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Tom Brady restructures his contract to save Patriots cap space

Feb 26, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to the Patriots QB signing an extension below market value so that the team can have more money under the salary cap.

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The question came up yesterday there's an NFL free agency you know what should the patriots do and you asked the question out loud. And they -- these guys now. Think it helps when you're star quarterback takes a pretty significant salary cap it and cut -- number from. One he won eight to thirteen eight this year 218 to 148 next year and a combined total. What should have been against their salary cap 43 point six million dollars the next two years. Doubt a 28 point six that's the way to start. Decide these guys the patriots in this offseason as party discussion yesterday are bringing up. A guy like Tommy current talking about a lot Arnold assurance that this thing Tom Brady -- -- -- and 2121. Point 2.3 million dollar cap hit. The next couple years. With the black cap. In you knew you had to do something right. Most likely probably there was a time the Uga did think about doing some and all of a sudden. -- -- we get off the news reports Wes Welker Wes Welker regarded yep weather team Rappaport burn bridges to -- up their opinions but it got to somewhere. And then also the bomb drops -- number -- extension. Three years 27. Million dollar yep I'll guarantee in the back end of it. It release a lot of people shaken -- had your pick you -- your side. Are you free oppose cap space coincidentally. Eight million which is interstate. We'll get to I'm sure with Wes Welker but. Three years 27 that is -- that's the kicker set three -- you said the use common sense a lot of people that I sub darkness out afterwards and current health at the same thing that this was to be expected the Brady would. Not that cap number down right 21 point eight million dollars and a flat happier when you have a 120 million dollars you gonna count when he won almost twenty million dollars toward Brady's number for next year. He's renegotiate in the past the difference here the makes it similar to what he's in 2005 is that on the back end of this more so than all five. His take you significantly below market guaranteed deal if it is to be believed right Borges writes today maybe it's not to be believed but to start. -- -- -- Three years at nine million dollars a year is roughly half. The going rate of guaranteed money for the elite quarterbacks in football the -- on the guaranteed money he's gonna get issued -- from the Baltimore Ravens at this hour of the franchise tag. Whether it is Drew Brees who got 500 for the saints weather's Peyton Manning who got rid -- money. For the Denver Broncos eighteen million last year and twenty million dollars guaranteed. Be passes it is about Manning's number the next two years or 58 million dollars over three years. Pretty took 27 million -- half of that yeah at the back -- that's the difference in this thing. Again and in and I loved The Herald news apps hysterically you're Catalina once. Talking about Brady Clinton team ahead of about a self. It and the other side you got Ron Borges. Team before Gerry Callahan elevates and a Mother Teresa status. Let's talk about this now the bottom line is he's renegotiate his contract -- what you wanna call seven times. And a bush cities I can extend it seven times as -- renegotiate it goes -- he's -- right but since he's done something with a -- seven times and each time he's -- a race but the question is is it one and it. Units at its its market value now we don't know mile two years tonight my confidence they. -- I give you break LS cup years you really gonna. It's at and seven million dollar will play a three year refused to play in a high level that's when the salary cap spoke to kind of Coke -- to the next that's what's gonna jump he's due 2015. Navigated that's when the TV every structure again expected -- -- and -- 2120. -- the salary cap is right now. Denny -- between 125 -- bottom line on the on the face of this yes. What this is about is Tom Brady. Wanting to win. In wanting to free up some money to the team can go up there and put players around him most likely the next shoe to drop will be a Wes Welker. -- about a month. -- -- the rumors come out or opinions come out whenever you wanna call it in rapport -- more than rumor or five years old guy he had this five years forty million dollar for west. Eight million -- and hours later Tom Brady re read dozens -- gets an extension restructure the salary cap -- everything else. And saves what per year eight million dollars for this year. -- -- It's right there so it's -- we -- cap room right now we get fifteen million other people might say eighteen million -- and that range. What do you do how to keep question -- approval I'll fix it so you couldn't keep me keep west and still have fifteen to eighteen range to go do what you want. On the face of it you look at and say good for Tom Brady. The years left in his career maybe step five maybe doesn't. But