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NBC Sports Network's Darren Pang says the Bruins are already looking like a tough draw in the playoffs

Feb 26, 2013|

Darren Pang, hockey media jack of all trades and Inside The Glass reporter for NBC Sports Network, joins D&C to talk about the state of the game in the NHL. While many rule changes have been discussed, Pang says the most important thing is to keep the flow of the game moving up and down, not side to side. Pang also looks at the Bruins as the top team in Eastern Conference and expects it to continue into the playoffs.

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-- hang as you know is a hockey media personalities superstar. Getting paychecks from whole Lotta places because he's good at what he does. Commentator for the saint Louis blues TV broadcast part time for TSA and recently named inside the glass reporter for regular season and playoff action for NHL and NBC also contributes to hold lights XM's said he satellite radio's all hockey channel as well. He joins us on AT&T highlight what sleek Darren. All -- -- trust me on this -- get more actually -- Yeah out big time mama I'm a guy that. These battery run -- -- when they run out I I shutter down and but but you know I will say this well I'm I'm thankful that you need golf. You know. Few of those companies based on the fact that during that walk out I was injured I was ever gonna work against good -- hundred I'm glad to rework it to be quite -- -- year old black -- should do some special things at the beginning of -- season they're not. All that is incredible like I gotta get the meat at the run that Iran right now on. I'm in Saint Louis right now and and got going to try out more -- A -- game. But I'm going to be back on Thursday and and the streak. Will be on the line where the Blackhawks in the blue plate not let god returns they've -- on third base so that. That will be activated all we did they don't like each other is actually one of the true rivalries in the game. Arm and once they get one playoff game behind them if they end up piece together in the playoffs this year I think people really see. How much Saint Louis and Chicago don't like each other but I know the blues won and that threat that great run of the Blackhawks on Thursday. A dirt on the heels of Mike Milbury is ideas to improve the game of the obvious question to you is do you think the National Hockey League needs improved needs -- some -- somehow. You know -- I I don't like a lot of -- right now. I think we took the center right. Line away and and people just assume that we're gonna see breakaway after break me. What they didn't anticipated that these coaches are pretty sharp. So what I don't like about it right now is that we get defensive medical GDP and -- basically a flop shot that you know up the ice. And we have a temperament and very chipped it and he did it barely -- the stick -- seen that play a thousand times. It's the GDP -- chipped it up the bass player and and -- what were the offensive act. So there's part of our game that. It does that I'm that I get discouraged watching the other part of our game that I get this -- watching is that. That there you go forward can we go 100 mile an hour up the wing. And it's a one on one really with the defenseman but get the forward. -- ships at all the boards because the defense and can't touch him. So -- -- -- and now it's got to play -- common Adam and he can't even problem can't touch him do anything he's got to turn them. And then go try to retrieve a pot with a forward a couple of 150 miles an hour and it's a wonder we have so many. Head on indeed this collision but the -- -- -- to -- personally don't repute things you have nothing to do with scoring but I have to do with the way our games being played right now. All of military laid out a bunch of concrete proposals to a Kevin DuPont in the globe Darren and I'd love love to hear your take on these 'cause they seem to make so much sense to me. I wrote a couple of smaller goalie pads as a goalie would you have a problem with that. I'm surprised no we didn't say. Are we want smaller goalie like fear and -- That's another solution. About bigger a bigger net or smaller pads. That that was that was my solution was. You can't have a gold over six feet anymore -- got to be smaller than that. You know. I I do believe then that I've read -- comment from Mike you know that Mike and I get along real well -- you know we've had our. Our battles -- it's always about you know suck it up to goaltenders. That's my point of view -- -- his point of view but I I I do believe that. On that our goalie equipment is still to pick. And I believe it starts with with two light. I I don't believe it for goalie pat would say I think that at the -- -- iPad but politically -- at work. Point seven inches tall and my god I'm not even fight with fight but what it's evident at all. Although what I was fourteen inches wide the -- they are intended to -- is -- but you're not gonna make them any more narrow. Our the length of the doesn't bother me that much but it's the pants that bothered me. On this side of the bully parents are incredibly cute they get the -- -- possible that it had been down there like it's a barrel. And and that is one -- in the shoulder pads are and other. You know so yet we could make our goaltending equipment smaller. And Iowa sound at any time you added something to look all the cheater. At which these exit from the pump to the content and that you were worried about the political could be big but -- -- didn't take -- -- cheater. That that was created in about 1980. Is the first time I had a cheater on my -- -- I I just wonder. Why wouldn't take that out it's not for. For protection it for an extension. So I think so those -- -- easy thing to help reduce the site equipment. I'll say one thing that could do easily but it will be pretty radical. It would be not allowing the team that on the penalty kill to ice the puck. Too crazy for you down. -- not know what it got concrete Udall and read that in what I first read it out I'd -- -- it I kind of stepped back -- and they can wolf. But an automatic for years you just fired parked on the ice. But if you don't allow that. That you know that the defensive player it's going to be just regal and in his own zone and they get up to soft chip it out -- an -- that really rethink what they do so they're gonna state they would probably eventually. Master the -- flipper you know via the Larry Murphy you know what for but. But that is that that's really not a a bad idea adult faceoff with that go back in his own. And and then it starts off again instead of waste your time -- all accounts but you're gonna have that. If you're gonna have to have automatic icing. Because. Because if you don't have automatic -- -- the -- gonna take ten seconds off the clock of their and we killed before you pulled -- you before you vote count. You know the purest and every sport have a thread that connects them -- crying in baseball the -- say I really like these two to one pitcher's duels. I suspect that the purest and hockey -- the hardcore hockey fans. Are okay -- low scoring games. In terms of having more broad based appeal do you think they need more scoring to bring in the casual fans expand the fan base in this league. -- no I don't