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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe, talks about Brady's new deal, has some ideas what the Pats can do with cap space

Feb 26, 2013|

Greg Bedard joined D&C in the wake of Tom Brady's new contract extension. While he says the move shows Brady's support for keeping Wes Welker, Bedard doesn't expect the quarterback to get involved in other personnel demands. He also talks about the team's need at receiver.

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What I think as they pretty unprecedented move by any professional athlete in this day and age you probably know by now the Tom Brady has restructured his contract yet again. Creates seven million dollars for the cap space for the team this year and eight million dollars for the cap space next year to help. Put that in other things an up or related into -- perspective our friend for the Boston Globe Greg Bedard to destroy Greg how -- What did you think of any other athlete and in recent memory who is who has done this -- set I'll take I'll basically half of what I can get on the open market or what my peers. Are getting to help the team do what he thinks. They wanna do. It's it's different but you know I just sit and you know maybe LeBron. Mean. -- -- to go to Miami to with -- did it mean MLB NBA is different and yet so much money can get anywhere but you know there's no question I passed up. More money cleat on the go to Miami and allowed them to -- to win their way to get bought so I mean I guess is in the same ballpark and doesn't. It's a good point and it worked. Yeah I I guess this requires an opinion as opposed to acknowledge how do you think it worked Greg do you think he went in there and specifically said I'll do this if you do that. Or was it left unsaid was that innuendo was that wink and a nod. I mean obviously this is this this puts -- in play here does. Not yet yeah I I nobody's really talking -- and that armed sort of tells me something a little bit -- you. In my belief is that I think that. Brady went in there for you know probably the first time -- -- that you know I want. This stunt could look you've restructured his contract last year it they probably thought that. That was gonna help walker did his deal and committed to -- it definitely helped the team blocker per year. But there there's no reason why the deal wasn't done last year and I expect him to get a deal done will walker at some point. And they would have just they would say that a lot that they've been so a lot of money they would just would've gone. A few extra million last year but I think there's time for him you know looking at what's going on in. That -- com feels about certain things I I do think that this time. He went in and said you know look all -- this -- you know a leash you got to take care west because. You know I'm I'm I'm kind of tired -- -- the way. Things have gone in in Tom noses well anybody that. You know what went on during this -- in the Arizona game stuff like that. Where there and they weren't looking to move on from walker in battle that Tom was crazy about that and I think this is the way Tom stepping up and that. You know what is going to be here I want to be here all do this for you don't want that stuff. Well Greg we talked about it every week all fall and and and that sometimes. -- on the and though the wind was blowing different direction that you generally thought that Welker was out of here would you agree for a while. I've thought about it. If -- and if Aaron Hernandez you retirement this post season are -- even -- lackeys like other Aaron Hernandez and -- settlements stay -- -- -- game. And they went on to a blowout victory over the cardinals in this new kind of -- offense. Was in all the rage are about -- -- Do you do you. Would you be shocked to the court if Welker does not sign -- -- Yeah what's your super beautiful reasons are not sure. A much of -- market out there for him. I think that this is going to be very. It's it's going to be an unprecedented market and it's really hard to help where. The money can be spent worst -- saturated I mean a lot of guys. You know -- -- -- that comes in the truck -- about this we could become mine because of the -- cap and look you know. -- and Tom Brady nobody at the top and the pay scale -- their pay is not going down not remaining flat. The captains remain. So somebody's gonna have to pay and the rookies surprised are where they are but it's going to be those. You know those people in the middle that are gonna pay in the -- get too many guys mass market it's been suppressed about. What do you think held the quid pro quo here was as simple as. I will take less I will restructure. Oh and -- yet when you need me to do you signed -- or do you think Brady said I'll take less. Which you are gonna not just -- west but we're gonna see you know and read Paul Kruger -- Tennessee. Some are other guys here and we are gonna make sure we are at least on paper the best team in the NC. Now I don't think it went that far I don't think Tom goes up for the personality you really. Opera first to stay out of it and he really tries to. But you know I think it was I think this was. Just about western and -- news or he it would cap number was and it ought to see you know when the final numbers are and on the contract exactly. You know what's going on a muted. Is that I mean it. You -- NFL people a lot of things don't add up about this contract and you know -- who looks like yet -- -- -- cap number the next two years and that's huge. Because of the black cap. But either -- handshake agreement that after these two years we're gonna redo your contract again or. You know maybe maybe the team. You weren't -- but I mean as a possible that they can move on from him after two years or. And what you hear from other agents and I've heard from a lot of a -- site. Is that Brady left about 33 million dollars on the tape are on the table is is there's sort of a point given not handshake agreement with Kraft. That Brady's gonna get a piece of the team wants is careers over for having done a sudden there's Obama and