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Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck on what happened at the trade deadline and retiring Pierce and Garnett's numbers

Feb 26, 2013|

Celtics CEO and co-owner Wyc Grousbeck joins Mut and Lou in studio to discuss the current state of the team. Wyc chats about how close they were to making a big move at the trade deadline, what the plans are for the future, and if the team will retire both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce's numbers. Also, he takes some time to field questions from fans calling in to the show.

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It's what prospects Celtics CEO joining us in studio it's gone they glad to be here thank you for coming and again we love the chance to commit in a pure basketball questions especially night after. Doc Rivers called UT's best win of the year you agree with -- after last night's win win. I was so a -- I was like grinding my teeth we went to overtime we had a chance to win Paul didn't really get a good look at that last second. It did hit the rim twice and bounced out but but -- he took over you KG to go over and over time is beautiful to watch. -- semi spending in China -- deal I'm sure year old scouting right I mean. All these guys solar D. J. White Terrence Williams I'll know about China's I think there's literally a million guys were seventy tolerated just doing the math there's millions of voters so we ought to be over the more. Last night we -- -- -- Paul and Kevin Garnett combined for eleven of thirteen overtime points. There's a lot of talk about those guys at the trading deadline and I'm curious how close to get to those guys not being. On the court last night in moving those two players at the trading deadline a week ago. I'd say this for the last two or three days before the deadline. Their names came up more than anybody -- they were they were the topic of conversation of calls coming into us as people thought. May be we -- gonna keep it together this spring maybe it was time to start the rebuild. More aggressively. Mean look at the young kids we've got we've got Bradley we've got -- coming back Rondell coming back in the coming off surgery but we think they're going to be. Are right -- load up a little bit younger Courtney Lee's younger guy. Obviously Jeff Green so there's a -- they're built so do you start at a couple more pieces to it. As pollen and KG you know reached -- their career and that's gonna happen at some point it didn't happen this week. I'm used to call coming in calls going out. Well any talks all the time I was actually. I was short I was getting a lot of calls and Gary -- get a lot of calls from Danny but. That the the assumption going in was that these guys have played well enough and that's it it's -- it's a team that's building. And that we have a chance to do something -- be a nasty opponent plants with the assumption going in any February as long as -- around is going to be. Make the team better this year you know don't blow it up in the middle -- a playoff position. I'm having said that there's always the future look for a been here ten years I understand you don't wanna you know you don't live from game to game meet with community currency got a look at the futures. So not Danny Ainge as receiving calls on players like KG and Paul Pierce and what they mean this organization. How does it go -- to you guys -- pushed back is their do you just give him full autonomy as far as doing a deal. What are you guys to -- so you know what we want these guys to be here remembers of the Celtics. -- training a starting player hall of fame player. A guy -- meaning to the organization there's obviously conversation between the controlling owner and ownership and and -- to make sure everybody's on the same page at Waco since Waco as around the league. You said that your philosophy is your playoff team they try to build around quick if the team was in. A different position and you were in the ninth spotter tenth spot a couple of games out -- have changed do you think the your process the teams thought process if you work right now technically a playoff team in the Easter conference what you what is on the train them. Well it did it out of his at least leave the possibility open I mean if we were five and fifty or whatever. -- you'd be pretty likely do almost anything to make that better but I like with this team's been plan. We need some help but we needs more guys we got some younger guys in Jordan Crawford's one of you know we'll see if it really hurt to lose marbles that are to lose Rondo or -- who -- it really hurt. Icing on the cake was losing Barbosa who is really playing well a lot of energy defense intensity some links. Some offense. So. You know we tried to add specifically those skills we -- at a couple big guys a big earth guys energy guys will -- See what happens. The fans really enjoy the way his teams are playing lately and Angela talk -- Paul and KG you deserve to retirees Celtic now. I think there'd jerseys will be in -- rafters I think they'll always be Celtics. But I adults I don't think there's a need for that it's not best for the opposition moving four out of the deal a done deal Paul Pierce -- reason. What we heard Brooks and a first round pick and -- what do triggered KGB it. It would have brought in assets to kind of move forward and and and build that next team. Well tell you we we think we've