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Scott Pioli talks Tom Brady extension and Wes Welker contract talks.

Feb 26, 2013|

Scott Pioli joins Holley and Curran and breaks down why Brady restructured his deal and how it affects the Patriots moving forward.

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Our -- habitual Tommy -- Is -- house have been talking a lot about this Tom Brady contract. Brady contract extension. Cited yesterday agreed to yesterday. Probably been working for a long time. And what it means for them -- the patriots is that they have. A lot more money. I guess be ungrammatical I am a lot normally play with -- recently but I could say English teachers. More money with which -- It found just play wit and a no doubt I got an end we're gonna talk with. It is time Jack you -- And hey you know what -- And Tom. That's about the football game. In just a few seconds and talked with Scott Pioli. Who was here for many years who has done contract with Tom Brady and is now. Look him in between jobs. We'll find out what he's up to now kicked ass that the common. On NFL network he was terrific. Always get into this junior why was he was terrific analysts are -- -- an analyst at the end of the -- -- -- -- and he said home now. -- Are you heard of what comes -- that you. Are doing -- film he was -- the he was up on the on the rise or inside the stadium here Mike Florio pro football talk live he he was excellent really really presented well. I'm wondering. You know what what what grade grade would you -- but I'll agree with him. A while. A policy needle -- -- in his pants. Plus plus some of the -- -- But that I would give me an eight Scott BO Li joins the big show Tommy Karen Michael Holley was -- got. I know you love doing. -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you probably didn't hear Tommy Karen decided to leave me some more sand in your pants. Our government has that -- her radio outlet got a month. -- a man. So let go what's the story here apparently -- vikings tournament is you've lost. You lost all -- weight was going on. You know well it looked at they've -- to -- to -- would have no way -- life. -- -- You know when you're I want the upbeat and at the football -- you what you're Iraq. Back and I chipped up. To touch on it here at the outlook that better. So let's let's talk about this -- agreed we start off the show talking about Tom Brady agreed to this three year contract extension yesterday for 27 million dollars. And all -- are you haven't heard about them shorts -- surprising. Well a couple things one in your opinion how far. Below market value is that if you think it is below market value. And do what was it like for you. Dealing with Tom Brady country to two hours. You know we're all these the market values. Don't matter. You know it doesn't matter calm it doesn't matter who bit on it. And I think you look at that -- -- -- -- -- -- and it's obviously. On army started army got hot -- and -- -- -- patriot side. Robert -- -- at -- -- buy that map and pop. -- -- -- -- Football and no -- about it. Now if people gonna analyze -- that people walk or you do it a little more not a pure and it will. The problem. You know we're gonna we're gonna put scout on hold. Guys in rehab on hold right now is the of pioli can get to. If it's possible sound like he's traveling to where did you drive them back from Indy to Casey old driving from Indianapolis Kansas City India. Drivers that sort -- At least it's a least attempt to me -- at least in. So I don't know if you can't hit it right discard them. Attend albeit in yet so I don't began get to a secure area. If you can. We will rule. Well government them. And see what he has to say but he was on his way to tell us what it's like to negotiate with Tom Brady and where this deal ranks in the market. So these chemicals that. Are you saw him do it some you -- it's on doing some TV so yeah. And I said before -- was fired Tennessee. Our first thought was he may not because. He's got the face for TV or anything like that but that's where if you look at all these guys in the patriots they always talk about the media. May become the -- Which is interesting you can all of -- and you can roll right through the number of earlier as the Rodney Harrison Willie mcinnis the ability yup Eric Mangini. Heath Evans I mean you look at guys like march -- and and sterling Sharpe who would appeal in the media if we were on fire. And they end up behind a microphone and it's it's interesting will be interesting to see which of the patriots players from this generation. Actually end up in front of the microphone as well but. I wouldn't. -- the circle back to the briefing Mike because I think what's interesting is look at the texts coming in. And I see the conversation on Twitter about Brady's contract. The more information comes out the more than it is seems to be presented as a backlash to Brady. That he's not really doing the patriots a favor he's getting guaranteed contract so he's actually not being as benevolent it seems like. And couple Texas it's a -- Tom don't be so naive. My point is. Tom Brady is taking over the next. Five seasons. Sixty million total -- twelve million dollars a year the patriots guaranteed not guarantee whatever he could command when he million dollars -- five million dollars. 125. Total so you -- difference there of 65 -- Our Scott you were saying. We got some that are now right when you said the bottom line and all this. Includes word out. He's created -- buddy -- -- do we look for. I'm driving in the warm from Indianapolis expected in the city I just pulled over and all built Missouri. At a minute report until we're done here are nice. -- So what I was saying at the bottom line is feared that the five players in this our army is the agent dungy. Robert bill Johnson. And they're all people -- partnership. Tommy has always been more about winning that he has been about money that has always been the case with him. And yes he's gotten a little bit more money over the next two years but what he's done -- for the team. And a below market value -- market value for quarterbacks like Q more if there's anyone like him. It -- the team that situation to continue to win. And everybody's when he -- the Hollywood -- makes six. You know over the next two years thirteen fourteen he would do to make thirty million dollar and so what they did of their cap play here. Where I'm getting three million dollar actress over the next two years. It's 