he's making sure in the next couple years. At least. Basically I think if he knows the next couple years just haven't played a hollow you know nobody knows -- -- -- -- -- three years four years five years from now but he secures the next two years -- taken -- cap hit. -- -- picnic cap relief from the Steen a pig book it put a team together a better -- winning a super ball well that's the impact here at the first impact. That was he Brady's legacy gets a bump out of this they'll be patriot fans now they're gonna remember when Brady was you know 3635. That he made this expansion happened and he probably makes doping patriot for life may be forty years -- -- final year -- the deals over could be play beyond that shore. But at least at the age of forty. It it's an impact there in terms of legacy what he did for the patriots. The second impact is the Wes Welker part of this Ivan tell you for weeks out of franchise the guy -- a lot of money out of franchised -- I think it's all but a lot. Wes Welker is back at something close to five years and 49 dollar that's huge for the steam because now they get that done. And in addition -- that they have the money to make other moves they put themselves in this position now. Where they have enough salary cap space if the league. Free agent market floods liked a lot expected to including Greg Bedard a great piece today in the globe. And there are guys out there that amenable market guy because the flat cap and -- and -- money. There are no notes -- spot -- no excuse them not to kick the tires on Mike Wallace or Brent Grimes or bring back Aqib -- it's. It's open season entire free agent with your football thing go to pro football focus print up a list. And a lot to drink now adding these guys to be patriots next year money will not be an issue going forward. I won't -- you know and -- -- a blocker and you have to wonder if if there wasn't already this conversation they're not already doing a behind the scenes will we not hear later on this afternoon that walker is now sign. You would think that that would be the case correct the next shoe to drop me you would think. Because air if there was no communication between Brady and Welker you know and the team. Wes -- sitting there saying -- Thomas you know I appreciate you freeing up some money -- it looks like kind of way fit there but you know I'm not in my legacy contract. -- I mean I haven't made a hundred million dollars. And all that matters to me is is still going up my last two or three years try to woman Marshall portrait -- best quarterback of all time all in -- consideration. I'm in my make my money kind of contract. I appreciate your freed up the cash. I study and get more somewhere else. You know and and I won't be with you but maybe -- with Peyton Manning. You know maybe LB with abuse Andrew Luck and the pretty good at quarterback who or where wherever it is exit put pressure on what you would think. That. This is understood that he's coming back to -- pressure. I mean I I'm not sure Brady walked in the crafts offered to -- -- -- will sign west but I think it's enough the conversation there enough you look at another friendly enough off I would believe so I'll believe that because that's an idea there's a rift there that does not exist epic cross that off your list now. And but the idea they caught in ballots some sort conversation to pay the slob thinking about doing. I have an idea of any off beat this would that be enough to keep -- went off the free agent market and get that crazy to think that happened if your patriots and today. But it would either you know Wesson and Brady directly on the agents with a patriots and all these parties said if this is acts and Brady takes this deal. We had this much money for real would that be acceptable -- avoid the franchise tag west and bring you back guarantee money for the next well what's he Brady signed for five. So I -- for five let's tie you to him Tom because he's out his age of it has. It's more pride more than coincidence right that five and forty. Brady extends three gets him to five years he frees up eight which is the average annual what they're rumored about with with Welker -- All I'm saying is that you know people that know we're going to be get into some other quarterbacks a guy like Joseph Flacco I would sit there with the ball want to really care what Tom Brady didn't. I don't if your that's your senator Joseph fly out again you also -- other guy's got I don't care what Tom Brady does. Rookie deal making money deal legacy deal he's at that point in his career the other guys have people celebrate Gordon of the team and suck for the next 45 years okay. But the block will be pretty good maybe won't be what it is for the patriots. But he would still sit there and say get -- -- can make you know what I can make more. An eight -- 545 and 8540 -- many years still pretty good salary what are -- -- -- -- the point where he's trying to make his money that's the point if I tell you that 24 that's guarantee that makes sense. Probably about it out but it will we speculate. Wes Welker even before this happened right you said. Would it would -- look at