questions. About what interest in a piece of the -- Their agents actual agents who think that that might be the deal here. Oh absolutely yeah I mean -- did you report on how -- extension. Arm people were wondered that that's been a rumor out pretty. And crafting you know with the whole. You know land deal in Brookline and and build a house like I mean there's been a lot of whispers I mean who knows we'll pick if they amount to anything but. I mean there's no question aren't sure you know Tom Brady's. A corporation in himself I mean he he knows what he's doing and he knows how to -- -- up. And do you think there would be a role in the organization for him other than just being a minority shareholder in the team Greg yeah. You know I think Tom's I think bomb's gone when he is playing careers over and I don't think anybody we will see very much of common rules you want to wildly different. Charity events but I think once he's done here he's gone to live a very quiet and peaceful it was similar. Hey does this in your mind tied Tom and bill together to until 2017. Yeah I'm not sure about that I have been thinking about that com. You know we're gonna actually we're gonna see whether that how much of that contract gives them wiggle room to get out say Tom you know. Start to go downhill little bit and you know I talked to a couple defensive coaches. Become on this weaken. Based think that he's starting at least some people services and the majority opinion because I certainly don't subscribe to a but there there's at least some opinion out there that he is starting to show. Signs of slowing Donald open -- that east. You don't over striding. In some of Vista rose. You know confidences and you know it's staying in the pocket accomplices are quite there in I don't I don't agree that I don't subscribe to it. But I know you know at least there is some thinking about that. What do you think the two reactions were when they heard this news from two separate people Joseph Flacco and the DeMaurice Smith. Yeah I I don't think any of -- were very happy and you know you know who should be embarrassed is. You know to breeze -- a guy who. Basically held its franchise -- last year about his contract. And you know it's it's you know it's different I mean. You know -- -- was gonna come or anything but you know he he's never you never got paid like Brady got paid. Before so you know he was looking for top of the market deal but -- -- mean you know they couldn't. They collect some players go the couldn't do some things and I'm not saying that their season was on. Drew Brees can hold them the team hostage but. It certainly didn't help but yeah I I. There are plenty of people their -- of agents not happy up their group you know people have to you have to keep in mind that. You know look. -- breezy unique. Individual arming you know I it and part of part of the thing that I don't. There -- I'm not crazy about what this deal is that it's gonna cause billions. To look at some other players and say why aren't you taking what I mean we don't know Mateen does that. Some of the players they say well poverty -- -- Tom -- the best quarterback complaining he's not getting. Top of the market is at a position watch we. Abuse that. They've done that forum I'm afraid that Koreans will do that other players -- look. You know a guy like Kyle Arrington. Presidency much money in this career -- was how many career how many contractors -- -- so he's up there looking for a lot of money but fans. -- -- You know wolf you know Tom did what could to keep the team intact will. You know Tom has a lot of other income -- can comment from other places in the you know create his wife but. In all of us there's other deals a lot of these players don't have that opportunity haven't gotten paid whip Tom. Has gotten -- are putting their career on the line every time they go up there are so I think a good majority of NFL players should be out they're getting as much as it. Sure and then in the team could say at the players and their agents don't have to listen. -- you you -- and at the need for a good X receiver a new one. Because you don't think they're gonna pick up Brandon Lloyd's option bonus three million bucks. And you write something this morning I had read before you write that -- erratic behavior in the locker room. And on the practice field proved tiresome. According to a league source. Tiresome to home -- teammates his coaches who who is who is sick of Brandon Lloyd. Everybody's. Idea if you bomb I was surprised that that I hadn't really heard that until I talk to a bunch of people this week but. You know if you polled people in the pictures -- position in the coaches and players are they good majority of them would not want Brandon -- back just because I mean he wasn't. It was a terrible but there is just you know he's just so inconsistent. Not only on the field personality wise that just. It is grinds on you after awhile and I think you know it it is a good majority would wanna move on from him but the thing is is that. Right now public can't because they don't have any wide receivers so you know they're gonna meet. You know what the pitchers give back -- mean Belichick some of the guys came back yesterday want -- nobody else gets back combines over today. They're gonna sit down and reevaluate put together what they've heard from other teen who you know who's going to be available for agents and stuff like -- decide. Set on their final game plan and you know there'll be some people in the organization is that you look we can't lineup tomorrow wide receiver so we need to pick up rain and -- a -- one of those people. Is you know Josh McDaniels and he obviously doubtful Brandon. Bring him in here and he's also the offensive coordinator and sure is not -- over the prospect of bringing in but what she -- don't know. This system so it's going to be interesting debate I know that most people would like to move on from Brandon Lloyd I'd just be at the end of the day. Will they be allowed to much -- What do you mean by erratic behavior what do they mean by erratic behavior on the field and off. Well this -- stop everybody