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CBSSports.com's Gregg Doyel mixes it up with D&C about the nobility of Tom Brady's new deal

Feb 27, 2013|

Things got a little feisty when Gregg Doyel joined Dennis & Callahan to talk about Tom Brady's contract extension. The CBSSports.com columnist says it's a little bit of overkill to call Brady unselfish for making 9 million dollars per year when he's not even the highest-paid person in his house. The guys on D&C disagree. Strongly.

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Back -- and woke up at -- Greg Doyle from CBS sports in just a couple of minutes the headline on his -- says several people Brady's more Smart -- unselfish with his new deal load. Who would you think would win the fight. If I went I would bring Peter King obviously who broke the story -- Jason -- four. And Borges would bring dual Leo and -- Crisco. We had like -- an anchorman all the pros and chipper Pete Briscoe. Who would that would that be so vehicles again anchorman brawl in the Alley right would when you think. Well sports is crazy I would Obama's record is not -- that he would grab a brick I don't even know how big -- Greg is or -- small guy that beat Crisco. So I'll let public this August and fight though Libya pilot's. License. Peter -- big dude though yeah. Greg -- say yeah it is a pretty tough guide Greg joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE from CBS sports -- Greg John Jerry and Kirk here in Boston -- I'm fine actually other amateur boxer at -- fight last couple years. Oh advantage. We're dead and so the brawls going to be Greg you compete Briscoe and Ron Borges. I got Peter King on my side. And a much about the patriot always a weight category at weightless two and Jason likened for -- 04 or whatever it is he's kind of bantamweight. -- -- -- -- Feeling by the look in all seriousness you're hurting my feelings -- -- including me are the typical sportswriters were typical sport try to bodies and typical sportswriter. Sensibilities. I made basically fighter don't don't do not put me you know taught me and Jay -- OK that might be interesting. Not addressed. Wrigley is overrated though he's a -- the little guy again yeah I think that's all that's on -- what what what weight class human Drake. I -- -- well I walked around that -- to fight under the terms but I want 165 new equipment for amateur fight want forty. -- and right now you'd be either middleweight or super middleweight at 165. I'd be super so. Yeah I am I I I run for rate saw him running -- a decision to my mind I don't wanna fly all night after the tail at the -- that. -- -- -- -- -- I asked they just want to be sure my mark my mother's maiden name my son's middle name -- Doyle. And it's spelled differently. I that would have been -- for years before you know in your Sports Illustrated for years. And the idea that they all live radio you depressed when they -- yell stop look and earlier Doria all of our hearts go ahead though. -- good spell it right Greg. We'd like to do -- move to letters around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey I know you don't read the headlines but do you really think that this'll Brady than Brady be an -- you really think it's a myth. Yeah Ali. Yeah absolutely no listen I heard you earlier. Saying -- willing to Doyle Doyle really think he really thinks that Brady to play for free at the minimum whatever Nortel what I wrote was. Doctoral work toward. I don't think. I do not think he -- freak what sang it before and act like you to team player. Then let's get some real real. A standard of being a team player piper for equal or -- -- -- for a -- -- team player but pro player for nine million a year and how important about a thirty million dollar bonus. -- -- it'll kill you guys but what about that but. I'm going a year is not being generous considering whose wife -- -- literally either you care about the team little to lower your franchise. Captain yet to give more players or you don't. You apparently don't care that much because -- deadly month. I I that I have to ask this question and you listen you know last throughout the bat. You think Tom Brady should take less or even the minimum because he doesn't need the money. Drew Brees took -- thanks to the wall last year. Peyton Manning. Is make in a maxed out when he went to Denver he's making whatever is 1819 million a year you think they need the money -- No they don't need the money your true your right but there's nobody in the league. Who is making any kind of money at all and is the second highest paid guy in his own debt. You know I. At some point again I wrote a new paperwork -- -- work toward. None of this is meant to say we complied at Brady should have taken in the minimum you know that -- I wrote that even. He didn't have to alt thing is we're gonna talk about what a team player areas. Then don't do not do not credit the -- for clearing his throat. Public cleared his throat secret throughout and you guys like that the greatest movie of all time now he cleared the road to -- -- but a hundred billion