necessarily think that way. Is long and McCain is up and down. It became not up and down and it who want hockey game right there in that we have issues with the game. Because. Is always the key to regain and you guys know that all of anybody put you watched that game but it's going. Pure luck. Right left right left right -- great scoring chance to 113. Days. Well that's fine that's great hockey that the steam in the neutral zone and not doing anything it and then we've got ourselves in trouble and during the course and 82 game season with thirty teams you're gonna have those on some -- because let's face it these players retired they don't have the jump the exit that in some areas and your. It's -- became just sometimes -- I think naturally. But it back -- consistent part of it that we are in trouble and that's where again they've got to. Maybe rethink some of the -- cannot. Like one to -- on that I I don't believe I read it when I was reading on my comments until the things you're talking about. Our would reverse the net for. Not reverse that I don't mean terminal around I mean I would I would. Take that first and third period. And and how that that your your net away from the bench as -- -- the second period now you might think why why would that increase scoring. Your life changed for two periods are going to be law. It is just want when you have a long line change you're you get stopped on the and that's why in the second period you see a lot more chances a lot more scoring a lot more too many -- on the ice. On it's it's because the law changed so you know we could without taking anything away from the game. The integrity of the game the rules -- -- but -- whatever I think that was the easy way on to increase scoring chances. Armed and did you don't want to do it five opted to go and do it during the regular sixty minutes. Then at least we should be doing it jury no retirement board for its seems to me like we're getting -- last chances foreign war. That we should but he cute now what you're goaltender at the optimistic it would -- in the second period which they don't do. What that you would automatically increases scored and we needed those tests -- -- They did that and it proved to be more scores and so I don't know why they would do that again. It -- purely parochial question regarding the Bruins here had you been impressed and outlook you've seen enough to to really form an opinion. With -- Tuukka Rask has fit in nicely and filled in nicely for the departed Tim Thomas. I I didn't think that there would be an issue in the net. Once and you don't. It took that leave of absence are a I'm a big tipper wrapped believer. Mike and I and I think he's waited at parties ready to be a mean guy I like the way he handled things -- competitive. But it technically really felt -- -- I'm impressed but I am not surprised that put it that way I I I. You know couple years ago when before the -- won the Stanley Cup would look at the ball and ran with it he was pretty darn good and I was three years ago sort of -- be ready for this. The challenger -- right now and on another note I spent a lot of time talking to Ken Hitchcock who you know won the Jack Adams last year for the first time in the coach of the year. And I eat he would talk about the east yesterday with me in any prisoners of there's only one team right now to -- that that he thinks is ready to challenge for the Stanley Cup. Instead of the Boston -- he -- they they play a big man's gain at least last thing they do everything you know the way you're supposed to play the game in. And he did mention he didn't mention Pittsburgh invention Montreal he mentioned the Boston Bruins got -- -- relay that on these. I was gonna ask you your opinion if you I assume you think Chicago is the best team in the NHL. On the Bruins the second best. Yeah I would you know I would put them up I would put them up there and I think we have to be fair to how old -- brigade. You know and and and Montreal played. But you know. I I think there's more strength in Boston that neither of those teams if it's almost like last year in the last. -- -- you know there were teams that had more points in the LA kings but trust me no one in the last wanted to play the LA -- even -- eighteen. And it's because the way they're built. The bill with big strong redwood trees on the wing that got good -- up the middle of the extra depth that the president move the puck. And -- horse on the Blue Line. And and -- great goaltending -- the same thing could be said about the bought the road to a pirate. To begin at all would be the Boston competitor they're set for another challenge -- the championship. Speaking about big trees when the last time you saw a 69 defensemen score as pretty a goal is -- to the other night. Not but Jack Edwards always pretty -- there's not it would they've let me get this guardian panorama yeah I would say. If that was as that would mean that was some elegant. That it nicely. Elegant elegant the -- like Sean Bell pole you know was was some. Such a gentleman on the -- competitive that we are competitive but just that the grace and elegance that that the big Fella did debt that was absolutely amazing. And but -- wasn't at this panorama. It was that is that sloppy backhand yeah but not many guys can pull that helical backhander off and go pop she's under the bar. That was -- accurate we caught -- We call here Boston we call it Robin Robert Gordon or ish Robby Gordon or ask. Yes that's anytime you can put Robert Gordon nor in the in this sentence in the -- player you're you're you're looking at. Hey -- type final question for me when's the last time you've dug three year old hockey bag in the attic of the basement. My rubio. 660000. Dollars a sweater Darren. That's incredible. -- I bet -- that really stated that -- outlaw it Michael boy kept at it debate on that had to have some big. It's not that's not that he sold his stick for 27070. That box removed from his hockey equipment the only thing you said he won't sell is the metal itself in the ring they got. That's right and -- I would be disciplined to keep it but I. I you know what he he's doing some in personal reasons and I'm glad there's stand up there that really recognize. The value to Mike. And what it meant to Mike. And they'll put it in a real estate area and and maybe have it on display whether be at their house so -- is a nice display -- or somewhere else but I think it it's great that it brings up memories again and I would that in the eighties at all all it it would appear that that the blues had a charity that last night and use the eighty feet. Bob and there was one guy that showed up in a Russian hockey letter from the eighty Olympic and and abroad and a bronze medal around his. That's good that's good. All right Dick in your bags you get -- and I have -- -- in the with a couple of bucks there. -- there's no question I got my -- 27 and pat there. You know they're there and Aaron Michael that but I played in I'm thankful that the -- the all -- keep -- trauma and it's on -- there and I think you can keep it. As long -- you don't put my statistics because. Derrick thank thank the conversation always -- pleasure we'll talk to down the road. My record aren't packed with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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