before he got here that. You know there is a problem in I don't know maybe you don't think he's just. You know what when he was at the Broncos -- -- the Broncos had a meeting in disgust you know aids is just -- -- bipolar. You know and it you know did that how inconsistent -- personality wise that. You know and they tribunal. You know I mean even in the media we talked about you know basic agreement about Brandon today because somebody's brain and was also in the and talk to there are other days where you'd ask a question and he just stared blankly not. -- -- you. And I heard you know teammates told the same table and I talked to one a couple of weeks ago who said that he was. He was talking with -- about football about coming on the field and then all of a sudden brands that. Yeah I don't wanna talk anymore and he put his earphones. The present problems. Just a little conversation. Here it's that it that kind of you know. In the you'd talk to people with the rams are -- bronco here the same details about. You know that he's just -- we knew this news coming -- -- wrote it. About a month before they sign that this is this is why he's well -- not you know I think he's a good guy. He's just different and how much. How much how long can you put up with that I think it really grated on people. Hey Greg Bedard to we now add to the scouting report about -- talk -- that he is gullible and slow how much damage to that time. Do him how far will the -- might he be available at point nine. That's a good question it's. You know I hate to be honest I haven't really gotten in the draft mode yet to compete. -- -- becomes first of I usually spend almost a month of April on draft. It is certainly doesn't help the big sort of backed up what we saw in the bowl game yes com. I think the bigger the bigger deal is going to be how he runs -- pro day and you know how that matches up bump. You know but that's certainly -- forty million whatever ran. That is certainly -- are gonna help him. I as far as -- leave things say they don't pick it up. Why can't they just go out there with all this new found money and get a new X receiver such as Mike Wallace. Well let determined that it never -- that they want. I mean -- does need to find the X receiver the outside receiver. No he's too short. I mean he's close. But you know -- talk to some people and he's just. I mean you know he's he's just a straight line guy is that we want there or do you want about it and I -- He can do it keep the biggest thing is that what the putrid gonna have to do and what they've appealed to do you often. Is they need to identify. I you know I don't really care about the physical skills they need to identified as you can actually copper and the system. -- Brady's confidence because I don't care how -- the guy runs. If he doesn't know how to read the expenses and do what -- you know anticipate what we're Brady's throw the ball then it's a complete waste money. I did you know there are some people don't believe that you know ball split that cut off the patriots -- that term. Final question for me of Europe in the showdown there and you -- we're assuming Welker is going to be in the full and you can add one more free agent who -- you up next year and maybe the year after that. Would it be Mike Wallace would be Ed Reed would have -- retaining Talib Dwight Freeney Paul crook or somebody else. -- The question. Pick I pick their next step is -- -- -- believe. You know these it would be for me I've I've looked for. Some -- quarterback -- put him there's a little bit more consistent little bit more dependable. But you know I would definitely I think. I think they need to determine how to move forward at that X receiver I mean as a Wallace. Is spoken to get tag. I don't think Jennings is quite that type of player. Dessert guy in the draft as a buried -- wide receiver drafted. It is the guys there they need to figure that out and they they need to yet. A legitimate downfield weapon for Brady and just opened up this often will do more -- that's it that's what's been. Greg could talk India has always good to catch up with you -- a -- dug a little closer to the draft. All right Greg Bedard on football Boston Globe joining us on the AT&T hotline. I'm Sonya this this is not just the Welker deal and get the sense frees up fifteen million in cap space -- seven -- -- and and you can you cannot say now we -- a guy. -- we're done here. They need. Eleven that local -- the -- his top priority X receiver another Randy Moss yes. Mike Wallace is obviously the fastest one out their put their you know their other guys Greg Jennings and no he's he's pointed out to Lambeau I don't know those guys even those guys will be franchised. But and you saw that the Columbine after -- guys are running fort twos and write a three guys. When I'd love to see some speed on the outside and wouldn't. Wouldn't Ed Reed fix a lot of what's wrong with this football team I know he's a safety -- not a bit of a corner but would Ed Reed not make up on law not a marginal. And noticeable. Difference with the way the defensive backs played back I don't know would with. According back that you think safety was a problem that Felix that he was a big problem obviously if they let a lead go let him walk. And Greg thinks they shouldn't in the Matt -- doesn't like c'mon all you know let him leave rather than pay a ten million. The need to corner that would be and you know young corners that can play you don't have to be pictures just can't find them and they'd just. Draft the wrong ones exactly if they get the right corner in the draft and maybe. A -- out in free agency. I liked Paul Kruger right there pass rusher and he. He carried. Lewis and and Suggs right guys. Com this mode and may be because of Flacco and others who can't afford them. But you can read and -- it's only going to be a year aggregate -- -- it's only going to be around -- is going to be you know. -- 34 years. All right they're quick to about 6177 civilized 7937. -- padding from the National Hockey League would join us at 905 your phone calls next.

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