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Will Brandon Lloyd be back with the Patriots?

Feb 26, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss Patriots receiver Brandon Lloyd, the impact he made this year, and if he will be back in New England in 2013.

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Craig EU EU -- at the need for a good X receiver a new one. Because you don't think they're gonna pick up Brandon -- option bonus three million bucks. And you write something this morning I had read before you write that -- erratic behavior in the locker room. And on the practice field proved tiresome. According to a league source. Tiresome to home as teammates his coaches who who is who is sick of Brandon Lloyd. Everybody's. Idea if you I was surprised that that I hadn't really heard that until I talk to a bunch of people this week but. You know if you polled people in the pictures -- position in the coaches the players are -- good majority of them would not want Brandon -- back just because I mean he wasn't. It wasn't terrible but there is just you know he's just so inconsistent. Not only on the field personality wise that just. It is grinds on you after awhile and I think you know it is a good majority would want to move on from him but the thing is is that. Right now public can't because they don't have any wide receivers so you know they're gonna meet. You know what the pitchers -- back -- -- Belichick some of the guys came back yesterday -- that nobody else gets back combines over. Today. They're gonna sit down and reevaluate put together what they've heard from other teen who you know who's going to be available for agents and stuff like that decide. Sat on their final game plan. Greg Bedard earlier today with Dennis and Callahan didn't get that on demanded WEEI dot com Greg wrote today. About Brandon Lloyd is like question internal debate about what to do erratic behavior is what he called it locker room and practice field. The patriots cup Brandon Lloyd they'd say four point nine million dollars against the cap this year. But there will be a two million dollar in debt money in the can be spread over the next two years the team was Smart to -- protection with a bullet. I Greg is followed up on those comments today at boston.com saying nobody should be surprised meeting here. About -- behavior during the season the patriots the best to keeping a lid on things in house from what I know I wouldn't say -- what is a bad guy writes Greg. With the team must jettison rain like that just the type of up and down mood swings her a lot of out of his previous dots as stops and he quotes his own story. About him from before he signed your when he signed here sings a different kind of cap all say that. Greg writes he never know you'd get with Lloyd you can view of the -- can't for example the year ago. Not talk to one player. A few weeks ago said he was talking Deloitte about something. And suddenly -- said in mid sentence. I don't wanna talk to you anymore input as headphones on. Something the people around this -- Who just do that make sense -- have no social skills whatsoever. -- Greg writes it's one thing that and even has to be dealt with the locker room and on the practice field. -- -- by what inconsistent play the patriots look consistency anything that disrupts the flow of the season often becomes. A nuisance and -- some that was -- the patriots really don't do. Eccentricity well and all that being said could be back that he be managed. And the big carrot here being you're one watt receiver while targets is deal. Easy enough they pain in the -- -- to get rid of him or they so -- wide receiver. He's -- with the patriots next year -- June 1 that the pick up. That option yet that remained right option kicks in -- there as of June for. You know by then write me if you bring what's welcome back here and the ready -- wall I mean Michael -- Wes Welker and he might. Going -- for another wide receiver. And then the right and water sign and what did you nobody is that the point is that right now they don't any wide receivers right -- you don't know of and and Brandon Lloyd is this decision is to be made. But by then by June 1 you'll know exactly what's going on -- the thing with me is he came with the reputation of this bipolar thing crichton became his estranged aren't they knew what they were gonna get. And he also points out the a 74 catches and 911 yards nothing to sneeze -- especially deposition for the team over the years. Compared to. Chad Ochocinco last future. Yes -- plays out right and if they bring back Wes Welker they don't go west if they don't work out -- the deal which I think they're going to. Now given what Brady did. And he walks. Packets either bring him back before point nine and adding up more wide receivers the position is he worth that. Given a Casey at the overall stats in Greg's right you're right that the nothing to sneeze. But the way he did you talked about one to skin this -- a different