their line -- personal bit more room. I'd if you had to vote today for the seventh player warden and Bruins fans generally get that right don't think as a Red Sox fans Red Sox fans get a wrong more often than right the tenth player award they give like. Jim Rice Dwight Evans you know within the they don't understand the concept a lot of times Bruins fans do who's the seventh player now today. Above and beyond expectation the I think that would Doug Hamilton so far. But close. Close shot here with. Are -- important. For what he's got to overcoming and had done but. The difficult part of this team has -- to your question -- would you sit down and think about it there's so what they're sold balanced. You don't want invited to one individual that next night it's another line. They played so well defensively so that'll beat themselves -- in every game. Eight. The other thing that was very attractiveness road trip was what you read the recaps of the games and you're the other team's comments the other organization commentator just raving about this team how tough it is to play against they don't give you anything. During your base every -- They played physical they're intent and -- dislike the way the organization to be around to make the credit to the the management. Coaching staff just -- credit for this as well and they recognize in the previous couple of games they weren't doing very good work in the corners along the boards quote acknowledged that worked audit practice and it paid off last night. Yeah I really did get their problem. Before this trip they're -- that's what implicated as well that is now I don't think it's nearly word needs to be worth heading. But they were player on the periphery there are on the outside they weren't going into those dirty areas. You know we talked about in the past you football -- Wes Welker going across the middle you know he's gonna get absolutely annihilated but he -- and -- makes that catch him. -- just hope he continues to get up all the time. That their now. What -- weaknesses I think it's been a little bit of exploited as is that they just don't draw enough penalties right now they're not getting enough power play opportunities. And to your point in that means that they're not. Make it the other team do more than not making them hope and holding Greg Abbott haul them down they had there have been a great job with the puck possession. Which means get a teams chasing around little bit more but I think if they continue to improve continue to take their game the next level. You're gonna start to see things in the local dirty areas to improve. Our final question and have you studied or analyzed the proposed NHL realignment and a four conferences to enough to have an opinion about Eric. Yeah I think it makes little sense to not only from travel. I think it's just a lot more competitive. The major reason for it to happen. Was Detroit. And Winnipeg Detroit wanted to get into the east with the times -- the be all their game to be starting the same time all the time. For the Bruins. Report to them for what they didn't need to get -- division on the East -- probable -- like it when you look at the -- and make a lot of -- Admiral -- you've got to be ecstatic I mean you got Detroit coming into this what they're calling and other central division right. That -- bought that much wrong to Rossi got war. Original six teams two great rivals what you got buffalo still there and you know lot. -- behalf because they still have Tampa Bay applause. And he can -- -- play some golf now and then and I think as broad sense this is a pretty good. -- to be disappoint -- the Winnipeg won't be in the east anymore. Yeah. I'm sure you -- put down the corner reporters humane and he'll let. During me it is it is disappointing -- must admit that does not know Vancouver game no Chicago game. Yet this year yeah he -- especially republic that last night in the agreement and get ready just -- a vote. What it would be like right now is when you have Chicago and -- Anaheim out west that are really dominant. To have them come into -- to have bought to go up there are just kind of have one of those tests -- yeah kind of measure to see where you largely get ready. If you continue to improve your place silly god it's too bad but unfortunately with the 48 game schedule. That's the way it goes to the other thing ethical as we wrap up guys to watch now is the easy part of the schedule is over yeah -- They did an X 62 nights they got 34. Games. So they're healthy which is a good side. But there's going to be no time for rest -- to -- situation where you're going to be playing every other night and I you better be ready. -- won't -- and go on a short period of time and we'll find out who don't open. It is up for the task current. -- we will be needed to goaltenders in this type distraction day you're in need him to. Kind of relieve wrapped -- a little bit arrest now event. As always very good stuff appreciate the title talk to down the road. I don't know what Mary Peters -- what -- -- LL on the AT&T not like AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. We're gonna hear from somebody -- -- a brand new job when we come back.

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