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The Big Shows 4 at Four - 2/26/13

Feb 26, 2013|

Rajon Rondo is a master at Connect 4? Manti Te'o's draft stock, and Michael Holley's birthday

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Are here it is for four for new topics that we have not discussed yet usually young Andrew Young Benjamin enters here tomorrow -- is -- -- areas and -- -- who have been in the studio while I don't know where is Hillary's bid is at home. It's just that whole -- up on Simpson's marathon. All that's what it is yeah. -- how to feel about those separate for now anyway but he had eight set did you ask why I've felt about the Oscars. No I haven't talked to him since but I know is -- all. I'm just assuming as it -- -- and no checked him. I mean I don't ask your doctor tells you how much your doctor let's go make a house call -- actually finger. I mean I am -- all right moving on next but before what could deport four somebody was move. -- -- a little bit of them army cure what is it. It -- -- -- I know so much about infections. Huge problem with your hair transplant. I laughed no I didn't give my -- transplant doctor Robert -- -- -- Newton did a tremendous job in my here replacement. And if you look closely you'll see that. I have a crap floating there OG LE -- -- -- -- crowd stood out yet and that's what to say it's a couple of problem. Sure you and how little I had it was where it was we've been. Blown away I don't know I don't drink I don't you remember that I was looking gained -- I've just become a become accustomed to and you I got a pretty it's a matter anyway what. Crap load of rectitude bank's stock our -- -- Benjamin number what what we are rising Cranston and -- doctor Robert Leonard. If I Taylor who work on that back pedaled their body. The anti -- ran a four point 840 yard dash out generally underwhelming since he didn't participate in the bench press or the six yard shuttle you know at the same time. The honey badger performed terribly after getting kicked off the LSU team who gets drafted higher let's go first. Don't know what to the event -- -- where there are so. I meant that tickets drafted we we we -- we earlier because the only concern about -- though is whether or not. His teammates are going to be X able to accept the fact -- welcome and into the locker room after food like. Crap and he lived just in world okay -- while this isn't a fantasy world and make you wonder how Smart he has got. OK but I mean this is done guys in every locker room. I'd dumb guy -- is image he projects in the middle linebacker in the NFL right. I communicate either -- -- -- aren't gonna sit in the huddle as their cross mango is diagnosed things. This ability to -- things out he will be drafted higher but I'm telling you I'm intrigued young Benjamin by the honey badger. The guy -- smoke weed every now and then went to rehab sure took a year away from football. Which they come by your habit. Ran eighths up five yup for final word simple Benton what time of wartime practice shot they Samuel. -- 2259. So. What else or covered -- Cover corner I don't I don't deny that I haven't three but -- I have two entities on the on the board in the fourth round. You have an opportunity to get a guy like to Norris Jenkins last year which St. Louis Rams took advantage of the -- and they had a guy get. It but they went after a playmaker who had some -- on his resonate. I badgers is of really good guy to take a chance probably a -- it was an inside linebacker run for rate. I can't imagine. All these GM's that we put up on pedestals. They think for rate is that bad for an inside linebacker who had seven picks that game has changed clearly. Right and explain Brandon Spikes missed five must be an effective for the patriots at times at times this guy's covered already feel it comes up -- get hurt our rate. And unfortunately she doesn't well who was your question comes Becky well yeah he should. But for rate with his anticipation that makes it about 45 lot to this great anticipation graded stakes. It's not a problem detective goes the first four picks if it were my team. Honey badger wouldn't be there in the fourth round because I got to pick in the seventies and take him and a third round was number two. The University of Alabama offered an eighth grader scholarship. Is is going too far for university be offering scholarships to kids younger than high school. You know I'd like this. I like an eighth grader get achieved getting that scholarship offer. From Alabama and LSU Connecticut. Here's the bad thing. There's -- contract here because it as a parent I don't eighth graders don't think this -- It's a sports scholarship he's not a child prodigy. And piano. This is football with its football. This would drive me crazy as a parent I would thinking about injuries the entire time and all fourteen year old does not thinking. Albany get injured a scholarship gonna go away its signs something. If the case against her used to get the scholarship that's my only issue -- is great -- I don't think people be flap their arms it was that prod European hopefully. They wouldn't if she was afloat -- Bigotry do Doogie -- team -- a -- that's what it once. Audio problem is that I have a problem that didn't mean not up to the house -- the problem before Euro us dollar college scholarship often well. I mean is he's a good student -- it's a good idea now is probably not. -- -- -- I know he's in the middle school he's 146161215. Pounds to ten -- what -- -- -- any holidays classes just want. Et Al at Alabama and LS u.'s. LSU graduate you don't give it to him and audio and video whatever -- -- -- -- Don't give it gave