way right vertically maybe essentially said. We find a public not that guy's a good receiver still to be at any team he could be 67 to catch -- beat. Good receiver but does he do what you thought he was gonna do did that the the final number 74 for 911 yards. They become the waste a lot of countries to -- did you know he was much more in the end that's all I -- now on the -- I don't vertical I don't know what you expected out of -- Indiana those numbers pretty similar. Before the year started prices and -- every five catches and 900 between 900000 yards I just told you. It all I'll say to gasoline put differently the numbers are not surprising it's it's good numbers and the way that he did -- at that when -- one point. There what it was like week fourteen -- fifteen we pulled an upright in his longest catch when he going on the NFL stat sheet. His longest catch was like 38 yards for over three quarters of the season. A couple of big catches late he doesn't have run after the catch it's not his game and it wasn't anyway but he. In other stop your vertical threat to -- jump defenders for the ball I didn't see that. Here yeah okay I see it I agree but you know. A new week and we knew the system right Josh McDaniels similar system but still a year one with Tom Brady. CP a lot worse for new wide receivers. You -- idea embraced -- he's familiar with Tom Brady but I think there's more skill and talent maybe to bring in -- and Deion Branch to now what is it like you're too. You know how does he react in year two. Look at this whole thing of oh my god he's moody oh my god he's got a bipolar oh my god -- ruffle some feathers. That came with the let's not act now that all my god he was a distraction a put on the U he'll do it on the field this inconsistency -- -- -- yes of course you of that tape any of that year one. You put any of that at all indeed you wanna see one more year of this guide to see if they can be on the same page etiquette better as the year went on. I can't answer that go look at the world go look at Britain always big games. It'll tell me it was biggest game of the year war against. Alitalia. Baltimore San Fran Arizona. -- Seattle. The Houston. Okay citizen -- against Miami I don't always show up against the big teams and listen. I don't elected affected every time he caught the ball went to the ground. You know and it's -- it's it -- outside receiver to -- in the numbers goes out of bounds -- volatile. You watch a botched times I catch the ball and stays in the ground does try to get up or just hits the ground and so not -- -- bottom but I wouldn't say it was a disaster and he can't come out now and say oh my god the guys that kind of bipolar no kitten. He -- with their reputation. See what I why look at is that. Is that long unity the evil Yahoo! bios if he got his numbers -- right part of due -- of the better teams and only against the ravens in game three of the year nine -- 108 yards against Seattle six catches eighty yards against the buffalo five catches against Houston seven for 89 and a score against Sampras Cisco. I tender for 19. His Alice's so it is pig gained his best games playoffs he had five for 32 in the open -- -- against Houston and it's seven for seven on fourteen targets. In that -- lost to the ravens in the AFC and second you know 66 catches or more type of games. Arizona Baltimore Seattle. Houston San -- Right now about a game against Baltimore it won against Jacksonville six or 62 of the thought -- you know and you look at eighteen games he played this year and six of his best -- against the best defense you played again but by my counter to all that and you make a lot of good points about his big games in his overall in the year productions 74 catches. 911 yards and four touchdowns. When you look at that little right there and receiving category -- you look at long catch up until week. Fourteen this season we have 37 yard reception. His longest reception nearest 27 yards back in week one and you have talked extensively. About China find a different way to attack defenses and and Miley point would be. You know you look at the season. Indiana along a 53 that -- in the San Francisco game in 37 a week before. Those -- two biggest catches a year now's not that's not bad but when the next one after that -- 27. I would say that from the vertical stamp on what you've talked about ad attacking differently. They didn't do that with him. He was an extinct like -- and I've asked this a lack garnered an attacking vertically is important boundaries as import the team attacking horizontally. Don't have a couple guys outside the numbers. That's all that's one way of spreading you know 6177797937. Match your phone every can Texas on the eighteenth -- text -- at 37937. Your thoughts on Brady's extension what does this mean for Welker. Brandon -- -- were Greg Bedard so would you bring Lloyd back. We'll get all your -- calls kick off next hour on one hour.

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