33000016. And a OK then there's the three years they'll allow the cap number to go down a little bit this year. But more importantly to importantly. It goes down 2014. And what people don't realize right now is. There wasn't a big jump in the cap this year OK the -- knew about the scene there about -- The players association and the agent in all of that publicly what the reality here and here's the truth. Didn't it didn't textured pages or is very Smart about is they know fourteen is gonna look like they're preparing for fourteen as well. This contract help Somalia thirteen more importantly. It have to have helped them in fourteen. And -- and Tommy wants to -- there's a great relationship. And a great marriage between all of those people. And they wanna keep watching him and that's one of the -- -- me Tommy so different than everybody else. In a market where he could say hey let's not only do to make birdie the next couple years we can do this really great contract. But give me twenty million dollar signing bonus like another player -- deposition. And that will worry about. The next you know mark my older years the last three years of -- -- Well what this has put in a position -- -- position is if these two year go well. Or they don't however -- ago. Hobby it and -- urging the club and the club did not -- -- -- That your your business guys and he's helping in particular year. And let's worry about 20152015. In the meantime what were as much as we can. And is it to get the brilliant move by eight. The patriots it's a brilliant move by Tommy and on -- the -- the other thing in this whole this whole business with Hamid consistently has been. That dungy is the agent and the agent recruit against other deals and dot he has consistently gotten beat up -- community because. Court court -- adding he had that leverage is still executing more. And -- have lost other client or not. Got another client because that deal with Tommy. But Don has put -- -- -- in his personal aspirations aside. But the best of Tom Brady and I tell people don't recognize the electorate it's -- -- that -- you know especially as well. Scott when you look at the possibility sign for it take all the that the the benefits out of the first two years here and if you look at 201516. And seventeen. He could have commanded may be at that point and I -- it's going to be a little bit older but he could commanded 2225. Million dollars you could have been asking for three years. 75 million dollars say forty million dollars guaranteed. So even if he does come back to the table in 2015. Of the patriots bring him back the table and so you know what while we bumped you back up from nine million dollars so we don't looks so. Stingy import to a fifteen he's still a 45 million dollars it's still -- twenty to thirty million dollar savings over those three years. Right but here's another important -- in New England Patriots. Again I can't emphasize this enough. The number that going to be in 2050. In 2015 they'll reevaluate the situation. Tommy will his agent oil and -- patriots and they will say we think at the right numbers this. What not hanging over Tommy in the patriots in 2015 and sixteen and seventeen. Is -- yours number where there's leverage. And time and time -- I have seen the crafts. Due to the right thing with players OK and people can argue that all they want. There's been opportunities and situations where everyone knows what the right thing to do -- And they will come to a consensus. At that time as to what directing it to craft will three army right. And Tommy will not beat Belmont. That's just the way this relationship has been and that's the way it's aggressive -- other relationships with other players would you go back to Troy Brown. You go back to Teddy Bruschi you go back to if you can that the whisking go on and on. There's a right number of everybody and they're not gonna try to put the -- to an end probably not attribute to the club it's as warden. It's a bit OK we get that but there's a right equated it has to be done where everybody. Is benefit. I would talk was popularly right now Scott what do you think the -- is gonna do with that Wes Welker with a franchise them. Worse item contract extension or let him go. Yeah I don't know I mean. Yeah it's funny one wall and you ask questions like that I don't live there anymore you know I'm not it -- -- I don't know what the discussions are I don't know what it helped I don't know. There's so much that you don't know and predict what would happen. Kinda. From my -- for me personally it would be. They would border on disrespectful because they have much more information that I do for me to say they should do this that they shouldn't do it. They'll figure that out and you know. They will figure that out. Tell me this. If Tom Brady went in and said and on the look I'd like to do this but I wanna make sure the Wes Welker gets taken care of how well would that be received or would that be dismissed out of hand. Or would -- not do that because it would overstep his bounds. Well here's what I can go back to exact conversation I had at my office with army. -- forty sign that it's -- sixty million dollar deal. At that point in time. I think. -- Manning was making over fourteen million dollar I think that. Michael Vick was making. Twelve and a half to thirteen or other players who -- in my opinion was better -- He had more help on the -- -- -- levers of club whether it's obvious that that conversation. With me. And then with bill and with Robert Jonathan privately he said Taylor -- the F. -- -- If I'm. If I'm going to computed to buy the ticket haircut or -- but it. They do the right thing from my viewpoint please promise me that you will use this money spent -- the cash. Spend up to the cap. If so this roster players so we can win. -- always end in -- I don't know the conversation took place but knowing army and knowing again knowing Robert Johnson and bill. I'm betting that that conversation or conversations like that took place because because it happened. -- -- that little if that was all five. Then. Deion Branch didn't get done and I know there were a lot of moving parts that he was scum of the table year early. Is it hard to try and placate a player. Another -- situations different Welker is a guy who whose contract is up. But is it hard to placate a player make him understand. The different things that. You guys have to -- if that player is gonna save you money it's not his money anymore. An absolutely it's