got a chance. This here to do something. Important which is. You know show these. Younger players what it means to be -- Celtics team fighting hard in the playoffs and Holland island saint look at the lakers on the other side -- they've been playing worse than than we have and -- salute you get a simply a -- as -- -- against everybody. That's -- we don't have Kobe and our team but with KG and Paul and then Bradley behind Jeff Green behind him. You know I'm I'm excited about this team I'm not saying that we're gonna win and I'm saying I've we have one thing I know what it feels like been the finals another time. This team is tough I would wanna play us in the playoffs. -- CEO -- respect joining us here in studio so eat you hold onto those two guys Paul's got a year left on his deal. Your expectation that Paul Pierce were -- a Celtic. What. It's. I hope so I mean we're gonna retires number whatever happens. But Paul is a is an all time great. He's. Just watch them last night look like he's 25 again and at key moments I loved it and I just respect so much what would those guys are bringing. Out on Utah on a back to back. You know look they're well paid and everything and people can take shots that they aren't but people can say. Big the other plan for two hours what's the big archived at Lou you know be in a probe. You know we -- it's a grind and that was a crime last night in overtime and everything else that -- pulled up the tent and they did. So I'm I'm really I love watching them in the data polls on the data KG he's gone. The day that -- on the -- Iran has gone I'm gonna miss him forever those guys are Phnom. Entity and he showed that last year at the -- -- and Ron Moore who indices started and and the way they played through their professionals and it Danny through this process is is taken some because this words he's had in the past right the whole conversation read our back they would let this team get old. You know would have got rid of Kevin Robert and bird when I had the chance and yet. He won a lot people look at as an opportunity to kind of back up his words and it's sort of passed if they retires Celtic with that. Does Danny -- that -- given what it's at the past. Well let me let me tell you and we saw this last year we had a trade blow up. You know five minutes before the deadline it's the other guys most of mountain most the other teams in this league are not as confident as we are and make interest. So we are aggressive in exploring things we think things through. -- nothing -- is right by we are more likely to make a trade and stick to it than anybody else I can think of in league most rest of them are free to do anything. And they'll say that do it in and they well so it takes to depicts two teams trade and it. Very very sort of in practice that's accuse us of not looking for things or listening to phone calls because we do that problem -- anybody else. As a fall to the trade thing is sounds like it you you make it's it's difficult to make a trade sometimes how much of that Wiki is. The way the salary cap set up in the fact that you know you have to traders salary for salary you've got to include contract things in the else public infamous sports talk radio stamp point. In baseball ago yet trade him for a prospect in the MBA. We sit here at the trade machine to figure out is his salary match up with that guy's salary does that make it difficult. Well it does and it's supposed to what we're trying to do in the league and we did this in partnership with the players is to make more the team's competitive that's is that -- we all decided together particularly in this last collective bargaining. We're gonna try to even out the tell a little bit. So guys can't just loaded up and pay ninety your hundred million dollars for that we in the opening eighties. -- with tax you know high eighties. Several years and you just can't do more or is very very hard you can't just trade a bunch of salary. And dump it -- it all ends up in new Yorker away anymore in the old days or without a cap you can do that it doesn't happen in this league. So. That's the deliberate. Attempt to have the smaller market teams be able to hang onto their guys and have a level playing field -- of the best guys for the money more like NFL. As opposed to baseball which is. But the rich guys -- what -- -- gets better team and Rajon Rondo you've been moving here and an awful lot of our -- like now. No that it feel free to ask that all you want. Just think of just think these last couple games will run to would have meant. -- -- intensity with his defense. With his creative offense and passing and we got. We got room. It was. A lot of Sharon ball a lot of guys you know fast breaks and key you know Terry -- cannot get that miracle basket you know the -- -- a lot of great things that happened but Rondo would have helped. And no determination and our work -- regular season games where effect probably the post season so we did last year from the superstars come out right right and he you know he was outstanding last year in the post season without that. And it's -- soldier who soul who's playing so great before he got -- that's where a lot of people look at you know what is the ceiling now for the state. Well I mean that the beauty is we don't know last night it was a nice when we had a couple of really ugly and tough losses before we started off losing. I mean you know than the nuggets spurs only 22 and three