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Tuesday February 26th Whiner Line

Feb 26, 2013|

Tommy Brady...you'll understand!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed the white -- these -- like ET TV Chris Cox. -- -- -- -- Morris and now those -- -- airlines. I don't like -- and then there's you know lightning. -- this table called bullies very close friend and now and game is not somebody else's strengths and game in his books and it's that's coaching playing -- little feet and takeovers that. To make it fair WEEI. Who Maureen airlines is -- can't see it won't last fight he didn't help that. Throwing pitches that are moving in that zone so you can't see it what are we ask -- They can't see it they're humans dial 6177793535. -- Jolley says hey hey I call back I all. It's really cool they don't like it whiner line and so influences the most ridiculous. Words that I ever here but we like human factor and now on what I did Little League World Series. Those pretty little thing I ever so I wanted to cry. Can't this whole. Straight -- -- six inches outside the WEEI. Pain Christ whiner line. That's great Mike Adams and out you know I know there is a god. We don't have to sit through Bobby Valentine to the sequel this year you know we had a guy call. With a guy called earlier and stay. Bobby Valentine did a good job. I heard that call and Terry Francona not so he called -- -- coma or coma now. The consistently. Stop the leisure arise with it wasn't actually sharing what you don't know little -- she sarcastic I was waiting for us. We're for the sarcastic I tell you first thought it was joke in the but it wasn't -- if the end it's a recess that you definitely that -- just -- that general it was maybe he does have issues those guys I don't -- I'm fine human. And last week aren't. -- you know it's stellar written television performer. When it comes a radio. And his asks have you ever seen in my naturally growing hand yes they have hit it to my own. -- documented job with your excellent army Koran though. It needs to its what did you guys do these commercials together we could we do to him a lot like not you. Double team nightmare ability to -- Karen know Mary Boland. And Wes Welker altogether. Moment -- currently. Awesome. You know let's quit talking about it I'm sure -- I hear the commercials are already. I mean it will go back doesn't like -- elect Kayla I think yeah inhaler -- yeah and a is that that's that's like a community to have you even in college and I was there I -- overstating -- compare follicles. Easy mind -- -- -- -- like nobody he's the presto is documented unbelievable -- -- yeah -- -- use and -- Michael if you beat him become -- -- at all -- Actually whenever you that your -- she's out now. And elect Obama found out on the -- underneath I don't know the -- didn't have held on to these -- -- to -- current EP. He kicks down the -- you start to show we get coffee. Yeah he I do know that because -- listen to the pro on the radio he says it you know added that -- Kennedy's inaugural microphone and it's a TV spoiled -- thing. Health all right over Comcast I'm sure if people do that we've but this is radio exactly. A lot of -- brought -- you by AT&T but he's he's. Yeah I live is available on your iPhone -- android device brought to you by AT&T. Eighteenth -- the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. With the most forgy coverage in knowing him like Aniston is faster as a as a bonus. Than regular three G patio you did the -- aren't they right. I did sure did a fantastic job -- patio. Oh. -- you know and now he's a shepherd should hard. -- It paid. It it -- bat what. Part and does that change. This -- -- Until their show right mutt mutt says to address some of the lines. Take you down aria. At the it might take note this is pretty changing diapers. You guys change diapers for a guy to have three kids lined up to force him into -- and -- -- of all boys all boys always afraid of he's afraid of boys being. Just like -- -- -- -- after a couple of some wind change diapers for announced. That'll take -- down. Now on the -- but go ahead show this morning. There's. What it's. Bob Bob and simulate in a little pool. That first primary big. Because of that great -- there. And the rapper the rock and rap and complete it like a little puppy talk errors. The opening nine years old very famous now just have you seen the video and I'm -- little -- radio check it out it's hilariously awful. All little puppy little blue please try and around you except for robbery was the big booty though. He's got a Ferrari a I know she's. I'm just she's playing well -- to Imus a bit just because I'm dressed this way. -- -- I can ask about the pop a dot com I'm. And but couldn't get it you know I had I -- and we wish you know if you are being. Do you expect you'd have to look at the -- but I thought about it didn't work but it I want out of pocket medical. And I mean I okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- He can point out I think the injury that -- typically have a great at the -- we had a -- I tried it had been. Problem I think is completely ignore it like -- -- -- -- That I am heavyweights like evidently. -- questions -- quite the question. The opposition. Could not walk but not all the political capacity can bet that probably. A man. Out to -- and an article football. Yet to come out for about analytics in football. Overrated football is not made statistical breakdowns James wouldn't fly that's not simply this is indications yet but tweak the game and -- united and the pro football -- O'Donnell I think to carry stuff is not all exceed the reasonably carries better than pro football focus. Is it carries -- it. This -- humor about things. In addition to and I picked some of his analytics are proven over time pro football focus works -- But a coalition of the scheme you don't know who to blame for being an effort to please and and I think that you'll have to protect them via dollars -- Nerves about that -- your a lot of people tournament that -- -- all twenty twos and hey this guy got beat. On this corner gave up the long pass -- you know now we don't know what that you doubt the coverage is supposed to -- guys are talking -- had coverage when she says anything to begin with. The officers continue. -- But. It didn't do it will be up and again. This guys had done that. -- it can't be. -- that. And props to Bobby Valentine reported first are always like Bobby are starting -- It sounded like he -- bring out. He's highs and penalties the games deprecating humor arrogant at -- While -- were yelling to turn it off it was a cell -- -- -- cellphone has yet again again. If you don't just take it -- There. I -- having surgery on I've gotten back. It's nice to get -- on the arm. And definitely true. -- Coming coming coming coming coming coming coming coming coming coming coming talk. Pakistani comic -- does. Not. And the again or that's -- from you know. Nonstop. On earlier. As talked about Tom Brady except -- TomTom -- autumn Tammy how many thousand times many times Tommy he never used approach that he wants and he says. After the bodies have always -- -- And he likes. It like some illegals. Tommy Tommy. We just got you know you know very. His friend he would probably go away. Obviously they've brought we edit. He. But he don't know. Driving Tommy deputies driving back to Kansas City from don't driving. -- -- -- He's looking at his opportunities that's what is that does the -- you weren't at the end of the network over the weekend -- in the NFL come by -- I saw as mock draft -- he's got two guys from Texas in two from Alabama in the first five picks. His mock drafts he did a mock draft yet. It is about so I have. And I saw actually -- or something and increase city. I think -- discipline pro football talk a while ago Gloria -- is workable us under the the NBC -- -- -- -- me is working with NBC and I kinda Comcast umbrella. They are not part I'm not -- I I don't think we can direct. Contact them sacrifice. What I -- about how economic planet and what about our web. -- did not get. -- won't -- start out and get good couple technically broke away over the bridge and the -- And I amenities. -- immediately you know a black and fifty cents on the dollar. Create an environment where everyone feel -- -- -- take less money I don't know truthful open lot and the patriots now. Yeah. I thought. Held here at the writers were about ready to kick you can't get beat -- a minimum to have a lot. Last -- of the week. Quietly quality. January. A problem -- -- for laughing otherwise airliners brought -- you rise AT&T. Goldman discretion and better. AT&T the -- -- -- actor. Oscar. Doing. These -- -- I'm trying to final last call. We know I don't know -- we'll -- So soon. They're fresh -- provider of the Boston brought the most -- coverage -- Orange hat.

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