dollars and -- It makes lowest paid man thanks I was Drew Brees they they all have a hundred million dollars. Also where. Greg I was gonna count that would ever checked the bank accounts of every family and make sure -- -- -- got more than Manning and Brees. He should take less they shouldn't. Again you keep foot court but now I know you're good at talking about what you listen for just -- I read your column on. -- -- That you -- the wind is -- That -- that none of this is meant to say or even apply a double -- and get up for that I'm pretty sure would have taken the little note he should know that anyone. Metaphorically it after all thing is that people are gonna cultivate you -- The let's be honest about what happened here into money surrogate and that night. But given how much of that bank account if you really wanted he apparently got -- -- great running back or whatever the patriots lead. -- -- that bad as that was what that nine million although he doesn't need at nine million. Why don't why don't Manning and and then while Manning and Brees take less. Gisele is bill is the right direction I think one guy at one because Y -- makes more than he does. You're right no he's got -- but how about that you're right. Why don't Brees and Manning take less stable like care about the team either wouldn't go on that how about that we stop during the between the thing -- Brady's that -- Right do you think do you think if Brady. We're married to a third grade teacher in Boston that if he would've done assuming it's because he's married to two up two woman who makes more money he does that's the only reason he did you really think that. Note that I -- about loud even want. We keep applying this Gisele Gisele Gisele so the -- People white people applying is supported by Tom Brady's overall a particular money was not. Nobody's saying orbit and nobody's nobody's always right I just letting you do the same thing you're trying to pull the some things ready for for how much money from my money the litmus test is as balls did he have to do this the answer is no. Did it help the team the answer is yes we're not calling my Mother Teresa in Calcutta we're not calling me hero I would ask you this by your logic Bill Gates I'm naturally donated to charity and overseas stuff but let's say 250 million dollars. But because he has like eleven billion or forty billion. And can you look at Bill Gates say 250 million is nice but he could've done more. No because you're -- about it now he's got to work that out doesn't work what I'm saying is Tom Brady played a team with a salary cap. You can only -- so many pieces and that kept. And we're gonna get forced to give them all the credit and you got Hogan who -- while noble and -- let me go to report noble noble glutamate. It will cut back on noble he wants to do this completely acknowledge that. That you'll want to be real vocal few percent here say well here's more money much salary go kicking off the -- he didn't do that the largest. And eating and I can't forget it if I had left that the Rochester and what the law that's fine but as you guys that per day and at you -- that. -- was talking how great does want to what -- It -- -- digital locker -- -- unprecedented. But it's unusual would you agree with that -- it's unusual for a guy like Brady as. Has Mike Florio says when he saw that and sign an extension for 27 million. He thought it meant point seven million a year it was point seven million port three years. It is unusual absolutely and so the fact that he's the second he -- old house I mean you know I don't I you can talk a -- but talk about the other -- I'm not opt out wired differently. Already Greg you marry. Yeah. CBS when you negotiate your deal was CBS sports and they say won't -- how much manager -- -- make if she makes this much and. We have a salary cap or trying to -- under the cap note stop making comparisons don't make sense. -- make sense. If -- -- mr. secrecy -- CBS and it's just common. Accountable either in or out of CBS and it just came in and said we're gonna hire Bill Simmons you have to tell your salary of 8000 dollars you'd be hard. Oh well I mean apparently your particular plus to the spot and so insist on the right you're right template to the spot and you're -- you make perfect sense. And Tom Brady is the end of the luxury. And I -- -- -- I don't know better you here's nobody's idea I mean do you write that whatever you call -- the tweet. When you're -- we have Doug do you write the headline on the tweaked -- that he write the -- It says Tom Brady did the patriots no favors with his new deal. Not -- That's what. I wrote that we are that we don't know what that we would fully written. Dormant proper now this is pro fun and Greg are you aware that Tom. Brady took less money in his last restructuring before he ever met -- before. The at all beasts he was the second highest paid person in his bed as him but it probably Bridget makes some pretty good -- -- No I'm not aware that guys can go right what I really do that is there's a couple Bible white or much else could you get rid of