don't while we lost to them and and the next night at lakers just buried Jersey palace. Who was a great guy by the way you know ordered gave his tribute and then they beat us that there's there's two tough losses to start. We have ups and downs in this team it's very interesting to watch I wish we were a better team -- -- we were but I -- which see what what happens this spring. Get a chance to read the of the Rondo -- it's portals and yet this week we Jenkins now. Big connect for -- we found out that any. -- just comes across that it's under by the way has a sneaky sense that you're. You will see that yet he probably is connect for him but. But you may be -- it comes across as high as eight different breed and his -- is competitiveness. Jason Terry told about and cork in his do you see that -- a behind the scenes these different then. The other guys and a team for personal. Obviously a point -- that's that is one of the reasons that he's great I mean he is totally different and KG is totally different in his own way and these guys are from Mars and Pluto or wherever. They are not that the typical breed of cat Rondo. You'll never be another -- I mean he's just he's just one of the kind. And there and we love it. One example calls -- -- calls let's do it 6177797937. The phone number eighteen tee decks on 37. 937 -- prospects Celtics CEO joining since studio he takes your calls. -- radio telling you the guy. Another magic bullet in the -- -- -- get -- for Turkey gets a good luck recently airlifted out half and the Boston Celtics have done it. -- -- -- It is Superman cape. They have stun the Utah Jazz in overtime and they have salvaged the final game of the western trip. The final score Boston won Dan you'd -- 107. Another landmark overtime win. For the Celtics. Also positive. Almost rather than most you know we just charged famously took offense move over -- You know usually in overtime long -- -- you can just kind of give me mentally you learn where to go home but this thing just so tremendous fighting dug in in order to do. You're the voice John -- here on WEEI than Paul Pierce Celtics win last night to go to a three on the trip. One game of the next seven days jets really catch their breath for. A push the in the regular season -- Ludwick prospects help ex CEO joining us this studio now you. Before we take these phone calls our mind you with this was your idea. Okay when they tell you Carolina or tell you how much Ron knows not nest and all these other stop this was your call you take these goals. I love taken calls that's fantastic and brought tickets to make sure we get. Calls it an artist so we've got to be -- -- bewitched is the second -- -- courtside. Sitting down with me there will be earned their right next to -- year on -- -- there's going to be -- Secure your -- any trouble breaks out. And you're -- you can -- to -- from down there I can tell you experience is perfect it's great great seats and I think they are the Wednesday. April 3 against the pistons. As -- is the game we have so and that's for the -- it doesn't mean it's the most. Siddiqui is sucking up call it's the best call the call that that we all the site is is a great call which doesn't need to be all positive. Right down to monitor -- I want to get the number up you guys been stacked up since we told you about this 11 o'clock -- in Wakefield. Leads us off Derek your column with -- -- I would I don't. Question. I I -- and every bit as Jordan and if you shall we seeded team. You can still on -- now that. Roster. He's -- and ours is going to be completely across the obvious. Well I'm looking at I would say -- -- -- -- had Rondo green sellinger Bradley just for starters may be I mean who knows if fab develops capitalist development probably overlook and a couple of young ones but that's a good core as far as I'm concerned for five years out we are making decisions right now for five years out. But we're looking a year or two out and at least in originally back in 0405. We were looking fighters that we knew we didn't have the horses we didn't have the championship team and that's when we and Danny put the plan together. Get the young kids get a new coach who would play the young kids. I -- GNU general manager in new coach. And go young for three or four years and build up assets and a facets so we can make a big trade four and we in fact target Kevin Garnett we back when Danny did and it all came true in no way. 070 wait. And thank god it did but that was a five year plan we're not on a fighter plan right now but I got some pieces in mind. Might be helping us how hard it is it's gonna get go back to that point you know -- a lottery type Cain I don't think so I think we got more young talent now that we did then when we came and you know we had some -- guys it's Walter. And Eric and you know Paul and -- and did we have the core you know vin baker just com. We just lost Rodney Rogers did we have the core that was gonna get better the next year and better than a year after we weren't sure can thanks. Joseph is in Providence Joseph Europe with the Celtics CEO -- you. On our border where it is like that's -- show that I would like this is poisoned well -- Florida let's go. I'm coming. It's amnesty would be any cake. In the nobody yet has guys that. He would hide debt -- a -- that would have pretty. And you took total he. You know -- front look in the last twenty the so. The big thing to me it was reported on the tactics