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Peter King, SI, on Brady's deal

Feb 26, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the story he broke about Tom Brady signing an extension with the Patriots for way below market value.

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We continue to get your reaction to this Tom Brady's contract extension what it means for the patriots what should it mean. For the patriots phone calls all day 6177797937. The AT&T deadline. Is 379837. The man who broke the story. And scooped everyone symbol the national local media Peter King a Sports Illustrated. Join us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds that the ten times faster. The three G it's AT&T rethink possible. Peter when you broke this yesterday -- was -- -- was a story -- -- -- on for a while this -- do you just died date of like okay and this is gonna happen today. And I just heard about it yesterday so. I think yet. Obviously. All the -- -- and that. And Don Eaton. And I'm -- -- and -- have been pretty get a keep a lid on the because nobody knew about it the year. A lot of people look at this deal kind of shaking their heads thinking you know three years 27 million. And wondering if there's there's something else orbits at some of the renegotiate two years from now possible ownership -- Anything anything all the Big -- sitting down a road. Oh well I -- you watch what you street delta. I'm the last night Tom Brady didn't put -- was simply out and try and and in 2005 he signed a six year sixty million dollar contract. And then obviously at the time that was about ten. Thirty to 40%. Below the market for top quarterbacks in football and everybody -- while he argued either ingredient so it -- and I. They just want to win a -- able to. You don't want to seem to be able to spend the money and other guys I'm fine make it their all that. So and everybody at the time said well you know Brady here so more in it for him and all that. Two years later this year at Easter that's out the patriots eight point three million dollar bonus. Didn't have to put it right. And that was it and failure to -- contract and in 2010. So. I don't out. That at some point if he's still playing well and out and if the sixteenth the patriots were owed him money that is right rural. In my column this morning will it be it will revolutionize. The contract I sincerely doubt it. Peter it's been almost point four hours or so since this thing broke what's been the year. What's been the reaction -- league from the guys you've talked to about the deal that Brady signed here. The you know in large part doing a lot of -- -- since then and you -- not -- -- the ravens got a lot about who. You know the agents per. For any any other -- expecting might be on the verge of doing like like Aaron Rodgers. And and you know really I don't think it's gonna have it muted impact on the 2 o'clock at the upper very simple reason. That. Marco last year in Baltimore was offered and how it then -- I'll estimated because nobody knows for sure Ottawa. Somewhere between sixteen and seventeen million hours a year. He turned it down and basically. How I can do better. Clearly he did better so. Absolutely no later regions are going to be able to get him for anything less than that. So. I can't see younger player who's out needle off his rookie contract. Being very much impacted by this number EPO. Would -- guys some with just talk but the deal is more like a legacy type -- guys like. Manning once he passes physical he got twenty million dollar cap at the next two years in Drew Brees is big deal done and all of pressure on them with a flat cap to kind of renegotiate up their team. I doubt it I mean. When when that went -- Manning median deal with Denver. The day he walked into Denver. That's starting to counter he hadn't yet. And let John Elway. Basically. That can look me in the eye and tell me that you guys are okay with the conflict it is not going to. Rooting it -- if you don't hurt your chances. Sign or the guys you need her to be competitive now -- that now. You sign a contract. And you know willingly and you know we're very happy -- itself. I wouldn't expect that and it's hard -- -- -- remember one thing about regional. It's important I think people forget that so that Drew Brees yeah. Had 86 year sixty million dollar contract when he signed in 2006. And any vastly outperformed -- he was statistically best quarterback in football over the next six years. He deserves. -- -- -- -- -- -- quarterback in football or number Stewart street so right now he's going to be handing any of his money back. Peter how much of this deal with the money it's freed up in your mind did you believe that Wes Welker will be eight patriot long term for this team. You know I don't all the -- On the -- -- -- them -- all there wouldn't be honest I don't know that it happened. All up and I think the patriots basically try to -- them. -- -- -- -- -- -- wore. Number eighty but it. And you know if you wanna be on board team that can have a change to win the Super Bowl every year. You're gonna have to be the same wouldn't be right all they pitted white -- Or you know any the other -- in free agency in October peek into right Seaver Mike Wallace. I think that's going to be an interest in having to watch whether any -- they sign. Aren't -- a little bit below -- market value because Brady did. But some discussion to today even -- Greg Bedard Terrell Brandon Lloyd and how they can actually cut him and and move on from him do you with a free cap space to see the patriots go after -- -- big ticket would you see