me that they don't want the football players. Honestly a lot of disorders that they'll go to school if it's got to get -- -- fear we don't mind it's gonna and a few of the football we know -- -- have to -- our judges of a friend Damon Bailey was signed by Indiana any great. Same thing so this isn't anything new gave him Damien -- you know Bailey Indiana. Right that mr. basketball and to your point. About that a child prodigy and how it's no big deal a friend of mine here embossed in sunny Kerry and his daughter. What a Grammy recently -- Terry Lynn Terry drummer great drummer. I think she's a professor Robert. What is she he said she knew how to play when she was three your for your results medically drones. -- -- she was ten or eleven Berkeley. -- and there's scholarship offer for two to -- for years and she went -- to LA and New York starter career it happens if you're that good if -- that special I think it happens I don't think it's all that rare it's just there's football it just changes the conversation. And will be one thing to if you felt that -- she matured she was going to maybe be LAPD is a drummer by aides who hadn't developed. You -- 612 democracy takes one to fifteen to ten to fifteen hopefully -- that means he still going to be 61. As a senior in college if you beat high school. You know. It can't hurt -- -- 63238. In a -- committed to that scholarship and they actually widget about it. Take it for what it's worth maybe should get an education not support -- -- I was number three Ben. All right TMZ is celebrating Michael bones birthday today. What is the best Michael Bolton. And song -- and -- short answer there is Paris newsroom is the -- great Michael Bolton so that's your store's original it. Generally go the other way on this -- Everybody. He's a guy. Michael Bolton. If you were in school. We be talking about bullies. It just the guy that everybody picks are any relation to. Not us it's just a coincidence. Shouldn't shouldn't. He's saying. Michael Bolton has a nice voice. Everybody says these socks but actually he's pretty good Opel and have -- out there somewhere right. No for an in my college I think 10. Report when all of likeable -- which you Fran. Apparently. He was. I mean I don't know now you got -- McDonald -- patio I can't pick remarkable song. He doesn't do it and do original songs. But he anybody else have a birthday today. That's got enough. Does anybody else have a birth stated and after the court to see anybody else. Have a birthday today Yemen times asking you a question what does anybody go -- a particular -- other than me. Storms likable would be one Michael pulled expert -- it. There but -- block. That same day saint birthday -- likeable not what anybody else you do the math nine months back and -- And a year things. -- -- could come November ninth and -- a spate of trustees. Issue with friends because at two Valentine's days it's just one of the two pairs. Doing those things my mom unfortunately told me. Aussie -- you know. Thank you to the 1984 Boston Celtics. From her. Thanks Cedric if you're listening are Johnny Cash is are they gonna take that Johnny Cash likable aren't yet great company are it was a reports. Our rate Rajon Rondo has been profiled in Sports Illustrated where it is revealed that he takes great pleasure in beating children and -- floor. Could either view beat Rajon Rondo -- connect four. Yes and also an operation and don't break the ice. Actually are crimes. That and I would crush him. Our question connect four -- at which beat connect. These two young. He's too young to understand what connect wars all about and he's played out of the game when it came out I think. It was a big deal him and -- Here. Johnny battles come at the commercial strictly sneaky see this in any that the -- in the bottom I've got I've got an -- an -- but they have a Mike. I gotta have -- armored regiment now this is a great story. Rondo has been mentioned. What about -- that was that why it would Norman birthday which affect you thank you. Oh thank you thank you like a despondent you and screaming into the microphone which goes directly idiot I was just focused on something else -- Right -- Arsenal. So Rondo. -- Lee Jenkins from Sports Illustrated. It was a great writer former globe in -- -- and totally Jenkins as side does this profile on -- we've follows them around. They go to the Blue Hill boys in Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club in Dorchester -- I think it's Blue Hills. But -- Blue Hill has -- correct. Anyway he's played connect four with this twelve year old kid here diagonally. So the kid. Wire rimmed glasses. Braces. Appointments. Anyway I. This can't finally beat some connect four. And a Celtics community relations guy says grabbed a microphone to -- it never happened before this guy big Rondo. Rondo replies. I can't believe it. But did you notice a -- got five more times and won them all I had to show had to show him you beat me I'll beat the bleep out. -- -- -- Three others -- of Rajon Rondo. And you need it yesterday when decisions to. You're FTC. Since her ego I don't know. I would kill them guys Kinect were fans via. Yeah like that for speed connect force the best way to do get violent my family. If violently Kinect for just -- the whole game off the table. That's usually -- panel. But I can't I can't -- through it's his profile. Around. I guess is can be coming out it's not online yet we're illustrated the arrived today. It matters to them on their. Way into -- nose and it should be -- This sport for that was fun it was more of a phone call 6177797937. Text as well 37. 93 -- nineties.

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