of the trade deadline. He went and got a contributor from Mercury he got a contributor for a guy -- hurt and not the player with fees and addict and -- to really wouldn't get very many minutes. Crawford good decent NBA players the guys going to contribute. All what -- probably. And I don't eat well and not any credible for the trade deadline people came out and oh I don't know any going to be able to do anything at all. Because you know there are the peace movement diplomat and an excellent credit wired do. Like it I agree. It you know Danny knows I've got his back it's a very good working relationship and and it goes all the way back the first day he came in here. But it takes two teams like I was saying it takes almost you know almost nobody made a big deal at February nobody. Wants to move JD erratic. And listen. A guy can play we like and you know I can't comment about another player but we like guys named JJ including now. -- think -- good player. Anyway -- it was a very cautious February. Believe was not anxious to make big moves there's going to be a ton of moves in June and July I believe this year it's all pent up demand there's a lot of people that need to start rebuilding -- -- -- -- -- very very active this year. I'm -- and Bridgewater -- -- up what would -- spec. They -- -- that particular time where. I have a question I'm Jeff Green you know it. It seems like you organization had this vision Project Green in treating -- an amendment giving -- a contract that's in and I have a different perspective well. We saw the laid out brighter than Unix and it -- the other bipolar Jeff Green were come one I did not fire -- an extra eighty let the vehicle and doesn't really need it yeah effort. I want an opening behind the scene the organization at a given to have to turn out boxes you know inspire and maturity can go on because it seemed like we need him in the future. Well I saw a doc last night just -- good call good question I I -- -- doc last night just on the telecast. Sink come on Jeff you know I look at the shot clock you gotta pay attention has been shot after shot up and I mean he was guarded but he needs to feel more. Aware I don't think that's an effort thing I think that was just he just you know lost track of that and in a key moment but. The most important thing that we're doing it is -- every day in practice but even more importantly KG and Paul and Jason Terry. And Rondo in practice LeBron -- there. You know. You're gonna come in here via Celtic course can be pretty obvious from the beginning it's artwork in if there and it was anybody on this roster wasn't you know. -- -- fitting by now they would have been gone. Last week at the trading deadline I'm not -- Jason Collins in any way or Barbosa who -- -- not fitting they were both great guys and we will we miss him but the point is. Jeff green is trying as hard as he can now he's every single game you see him going -- who control and went down you see him more aggressive. Earlier in the year I saw him get the ball and immediately just look in the past he never looked aggressively to basket the first. Thirty games. And now every game he's looking more aggressively back basket he's getting more comfortable that's process your phone calls the Celtics CEO across record studio nick is in western echo that. -- on my question is you know going forward with KG pierce being the true leaders on the court. In the issued. He terrorized Elise and the media when Rondo attitude. Who can step in and beat that team leader once so that the economy. If Rondo without much. Of a bad attitude is it worth getting -- and signing Chris Pauline getting. Now another. Big men inside I mean we need decade leadership with -- and that team. Really doesn't -- function. Well let's see. The press reports are one thing what actually happens inside the team is often different just because we don't invite the press into the practices we don't know Mike Bynum on the team plane -- into the locker -- so there's a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. AG's got more attitude to run that has. But their but their -- and applied. They're. Great friends they get along until they feed off of each other. I think GG I think if you asked him he would say Rondo you know seems like a little brother to him the very very close so they're on the same page those guys. And there's nobody wants to win an eighteenth banner more than Rhonda does -- disunity that it's. I I think there's room for everybody we'd like KG to play his contract out we'd like all the stay. Rhonda got another couple years and gonna keep Roland is that Paul Pierce number and rafters of the -- number five. I can't amend for all these guys are still playing. I think people who were heavily involved in winning banner seventeen ought to be up there in fact they ought to hang 44 -- for change. Adams and Auburn he joins the I get emotional about this -- a lot of the weight thanks for the call from -- that was my hometown by the way that's the mark in favor of that oh mark that down Joey what born and not not really -- Lester but what are what are. OK who's up. -- asked out of an Auburn today. Yeah okay. I'll let you respect your -- -- -- still -- -- the question right that it has been set for the team what to win championships which I appreciate. Under the current -- there were being serious about it -- to create an injury. That -- great chance to win a championship this year and looking at