difficult because not everyone like Tommy. Now there won't like Tedy Bruschi not everyone is like. You know Roman -- not everyone is it is like those people and that doesn't make them bet people when they want more money. And what you have to do an organization. -- figure out. How all the pieces that -- not -- -- not just Deion Branch not just what -- not you know. Everyone have to have collective interest in in what they're trying to do. And in retrospect I don't think anyone blamed or even at the time blame beyond break for one to go out and get more money. Because you know it's -- -- of that person's shoes you don't know what they think they need to view. For their. And just because -- -- wants more money doesn't make -- a bad person either it's just. Different people at different stages in life in different circumstances. Have different desires and you can't hold grudges he -- called greedy. Because when you start calling from the greedy. I think it's unfair but you haven't walked in Hershey to know what's important to them or know their personal circumstances are in terms of finances. It's got tell me what you're up to now mean a lot of people have asked me outlets pioli gonna do. They followed your career from the patriots to Kansas City are you guys who were able to win the division title there. The bottom fell out for a forward the chiefs last year. And I think a lot of people are surprised that your driving back to Kansas City so. You're still living in Kansas City obviously what are your plans TV. Become a general manager again what would have a month. You know. David -- in the short term you know when when this happens when you get fired you would value a lot of different things and think about. You know not only your professional aspirations what you think about your -- And in my wife and are very important to me and and right now it's time. There's a number of things I need to improve on and get better. And in truthfully. In understand I don't understand the media whole lot I don't understand how the game has changed. And how the entertaining component has changed a lot. What this little bit of time in in the media the last couple weeks. And in May be moving forward. I plan to use it at the time to learn and get smarter and get better at something that I was clearly. Not very good -- not very professional -- And I'm gonna continue to grow up and stay involved in football the best I can and I'm gonna use it as a time to work. You know I've got plans will be in the number of colleges college coaches and a couple of pro coaches. Op and a look at a political visit them in the spring I'm gonna visit them in the summer. And learn some football game is changing the game is evolving and I belong to an IQ I want to get better at. And after I get better I'm going to. You know continued to see what the next opportunity and and where is -- and -- -- -- football. Football what I wanted to do. But I've got to -- maybe someone doesn't want me so -- figured out a long yeah I'll think about you know. I'll think about this summer in the coming days -- about the fall in the coming days in and and advocacy. Do you think you said you don't understand the media. I think as you do understand immediate but I -- to try to say let. Do you think part of the of the struggles with the media in Kansas City had to do with the fact that. When you work for the patriots and before the patriots -- giants Bill Parcells the same way. You didn't have daily interactions with the media you were prevented from doing that did that factor into some of the struggles in Kansas City. I'm not gonna put that on the -- I'm not gonna put it on being prevented. The culture I grew up being in this industry in this game is. You work as hard as you can all you Pletcher had been on which should note to the grindstone you take your football. And if you do a good job good thing happened. I'll put it on me where my my personal ignorance I think towards. Understanding how much -- -- -- the ball with the entertainment is much and on May not like it because I'm a football guy and I care more about the game in the sport. Then the physical comes with it and the notoriety. In and all of that stuff on the -- not understanding how this game has become the it's become entertainment no way. I didn't think -- -- port important but what I learned over the years is that -- the very end. The fans. Appetite is insatiable -- all things football. And a mistake that I made along the way is not understanding. How much they want that need that and I'm just gonna try to do better job of understanding from also from the other side. Meaning the media side that. They have needs as well and sometimes. When I'm a big football -- my head down the -- have to turn around and recognize and understand that. The fear is that the people that are driving. Another part of this game. We have a responsibility to them as well and that's something again I have to figure out -- there ever spent enough time or energy. Doing and that's not the patriots all that's not. The system's fault that that me being more close minded and and not as aware that population it. Are centrist think and we look forward to catch him over to the future and I know what you next game. If you want. Have a friendly relationship with the media to sit down start talking music with a lead -- new acknowledges that. Pretty impressive start plus Springsteen that's what your favorite -- raises his closet Madonna and if Nancy closet Madonna. -- -- I was driving here listening to the radio a lot of music people wonder why I'm driving it because I -- quiet time alone time and I've. That a lot of admit my big question is. Knocking on heaven's door Bob Dylan or Guns 'N Roses what you guys say you don't. Yeah well well but I'm trying to figure this and Eric Clapton and I prefer. -- -- Check each our this giant replica of the regular how to go a dozen roses but I'm gonna go Bob Dylan and anything to Bob Dylan writes. -- Dylan but on the singing there. Axel vs bomb -- on that aren't going back. Very go to -- But the dancing through it there's always the option move like axle could. You know a guy just solace and raises a -- Zealand and actually take that -- -- god I. How does that -- is the double check with you later good luck to you thanks for taking the time. They -- Scott Pioli formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs and you formerly of the New England Patriots.

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