that with less what's gonna take to keep up you know three years thirty with twenty point two guaranteed point four guaranteed. Sure. Took an eagle five years forty guaranteed 24 point five at the same kind of thing. You know forget it part of makes cents on -- -- to make more than that much more than that -- to leave. All -- is -- is this you would assume that's a done deal correct you have to you have to everything just sort of -- state. Cannot quit that gestured that Albert career and rapper at the same exact story just it can't be it's not. We talked about off the -- we're arguing a little bit producer Joseph -- in Astoria. At an annual guys at the same. Exact opinion. -- what they see the market as what BC west. And then two hours later two and a half hours later. Rating signs and it frees up exactly this year eight million dollars against the salary cap it makes too much sense -- patriots and as a span. Why pennies you've got to be three. This -- leaves you open to be flexible in a year. Where in addition the free kittens that are out there the guys haven't talked about the become available. In Europe patriots team not in -- room for. Has no excuse not to spend that money ever spent before but now apple these players becoming free and -- cut between now league you're starting. You're going to be really good position if your -- and -- bring your guy back Wes Welker re up Brady long term. But to go shopping where the prices might be super super affordable in that free agent market. We start there immediately get your reaction to the news that that Tom Brady has signed this extension of what it means for the patriot -- a pressure. Puts on the patriots in the free agent market go get it now the whole list available. With a lot of growth that free agent -- that -- ice that while the money's not there he's there now. With that player for you 6177797937. The phone number 6177797937. In Texas. On the AT&T -- 1379837. Peter King broke the story yesterday. Boris got to have a you'll join us on the show at 1230 -- prospects help -- -- live and studio at 11 o'clock. On helping Celtics and taking your phone calls -- pitcher Tom Brady expansion reaction -- So Tom -- -- is basically said hey look New England. I'm gonna sign a contract and I'm gonna give you not just a little cap relief I'm gonna give you massive cap relief. They cap savings for the patriots will be fifteen million dollars total over the next two years. And not in significantly. Those next two years the NFL will have a flat cap of about a 12122. Million dollars. So Brady in essence is doing exactly what he did. In 2005. When he signed a contract that was about 70%. Of market value he's doing it for even less now. But the second thing that's very interesting about this right now. Is it to me it really solidifies Tom Brady's legacy. As a team player I don't wanna be cliche but that's exactly what is happening right here. Peter -- not SI dot com you'll join us at 1230. We get your reaction to Brady's new deal 6177797937. You can text us. On the eighteenth tee -- line at 37937. Feel the -- PM boston.com. Has just laid out the full details. Reading from ESP in boston.com the deal includes. A thirty million dollar signing bonus for the quarterback which gets paid out over a period extends all in March 15 2015. According to a league source radio aren't ten million that's signing bonus during the 2013. Season. Five million and a payment now February 201410. Million during the year fourteen. Five million in 2015. Is salary for thirteen of fourteen are now 1000000 and two million respectively. Are fully guaranteed. Is old deal is scheduled to pan am nine point 75 million dollars in base salary each of the next -- -- two years. And in 20151617. Those extension years -- 78 and nine million dollars all fully guaranteed. For injury only that means that Brady is released because of an injury he will still be paid that money. -- in the unlikely event he released due to skill considerations. He would not be paid that money. And the cap number ogle from thirteen eight this year all the way to fifteen million dollars in 2017. And finally. It's basically a five year deal maximum value 57 million bucks 33 which is guaranteed no matter what. And point four million left over likely to be seen should Brady can -- to perform an unexpected level I guess he gets cut you Disco considerations. That's -- at 24 million dollars comes in but overall for him. It's a good deal for Brady Q we're talked a lot about how it helps the patriots. Is guaranteed. The next five years the salary 57 million bucks there's not a lot of guys in the league that make that sort of money guarantee couple quarterbacks have to get to. But it's a great deal for Brady's record of the patriots. A great deal for Brady guaranteed money the next five years here pretty Smart move pretty savvy move by the quarterback as well. And you think ME if he's gonna you know a couple of years now is -- -- game still doing David is another -- go to -- done at seven types. Prized -- of them either either renegotiate an extension lower the salary cap so you know it's there he can do to get into. You know