next year it's probably not getting any better due -- an idea of change. Right so I would anxious to see the -- takes up to acquire assets. Expedite turning over that next championship brought that you know I've grown frustrated the last two trading deadline out stagnant that he does it. And I know you would be an injured and and it really got the old I don't know the other GM era one. What are you know I don't know it keeps you from getting frustrated and I'm. I know what the offers were. You wouldn't have taken -- I'm not I mean that's not that was a little too like just cut driver and it was so obvious. All the stuff is difficult I'm willing to admit that we make mistakes I make mistakes. In looking at things it's not perfect that's sort of the fun of it is that you don't know whether trades can work or not. But we did not receive good enough offers to make any moves last week. And the deals just weren't there there were some things that were interest thing. And other teams pulled out and fell through almost like a Ford team complicated trade with altered to guys moving around and we were. They -- about it and then got the call that you know to the other teams that we -- and talking to. They were just also involved and they were really our contact. They both pulled out so be it just happens that way we didn't have the deals -- Usage would you like to be active do you think did that teams are as I Philippines more desperate the deadline because they see that they have the team right now they have health and wanna make clothes. Do you think there's a better. Deals out there in June July in the offseason and turn it down because basically everybody started from scratch now any playoff team right now isn't gonna do. Mean I think you can take the clippers as an example just I'm just reading in the press when I'm reading is the clippers were an interest in doing various deals with -- other teams not us. Because they do want to break up playoff chemistry. You know I know for example the warriors coming into town Friday the owners a good friend of mine used to be limited partner my group I just saw him -- California last week personally. You know he didn't wanna make. He was anxious these next to make the playoffs they haven't made they -- once in nineteen years he's in new owner electric player your total blow up his team. For some future thing doesn't make sense into the guys that are just not taken phone call because of where they are everybody's taking phone calls and. I've put on the spot -- all these questions I got one more work you stick around one more segment these beat the one talked a little it's a bad play and we thought we'd hear why don't speak a little over to CN. The time you guys you guys -- lineup wanna continue the conversation with prospects Celtics the Jonas of the joints here in studio continue. With some your questions and called good FaceBook questions as well. Which continues don't want. -- this is -- overtime and quit working overtime with a stake in your phone calls out -- it was Shawn Green and by the way that voice if if people aren't listening to -- guide to the telecast of the broadcast the relations between crazy. And guiding Max carries -- and -- despite. Randy does a great job overtime with a quick your phone calls and again we -- picking out the best caller they're gonna get second row. Frank from Gloucester seats in the game on April 30 that the before 8 o'clock this record is no official word years ago it Doc Rivers been -- head coach of the Olympic team. But you got like. Kevin Garnett and I want league definitely green retired green that's good for your team right people look escalated it means a lot to be a Celtic it's great. All the great players in the league heard about the Doc Rivers if if they complete Foreman won't win another but playing for the got to get the seat up front how's that for recruiting tool. It's phenomenal and if they hear it all game long right they see him they hear him work in the wraps and coached the team and they can compare him to their. Their coach on their sidelines and and I would think doc comes out ahead and most of those comparisons he's a great coach we're lucky to have him if you. He decides to go -- the Olympics you know good for him to be to be great for us and great for him. And his team's LeBron changed -- he's a freeze a couple of hours I don't have -- -- -- no Carter works the Red Sox already were a problem. So -- -- -- LeBron who. Mike is in Framingham with a question for -- -- get all your phone calls in here Michael had. I -- I appreciate you taking my call I've been dying to ask sports team Lotus are probably more than 25 years. What I don't recall the year that your group bought the Celtics. 