them spreading it out 56 simpler. You know history says that they're probably not gonna go after the last time he entered -- I'm going out there period it and I don't know for sure but in the last time they really. Eight from the a lot of money -- it was a it was common then I think that's true. And if it is at all in the apparently. They just don't scrutiny certainly Canadian real some. They created a team to ever and that it's never been that kind of. Peter King joining us Sports Illustrated broke the story Tom -- extension yesterday that the talk we've had here last couple of days. It has been about this this flat cap -- in the NFL and at least this prevailing theory locally that. Teams there are so ill prepared for this that there'll be good players also a great players but good. Good players caught the -- haven't talked about yet and that that they're gonna depress the -- value and -- a salary cap space can clean up do you believe. That's a were -- the next month and yeah. You know there's no question about it I think you're gonna see. And you know where everybody should coordinate name I can't really all I know is that. When Cullen Jenkins hit the streets -- Philadelphia Eagles no doubt in my mind that he can still be good role player good defensive line. And you know -- guys like that or dropping every single day look at that you know the outcome. The Indianapolis Colts cedar market -- -- -- pretty mean it's. It's a I think short time where he didn't get the goods free agency crop right now. But the guys had it cut her camper he and -- gonna make it one of the most compelling free agency years really ever. -- -- -- to with number he signed his extension at a guy like Ryan mallet and you look at the draft and some questionable guys you don't have that Andrew Luck RG three you've -- Doug Alex Smith and separate Cisco may be trade for him Matt Flynn is there a trade market for for Ryan mound would you think it would be. I don't hear what the ball Paul Lawrie -- -- -- mumbling about. All I keep wondering about and -- I didn't sense Portugal although it doesn't even want -- it and it. Argue patriots before he record what we ever he can -- Would art. We're very limited number -- what -- -- like he -- I. -- wants. A teacher for -- want to be sure he can develop. It's all I'll repeat it it would then brought the -- who Roethlisberger with the Steelers. Did -- last -- really lucky Indianapolis. And you know I've heard a bunch of people say boy that. -- I would love Alex and and look at it trying starting quarterback I'd love Alex and but that certainly can -- the -- You know. Because -- and not a great eat all our EOK everybody -- airborne early exit AP OK. A ball he wants. Didn't want it once -- -- the order that early. I mean -- -- -- -- -- Cleveland would like let's think to Mike Lombardi out there could be your honor the most likely scenario put. Clearly cardinals are looking at the rookie -- and -- early get a -- one of those guys we. Peter what is Ed Reed a -- either be in Baltimore or Indy her is our shot per year he'd come with bill -- a check in an anchor this defense for a year to. You know. And every night and each guy opened out there -- -- -- -- between. Bill Belichick and they agreed I mean. You know I heard everybody say yeah he could go to the -- Indianapolis. Hey I could be wrong. More likely eat go to England and Indianapolis very simple reason. Call it done everything they could. Clean up -- cap. And you know the new chairman Edgar running recent initial. Time again that -- hurry to get rid of better. It get Dwight Freeney. So. -- I'm not sure that you are gonna love it greed and up on the April the old Larry birds and yet they have put it on you know. I didn't I didn't at all at in Indianapolis but. I still eat it we -- more like you don't think he's don't back the ball. -- last one for me on this deal. Was it Brady and his agent trying to get this done with this the patriots recognizing at some point in and Jonathan and Bob Kraft that. We wanna do this we know who always was pushing to get this extension done this off. -- it would bar -- You know he encountered -- parking. All time to try to put a deal together to make sure that Tom Brady -- release from New England. In addition to that that you know we need some tax relief it was a good marriage for the -- I -- And then you know on. You keep park Belmont a record are really critical -- this deal. ER economic cleaners Brady you know could it got a lot harmony -- secret that everybody don't -- -- That's not pretty -- great goals to walk into training camp every year you know if you told Tom Brady right now that. We can have -- he -- Somebody would write a check for three million more -- it's here -- he can use that three million this part of -- illegal Dwight Freeney won't Europe perhaps. The big screen inning Italy can guarantee that everybody at well you know we -- it that way. It is that way that -- Tom Brady -- Peter great stuff you had to staying exclusively yesterday you beat Herbert in the punch it's a great story and more talk about all they appreciate got a busy day. Take a few minutes of talk about we'll talk to you later on the offseason. -- thought Evan thanks to Peter King Sports Illustrated joining us on the AT&T -- AT&T -- LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three jeetz AT&T rethink possible are you brought up Brandon Lloyd and the conversation with Peter kings have interest -- stuff. For Greg but RG hear him today on the NC talking to operate a -- growth and heard this before -- of that next.

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