to me it's so the the most important thing is just you free up fifteen million dollar cap hit the next two years. That's at eight and seven so angle there and put a suitable team here together for the next couple years. And there are good position to do they're in good position you mention it we wanna go out there and sign. If the patriots have right we for anywhere from fifteen and a half whatever to eighteen and a half million salary cap you they sidewalk afraid right now. Do you think that Gordon given it to -- we think they go out given the history and give it a five or six. I think history would tell you that it would be more to -- spread that money out. But you go back and look at when they did have money before Rodney Harrison Roosevelt Colvin in particular. Were two guys that you Coleman was the best outside linebacker available right I pass rush into wealth but the money on him. -- Rodney Harrison -- that was that was the best safety at that time. Is a good fit and I merit I think in the day before he signed with the patriots won the raiders. -- gonna help out that raider team in the Belichick swoops in late -- last second. And gets -- because they have salary cap space available. And it's still likely that they spent on multiple guys and not just one or 205 or six like he said. But it puts -- -- conversation now where the idea they can't spend money on Mike Wallace or. Brent Grimes -- pick whatever your free agent news the before you -- edit like it's -- Paul Kruger ball Kroger. Is let go as an outside pass -- 34 guy. In Baltimore they bring back -- -- Well all the sudden -- -- in the market for Paul -- the flexibility allows you keep two in the conversation for anybody on that list with the idea the you're probably right that. At the end of the day the probably still spread out a little bit. You now stay competitive in those conversations -- Ed Reed says. Yeah give me five million bucks and I'll play there money's not an issue they want Ed -- -- -- -- -- -- the money to do. That's what I love about the steal yes. Major player they'll think and a good free agent and I agree with you but I still think that their philosophy is still Balaguer. In the gonna be looked -- at a flooded market may be with the -- -- and everybody sort of trying to you know cap casualties right guys that get released and in those top free agent guys -- let them go. And we'll get this guy you know for three million because I think that's good value. You know because so many of that middle tier guys will go get them. Old like five of them you know will will go and get that safety. Of -- had read this point is -- a look at that long term deal he's a guy do you bring in and I think it's a good -- Like one veteran guy that may be an impact younger player. Yes I still think that they'll they'll still stick with the whole value part of it. New overspend because they've got it. And they'll bring in 45 guys. There instead of who newest set of -- -- Vincent Jackson's deal right five years 55. The first cup -- -- -- -- -- to a six guaranteed two years was thirteen million dollar cap -- and each -- the -- a lot of space slash day at a time that part of that a candidate does and -- more than 1518 million. Do you think that a vehicle outside -- Mike Wallace and use thirteen fourteen million that cap. What is it they Gordon will be funny. Hold on -- another guy like how to would be that Michael thinks he's get thirteen million this year from a team. I'll think in this market he's gonna get that I think that -- walls man appendix signing a deal that is less guaranteed money early. And as teams recognized the cap goes up in 2015. That's that -- that happens the -- the idea he's gonna get a Vincent Jackson deal when he six million guarantee the first two years there is exists because there are really. 45 teams you believe John Clayton and have really significant salary cap space and those teams are gonna say. Like Mike lost thirteen this year -- myself next year and a position where I'm as much money with still flat cap and are more guys available. So I think when you bring up a cop that's a great way to start we start looking at these guys Mike Wallace -- ball except her. Jennings the -- I have is that the market -- I'm not the guy that that's that's a good point -- capped can affect a lot more -- go to. Tony say Mike Wallace thirteen I go out on this market unless it's the bronco was at the door open to overpay. Vs one of the guys are out there -- how much -- -- -- is if you get 1518 million. 111241 player. And I know that's will be look at those high impact players that just -- in look at the history of this team it won't be that guy. You don't mean to bring in 2345. Million dollar players and know a couple of the guys at that filled with 45 guys let's do this -- he -- and Ross and all your phone calls waiting patiently at 61777979837. That's our phone a -- text does. AT&T -- live 3793. So we come back get right to your phone calls and compared to Brees and Manning. What does this put Brady guaranteed money you'll be shocked to -- some numbers that your calls next.

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