those. And get the picture breaking news -- all these days. If he's the magnanimous I can't believe the people think are really important as well given the world. Where's Tom Brady who's who wouldn't want to port 300 million dollars. But like I actually took thirteen million years ago probably -- how breakfast tomorrow morning we can afford it. I mean how much does Peyton -- would make. Bush is a staid old soccer -- of what Drew Brees is what I think she is -- that's a number and also -- -- factor in. -- they're right to understand that we knew when you bring up people that I bring up and you bring up all the things that nothing Newport -- It weakened what you're saying now realize you're talking it would probably preaching the crowd -- your your choir love what you're saying again that. But you're talking to me right here and what I'm saying is you're not making -- install operate and and Manning to their wives don't quite 300 million dollars. Greg did you realize though the -- SI bottom if -- if Brady signed for the league minimum there would be a union explosion. If that happened. Like that and and and out vehicle right that's right that's the call will be a big problem across right to grip or did you write your column. I know I don't know what it just makes you want to cross the -- at the bottom line is the salary cap is what it is players will make enough money to go back cap up. Well the Brady makes that someone makes that people spend a 120 million -- -- -- is so it's sort of been overstated concerns that didn't concern. Do you think and the snow -- -- -- and -- your column now Greg do you think the rest Little League I know Joseph Flacco is agent he's. Put comparable face but he's not happy with Brady do you think the rest of the league guys who aren't on Brady's team. Are are are pissed at him right now. -- probably sell copies of their business you know without their visit to a great place for the patriot he's trying to do is what what he thinks is best pristine. Or spamming or anybody else does -- Joseph Flacco anything more of Joseph Flacco and do anything helped bring down the road. They're all trying to get -- get not trying to help their own schedule situation but I don't think I don't think with a plaque that mattered not luxury is irrelevant. Greg circling back to the CBS situation you taking less money so there's no salary cap their -- a factor as it's called budget. It's called profit and loss there's a certain amount of money they wanna spending your particular department. And that's their budgets so while that's not a flat -- hard cap or something that the league mandates for the network mandates the fact is there is a budget there and if you took less money and 45 -- caught reds took less money than you -- hire bill -- to command. Okay annual outlay that you're actually right by America and Israel and to make and support are going dollar until you get a right to free and has promised. I went what forty obvious. That. What does your wife do you do you do you dislike Brady is a rule Greg is that a lot of that would there's a lot of that. Well no I don't look at the truth -- I would like -- -- write -- -- -- not. Relevant you know there's a lot of that out that you know there's a lot of that. People don't like. Beautiful rich claimant count of people -- like India and -- that's why they are you ready. Not may not want to. My story about how I'm just kidding so that's why they don't like Q. Now I'm old though there's no question about what I'm talking about -- Mississippi I can't populist who went on your commitment like but still have a Mohawk. -- -- No -- bald spot right in the middle of the atrocious and I got the Mohawk appeared to go. Brady was on the field and in Minneapolis Tuesday I think you really get -- tablet game is several years ago obviously with Manning. And I remember the mobile and I thought holy crap you know I have a bit of course and Tom Brady it was late in the fourth quarter I think. And the crowd going -- -- -- the -- -- had to drive for touchdown or something to to win the game. And I don't even remember what happened I wanna -- the colts won that game with. Simple but all I know it's the Brady walked on the field with 80006000. People screaming at him. And he walked feel like you walk into the bus stop like he really you could tell he doesn't give a crap. About anything or anybody he's very confident I thought okay that that the guy like like a very very much I don't like the notion that he's noble sport did well. Well I got an email from Tom last -- invited to join us on the radio show this morning Greg here's what he had to say animal -- to change your opinion about he said Doug John I really don't wanna talk about this on the radio or anywhere else for that matter. The reason is I feel athletes are always talking about money at a time when everyone else is struggling so badly to make it. And we all make way more than our fair share and I just think it reflects poorly on myself and my teammates I really do just wanna win. And that hasn't will continue to be the reason that motivates