02 they -- two or three. What. What's motivating factor behind up buying a sports franchise. And and where our tour it would just asked. Is there all is the reward financial every year words to reward. Just being one definitely proud of you don't want -- the -- And orders be the franchise's value when it's applied to sell. Well I think is a good question it's really none of the above I would say the first and foremost thing I was on a team in college okay -- to be rowing team -- But we won a national championship by the way have only -- that 400000 times I apologize but it sort of goes to the whole thing. I love being on a team and competing thinking back to Little League and high school sports and college sports. And I love being part of a team and competing this is my born and raised hometown Boston. It's the Celtics. And being part of it in naming a banner seventeen -- yes that's what it means we're gonna go win a banner or die trying. It's being part of a team and being part of that you know eventually championship. It's just know that there's money involved you gotta put money and maybe get money out at the end or along the way. But honestly it's a bunch of guys from Boston who are fans who put Eric who were lucky guys who put extra money that they happen to have very lucky. Together and but this team and together we run it's we've got a team of ownership we've got a team with the players and the coaches. And the fans and then we you know you win a game it's -- the most indescribable -- great feeling. In the world and our ten years and I'm watching this overtime game last night. At home and the feel and just watching us win that game which is ten years into the thing was just so sweet. So it really comes -- competition and pride and there's other things there's that the community. Yes it's got more valuable over time yes this and that but it really is fundamentally. Kick in somebody's butt. When you watch that game last as minority still Yelp the TV and he yelled when plays happen plays go your way you get. Animated watch and again in the world like this release more muttering I. There was grumbling and muttering yeah -- Bobby is a marvel had Bobby your outlook prospect. They I wake I -- wanna thank you I think that the scene is so much on the lots. Granite coming -- a great win that night but they really do make each other batter in the true fashion itself. He didn't particularly. Important for me because I'm sharing it with an eight year old son who now is getting into it. And in 96 year old grandmother -- part of the story about Russell include the America -- so hopefully this is a dream come true on I do have one question is. What is an artists are the biggest surprise for you going to promote and to an owner in that out. That's good question I I think -- had a grandmother for a if she exists from dog to saint. I hit a the you know you don't I don't ever want to meet an owner who isn't a fan and they're probably are some out there pro sports somewhere but. I think you do need to maintain being a fan if you're an owner and he can't get caught in the bottom line or whatever else I think I think he's got to start by being a fan and maintain that. If you find yourself through that if you're getting burned out or something that's time to step back and think about what you're doing. So there isn't much of a transition. The fact is though it's easier probably to be a fan and just sort of essentially yell at the TV that actually have the decisions come to you and have to decide what to do. It's a lot harder to decide yes or no on these various things I think because I've had trouble with -- it's been stressful it's been a long ten years. When it works out it's great when you're losing streaks which we've had our share of losing streaks seventeen games. Etc. You know losing games is really tough and when you feel responsible for a you know it can really -- out. It's got to be a final like we get the volume -- fans calling in the world fans of the game and that's what we -- start mentioning guys like Paul Pierce being trading Kevin Garnett. Your fan you're an owner you're emotionally tied to some of these players 'cause of what you've been through with them but at the same point make him business decisions what's best for the team. It got to separate the two. Right and that's got to be -- It's really hard. You gotta get for your what's the most important thing when we come back to you know Celtic pride that that kind of sums it up for us he comes. Comes out that you know community what kind of guys you have on the team are they gonna share the ball. What kind of coach do you have I mean -- embodies it Danny embodies that he won a championship two championships in the eighties now he's 11. As a general manager this is Celtic pride and so makes it easy you know what what you would you be proud to do. Now would be proud to ride this thing down where and everybody's you know fifty years old. And Horry a play basketball anymore we've got to make some changes eventually obviously so pride doesn't mean just keep in the open you know the old team together forever it means. Do in the -- things you know trading Al Jefferson was -- people voted against that we do it anyway we -- wasn't a public vote. You know we traded Alfred KG and and it worked we love Al but but it works so they're tough they're hard decisions along the way. You gotta make at least 55% of them right -- your head in the game. As an owner when you read a report yesterday and today that Tom Brady and takes his contract extension wiccan on the back candidate based on its face takes about half. Of what the going rate would have been for quarterback what which your responses and owner you see that story. But that was phenomenal and awesome and embodies Tom Brady a good Michigan guy went to use them as well I might add. I'm I'm proud. To be a Boston fan and patriots fan and to note crafts and you know Tom Brady and -- Have that all work out the guys -- now. You can restructure in India but it but I KG taken what 101199 game no trade still. Good deal for the team I know that the KG coming back was huge for us last summer it enables us to