me and is the biggest factor in my decision making are no little smiley faces at the end right little. Are all. About answering -- everything that's perfect in the get out of I -- not -- look like number gut tell you. I don't but I don't like I -- -- like that -- like everything about it. I would. But the one thing if you want you to Portland which just want to win and -- million -- right meg not going in the premarket played not bad but if you look at -- Really just -- at a point outside the court wrote this. If you really really wanted to win really what he's taken my last may actually get one more piece. There's a question I mean. We doctors were like I mean I did get -- -- to be true and rarely -- Wanted to win would sacrifice a little more wanted to get a lot of -- regular. He realizes -- union thing is a very real situation -- -- -- this minimum IQs and do it did never would have happened with a blown up. As it sees in the cross hairs of union people and other agents and people thinking badly of him because he gave the the the pros the up patron hometown discount. That's all well -- I hear you there -- -- did today you're gonna have a problem -- what you do expect how come you're not at all but to tackle the -- -- where you don't like somebody. The union in New York City -- get set to. In the war battle or fight about what but apparently what you'd rather not make union miserably bad atom and the cup -- got a bit compromised little statement in -- -- Just look at the union a nice contract look at. That was take all the money -- should it was just does not change anything and he wouldn't be subject to any this kind of criticism or second guessing that would have been. Do heroic. And conduct that would record that would seem to rip the uptake of the money you want to get not all of -- is not working -- Ripping the idea the what it was great now what it was great -- -- know what he didn't like it but what great that's -- public. He is -- oil from CBS sports and I'm not mean no Minnelli now you know he's taking laser boxer with a Mohawk. I'd rather fight Jay Glazer who's and then then Greg oil. It would take it -- -- break your leg all the does punch in the -- you. Noble believing that knows he'll collect doesn't. Greg oil CBS sports thanks to the double talk to down the road. -- thanks Greg joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- might get rid of the moment though you know. He's on press row right -- -- bald spot in the middle of a Mohawk bullpen even scary -- is -- to -- there is. Disgusting things pressed for an applicable law is there relief in this exclusive shape the news -- -- looks like to thank the great I mean I don't know for the fact that you glaciers. Mean might be. Enemy got. You really think he's a real bad ass thanks yeah I think so I think it's all part of this media creation. He's -- Aaron that you -- -- good culture could argue snap up. How I mean he's kind of overweight -- shall. So you think he's a real bad ass like he works out this hard every day we seem work and -- say. Assumes the camera goes off -- takes a break and has -- which right because he's not in MMA shape. What he's a heavyweight. Yeah he's but he but he still has the technique he still has a crazy -- fine and in the meant for you Glazer. And not a guy -- and he was with two young -- -- yeah oh yeah he's got like not through a Z keys this increase is underneath a pretty -- a lot of and it trumps quality. The trumps what -- little you know chosen one guy -- from New York who's -- and the Boston media. From Alaska Alaska and the book right the yeah. -- What are the power -- board Borges as the crazy guys but it is the you know. And that ball over the hill news in the news or somebody younger who is crazy is the you know Borges. -- hacks. -- -- -- Did you IQs. He's -- accident yes -- do you think you could handle Hanks. This could go two minutes now -- -- -- true -- -- I think it'd be a I didn't do anything I think it would be like yeah you're you're more familiar with you know your generation -- who's the scariest one. Here's often aren't really any you don't Donny -- -- goes crazy to goes crazy sometimes. These distant dark insane in there with the guys or not it's yeah yeah. That's right we're going but I sure what you think -- you to set who's the scare of them tell us what I'm telling you both us and why he's not telling you is nuts and a lot of love them lots -- great guy but. I've seen him I've seen some eruptions affairs and yeah. Eruptions just hasn't throws tantrums you think he's got problems. Screen. We got to settle this week and forgiveness to you know -- you know (%expletive) like brackets the tournament I've already surrendered me. Peter king and who's the third guy who's agreed to let him for lack of -- criminal I'm Ron Paul I can -- run I'd probably around either of those guys. All of the oil and Borges. And Crisco. On -- it's a careers. Yet that we -- and commanding an ankle oral pickle crow to -- and made -- good. I'll go award winning the element.

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