do other things in and try to load the team up because he's really as the earlier caller said -- that KG. It's pretty tough to match -- being competitive you regret giving him a trick us. No I mean -- I love KG sand he wants to. Bleed green and tell the you know that they he's done I loved it as my favorite comment on the whole last week. Bob stone talking about Zhao Rhonda today Bob go that would with the prospect. I I'm watching the Celtics play this year before Rondo got hurt it looked. And that's it was Warren -- war with the five guys out on the war. And he's been hurt. It looks more like five guys in here. And do you think we'll run them come back to being encouraged. To keep that up. Yeah I think that's -- good question very good question I think that he's probably watching these games and saying look at the aggressive pushing the floor Tommy -- in style. Play that always starts to happen in late February anyway this season is a long season and it's pretty typical walk the ball up in November and run the ball up in March. Just be honest by its I think it would be great to have Rondo. Pushed the ball more I am not in charge of basketball in terms of drawn up plays I you know doc and any optically dot. Is in charge of basketball and I'm not. But for as of the end from a fan or CO perspective I can tell you -- I'd like does he Rondo. Playing this way if that's the way it works out -- on next season that'll be great for the team. I think the city would enjoy it is Boston analysts at all with for an all star game so listen up FaceBook says there's up and an MBA all star game here. Since 1964. Will that happen next couple years. I mean then there aren't Super Bowls being played out in Foxborough either I mean we're not a destination in February. The destination. You know we. NBA typically looks or warm weather destinations and a whole bunch of people. Ago and really put on a show I'd like Kevin -- game here is pretty expensive to do it doesn't benefit the home team at all really it's -- cost us we have to pay. Ericsson MP wine AZ I'd probably rather put their money into our salary and payroll. But it's. You know -- I'm certainly not opposed to having an all star game here but it's. -- not necessarily a destination. Brad and -- him as a question about Rondo and connect four might be our last caller for public on the spot pick. A -- these tickets Brad go had. And -- guys appreciate -- appreciate Colin elected -- -- be the most important question he had offseason with. Everybody debating on whether that topic or better with the -- on with -- on had a and Woodley breaking news on Yahoo! Sports and ESPN. And the real question would be have you played Rondo -- the and the game of connect four and is he really that good. I've I've actually not played connect four in my what well maybe I don't got played connect four so I'm gonna pass on that one but I'm sure he would. He would crush me connect for my only chance against Rondo and -- would be. -- you know single skulls. You know get the boats out on the Charles River I'm pretty sure -- be flipped upside down and I'd be finished and so other than that you know he's he went. You have a favor caller we do we pick -- out we added Jeff Green call and I feel like we had a call Bob who just called local minutes ago you seemed to like give a favorite if someone -- some of the game here. I'll tell you what we will give. 22 of the Jeff Green collar and we'll give two to Bob. I've got two for the April 5 game as well. So wow you for the price was bought the Rondo is he watching that net that it is modeled total learning -- always gone on with so we will we'll double it up with double down. I don't we have this this they're now April 3 and April 5 -- sister Jeff Green April 3 and -- it's. Give two winners came and double the winning now we want -- technologies you know when your business is growing technology years we -- We had this capability -- -- take a text message the station and voice activated apparently having a voice activated -- for. For -- here Chile someone please ask with the obvious questions. Should the patriots franchise Wes Welker or signed him to a long term deal. Where can I pick up my tickets for best text. -- But Oz bottle of history it all brightly lit up that was Robert Kraft I think at that sound like Jonathan actually thought well I that is look at her like us. And -- circle back to it sounds like no matter what happens next year two years that a guy Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett you expect their numbers to be retired. It in the rafters of the guard -- what it sounds like you said. We first sat down about a half. -- we not mean Paul I mean this is stuff that should happen after guy retires your start to think about this but the fact matters Paul's been here since the since before obviously we've we bought control this team he's been the linchpin of the whole thing and -- of finals MVP. Kevin Garnett we wouldn't have won he was defensive player of the year the year we won. We would've won the championship without either one of those guys now Kevin -- signs with -- -- in the offseason when he's a complete freeagent. In doubles down -- us these are guys that. I I can't imagine given those numbers out anybody else. I hope we can do the boys and wick the segment here -- -- against him wouldn't like it a pleasure thank you sympathize ranks from me on.

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